Turkish Passive Voice 12 Learn Turkish

today is day 26 passive voice part 1 today's lesson will be another big lesson stretching to two parts just like the causative that we learnt yesterday this lesson can also be counted as part of the day five verbs I told you that there were more verb conjugation forms didn't I passive voice is an important subject because most upper level sentences rely on the passive voice the subject of the sentence can sometimes be hidden or unimportant because the subject of the sentences can sometimes be hidden or unimportant because the focus of the sentence can be something else be sure to download the cheat sheet for this lesson by visiting the link in the description below and as always be a supporter member and do the exercises for this lesson exercise links then more information about supporter membership is in the video description below once you're done with this lesson try to make some example passive voice sentences share them with me if you're ready let's start day 26 sometimes the person or the thing that is doing the action is made clear and sometimes it's not clear when we don't know who or what the action is performed by we use the passive voice in English the passive voice is done with to be plus verb 3 in Turkish we have a suffix added to the verb root the suffix changes for verb roots that ends in consonants Volvo's certain constants and of course vowel harmony first let's see how passive voice words are made in the present simple tense Islamic Islamic or kumuk akan Mac satin al Mac satin Allen Mac sinmec saline make art smack at sumac girl make girl make character mark kurston Mac don't mistake girl make meaning to be seen with Guren make meaning to be understood which are completely different verbs now let's see Suffolk's is an example sentences our modeski biscuit and sitar subtlest copy of us Josh Capon Vice Chancellors our bikinis ljp elephants at another Akins al-jabr telephone certain of inertia she's dearest miss lush she's the heiress in Salinas in order to make passive voice for negative present simple sentences we use the negative present tense suffix Maas mez after the passive voice topics and erased the infinitive suffix first let's see some verb conjugation examples for negatives Islamic is landmass oaken muck economist satin alamak certain alone mas Sidon make Sidon mass will mock our Chile's girl make Guren mass Carol mock perished aromas most negative passive voice phrases can be seen on prohibition or warning signs the English translation of some sentences from Turkish may not always be in negative passive voice but actually in positive passive voice sometimes it's not even in passive voice by the gerund sentence here are some sentence examples Barada cigar mess Barada cigarettes in May is a merry mess - stress consume mass they're stressing the Keynesian muscle car blade in mass turkey a Shia suit a climbers house' Athlon mas to make questioned sentences and passive voice we add the meat moo moo moo after the passive voice suffix brother cigarettes let me hire Eton Mess they're stressing the Keynesian Mazama higher condition mas Canton DeSousa - Irma Abbot satella making passive voice for present continuous tense is similar to what we saw with the present simple tense the only difference from the present simple tense is we add the present continuous suffix or after the passive voice of X be sure to follow the below chart and vowel harmony when adding the passive voice suffix let's first see how passive voice words are made in the present continuous tense achior are chili or unlit er unlit le or Mary or verily or silly or seralini or Akio ah kun your CD or seal in your alley or a linear now let's see some example sentences - excuse me youngster often unconsciously kasha come to the football my senior tinea know you unlock all da gachi hackus tariffs on a manure some Turkish five sentences and present continuous tense might be translated into present simple passive voice as Turkish also uses present continues to talk about general facts we add the mayor in between the passive voice suffix and the present continuous suffix to make negative passive voice sentences and present continues poeta James that are of a non-civilian me off young see a Boomer Barada to Volumnia just like in the present simple tense we used the question particle me mamu Mir after the passive voice suffix to make passive voice questions for the present continuous tense half-day admite in your bikini on mo avid take linear whoo element it's interfering me or mo hire additional Muir Shawn in versus now via Palermo evitable here