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[Music] graphics package ready roll main title camera three tilt down and reframe pretty camera one kelly i've got professor stevens cued upon the third monitor excellent river you're on in five four go for theme song go river good morning milwaukee i'm river tamblyn wishing you a very merry christmas eve here's what's happening in your neck of the woods hey let me guess a red eye and one chocolate croissant actually no what your order is my one constant in an unstable world i'm just grabbing some goodies from my crew uh can i get a cranberry sage pie and uh a dozen other reindeer cookies christmas eve plants i do this christmas eve party with my friends every year that's so nice oh hey we just made these fresh orange cranberry white chocolate chip do you want to try oh thank you but i'm on a mission how about you i mean how could i say no what can i get for you i yeah it's my first time here surprise me hey case i'll be in the office in five thanks oh that's to wow there's no such thing as a bad free cookie but that was a really good cookie thank you you are hi i'm i'm alone i'm from imperium national bank we are sponsoring the new year's plunge on new year's day and the crowd of human popsicles is gonna be in desperate need of warm drinks we would take care of the booth the signage there's guaranteed to be a crowd it's like free marketing i mean who doesn't want that right said the guy in marketing got me um yeah let me see if i can get the staff but that sounds like a great opportunity yeah great good you won't regret it cinnamon latte that sounds really good take care thanks so much okay let's hear some of those big segment ideas oh how about a 25-foot tall snowman do we have any footage of the snowman uh it violates several zoning laws and they're still trying to get a hold of more snow that's gonna be a pass what about favorite ways to tailgate from this past football season we can't definitively state what toppings make a real wisconsin brought the fans will riot that's true i can see the emails pouring in now i could always do reporter on the street and ask them what their new year's resolution is it feels very similar to what we did last year but what if we did a a reoccurring segment pick someone and then follow them with their resolution through the month of january i like that it's got depth visual appeal great casey um why don't you start interviewing candidates put the word out on the street online you know i want people who are willing to jump in real go-getters good one this year we posted record highs in customer satisfaction by increasing our event budget we can do even better i can do this i'm telling you this is very achievable with a slightly larger budget i'm intrigued but i'm nervous your team might already be spread too thin the bank is already sponsoring the new year's plunge the blizzard obstacle course the chili cook-off it's a lot of events for good reason let's talk about the magic of santa now responses to our survey show that sponsoring santa at the holiday market boosted goodwill towards the bank substantially in fact every single time we partner with a local business or event surveys show that trust in our bank increases and so with our most ambitious sales goals ever this year if they're going to invest in us we're going to have to invest in them too it's good for them it's good for us it's good for everyone all right i look forward to seeing what you can do with an even bigger budget next year i can't believe you pulled that off we pulled this off can i take out the celebrate another time i need to finish those vendor emails so i can head over to my mom's place mama jones tell her favorite son says hello and you two love that joke hey uh get out of here i'll do them trust me i'm much more scared of mama jones than vendor agreements oh you're the best hey and you tell the whole family i say merry christmas merry christmas hey sis whoa sheila sheila slow down slow down okay right okay i'm gonna get some i'm gonna pick it up yeah i'm gonna get it on my way out of here it's literally gonna take me two minutes okay yes i will okay i'll see you then bye-bye [Music] let's see [Music] you really will do anything for the best story huh the tree tape still needs some work but i didn't want to keep the crew from their families and you your mom's not gonna fill your stalking with coal if you're late she knows how crazy things can get i'd normally drive up christmas morning just tell me you're not spending christmas eve here no no no i um i do a secret santa thing with my friends i'm headed there after this look i know the beginning of this year was tough okay ratings were down and the executives came down hard on us we rose to the occasion look at us now number one in milwaukee now i may be the face of this operation but you did that i know it you single-handedly transformed this show into something with real integrity and i know you sacrificed a lot to do it thank you i am i appreciate that good i'm hoping if i butter you up enough you'll get me that local emmy my gingerbread house stories more juicy hard-hitting news right now that ratings are up we're on the same page now get out of here and have some fun will you merry christmas merry christmas [Music] so hello is anyone home merry christmas ah merry christmas you girls excited for santa mm-hmm yeah yeah you know santa only comes once your pass to sleep though right okay but come see what we put on our wish list for santa girls uncle tommy has probably had a very long day and that's a really long list nope i can do it yay okay okay here we go okay [Music] hey hi kelly uh are you still coming sorry i just have to finish editing this and set the rundown for the 26th and then oh yeah uh we get it uh do you have an eta i'll be there as soon as i can okay thanks me too you're right she's not coming [Music] you want a cookie i won't tell santa yes too please it's been a long day or a long year by the look of it i'm not confident you sleep anymore i'll sleep next year you should make that your new year's resolution i don't do resolutions besides that's kind of a lame one don't you think i have two kids nothing about the promise of sleep sounds lame to me i really appreciate you showing up here tonight your really great uncle i'm an even better brother you are a lifesaver okay so why don't we start with those and then we'll be done merry christmas come on in [Music] i can't believe i missed lisa and jackson again how upset were they well you know the words straw and camel and back were thrown around quite a bit but not the word break more just like oh that's a lot of straws on that camel's back well i know i've missed a lot lately but missing our christmas eve it just feels yeah kind of stung yeah look we know you love us in your own fierce stubborn kelly way and we all learned pretty early on that kelly's gonna do what kelly's gonna do and if you say no there is not an earthquake powerful enough to move you am i really that stubborn no look the power of your no has kept our crew from making some pretty catastrophic decisions over the years i mean you single-handedly saved lisa from that