Trumps Attorney Rudy Giuliani Contradicts Himself About Ukraine On CNN


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don't you today for Tuesday September 24th goes to Donald Trump's best ally against impeachment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now if you haven't heard our celebrity in chief Donald J Trump is caught up and yet another foreign intelligence scandal I know I know a Russian collusion was fake news it never happened this is a democratic witch-hunt blah blah blah but in this latest episode of presidential misconduct the New York Times details several days ago that it came out that a whistleblower in the intelligence community had come forward with a complaint about several things Trump had done especially an apparent promise to a foreign leader that foreign leader well do Ukrainian president whose name I can't pronounce so I won't even try the allegation is that President Trump was threatening to hold up to 250 million dollars in military aid unless the Ukraine investigated hunter Biden who's Joe Biden's son so you could accuse Joe Biden of being corrupt now this has been wild to watch this weekend simply because all we keep hearing these coward-ass Democrats say his Trump needs to be investigated that word investigated our investigation when it comes to Democrats means a delayed action that's it when you hear Democrats talk about investigations they're just too scared to take action they are cowards okay Trump has a long list of abuses of power he obstructed the Mullen investigation he's putting white-hot White House budgets in his own pockets he takes huge payments from foreign countries all of this is in flagrant violation of the Constitution and nobody cares and what makes this latest violation so flagrant is that they all have confessed to it all right this isn't a witch-hunt this is something that they all have confessed to listen to Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani on Chris Cuomo did you ask the Ukraine to investigate your Weiden no actually I didn't I asked the Ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election of 2016 by the Ukrainians for the benefit of Hillary Clinton for which they were already ISM never allying anything about hunter Biden you never asked anything about Jovi only thing I asked about Joe Biden is to get to the bottom of how it was that would Senko who was appointed right dismissed the case against until you did ask Ukraine dude look into Joe Biden of course I did you just said you didn't homo athle you did after you created looking to Joe Biden Giuliani says of course he did Trump himself said he spoke to the Ukrainian president and bought Jill Biden and Democrats still think we need to investigate it doesn't matter what I discuss but I will say this somebody ought to look into Joe Biden's statement because it was disgraceful where he talked about billions of dollars that he's not giving to a certain country unless a certain prosecutors taken off the case so somebody ought to look into that and you wouldn't because he's a Democrat let's play that first line again I like that first line of trouble do you think it doesn't matter what I do the matter what I discuss how dare you ask me about my corruption okay I don't understand why you have to investigate what they've already confessed to the messaging should be yes the crime was committed now how bad was it period but once again House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is dragging her feet acting like nothing is wrong I really think Donald Trump has somebody in Nancy Pelosi's family tied up in the Trump Tower basement because there's absolutely no reason she isn't pressing Trump for all his abuse is all right do you realize Nancy Pelosi of the most powerful Democrat in the country if she wanted something to happen in the house it would happen and when she doesn't want something to happen in the house it won't happen all right there's no formal impeachment inquiry why because Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to piss off a few hypothetical swing voters all right some people who voted for Obama in oh wait and 12 but then voted for Trump in 2016 Nancy have you stopped to think that maybe just maybe if you tell the American people the truth and act like this president is really committing crimes instead of acting like all of this is so normal maybe those swing voters will realize they made a mistake but no Nancy Pelosi keeps making excuses all right she claims there simply aren't enough votes for impeachment yeah it's probably not enough because you are making sure there are not enough and Donald Trump meanwhile is out here with his Infinity Gauntlet collecting more and more Infinity stones and he's getting stronger and stronger and he's getting more and more flagrant because he knows the House Democrats are cowards and they're too shook to impeach so why play by the rules when you know there's no officials on the field 10 for stem huh Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are hoping that voters rescued them in 2020 how when we all know it's Russian interference voter suppression and Mitch McConnell is out here blocking election security bills yet more things Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have failed to stand up - you are dealing with a man and Donald Trump who knows if he loses in 2020 he's going to prison do you really think he's gonna give up his presidential power easily you really think he's gonna give up immunity from prosecution that easily do you think you're just gonna be able to vote that type of evil out in 2020 okay if I'm a trump and I got all these Infinity stones and I know that Nancy Pelosi isn't gonna do a damn thing to go against me man I'm stealing the election one snap of the finger okay and I'm probably gonna change constitutional government - why because I have the reality stone and I could create my own reality there is nothing Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are willing to do about stopping this did you hear what I just said it's not that they can't do anything it's that they are clearly not willing to do anything House Democrats couch Nancy Pelosi is a cow I don't know how many more times I don't know I don't know how many more crimes have to be committed in plain sight by the president before they move on impeachment once again I will keep saying this the Democrats have tried every political strategy but courage please let Rahman give Nancy Pelosi the biggest er you stupid mother are you dumb mm-hmm all right well thank you for that dog here today yes let's see if something changes this week though all I see is yellow backs in the Democratic Party right now donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on your cell and say to bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to five all from your cell and say to bowl [Music]