UFC 235 PostFight analysis with Joel Suprenant


Chael Sonnen


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Mount here in Las Vegas with Joel it is about 4:30 in the morning we are still drunk on excitement from the fights were up and we thought you know what we're gonna bring you guys a show so let's get into it Joel good morning good morning all right so I want to start with a couple of thoughts right out of the gate and I kind of like to go through this thing in order if you don't mind but let's just start with Cody gar Brant I had I had a little bit of a strange emotion after Cody's fight yes it was amazing it got fight of the night something about me felt bad for Cody and I don't usually feel that all right to kill it to trained killers go into a cage they take their shirts off put a mouthpiece in and try to hurt one another it just is what it is there's not a part of me that then feels bad for somebody but Cody's in a very unique and tough position okay as fighters there's a window everybody talks about that but a lot of times when an athlete's going through it he thinks he's going to be the exception and there isn't going to be a window I'm coming to you with one of the best fighters in the world I don't give a damn if he lost his last three fights I'm talking about one of the best fighters alive right now and he did lose his last three fights and he lost him all by knockout and the thing that made me sad or made me worried I don't have the answer to this but I'm thinking about it on his behalf is when your chin goes it never comes back and when he went into this fight tonight he chose to make it a fire fight he took a big risk and he well could have caught his opponent he well could have been the one with his hand raised in victory and getting the knock I see the risk that he took and I respect the hell out of it but I really did think he would go into this fight with a different game plan because as much as he likes the boxing and as much as he spent time boxing he has a great wrestling pedigree he has the ability to take these fights to the floor and coming off of two knockout losses in a row over amazing opponents it's super-hard title fights all the same he had to question himself in some regard I think okay maybe it's time to go to plan B which in my argument of assessing him might even be his hey he's very very good at grappling he didn't do it he suffered a third knockout what are your thoughts on that I mean am i off am i off face to say that I here's here's her here's where I'm at on that when you look at Cody he went to the top so fast I looked at the record tonight he's 11 and 2 his last two losses were the TJ both knockouts 11 and 2 is not that much experience and he is a killer my takeaway from from the fight watching it as a fan was oh my god what a good fight when it was over and I don't know the answer to this I don't think it could have been three and a half minutes if it was it was four minutes and it was practically the best four minutes of a 135 pound fight that I've ever seen when you have that killer instinct and you have that killer style what do you do with it how do you taper it down it brought in to the top how is he going to pocket that sure what do you do with them man that's that's the turnaround that's the can he come back from getting the title another shot at it everybody loves him he looks great he fights great can't he it's not what it's not what do you do with Cody it it's what does Cody do with Cody well let me ask it a little bit different way maybe clarify for the audience but I'm not saying what do you do from him from a promoter standpoint I get that he is a promoters dream I fully agree with you he's got a great look a great style evidence of the fact that he was given fight of the night I mean era performance bonus totally complimented on his efforts what I'm talking about is with his team he's the one that came out he's the one that let me as a fan as a viewer know hey I'm worried about these big shots I'm going to take some time off I'm going to take a step down in competition I don't want to get I want to be very observant of the shots that I took in those TJ battles so as I'm listening to that I'm ejected he's going to go into the fight that we just witnessed with the grappling mindset he didn't say that I just know okay this guy has a whole nother set of skills if he wants to bring them out of the bag and it would also serve largely to protect his chin oh he's taking on an opponent was very good on the ground so it's not as though that's necessarily a key to victory but it would solve the problem that he laid out of taking some of these big shots it just concerned me at such a young age and was such a bright brilliant future front him and I agree with you that he has the it factor it just concerned me uh how is he going to be mentally and emotionally then couple that in with a little bit of a step further how is he going to be stylistically if he wants to avoid repeating this a fourth time that's tough question what you have an answer I guess a guess is you need to reinvent yourself in some way shape or form