asymmetrical bob and i think you supposed to know what saved your show this year we get that hat to be your first priority yeah but i should have been able to do all that without making you all feel like number two or seven or a hundred [Music] so how do i fix this well you'll have to show up more often and slowly one event at a time things will get better and hey new year's eve is a week away fresh start yeah you are coming to new year's right i don't know it's late a lot of music and i wouldn't miss it for the world good because it might help to apologize to them in person like really bring your a-game of course i'm just i'm gonna tell them you're the most important people in the world to me and i know those are just words right now but it's the new year and i promise that i am going to strive to be a much better friend good because we've been taking applications to replace you some strong contenders and one of them has a lake house thank you for apologizing it means a lot and you're right it's a new year we all get a fresh start uh you can't be serious i i don't know what else to say i i don't believe in resolutions i find them restrictive well it doesn't hurt to have just a little direction you say direction i say blinders i like to be open to possibilities i do i'd rather be flexible and say yes to whatever life throws at me yeah that sounds a little um passive yeah it's like you're letting life make all the choices instead of you okay well also you know most resolutions statistically end in failures i'm not trying to start my new year already feeling like i'm behind oh no no no see our work schedule's gonna take care of that so it's a new year's resolution what are you guys thinking i'm going to cut back to one cup of coffee a day uh i'm sorry how is less coffee gonna make the year better i'm gonna finally finish my novel that um that the mystery series you're working on it's actually a young adult thriller now i switched it up a few months ago oh right what about you i'm gonna do my new spin class three days a week what about you you know i was um thinking i was gonna go with my usual 52 books in 52 weeks yeah but i realized i said no to a lot last year and wow that's nothing new for me every time i said no it felt like i was saying no to these small moments but i realized that the big stuff is made up of all these small moments and i'm missing them and i miss you guys well good news there's a pretty easy one-word solution for that you're right i'm gonna say no to no this year this girl loves the word no so much that she'd rather say a double negative than just say yes i'm serious that's gonna be my resolution i am saying yes like two going out dancing after the ball drops tonight yes and maybe for karaoke after yes and you'll do the new year's plunge with me tomorrow morning no absolutely not no one actually uses their resolution for serious soul-searching oh they usually fall into one of a couple predictable categories okay fine what's my resolution probably to get more than seven hours of sleep a night it's the okay yeah i know you're right buddy you've known me since college it doesn't matter i'm in marketing it's literally my job to be able to predict what people are going to do you're good but you're not that good so prove it try the table behind you okay it's gonna go down like this huh i wish you guys were there it was a disaster the teleprompter broke sweating it was oh it was a nightmare i am so sorry to interrupt my name is tom happy new year um my friend and i are here we're having a difference of opinion over new year's resolutions could i try and guess what your resolutions are oh i love this game they love this game okay raise your hand if your resolutions have anything to do with giving something up preferably food related i'm cutting back to one cup of coffee a day fair is accepted it's specific and actionable still counts for the record no one's years any better with less coffee in it okay raise your hand if you resolution is about going to the gym ah raise your hand if your resolution is about finishing a creative project novel he's good no no no no sorry no don't encourage him okay i'm sorry for him i am so encouraged right now excellent um so that leaves you you're never gonna guess it really okay meditating every day i don't have time to meditate getting organized i bet dessert i'm the most organized person in this restaurant finally kicking your candy crush habit i've never crushed a candy taking up kickboxing the only thing i kick is bad habits [Music] i cave what is it i'm going to say yes to every social invitation i receive oh not that that is interesting okay i may have picked the most interesting person in the restaurant oh wow zero offense observer i meant to say i think you're the one brilliant exception to my new year's resolution rule i'm so curious what inspired this i boxed myself in a little too much last year so i am taking a chance on yes i love that yeah yes fall in love with yes no is the enemy hey noah has been a very trusty friend of mine why say no to something when you could say yes to something else you're not saying no to going out you're saying yes to staying in well that's just a positive spin on things so let's see a resolution then don't believe in them they do in fact exist i like to stay open to possibilities possibilities covers a whole range of outcomes some of which could be a whole basket of yikes how long are you doing this resolution for it maybe i'll do it until my birthday on february 8th a lot can happen in a month yeah [Music] hey we're going to this awesome new year's party there's gonna be music and and dancing and the countdown you wanna come with us that sounds really fun but i can't really start this resolution off the wrong foot hey i still have 32 minutes to say no to anything plus i already said yes to my friends tonight well i can't say no to that okay good luck with your resolution thank you and happy new year you too hey tom how do you want to be here i'm thinking we walk okay just one second [Music] oh okay everyone we are going to write down our resolutions fold your paper like this and then we are going to watch our wishes go up in flames no we are going to set our intention and then watch it drift up into the sky why are we doing this we're letting it go and setting it up in the hopes that we get back what we need to make it come true [Music] we missed you what's he inside damn it [Music] okay let's do this ten nine [Music] hey where are my girls they passed out at 11. happy new year though happy new year [Applause] [Music] kelly ezekiel leone uh not my middle name i would like to officially invite you to do the new year's plunge with me tomorrow oh you've got to be kidding me no i'm [Music] not [Music] happy i could be convinced to have the camera focus on not you if maybe a certain story about the biggest snowman in the world could get an approval nice trip you're worth a shot well have fun with your plunge i've got the marketing guy from the bank sponsorship ready for an interview oh wow really actually um since i'm here do you mind if i go prep him real quick you're the boss hey happy new year happy new year new year's