Turkish Causatives Learn Turkish

welcome today 25 positives there are only five days left until they're finished with these series I genuinely hope that you liked each of the lessons I made in today's lecture we will learn about positive verbs in Turkish the causative form is to get something done by somebody or something when speaking English we generally use the phrases to get something done by or to have done by in Turkish we used the causative suffixes you can think of this lesson as a continuation lesson for day 5 verbs a quick reminder you can download the cheat sheet for this lesson by visiting the link in the description below and if you're a supporter member you can do the exercises for this lesson at the exercise Bank for the Turkish a holic website the link is in the description below and you can also learn more about being a supporter member also in the video description when you're finished with this lesson try to make some example sentences share your sentences with me so I can check whether the sentence is correct or not if you're ready let's get started there are different causative suffixes that you need to add depending on the verb root let's first see the full list of causative suffixes the first and the most commonly used causative suffix is the dirt causative suffix we add the suffix to the verb root just like all the causative suffixes you'll see later when selecting the proper dirt suffix from the chart be sure to follow the vowel harmony and see whether there is consonant mutation most verbs that use their suffix are regular verbs here is a comparison chart at smack ass thermic dick Mac dick thermic sauce Mac systemic earth make atomic L make old Mac - Mac door door mark Kerr mark Kerr thermic been make bender make let's see some examples Frances a dumb copy it's a dumb cop stirred Pisa Optim Pisa after them Ali killed Ali Herc is a good dude basic verb rules that end in a vowel or an rap sound are made causative by adding the suffix added to the verb root here are some sentence examples I named kita piccata I named top akuto take personal every time is dead a vitamin getnet Hempstead ARCA decimal Otto's decay Quebec ledum arc addition many autos like a Quebec let polysyllabic verbs with verbs ending in Li and Ray can also take the suffix Suzuki lannigan we need Ava's Hartman máquina de canon uncontrolled machina LBC Micucci the it that it would suffixes are added to mono syllabic words that end in K let's see some example sentences Nahid NZ Akash hirama benzene occurred Ilana Garron to shift record newts fam be Nicole Kozma a traffic copter kappa km dakota some mono syllable verbs use the arrey arrey arrey arrey suffixes to make positive verbs kein Ayin sue touched i-i'm the amygdala tell you that choked boozled haybailer didn't much loja bury her keys a dildo errotica - madam distr Balearic Aikido should there are some verb that also use the Raa ray suffixes to form causative Arjun dalla copter lute Van Allen Domenico Parma Sakhalin Copic desirous ekta kapoor huge scar Armisen Chopra's Albert steak garden I say bonnet British tech goes dead we can use double causative to get someone else to do a job these positives are made by adding at or tear to another causative verb these types of causative can be seen a lot in newspapers and news agency reports when you see double tees be sure to pronounce them individually if you met any on is a year on a ladder Messiah Monte eater to me renji Oh Devin it Esme up turd