because the product that got you to the top that you have continued to put on showcase just got you put to sleep three times in a row now he said that there was a headbutt that he that he was hit with the headbutt and tonight yes I didn't know that he was hit with the headbutt and he doesn't ret he was on autopilot after the after that okay that's not what that's not what ended the night he was hit with the heads what he'll do is he hit with the head but and and he was on autopilot after that it looked like the same Cody to me it looked like the same Cody to me I don't want to see anybody get knocked out three times in a row anybody and and you're you're in a tough spot there but it's the fight businessman it's a tough business for sure you missed one that I thought you would jump with even though it was a prelim fight but the prelims felt like a main event to me that this card was stacked top to bottom and it delivered but Diego Sanchez and Mickey gall you called that from the jump that hey know what Miki Gaul is a perfect opponent for Diego Sanchez Diego's coming off a win looked great in doing it he hadn't looked this good in years yeah I agree so here's what I compare this to you know the Heimlich maneuver somebody's choking you come behind him you come to this little spot right under their sternum lock it with the Heimlich knew right at diego's I don't know if you saw this in the fight but when Diego Sanchez got to that Thai clinch that plum he threw a knee straight up the middle he hit I don't know that with this part of your body is called that's why I'm calling it the highly he hit him in the Heimlich spot so the Heimlich that is designed literally to take the air out of you to force all the oxygen through your esophagus and make you blow out whatever it is you're choking on okay he need him at full force no knee pad on professional fighter so to see Mickey gall collapse on that I can only imagine that's what it's designed to do what gall just wasn't able to recover Diego Sanchez most certainly has enough in the tank to be able to swarm and finish it I mean it was a really great moment but some people didn't know white gall went down and wasn't able to defend himself I was able to see it extremely clearly that knee went right in to the Heimlich spot it simply took the air out of him but what the hell are you gonna do you can there's a few things that are gonna in a fight I mean exhaustion is one of them pain is one of being or not being able to breathe and not being able to recover from that yeah man I get it it was a great moment for Diego Joe don't miss this by the way I'm priced feeling your thought you're the one that brought him up but don't miss this part of it the way the UFC works if you're this win that buys him all a 2019 in a worst-case scenario he gets two more fights so Diego Sanchez who is literally the last of an era the last of a generation Ultimate Fighter tough one participant in winter he'd be around all the way till 2020 that much we know from tonight it was a big it was really a big deal where I was leaning into Diego great job Diego wonderful fight I went to the open workouts took glad to the open workouts it's the first one I've been to ever didn't something that makes a lot of sense to me that they would have the fighters doing open workout two days before fight it's ridiculous to me you guys have enough stuff to do and what I noticed was there was probably 500 maybe 600 fans there and I noticed that seventy percent if not 80% were probably 25 years and younger you may not know and I started thinking about it was like this fan base is getting so big and so fast and so young that they don't know the history of this sport unless we tell them Diego Sanchez won the ultimate fighter at 185 pounds well he's fought at 170 pounds fought 170 tonight he fought at a hundred and fifty-five pounds he also fought 145 pounds that's crazy and he performed the way he did deny oh no I agree he fully deserves the credit so I'm trying to tell us turbo I'm saying we're gonna see more of Diego well thank God no for sure absolutely but it does set up all 2019 I mean the only way he leaves his sport as if he retires at this why I'm saying for the the coming calendar year is if he retired you know him well enough and I know he ain't retiring so we're gonna see board Diego which means the error lives on which in some ways is very inspirational it's it's huge I need to ask you something where did the Tony Ferguson bit come from that you're working all right there's a real on Twitter so hey it is four o'clock in the morning it 4:30 all right so this is a bonus show we'll go wherever the hell we want to go with this right we're up entertaining people it's a surprise this is this is different then this is different from the studio in Portland yeah you like it you know I will see we'll see even better for me good energy because I get the the benefit of the Vegas backdrop you're not seeing that but here I let me tell you this because I'm getting a little bit of false credit for this so somewhere along the way somebody created this whole Tony fergan is the type of guy and