plunge that's your first yes of the new year however did you get because no sane person would decide to dive into a freezing cold lake says the guy who's sponsoring the event oh okay he did a little research on me huh actually that is official wake up milwaukee business i'm the producer oh you just came over here to talk logistics just a little interview prep okay all right so i'm not gonna find any other fun little surprises in my coat pockets up until last night i had given my phone number out to approximately no one so i guess the the words i'm searching for are uh your move see i've been thinking about it i can't ask you out oh but see you can this is a rejection free zone of fearfully dating that's the thing though i don't want i don't want you to say yes because of some resolution i want a real yes so i'm not going to ask you out until noah's back on the table so you missed her open to the possibilities live in the moment is gonna let an entire month go by that's a pretty simple alternative which is you could always ask me oh oh oh oh that's see that's it's it's different i mean it's the 21st century i didn't really take the rest of someone the plunge is going to start soon actually if you could just give us one more second we're trying to throw something out here great um you guys have a great interview and um i'm gonna go jump in a sub-zero lake for fun happy new year this has been uh it's been real okay [Music] i know it seems crazy but i think it's gonna be great some are born great some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them shakespeare oh it is cold but we were committing to bathing suits oh yeah yeah this is your idea [Music] here have some hot chocolate thank you i am so proud of you miss miss tell us how does it feel to know that your year can only get better from here how'd the interview go great yeah he was he was awesome uh where did tom go oh uh he had to run but he told me to tell you that you have his number just in case you need to follow okay thanks casey anytime oh let's go get warm you play it one more time [Music] oh this is what were you thinking new year's resolution again what in the world were you thinking my resolution is to say yes to every invitation i received for a month why that sounds awful well i'm turning 30 next month and i realized i'd shut off aspects of my personal life so i am staying open i'm spending time with friends getting outside my comfort zone it's a great story a great story oh no no no no no no i'm a behind-the-camera kind of person we could send her to games concerts that blizzard 5k art exhibit the circus wait isn't she afraid of clowns perfect uh no no clowns are fine magicians on the other hand i mean don't you have better candidates than me listen it would be great for ratings showing vulnerability from one of our own right come on anything for the best story [Music] anything for the show yes i have the perfect first segment maybe you can set the camera up over there thanks why can't somebody invite me to lay in front of a fire on a big rug and read okay i've got everything except for your phone and we'll meet you at the finish line how you feeling i'm feeling like i'm only gonna shoot river's bad side for a week it's not all that bad saw the imperium national bank signs floating around maybe your cute bank guy tom will be here was that his name it was tom was that his name tom just ask him out already take a chance it's not a chance i know what will happen we'll cute banter for the first couple of weeks we'll fall for each other i'll flake on him one too many times for work and then he'll break up with me over dinner at a candlelit restaurant um or i'll break up with him with some big noble speech about bad timing and either way it won't work out and i'll end up scraping the cream off of oreos by myself hey [Music] i'm interrupting something very serious or that was perhaps the most depressing romantic comedy pitch ever actually we were just discussing self-fulfilling prophecies isn't that right yeah that's right well anyways i'll let you guys get to the race good luck see you at the finish line so uh you're actually running this thing yeah yeah yeah our our bank thought it'd be good to have someone from our team out here on the course here i am yeah what's the worst that could happen i get a little sore tomorrow um though the the worst that can happen is that camera captures the face plan of a lifetime and you become an overnight internet cautionary tale you're a bit of a pessimist i'm a realist and if i'd had known i could have prepared and changed around my whole workout routine so the uh the winner of this race gets a 50 gift certificate to hoagie heaven i don't think it's i don't think it's that serious hey it's no fun if it's not serious 27 and 34 plus if i'm gonna do something i'm gonna do well [Music] how about this how about we just race the two of us and then after i win you buy us coffee oh after you win i bet you coffee that's right i think that sounds like a bit like a coffee date do you ask me on a coffee date nope just a bet that may happen to segway into some friendly conversation runners on your mark okay game on get set all right you need a hand no that was an invitation you can't say no it's a trap i'm gonna want a medium latte extra whip my coffee odor that's your order so judgmental what's yours red eye oh of course it is takes the lead race isn't over yet i don't know pretty good at this [Music] [Applause] that was fun exactly okay so even though i wasn't prepared for this it was actually really fun this is kelly leone with wake up milwaukee thanks for sure thank you crushed it we are so proud of you let's go celebrate yeah get you all the carbs [Music] what's this oh some guy dropped those off for you he left a note [Music] hello lisa what are you doing here i'm just on my way to work and thought i'd enjoy my one cup of coffee a day with you oh uh you can never have too much coffee plus i uh have a little invite to extend your way which is i would like to formally invite you miss kelly emmanuel leone not my middle name to a speed dating event with me and i can't say no i'm fine consider it a favor to me you'll be there for moral support and afterward i'll buy you dinner today is shaping up to be a huge exercise in humility what do you mean welcome back milwaukee as many of you know our very own producer kelly leone has made a resolution to say yes to every invitation that she receives kelly talk to us about why you made this resolution well i thought it would be good to step outside my comfort zone river and boy will she today kelly what is your greatest fear that'd be magicians trevor wow we are very excited that kelly has agreed to assist milwaukee's own eric the magnificent [Music] come on kelly hey man i got your text about tonight i will definitely be there ah i knew you wouldn't leave me hanging but that's not why i called yota i was going over our numbers for the chili cook-off and i really think we need to tell glenn to increase our no no no we can fix this without going to glenn yeah but we're understaffed and we're over budget there will be a more creative solution we're small in numbers but we're big