Tubechild670 Classic Tube Compressor Recreation Realtime Effect

[Music] hi everyone my name is james ivey with antelope audio who would have believed that nearly 70 years since their creation the fairchild 660 and 670 tube limiters would still be highly revered highly sought after studio icons even in today's modern recording mixing and mastering studios a mint condition 670 could easily fetch over twenty thousand dollars and no matter how you cut it that's a lot of money to have tied up in a piece of kit that's going to munch its way through new old stock valves and cost you over a thousand bucks a year to maintain for most of us that makes a real 670 an uneconomical dream however at antelope audio we believe there's another way we call it the tube child 670 and it's available for our synergy core and fpga range of audio interfaces let's take a closer look the user interface of the tube child 670 is laid out very much like the original hardware just condense somewhat to save on screen real estate on the left we have the gain reduction meter and next to it we find the power or bypass switch next is the input gain stepped in 1 db increments in the 12 o'clock position marked 10 we're at unity gain turning clockwise will boost the signal into the limiter and anti-clockwise will cut it next we have the threshold this continuous control sets the point at which the limiting kicks in turning the threshold fully anti-clockwise to the zero position will turn off any limiting action turning the tube child into a unity gain line amplifier with tons of tone then we find the time constant selection control with six positions think of this as a combination of both attack and release settings these days we think of 670 style limiters as having a relatively slow attack time when compared to something like an 1176 fete style compressor but this is what made the 670 so perfect for its original use as a broadcast or vinyl cutting master limiter however in position 1 with an attack time of 0.2 milliseconds and a release of 0.3 seconds the tube child works fantastically as a vocal limiter letting just enough transient through to keep the vocal interesting yet imparting its tube compression characteristics into the signal giving it amazing tone i'm quite sure there are real fair childs out there set in position one that have not been changed in years position 2 has the same 0.2 millisecond attack time but a slightly longer 0.8 second release again great for legal backing vocals position 3 is four millisecond attack and two second release this is a great glue setting if you want a drum kit or any other section to sound bonded together and tighter give position three a try the values increase again at position four with an attack of 0.8 and a 5 second release respectively position 5 and 6 again have faster attack times of 0.4 and 0.2 milliseconds but with much slower release times that our program intensity and average level dependent from 300 milliseconds all the way to 25 seconds the final control is the output gain which can help us keep the rest of the signal chain in check let's take a listen to how the tube child 670 sounds first let's put it to work on a lead vocal i'll dial it in to give us a nice smooth vocal sound one of the main benefits of the tube child is that it's very difficult to get a bad vocal sound or any of that nasty pumping effect because of its slower attack times she said you're the one to blame for the burning down in flames i took it for a sign she turned away i turned to stone she left me all alone i took it for a sign you've gotta be good you've gotta be good you've gotta be good to begin you've gotta be good you've gotta be good you've gotta be good to get in now let's try the tube child on a backing vocal group hear how the limiter effectively glues the group together [Music] break you at the gates i took it far [Music] aside gotta be good to begin gotta be good to get in gotta be good to begin gotta be good to get in now let's hear how the tube child adds that same magic glue effect on a drum buss [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the antelope audio tube child 670 is available to run alongside selected antelope audio synergy core and fpga audio interfaces to find out more about the tube child 670 and the full range of antelope audio software effects and audio hardware check out my name's james ivey and i'll see you again very soon