Trump FatShames His Own Supporter

it was another wild Trump rally but this was unusual in one respect President Trump sure sounded like he was fat-shaming a guy in the audience who he thought was heckling him turns out the heckler was not who the president thought he was fat Shamer in chief that guy's got a serious weight problem go home start exercising the president turned his scorn to a protester during his rally last night in New Hampshire get him outta here please the crowd roared approval and even had a good laugh when the president mocked his own weight issues got a bigger problem than I do it turns out the object of the fat attack is a big-time Trump supporter he was mistaken for the heckler sitting right by him but I think he thought I was part of it but I was and I was the good part of it what'd he say to you he said hey that guy needs to lose a little weight start exercising once the president realized his gaffe he called Frank Dawson to thank him for his support I love the guy but the blowback is intense former White House communications director Anthony Ciara Moochie tweeted about Trump pointing out another guy's weight said the fattest president since William Howard Taft ouch scaramouche II was actually kicked off Twitter temporarily for his crack that Trump supporter is a retired inspector with the United States Marshal Service [Music] you [Music]