on enthusiasm yeah well not everyone sorry anyone matches your enthusiasm we're gonna need more than just that with this much on the line i don't know about that people can really surprise you if given the chance ladies and gentlemen kelly is now levitating all right all right take another look when you come in bye kelly leone everyone starting the new year off with a touch of magic okay that wasn't my thing but it was awesome to see you do your thing thoroughly entertaining almost as entertaining as watching someone say levitate on a table oh no you thought oh i recorded it i will be printing a banner for your birthday party next month i'm not having a party uh but see i just invited you to it so ah i see i see what you did there fine but please no magicians this resolution is quickly turning into live with kelly and her worst fears i don't think that's such a bad thing and you have been playing it pretty safe these last few years because maybe you are just the tiniest bit afraid of failure well who isn't being bad something feels exactly how it sounds okay real talk i have seen you turn down some pretty exciting opportunities because you weren't so sure you could pull it off is that wisdom having a firm enough grip on your comfort zone to not plummet into failure yeah it's just maybe all that holding on so tight might make you more sore than a quick brush with the ground ever would [Music] you've got to be kidding me [Music] what are you doing avoiding tom i can see that why because i'm here to support you what kind of friend would i be if i you hop on over there ask tom out real quick and then you can focus all your energy on helping me get a date how does one even speed date it is just like producing okay you're gonna hear a couple of pitches and all you got to do is trust your gut and say yes or no you'll be amazing have fun bye [Music] it was great talking to you [Music] patrick so you work for imperium national bank yep with tom it's a great guy at that time did you grow up in wisconsin no i moved here for college that's where i met tom did you know that tom is actually the president of our students so is this how this is gonna go for the next two minutes and 30 seconds yeah so back to tom so you've known kelly since childhood yeah listen i need you to know that if i was vetting you for myself these next few minutes would be far less painful what's your biggest fear abandonment and gas station sushi dinner with one person living or dead my nana or aaron rodgers go back sir please describe to me the ending of your last serious relationship define serious not a good answer tommy hey only my sister sheila gets to call me tommy oh well lovely [Music] hey there kelly hey fancy meeting you here could be honest with you my pride is a little bit bruised here you are at a speed dating event when i so very delicately place the ball in your court in fairness you're also here at a speed dating event i'm here for moral support only oh so am i by the way patrick clearly a master of the pitch oh good so he was he was convincing yes [Music] yes okay spoiler alert this is a sure thing there is no world in which i say no [Music] do you want to grab dinner sometime oh that's my cue i should oh wait um um sorry could you go around sorry peter how about tuesday i'm trying out curling don't laugh wednesday no sponsoring event helmet thursday aj invited me to go dancing unless you wanna no we have like five more dates until i introduce you to my other left foot um i'd say friday but i can't either i'm going to that hockey game with my friends wait really me too it's for the bank hey we have a vip box you you're welcome to oh no we we couldn't possibly yes we could we'd love to okay um it's the date see you friday see you friday bye tom [Music] [Applause] [Music] maybe you could set up over there can i confess something sure of course um i'm not really a hockey fan oh well that is me neither seriously three brothers played i just i never caught the bug three brothers three brothers had a big sister [Applause] what about you i'm an only child huh what definitely explains your propensity for saying no in a house with four other siblings you can scream no at the top of your lungs you're still upvoted so you had to to go along to get along oh absolutely you got to make alliances and then well then you have a partner to blame the knockover grandma's lamp yeah there was no one to point that finger out at my house i feel like only child life is awesome you have absolute control over the tv you never have to share your toys uh and no one to share the pressure either it's life lived under a microscope you know what the best thing about stadiums is the intoxicating power group thing i was gonna go with cheese fries but there's a whole table here of catered food you want to go eat cheese fries yeah there you go thanks no i actually don't like cheese press i have so many questions starting with why would somebody agree to split something that they knowingly dislike i just came for the company i was being nice yep there's nice and then there's deferential why do i feel like that's the nice way of saying it i'm just saying you don't have to worry about sharing your opinions around me i think fake cheese isn't real food and i find it disgusting well i think you're wrong but i appreciate your honesty so monday i'm going to the chinese new year celebration there'll be music and some cool installations the show's sending me for my resolution segment and you know maybe i thought it could be a good opportunity for the bank are you asking me out on a business date no i am i'm asking you on a date and really trying to sweeten the pot so you'll say yes yes i'm there i can't wait okay now kelly this week you were invited to try curling for the first time what were your most surprising takeaways this resolution has really shown me that my life can benefit from having some adventure thrown in let's see how she did hi kelly leone and i'm here at milwaukee's own local curling club about to be swept off my feet here's where my adventure took an interesting turn but in my defense the ice is very slippery i wasn't much for throwing stones but they did say i had an act for sweeping and we're in commercial back in three minutes hey can i talk to you for me yeah what's up so i've interviewed at least 20 people who say that accounts were open under their name at imperium national bank without their permission is anyone willing to go on the record not yet but the more the people come forward the more likely that they will keep digging and if you can get some intel from someone inside imperium all the better you got it now that sounds like hard-hitting news did you know someone at imperium national bank sorry i misspoke aren't you dating someone at imperium national bank if we were gonna go after imperium our story would have to be bulletproof our integrity if i asked tom to get involved i mean the fact that i'm even dating tom is you know what maybe you're right it's early in the story maybe it's nothing no 20 people isn't nothing maybe just cross that bridge when you come to it okay [Music] okay everyone owes lisa a hundred dollars for a wedding gift love her