Tyron Woodley vs Robbie Lawlerwhat about Masvidal Askren and Pettis


Chael Sonnen


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give you some great news that hit me out of left field Lawler vs. T wood okay I'm in I like the match I liked it the first time that it happened I fully admit it after the first time it happened that needs to happen again right Robbie Lawler just lost a world championship from eating one big punch I wonder what would happen in that fight had he not eaten that punch what if we would have got some minutes and some exchanges I don't know I don't know the answer but I do remember thinking hey rematch would be kind of cool not only did it not happen I don't believe it was even discussed I don't remember it being discussed Robbie Lawler most certainly wouldn't be demanded he's just not that guy yeah give me whoever you got whoever you want and yeah sure would like to see that that rematch come someday yeah that's just that's just gonna be Lawler's approach tyrants certainly not gonna be calling for it he just won a championship he's looking for some new blood he's looking to go on a defense so whatever happened there we never got that rematch now when you talk about getting that rematch now sure the championships not on the line but we now are gonna get to see some of those minutes in some of those exchanges the reason it caught me from left field I thought Askren was fighting Robbie Lawler and many of us pushed back on that not because we don't acknowledge that first one was worthy of being seen again had plenty of controversy not because that neither fighter really said hey I want to do that again in fact if Askren said the other he goes I'm not I'm not interested in doing again I don't want to do it the first time I got all sorts of guys left and right I'm seeing around here that I want to fight Robbie was never one of them but he's a great fighter he's a former world champion and they asked me to do it I think you know it's a great one to get done with but once we get done I want some fresh blood okay fair but who who goes where I like your idea Ben but give me a better one all right I think in many ways Lawlor tea would satisfies exactly what Askren Lawler was gonna satisfy in that it was one of those matches that you sat back and you wash you it you know what I'd like to see that again a little bit for different reasons but had this weird scenario not happened I wonder how long this match would have gone and I wonder who it would have favored and I wonder would have it been closed or would it be around for this guy and around for that guy now we got to really keep our eye on the third there was just a curiosity around I think that this satisfies it but the other thing that it does is it opens up a door for Ben Askren where's he gonna go it appears that he with it appears please he wanted Darren till Darren till got surprised by Jorge Masvidal so perhaps it would appear that aspirant and Moz Vidale get lined up there seems to be a level of that that makes sense and when faced with that and then faced with the own question that I just posed to you guys of if not that idea give me a better one I don't know that I have one I would tell you a few months ago I wasn't really clamor to see Maz Vidale versus Askren I also wasn't fully aware of Maz Vidale was gonna stay in the the 170-pound class I wasn't aware of Maz Vidale for sure was gonna get by former number one contender and and tell me there's just a lot of moving parts before you ever sit back and sink your teeth teeth into this Maz Vidale Askren sandwich chair but now that Woodley and now that Lawler's names are off the board now that ooze men and Covington's names are off the board you start to have so many pieces on the chess table here I would predict for you guys the fight will at least be offered it would need to then be accepted but I think it'll least be offered I think the winds are very comfortably and I'm confident in telling you guys they're going to blow in the direction of trying to get Maas Vidale and ask her in there with one another and I'd like to know what you guys think we'd like to know what you think Maas Vidale in many ways could return to 155 with a big head of steam in many ways why would he want to why would he want to drop that weight when he just took out the former number one contender I don't have the answer to that I just know that similar situation just happened with Anthony Pettis and Wonder Boy and we were all left asking the same thing hey is Pettis now 170 pounder Pettis came out called out the winner of barboza versus gay chi whether he gets that fight or not and I have to imagine he does cuz who in the hell else is calling those two killers outright so I would have to think the only guy that st. put me in coach is going to get put in by the coach but he didn't give us a major clue to which is that he's going back to 155 I've always thought if they're both going to go back to 155 maybe we get them together think that's something that mozz but all needs to consider do I want to go become a top contender in this weight class where my training partner one of my best friends Colby Covington is do I want to do that does that even matter do I want to do that though or would I like to go back down to 155 and have a huge showdown with Anthony Pettis I like to know what you guys think