Tys Worst Night Ever OT 24 Behind the Scenes


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we're filming in the kitchen right now it's the beginning of what is about to be an unbelievable fight scene so you guys need to buckle up it's going to be epic actually you've already seen it because you're watching this video unless you're watching from first in which case buckle up ty's going to spin around come down kobe's going to jump and it's going to keep going [Music] what just happened just planting your back foot and then going forward yeah okay ready if you come at me then i can also come [Music] back i feel like i'm getting punished for some weird reason um i'm okay into like camping and stuff but this is this is pretty bad we look up and see if we're like these are voices all right we can i so hopefully maybe i get a raise after this [Music] nobody okay all right in the name of survival it tasted about as you'd expect a little crunchy little let's get the tarpon go back to the fire yep i don't even know why we work out shooting practice would be way smarter [Music] cody secrete spell it define it s-e-c-r-e-t-e correct i think whoa are you about to say another letter i gotta be honest second grade spelling bee volcano easy v-o-l-c-a-n-o you added an e e because all the teachers just stared at me like i was missing something and i went volcano [Music] no you're wrong sit down quick update of the office i'm the big star wars guy ty's the big harry potter guy and this guy likes both which group feels cooler being a jedi or a bad guy in star wars or so here's the thing if you're going if you're going straight up cool factor i do think star wars wins however the powers of the harry potter world might outweigh the powers of the star wars world hey chad what are you doing tonight you want to come over for dinner sure let's uh what's for dinner well i already ate i was saying if you wanted to come over for dinner uh sure all right you can come whenever you're ready i got nothing going on all right jedi yes you can move things with your mind you can jump super high but harry potter can fly he can teleport he can transform animals into i mean you bro when you download the game using the link in this three two when you download the link using the description nope download the game using the link you're killing it ty thank you just dominating live thank you cody's no jedi [Music] i just cut my sleeve off i hate when that happens that's a great value that's great value jedi skills he's showing me right now i need to see something better out of you copes i got you smart hey guys i've been practicing the force uh if you think it just comes naturally you're wrong you got to put in the time how about a baseball bat flip oh gosh little [Laughter] chad came over for dinner which i thought would be nice but he brought a cooler and a stove top and shrimp scampi and tomato soup and smart water try not to think about that kind of stuff just focus on the here and now and the fact that i got some good beans for dinner you need a glove i need a glove yeah you don't mind wow using some of my survival supplies they blew up a planet okay true i know working with a massive machine of all time that's my guy corey go ahead to the door that's the security trying to arrest us no we have both rooms on each side right no we don't dang it it's way too loud out there guys we gotta keep it down way too loud star wars is one billion times cooler than harry potter okay i don't even think there's an argument to be made here oh it's like it's it's in the dude has a wand [Music] i saw derek new door guy get this guy off my set things have just gone from bad to worse i'm still pantless i'm still freezing cold and wet i'm in the middle of whittling my spork and we've had a cooking rock collapse oh it's just been a tough go at it keep going [Music] you still you have to sing in the same key it just helps you like when it fits me there's no way it would fix me this is great this is a good item oh my god [Applause] there's limits to all technology yep grabbing the shot it's all for this oh yeah that is the most dynamic shot i've ever seen oh wait wait wait ah nate you have a lightsaber now i have the high ground very badly what were you doing i was doing one wheel circles in my chair which is probably ill-advised i seems like everybody just wants me to break more stuff so why not keep going dude commit oh before we show you what is about to unfold i think it's important to note a few things yes goodness god loves you what god loves you here i mean it's always worth repeating sure sure that's number one wow i got debris in my eye that's taking pound at noggin to another level right there folks what's up guys derek here we just want to give you an inside look on how we did the sound design for fight scene [Music] this scene's gonna be phenomenal what are you nerds doing we're doing sound design leave us alone [Music] you