wheels pay up mm-hmm oh got two sets of twins but sure i'll go back to night school for a game called life you're afforded very few choices it's a pretty bleak outlook uh in all fairness i did offer you other options at what point does a love of board games tip into two obsession four five move to a new city oh okay what was there was like a there was like a look oh look no no look at lisa i think it's your spin right okay no no what's going on there's like a look going on here it's just like a year ago you were applying for jobs in another city and you were so excited about it yeah but i was worried about losing my job i mean who would i be if i bailed when the going got tough that's right and when the going gets tough tough get going exactly do chicago no what you spend one year as a flaky friend and all of a sudden they're trying to ship you out of the state don't be dramatic it's a two-hour drive 90 minutes by train and there's a six flags like right in the middle we did our research look as long as we've known you your goal has been the same amy award-winning news producer but dreams they dreams change okay you started producing home movies what when we're in middle school made me wear that terrible wig and pretend to be diane sawyer you're born for this come on you spent a couple weeks now living in the yes doesn't that make the unknown feel a little more you're you're right i i have done things this month that i never would have imagined i do and you did it all without falling on your face all right all right truth is a year ago i was terrified of failure but maybe you know it's a good time to be open to hospitalities [Music] and the response we're getting for this new year segment is through the roof you guys really knocked it out of the park on this one all the credit goes to kelly uh it's a team effort and clearly i wouldn't have done it without you now let's talk about this story casey's working on about imperium national bank where do we stand we've got 20 people who've come forward stating that the bank has opened up credit card and bank accounts under their names without their permission we think it has to do with incentives for the sales team is anyone on the record three but casey is working on more this is intriguing but it's not there yet this is a great story we've got people on record stating that claiming that it's difficult to prove we need something concrete otherwise it's just their word against the word of a national bank but if they're telling the truth the proof is out there or we'll need a whistleblower on the inside find either one of those things we'll run it a whistleblower i i can't ask him to do that humans really like this guy why would you say that because a year ago this would have been a no-brainer [Music] hey um do you have a second hey yeah what's going on um i was just uh hoping we could meet up no meat or we don't have to no no i'm sorry i'm not talking to you leo that's the vegetarian section i'm at the chili cook-off right now you're welcome to come if you want like how i didn't make that invitation you you sound pretty swamped hey uh that's actually the kids section right over there thanks please come i'd love to see you okay [Music] hey hey okay restaurants are all set up but the registration for amateur entrance is a mess the forums apparently didn't print properly so now i'm on it just off stop right just stop hey i'm so glad to see you uh oh um how are you doing this looks yeah this is gonna be it's gonna be uh great it's just you know hey guys extra bales of hey go out in the game tent thank you um what did you want to talk to me about oh you know we can um tickets we have nobody on tickets what do you mean where's laura i had to move her to the kids station no no you don't have to no let's just put laura be honest i would write songs of your heroism okay i'm on it thank you this way okay oh show me the cornbread [Music] all right should be good now [Music] here you go there you go enjoy yourself hey there there you go thank you thank you you're welcome what happened in there well we've been running a lot of events back to back i think i think i was a little long on promises and a little short on help on this one turns out there may be a limit to the whole i can do it all philosophy what did you want to talk to me about so my reporter dug up some pretty powerful allegations about imperium national bank claiming that they were opening accounts and customers names without their permission we have at least 20 people claiming that so do you have a response no i mean if it's true it's odd if it's true well foot's unsure right i'm 20 people serious but i have a bunch of marketing analytics that show thousands of happy customers if it's true it's only 20 people that we know about i know this company i know the people i work with here i just find it really hard to believe that they would do something like that when the story breaks you and i can't be together it would be an ethical nightmare it would put your job at risk my job could be a risk i think the most sensible thing would be for us to both go our separate ways before we both get hurt thing is i'm not a very sensible guy you've laid out a very compelling case for all the things that could go wrong but you know what i'm just not okay throwing out all that's good here based on something that might happen that might happen this whole story might fall through it's just a matter of time before we uncover and run it apart our only option is apart what if we stay together we cross that bridge when we come to it who knows what solutions we might find along the way okay if this all blows up i'm gonna keep the receipts from this conversation and i promise you i am going to shoulder 100 of the blame okay if we're going to cross that bridge when we come to it we're gonna have to ample down that road pretty slowly agrees i'm not the one who jumps head first into things oh i hear you i'm with you we'll go slow until we're in the clear okay i'm uncalling it but with a firm speed limit of 35 miles an hour that sounds fair yeah to be clear would kissing you right now be like 35 miles an hour would that be like 65 miles an hour [Music] good night tom for wake up milwaukee i'm kelly leone great think we got it you can you can head off thank you so much there it's happy new year and mandarin you ready for this not nearly as ready as you are clearly however i'm equally as excited are you doing a segment uh we just wrapped up thought it might be good to set some professional boundaries or you don't want to share the limelight with me it's okay i get it you're a big star i don't want to steal your thunder please i cannot wait for this segment to be over what you're so good at it you're sweet stop it uh that would fall into sugar coating which is very strictly forbidden yes i am biased and so i think you're amazing on camera it's got me wondering what you're doing behind it i figured out pretty early on and more of a behind the scenes magically make things happen and then swoop away unseen kind of person the trusty sancho to our anchors don quixote ah i don't see you like that as the trusty sidekick in the few short weeks i've known