Two questionsWhat did the phone do to Conor Where does he get all of this energy


Chael Sonnen


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we were talking about the fact that Connor got in some Jam he took somebody's cell phone he threw it on the ground to break it he then stopped on it to further break it I'm then said to hell with it picked it up and took it home with him anyway it's not for nothing I don't want to make light of a bad situation but guys there's a level of humor in that for me I mean the fact that whatever was on that phone or whatever that phone had done to him as his aggressor he broke the phone by throwing it down he stopped on the phone to make sure that it was unrecoverable I could only imagine and then decided you know what with the friend forensic technology that I've seen on TV these days maybe somebody could still work I'm gonna take this thing home there's something about that that I can't help but find comical okay great set all of that aside now what do you have a video surfaces somebody has a video of Connor destroying the phone that I could only imagine had some type of a video somebody filmed him doing something saying that whatever it was even if it was just to invade his personal space I have to imagine that the act that the phone did to aggravate Connor had to do with the camera slash audio feature I think you guys will agree with me so he breaks the phone two different ways smashing it stopping it and this you know what I'm just gonna take this thing home with me there's something about that that doesn't strike me as humorous particularly when you add in the fact that our TMZ has footage of the entire thing so Connors initial premise I'm not saying he's right to do I'm well aware that he's wrong that's what the handcuffs and the arrests represent I'm not here to say that what I'm saying is his premise was at least correct wasn't it if he thought that that phone had something on there that he didn't want and then we find out that there's a footage of him taking the phone to destroy the phone that he believes has something that he wanted out the Conor at least had that math right didn't he I mean it looks as though he would have got that right and you want to know what my other takeaway is very strange very strange takeaways compared to what most people would give you as an analysis on this but it's now come out of that all happen at like 5:00 a.m. I have no idea where Connor comes up with all this energy I know a little tiny bit about Connors week okay I know he completed the community service that he had in New York he then goes over to Florida for like a family vacation and the only reason I know that is he took pictures of himself in the Everglades and put so he's on the clock the guys working hard he's entertaining the troops I might add by the way he looks to be in fantastic condition now maybe Connors got really good DNA but that guy doesn't seem to gain a pound which leads me as a fellow athlete to believe he's also training somewhere in the midst of all this oh and by the way he could still burn the candle at both ends and stay out until 5:00 a.m. I mean somewhere in this you go ahead and be a dick to Connor all you guys want but somewhere in this you got to tip your hat to him I mean that does the guy ever sleep does the guy ever get any rest okay that was my takeaway on the Connor thing but I did find it very interesting that he thought a phone had captured something all the while that's being captured by somebody else that leaks on TMZ