Trump Isn’t Sold on Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler Becoming Senator

Trump isn't sold on the box CEO Kelly Lafleur becoming a u.s. senator next on one North for a minute crypto show today's show it's from a post by Adrian zamansky at coin Telegraph and brought to you by bit block boom take a look at this great Bitcoin conference is coming to Dallas Texas at what bit block boom dot-com of course I hope I get to meet you in Dallas for bit block booms third and best year yet Georgia governor Bryant Kemp is expected to appoint Kelly Lafleur for United States Senate seat this week Loffler is the CEO of the Bitcoin futures platform backed a local news outlet in Atlanta reported that temp plans to choose Loffler in a bid to expand an appeal of the Republican Party to women if nominated back CEO will become just the second woman to serve in the United States Senate from the state of Georgia furthermore Loffler could also finance GOP activities with her personal fortune which the owlet suggests could break fundraising records in an apparent effort to try to obtain Republican approval Loffler said that she wants to strengthen the border shut down drug and human trafficking lower health care costs and protect the national interests of the United States she added if chosen she will stand with President Trump Senator David Perdue and the people to keep America great now the seat is currently occupied by Johnny Isakson who will leave the Senate at year's end because of health problems unspecified Republican Party officials had allegedly told the outlet at Kemp is expected to publicly announce la fleurs appointment at a press conference this week various party leaders including President Donald Trump reportedly pressed the choose US Representative Doug Collins instead Republican leaders have pushed for the appointment of Collins given his strong support for Trump's gun rights and anti-abortion efforts the president and many among his followers are not sold on La Fleur viewing her is to moderate the outlet also reported that Kent met with the president and LeFleur last week to try to obtain Trump's approval of his pick for the Senate seat but to no avail meanwhile institutional interest in Bitcoin is seemingly increasing with fact having set another new daily volume record trading forty two point five million dollars in Bitcoin futures contracts on November 28th now do you think having someone in the Senate that knows Bitcoin as well as the CEO of backs Bitcoin futures platform would be a good thing for Bitcoin share your thoughts in the comments and remember to subscribe at for minute crypto comm slash subscribe for a new episode of this show every weekday take a look at that black boom comm for more information on the great Bitcoin conference that's coming to Dallas Texas I'm Gary Leland the crypto podcaster and thanks for joining me on another four minute crypto show this has been a crypto production [Music]