you you've always stood out as the star well you're meeting me at a weird time maybe or maybe you should just admit to yourself that a teeny tiny part of you does like being in front of the camera uh in front of camera no in front of an audience um what nothing oh wait tell me i used to do all these storytelling open mics in college you know where they give you a theme and then you have to tell a story that's under five minutes sure i know i'm talking to story slam about sponsoring an event in late february they're the ones with the podcast i love them you should do it oh i i don't know i'm inviting you to perform part of your resolution it'll be over by then my birthday's february 8th oh right is it a big one 30 actually my friends are throwing me a birthday party that saturday if you want to great there's a market we could grab some food and walk around absolutely [Music] i swear that was my first and only speed dating event it just wasn't my speed they're the most awkward things ever in case you haven't noticed small talk is not my forte you're in good company my conversation pulls all deep end but now i i kind of want to hear your your small talk um what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you that's like mount everest talk okay okay here you go okay uh what's your favorite childhood book a velveteen rabbit never read it what it's a classic yeah i was always aware the wild things are fan what did you want to be when you grew up batman no i didn't know what i wanted to be but i knew i wanted to live in chicago really and so did i why didn't you do it oh that story is not small talk we're gonna table that talk until date four oh so there's a date four okay next question where do you see yourself in five years i'm an emmy-winning news producer in a big city like chicago yes see that i feel like that's a matter of time oh it's a matter of timing and luck and maybe a unicorn or two [Music] i think it's just a matter of you saying yes what about you is it a full moon is that a full moon probably at imperium national bank i love the job yeah and so when i got out of college i didn't know what i wanted to do and they took a chance on this loudmouthed opinionated desperate to please 22 year old and they mentored me and they they gave me an opportunity to build something in my department not only that they're this massive institution and so i feel like there's lots of possibilities yeah i know it sounds lame too no it doesn't sound lame it sounds brave i really thought of it that way wow we are really bad at small talk i get why you would want to be loyal but i just i can't get those stories out of my head well i'm not saying i don't believe the stories are real i'm just saying i find it very hard to believe that the company i know would do that it makes sense hey i want to talk about when i'm going to see you again i'm free saturday all right uh i have my nieces birthday party in the morning and then i have this big gala thing in the evening well then what about next week um i don't want to wait a week to see you how about i could swing by and scoop you up on the way back from my sister's house has anyone ever told you you might have a slight problem with over committing only every day of my life come on i don't want to pile on your already crazy day you're not you are worth making time for i'm asking which means you have to say yes and i don't feel bad about that one little bit because i know you'd only be saying no from isaac right yes saturday yes night tom good night to understand this story let me take you back to to last year first year uh hey i was uh i was just working on my story slam so i am going to try and word this very carefully so it is not an invitation freedom of choice is very important here okay i was thinking it could be fun adventure if maybe you wanted to come with me today to your niece's birthday or the gala both oh look i realize it's it's an insane proposition for a third date usually to try to spread out like a big work event with meeting the family over months or you know years you know what you don't this is you don't have to do it now that i i hear it out loud what do i wear comfy for family evening gown for the gala sorry i realized most third days don't usually come with a costume change here okay um i've got to figure out what to wear i'll um i'll see you in 30. [Music] it's not too late to back out we can still hop back in the car and hightail it across the border to canada oh thank you you must be kelly hi thank you for letting me come on in how long should you sit everyone yeah let's go inside it's freezing last night everybody this is kelly she is a friend of tommy so make her feel welcome okay kelly this is our birthday girl angie and this is emmy and girls this is my new friend kelly so she has a super cool job she actually is in charge of a tv show whoa really kelly would you mind give me a hand with the cake sure thank you okay show me what you got so far so meeting the family on date three this is really throwing you into the lion's den normally that would be a hard pass but um this family came pretty highly reviewed um he's pretty great yeah we'll keep him you know tommy's always running around and thinking about everyone else that sounds about right he takes really good care of us but he doesn't always show us him you know what's really going on in his life so for him to bring you here he must really like you happy birthday to you i know you've been running around all january and so i thought a little r and r might be in order [Music] i'm going out on a limb here but i thought we might find the perfect hybrid between relaxing and competitive vibes it's perfect it's really perfect okay come on in you pick out a game and i'm gonna go grab us a hot chocolate and make it too oh all the board games and she chose checkers checkers is the perfect game lower bar to entry than chess but it lets you know who your opponent is and when i picked a board game bar you had no idea what you unleashed in the spirit of relaxation i'm gonna say a total ban on all work talk okay all right i have a question why didn't you move to chicago wasn't that your childhood dream i'm so sorry we tabled that topic until day four hmm yeah but then i met your entire family which would have been date three and i'd say now we're solidly on date four that's what i get for full steam ahead huh i was kind of hoping you'd forget that little detail that's what you get for dating a news producer i don't know i guess i always liked the idea of chicago but the reality of leaving my family seemed hard your family seems really supportive they are and they are it's just sheila's raising two kids by herself she basically helped raise me and it's not like i'm saying that she's all alone in this big family but uh i don't know i just i just feel better knowing that i'm there besides i can't just move to chicago because i i feel like it i need to know that there's a reason that or a job or a plan mr possibilities a plan per se i just i need to know that i'm moving towards a goal you know that there's something something specific there that i want look i think our reactions to chaos are very opposite i tend