Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Pose For Playboy


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I'm a cisgendered American hey good morning everybody fact CJ envy Angela II Halloween a guy we oughta Breakfast Club good morning Playboy [Music] Roger turn the envious a Playboy Playboy take that take that all right now Kylie Jenner has posed nude for Playboy with Travis Scott and that is for their pleasure issue she posted a picture of the two of them together when Houston meets LA at Playboy hashtag coming soon so it should be interesting to see the two of them together I think playboy isn't as risky as it used to be is more about the articles now right I've always read playboy for the articles everyone all right now let's talk about the family some more Kim Kardashian her skims if you guys remember she had to change the name and the name of the company is now skims and that's kind of the Spanx shapewear that line that she has so just to put it into perspective right when Spanx first launched in their first year they made four million dollars in profits well skims sold two million dollars in products within the first few minutes of it going live on Tuesday dropping the clues moms with Kim Kardashian as much as y'all claim to hate those goddamn Kardashians boy clearly uh somebody's exactly social media is not democritus um buddy lie y'all clean hater on social media but in real life they win so everything sold out in a couple of minutes so they're restocking looks like it's just success so far all right now let's discuss a Vince Herbert that's Tamar Braxton Zechs husband he's been up here a couple of times and now he is being accused of not paying up to four million dollars that he owes Sony Music now they said Sony is back in court because he owed 2.3 million dollars in us a lawsuit that they brought against him back in 2017 they said they hired him to find new talent they advanced him money that was supposed to be recouped instead he didn't do anything didn't pay back the advance blew off the lawsuit and now he has a default judgment of 3.7 million dollars they said no portion of that judgment has been satisfied he's continuing to accrue interest and he's also been living a very lavish life and making up all these shell companies so he's been doing things like he has a house in Calabasas and he had a shell company and once they found out that entity was related to Vince Herbert they did try to serve documents to get him to pay up but instead he sold that home and those proceeds went to pay down other creditors but not to pay down that judgment so now they're saying he owes all of this money and he also was recently evicted from his penthouse in LA as an executive don't isn't your only job with the sign artist all right pay back the money and had to pay back yesterday recoup that money that they advanced you even when you sign August and you give the money to artists wave and if they invest in you and it don't work it don't work I don't know what artists he sign unless he did something different with the money unless they gave him the money spending that money just living a lavish lifestyle oh yeah he can't just live the you know just living the life buying cars jewelry and taking expensive trips and be like see tonight he can do a large record label that didn't sign off and I know ended up working for him and they said things went very left very quickly all right Michael Jordan is donating 1 million dollars to the Bahamas for hurricane durian relief he got it he said I'm devastated to see the destruction that hurricane durian has brought to the Bahamas where I own property and visit frequently which is very true I remember going to the cove and they said that he would be there frequently with Charles Oakley gambling and they showed us the room where he would always go in and gamble he said my heart goes out to everyone who is suffering and to those who have lost loved ones so far they say at least 50 people are confirmed dead and thousands of people are still unaccounted for so you can expect to see that number rise shout the Sidney Torres he's a friend of mine met do Larry Morrow that owns the cove and I know he's doing a lot to try to get that community back up and running so that people can have a place to live and eat so shout to them as well all right now Tammy Roman is going to be a series regular on Miss Pat's comedy the Miss Pat show on Hulu we heard about that first from Lee Daniels and from Miss Pat herself so that's gonna be based on her stand-up comedy and her memoir about a convicted a former convicted felon turned suburban mom she's gonna actually pay Pat's sister Denise who's bum from his pad without the girls pad you see a plan coming together because that show was first signed that Fox and it didn't go at Fox and then it ended up and Limbaugh and it ended up on Hulu and now the pilot is being shot so salute to miss Pat very deserving all right well I'm Angela Yee and that is your room of reports all right thank you miss ye now we got front-page news next we'll be talking about yes today is 9/11 and we'll tell you what what will be happening happening today in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 all right there we'll get into that next keep it locked is the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]