Try Not To Laugh Challenge


Team Edge


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what's up you guys and welcome to the don't laugh challenge team edition today we have tea Spence from Idaho cookin alright so the way we're gonna do this first round is over 900 kagan is leaking apparently in the UK they call tickles gherkin so I'm gonna go first it is j4 its job and Mathias his job to try and make me laugh we're going to be tallying up the points and the losing team has to sing wheel of misfortune know a few different versions we're doing we're doing that twist this little table addition and then we do in a faceoff or TV show so you're another and then at the very end we're going to be reacting to all those craft life videos but it try not to laugh challenge there's a little twist because we have sparkling water here the mineral part doesn't matter but this is sparkling so it's carbonated so it's a lot harder to keep in your mouth full mouth ready I don't think you know I'm trying to make him laugh you gotta look at me dude you got to look at look me in the eye Brian look me in the eye that you love me let me yeah as in town me bet you mug me you can't take the small eyes work oh don't look at me look at him you look at me hey he's laughing I'm naughty oh my nose why stuff come out of your mouth with my time okay that was better than I think I've ever done you couldn't handle the small eyes the small eyes are to know those stinking small eyes but oh boy oh boy oh boy it's touching a lot hmm Oh what I got boogies would you like some would you like some of my cookin ready for small eyes you can do it you guys shrink your good look going sword yeah I'm gonna say sentence so fast right now it's gonna blow your mind ready what do you do you want the top to be by give it quick quick uh Mattie was different all right I think what I want you to really do I want to really look at my eyes and then I want you to really laugh with a lot really hard as you looking deep into my eyes you're boring are you swallowing the carbonation because you should be bursting with flavor right now swallowing the carbonation are you it what is on your face oh you got gherkin juice on your nose oh my god yeah dude no way to get you ever on the word trevor is already saying it I gotta get my game face on you can do is already laughing I don't look at him for the first 10 seconds just to make it fair but I can make him laugh about whoever looking at him you wanna be my lover I remember when Jared was taking off his pants and he broke his pinky I broke my pinkie taking my pants off he's like fell they're just looking in my eyes hey actually look in his eyes no look in two of them oh it works every time baby every time okay though works never do you wanna be my lover if I wanna be your friend all right here we go what's that chat is that a song the chatter okay okay who's got stone-cold poker face dude if he doesn't want to laugh you couldn't make him laugh for a century right hey Joey's got a good mouth full oh yes sorry I'm sorry home Joey look at me look at me twice you're you realize if you get that Chris is gonna like spray into your mouth go he's swallowed can we do all this hey hey I you do it to me he did something that much okay why whoa so spit it out dude who cares and over I can't look I got want to what spit I can't let it out go all right next round giver then dump its faceoff time are you realize for those fascia so the faceoff challenges Matthias and I are filling our mouths up with PA Carrie the other team has to try and make us laugh first person to laugh loses and the other team get the point cheers Cheers okay hello how does that not make you spittle what a spittle mean was that mm-hmm-hmm let me get you yeah this is tree aiya papaya papaya mm-hmm up and get him Brian I have to ask you questions where were you on the night of the 15th when Scarlett Johansen was robbed of her rabbit foot that was on her key chain where were you Michael you were somewhere you did take it oh you got a string hanging Oh still hanging oh you stink of a pizza you drink a lot hey good luck ha ha ha good dad you good oh I gotta shake it up first through the lips pulse when I do that oh yeah what what was in that you picked out a ruined J fred was a kid and you thought I was funnier than him he was like Sara always lags it McDyess you remember the childhood that we had spring ha ha ha the fastest thing I could possibly say without singing ahead it's a rodeo got a shindig bad grammar always get so it's my glasses why you you know you're not supposed to listen to me I was it's about I could egg alright now we're going to the try not to laugh challenge portion of this challenge alright guys so the way this one's going to work the last man standing wins the point for their team ready cheers Cheers cheers Cheers - they're ready no trim it come on sugar oh gosh I sense trouble Oh Oh trouble up stuff in your mouth whichever's leaking oh this one no this one oh all right looks like we all tied so we're gonna do a rock-paper-scissors it's elimination ready go wait what zips crush crush so you spin the wheel yeah you're the odd man out goes the wheel soon everybody cover this big but odd man go oh yeah so you'd beat you so the penalty wants to losing this was an Oreo outro she's got two two Oreos and did the outro with them all mystique ready do it chew it now do it go take a little walk to school homework on sit over here on a real that YouTube you like took care of scholars and on what I'm done I'm gonna smile smile for the care is aa grothy good