to slow down and pull back and you keep on moving but i think the struggle the fear to name what we want i think that's the same i really do but hey you actually made a resolution you got out there you went curling you went speed dating you carpate the cheese fries so now that we're almost at the end of the month what do you want you know when i made the resolution it was pretty clear but a lot can happen in a month [Music] what sage said that it's like really wise [Music] uh we have to leave in 15 minutes are you producing our date maybe [Music] how are you doing in there car's gonna be here in two minutes hey if i'm going undercover i need to look the part i'm kidding tom but while we're on the subject one of our sources brought in some paperwork and it looks like the sales people are opening accounts under the customer's name and and sending statements to their own personal addresses to cover it okay so you feel like that's the most likely scenario it's not my job to assume the best in people i feel really weird talking to you about this without being able to read your face can we open the not ready yet okay so so what's holding you back from just running the story it'd be better if we could get a confirmation from the inside i could just take some of the sales team out for drinks i do that all the time okay if this is gonna work you cannot say anything to anyone yeah i can do that it's actually kind of exciting i feel like i'm an undercover reporter seriously tom the only way this works is if you and i are on the same page we'd have to trust each other you'd have to come to me first yeah i get that i feel really anxious i haven't dressed up this fancy in a long time i'm sure you look [Music] please finish that sentence breathtaking [Music] [Music] thanks [Music] [Applause] how could i say [Music] thank you for being open to adventure today if i'm honest out of all of the new year's adventures i've had today was probably the wildest really so your saturdays don't typically involve four course meals and four more more of a tuesday thing [Music] everywhere i look you're seeing reminders of the things that like come between us it's hard to stay in the bubble i think it's all matter what you focus on so you can let your eyes drift to the sharp yet sophisticated imperium national bank logo did you design it blend it yeah naturally [Music] you can focus on the delicious food the flowers this amazing band who is playing this incredibly romantic song [Music] charming dance part who can't take his eyes off what else should i focus on cozy bars filled with board games and books paper lanterns napkins in pockets [Music] that's a good thing to focus on too [Music] to imperium national bank oh thank you guys for letting me pick your brains hey as long as the appetizers are on you we'll tell you whatever you want honestly the biggest problem is that these customers don't know what's good for them sometimes you just have to he's just stressed because these quotas have been really hard to meet lately yeah it seems like sales goals have been pretty high and so i'm hoping that with the right events we can bring in more people it's not the number of people it's the amount of products i don't understand so each account each credit card it's a different product so you could have 10 customers with an account each or you could have one customer with two checking accounts a savings account a cd a couple credit cards okay so you're saying that it's about finding the right customers it's quality over quantity right we want to be the one-stop shop for everything you know plus it doesn't hurt that we get a fee on every caliber right that's [Music] so paul what did you mean when you said that the customer doesn't know what's good for them this is bad this is uh fraud yeah i really didn't think it was true so what did glenn say i haven't told man but you are gonna tell him right kelly made me promise that it would come to her first hey if you go to her first she's gonna blow this thing right up promised her i would go to her first if i break that promise then this is over all right come on right you love what you do and you're great at it and you do a lot of good for the community if you don't go to glenn first all of that goes away hey i'm just looking out for you but this isn't about me anymore this is this is 20 people that we know of it could be hundreds it could be thousands or not it could be three bad eggs what if you go to glenn and there's a way to make this right without damaging the company's reputation she still trusted me with her story and she'll still have a story only this one's gonna be about the employees that went rogue and the company that did the right thing for its customers and everyone wins everyone's happy right [Music] hey i wouldn't miss it to be honest i was a little surprised about the gatsby oh this is vintage kelly back in college getting her to go out with us was like pulling teeth but a theme party you couldn't keep her home and gatsby what can i say the key to the girl's heart is books and board games [Music] this is for you you didn't have to of course i did [Music] okay so they worked with the original artist's grandson to restore the illustrations and then this is a brand new never before seen cover it's perfect yeah i love it thank you you knocked it out the park my guy you all done thanks [Music] okay i would love to make a toast to kelly on your 30th marking the end of the perfect grand experiment to end your 20s you are an inspiration to your whole community the best friend we could ask for and braver than you even know to an amazing year to come no to an amazing decade [Music] so resolution's over how do you feel i was within and without simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life [Music] okay did nobody here read the great gatsby in high school [Music] i love you guys come on let's go dance wait kell you're the birthday girl let's move [Music] word to the wise and kelly won't let anyone avoid the dance floor for long you ready you go ahead i'm i'm not feeling the whole dance floor thing right now i have a feeling the birthday girl's not going to take that for an answer it's kind of nice though i never seen you this happy before [Music] you're right it's a celebration come on let's go thanks for the coffee yeah birthday surprises just keep on coming yeah i'm the gift that keeps on giving welcome hey look um yesterday at work before the party i wanted to talk to you sorry it's casey my reporter i'll just be a second she's like wait kill him hey case what's up yo wait wait wait slow down what do you mean they closed all the accounts well we we have the record so i'm i'm not worried if anything makes them look a lot worse than we thought okay well figure it out and call me back uh so imperium national bank closed all the accounts in question they closed them what do you mean they closed them did they reach out to the customers first i'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here and uh and ask you if you think the timing is suspicious no hey i took the sales team out for drinks and after they spilled i thought there might be a way to try and i'm supposed to protect my