Twitter Wants Janelle Monáe To Apologize For Suggesting Voter Registration At Popeyes

[Music] yes doc you today for Wednesday August 28th goes to every single one of you who forced Janelle Monae to apologize for something she had no business apologizing over now I missed this in real time but yesterday I saw an addict an article on madame noir with the headline Janelle Monae apologizes for saying people should register to vote while they're waiting in line for a Popeye's chicken sandwich okay now I had no problem with that because it's a great idea and it's actually what a teenager named David Ledbetter did in Charlotte North Carolina this weekend I drop on a cruise bond for David Ledbetter right he was in Charlotte this weekend he pulled up to a Popeyes in the area to make sure people were registered to vote now I saw people say well most of the people in the line were already registered to vote you know what I say to that so what okay what does that have to do with anything people who are registering others to vote don't know that people are already registered okay and nor are they under the assumption that you're not registered their job is to make sure you are registered and if you're not to get you registered okay simple concept and that's what David Ledbetter was doing and that's what Janelle Monae suggested now let me read to you or Janelle Monae tweeted she put perhaps we can put voting booths at every Popeyes location while we wait on that sammich you can register and vote now I don't know about the voting booths at every location part but which team to set the woken up with woke in parentheses woke community off was the while we wait on this sandwich you can register to vote who could Janelle Monae possibly be offending by tweeting that did that offend you Angela I don't know if y'all notice or not but for the next year wherever there is a high number of people you will see people out registering folks to vote you will see voter registration drives everywhere and the mall movie theaters libraries neighborhood rallies festivals farmer markets oh and even your local Popeyes is the standard procedure for this time of year people so Janelle Monae suggestion isn't even a bright idea it's just an idea that most people who are about that voter registration life have all right you go where the people law a simple concept but social media doesn't do simple because she got immediate backlash or should I say backlash because this is all black Twitter and according to madame noir social media seem to be annoyed by this tweet and reminded you now that black voter turnout has made a major impact in recent elections black women specifically were the highest percentage of voters to turn out to try and keep our celebrity and chief Donald Trump out of the White House he also said that her comments overlooked the reality that voter suppression efforts are still a big issue in this country let's unpack those two things as my therapist said let's unpack this all right a number one let's not assume that the only people online to get to chicken sandwich I Popeyes are black all right they're that social media is your first mistake I honestly don't know who's in those lines across the country I have no idea well that's not very diverse it has to be right that's not assume they're just all black but if they are so what all right you people are absolutely correct when you say black voter turnout has made major impact in recent local elections and black women did show up for Hillary but the facts are black voter turnout fell in 2016 all right even as a record number of Americans cast ballots this is a fact in the 2016 presidential election black voter turnout decreased and white turnout increased these are all things you can google people okay white voter turnout in 2016 sixty five point three percent black voter turnout fifty nine point six percent first-time black voter turnout for a presidential election have declined in twenty years now mind you in 2012 black voter turnout reached a record high all right sixty six point six percent so in 2016 black voter turnout rate dropped seven percent when Barack Obama was on the ballot in 2012 the black voter turnout surpassed that of white people for the first time Google is your friend bro so when you see people putting an emphasis on black voters this year whether it's getting them to register or if you are registered getting you out to vote this is the reason why now as far as people saying her comments overlooked voter suppression listen voter suppression is a real issue that's why we should all support stacey abrams for her fight 2020 I've gotten on this radio and said I don't know why American people aren't raising holy hell about the fact that it's been proven Russians interfere with our elections and Mitch McConnell even with this knowledge has shot down two election security bills so yes the fight may be fixed on a lot of love until we can do something about election security and voter suppression democracy as we know it is dead but what the hell this voter suppression have to do with voter registration ok voter suppression won't even affect you if you're not registered to vote and if you are registered to vote but you choose to sit home because you don't like any of the candidates guess what voter suppression doesn't affect you then either either ok you know why cuz voter suppression only affects boats my god Janelle Monae you better than me because I would have told these people to suppress Deez Nuts in their mouth Oh what I'm sorry I'm sorry ok let me rephrase Janelle Monae you better than me because I would have told these people to suppress these walnuts and their mouth Hey all right but you know there's a better humor than I am because she apologized as she tweeted out you know when other people say things on here that are wrong or misguided I wonder why they don't just admit they're wrong and learn from it so I'm gonna do that down I think the tweets that I posted about registering and voting were insensitive and wrong specifically they ignored ignored very real issues of voter suppression that have impacted my community for years and me directly thanks to all of you for calling me out I'm not reading any more this no Janelle you are not wrong all right just because people are outraged doesn't mean they are right just because you receive a bunch of backlash doesn't mean you were wrong and this era of groupthink and social media mobs everybody is preaching to the choir because they don't want to get attacked that's why you can't trust what anyone is saying because they are only saying what you want to hear because they don't want to offend if that say what you mean and mean what you say Janelle if you were actually wrong and they schooled you cool but you're not wrong these people are just too woke and I hate woke this all right I won't want people to get some sleep I sleep well that night because I meditate I do CBD and because I'm at peace with myself I love sleep I don't want to be woke all the time I want my eight hours and some of you won't folk need your rest you've been woke too long and it's starting to affect your emotional and cognitive behavior I write you so woke you don't even realize how tired y'all are y'all just tired tired ass ideologies tired as tweets tired as logic tired as outrage y'all Twitter this is just tired now I was watching bill martyrs weekend when they had a convo about social media Twitter specifically do we have this clip ready this is Bill Maher talking about a social media outrage bill - panelist here one problem with today is that we try to resolve these issues in the worst possible place which is Twitter more meaningful is the conversation of a group of people sitting around the table who disagree with each other but can be there face to face in a real social infrastructure yeah I'm worse is doing it in this place that takes us from zero such a swell sliver of people and it doesn't represent the best majority even of liberals I understand as that charity Stand Up to Cancer I want to start stand up to try dammit please give all those fake outrage people on social media who made you down when they apologize the big is here can't believe she didn't realize that it sold out what the chicken sandwiches stop it you all right thank you so much other man for that donkey of the day and if you mad at me my at is a seat of God on Twitter see tha G OD are at seat of God on Instagram I won't check to it anyway so slander go ahead I love this type of stuff coming up we have a see God you are able to be doing this show for eight years probably people asking questions that's right twenty hundred 585 105 one you got a question for Angela we call up right now and ask us to breakfast club donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say to bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to five volt from your cell and say two bull [Music]