sources yeah to advocate for these people by getting the story you giving the bank a heads up so they can sweep it under the rug no that's not what happened here i went to them to try to fix it i asked them to fix it and we're never gonna fix it they might the people i know there are i trusted them to do the right thing i should have trusted my gut i knew there was only one way that this was gonna end if i came straight to you at least this way there's a there's a chance that everyone can have a happy ending i like that you always try to find the good in everything i really do but that fantasy is preventing you from standing up for what's right and what's worse is you tried to fix it without even not even coming to me you cut me out and tried to swoop in with some night and shining armor routine [Music] if you kind of be honest with me i'm sorry but i can't do this [Music] tom hey clint hey i want to thank you for your discretion regarding that news story you're a real team player thank you sir you spared us a pr nightmare this kind of foresight is exactly what we'd expect out of a director something to think about for the spring reviews i like to reward that kind of loyalty absolutely thank you sir hey glenn out of curiosity what happens next well paul and i will do some seminars with hr and our communications team is drafting statements so that should nip it in the way most of those names that i gave though they weren't paul and allen's clients and those were just the ones that we knew about so i mean shouldn't there be some kind of investigation or talk you're a good guy you've done great work for us you've proven your loyalty and you're on track for a big promotion i just stay in your lane keep her on the prize okay we'll handle it [Music] and if you could forward me the links for the interviews that would hey i told you we can't i didn't come here for us i just i wanted you to know that i quit my job this morning if you need someone to go on record i'm willing to do that i i didn't ask you to do that for me it's the right thing to do [Music] okay so to get you ready for pre-tape come on [Music] standby q q standing by rolling here we go good morning milwaukee today we start with a special report fraud at imperium national bank i'm joined today by a former member of the imperium national bank marketing team tom malone good morning tom good morning thank you for having me river i wish you wanted better circumstances tom how widespread is this is it happening at other banks well without a proper investigation there's no way of saying how widespread the practice is the biggest question coming out of this is how could this have happened at such a respected institution right um our customers trusted us and we broke that trust every sales culture is competitive but when there's unreasonable expectations that can cause people to to operate from desperation i hope imperium sees this as an opportunity to both reflect and to do what's right for its customers it's officially gone viral breaking from milwaukee today the fraudulent practices of local imperium national bank salespeople cracked the case in a nationwide scandal where a high-pressure sales culture drove employees to create fake accounts under customer names we go live to imperium's headquarters in new york where brian bantana is on the scene brian what did i tell you yes [Applause] the door's open we got a call about a complaint at this address what happened in here tom sent the flowers and the board game listen i called this group hang because i need to talk to you about something oh we've talked about it we all unanimously agree you should give tom another chance no that's not what i want to talk about i wait seriously unanimously yeah and all your reasons for being upset are valid totally but i think he was coming from a good place i mean misguided but good which counts for something plus he ultimately did the right thing plus plus you're so happy when you're with him we just but i can't get back together with tom wait but because i think i'm moving to chicago oh when the story went national they offered me a job at good morning chicago what did you tell them i mean i was thinking of saying yes but i don't i don't know now i'm all in my head about tom and chicago's a two-hour drive away if you want to fix things with tom this move is not gonna be the end of the world plus there's a six flags like right in the midpoint of the it's i don't i don't know my my gut is screaming yes but my head is i don't know what if i'm not ready what if my dream job actually turns out to be a nightmare or what if uh hey we have watched you put yourself out there all month and you have flourished you're doing that storytelling competition tomorrow you broke a national news story you fell in love all those things sounded terrifying at christmas and yeah some of them came with really hard bumps would you change any of it [Music] so here's what we're gonna do jackson's gonna go buy some boxes and packing tape i'm gonna eat that pizza while you run through tomorrow night's storytelling piece for us but first you're going to call good morning chicago and tell them that today is their lucky day i'm glad you guys feel that way because i called them this afternoon and said yes she's going to chicago we're going to six flags truth is i was hiding behind no it was safe in a bubble of what was familiar and easy to tell myself i was doing well when i was risking so little that my friends showed me that by playing it small i was only leaving space for fear so when i fell in love with tobias let's call him i realized i was only vividly imagining all the ways things could go wrong and not open to all the exciting things that could go right possibilities i hadn't even thought of i've done a lot of things this past month that have challenged me but falling in love i wouldn't change a thing about it all right that was kelly leone absolutely fantastic and now let's give a warm story slime thank you hi there everybody uh i'm tobias [Music] uh so kelly's favorite book when she was growing up was the velveteen rabbit now there's this part in the story where the character of the skin horse explains how you become real and he says by the time you're real most of your hair has been loved off your eyes drop out but none of that matters at all because once you're real you can't be ugly except to people who don't understand before i met kelly i was running around i was i was pleasing everyone and never really letting them know me kelly is the most authentic person i've ever met she made me real you made me check in with my gut and now that i'm being honest with myself i decided to finally chase my childhood dream when i accepted a job in chicago which i know it sounds weird right now but i promise you i had no idea you were going i promise anyway i just wanted to say thank you and i wanted to let you know that i'm never going to hide myself ever again because of you you see in chicago [Music] yes a hometown hero has a rock justin okay it feels good to be back everything i care about is right here two for the win an all-new original movie premieres next saturday night at nine only on hallmark channel