then you fill in the blank so it's it's got to be a joke for one but it as always a compliment to Toni Toni never gets teased in it Toni fergan is the kind of guy and then you know to beat up Superman it's always something good for Toni right so it's for the Toni fans I guess to have a little bit of fun but so I'd most certainly did not create this but I'm I love it and I'm going with it what what I'm doing though in your credit and me for being clever I'm going to the YouTube page and the fans in the comments section of the YouTube page which is just great by the way so it's like a good little community and environment but they are always doing these Tony Ferguson jokes and once funnier than the next so for almost each video I go through I find my favorite one I just copy paste it and take it over to Twitter okay so so the reason I brought that up was because I knocked one out of the park Oh what was your Tony Ferguson I said Tony Ferguson is the kind of guy okay that will get his pilot license go on buy a plane crash it into the top of Mount Everest and walk down in his dress clothes on an active rest day that's so busy community very good no I think it's out of the park I like what you're saying but I'm just there's there's a lot of words there could you fit that into a tweet I did oh you did a hundred forty characters yeah it's never long to me yeah it might have sounded better in my head I mean there was a plane and then he was buying the plane and then he it was the mountain at four and then I like that he was in dress clothes right after the wreck that's like a double O seven and the active resume just a lot you know I had this whole thing planned out again and then you you you you did chill and said hey let it let it go this way let me steer this jet back in oh my god where where you're so good at this all I got to do is go boom I need to tell you I need to tell you what a tremendous job ESPN you brett Okamoto Ariel are doing please do it's it's Fox was great you might have stopped you from compliment Fox Fox was great and you're living this so you can't see it from a fan's perspective Fox was incredible Fox is like you know moving in into your first big and it's the it's the greatest house you're ever gonna have and everybody loves your house and then you go down to the street of dreams you guys are doing such a tremendous job you first and foremost absolutely killing it 100% the only thing that should happen is Ariel should talk less okay that is that's tremendous compliment and you know I must tell you I don't really know ESPN's coverage and the only reason I say that is B I don't go back and watch it that is true I'm there I live it and I'm there so I actually didn't know that but you you prefer to the the old system is there a reason specifically why it forgot my age that's watch ESPN my whole life if you hit 35 on any channel on earth ESPN's on and they rotate them so I can catch three bits in a day if I miss two of them I still have you it's just you you guys are doing a tremendous job I think it's going to take the sport to a level that nobody could even imagine and you guys are doing a tremendous job well that's very nice of you think it can I steer you back to the card I just want to give I want to give everybody a debriefing that perhaps missus but there was you know the rubber really started to meet the road at this point cuz now we're talking about aspirins making the walk and I was very concerned about this now I wanted to take the fight and I wanted to enjoy the fight I wanted to make sure we showed the respect to Robbie Lawler that he is more than hurt more than earned and I never felt that part of the story got told right and to make sure that we brought Askren in the right way so I I did my own little part to contribute to that but it's time to go is so aspirin comes out there playing the funky music he looks like he doesn't have the foggiest idea that he's about to go into a cage fighting I mean I don't know if it's an act or if that's the competitor in him there are many things in his personality that parallel Matt Lindland where he genuinely likes to and wants to compete where he peers that he is not nervous in the back he is excited he appears to be one of those very few guys who you don't have to say anything to to get him in the right psychological standpoint this is what he wants to do okay great so he comes out and I mean he looks just like a guy in compliance with the rules of USADA and the sport should look there's something very endearing about that and the crowd takes to him I mean he's not in the evening I'm not talking no shaved chest in the tanning bed lessons and he looks like a dude should look that's in compliance with the rules and he gets in the cage and the whole audience is just happy to see him right Robbie comes out Robbie looks at look at the way I'm the scariest guy in the car I mean you look at his eyes you saw this you saw what I saw okay so Robbie gets in there Joel all hell breaks loose in about five seconds and Bing comes right out he goes for the shot Robbie stuff said the little scramble ensues Ben takes his back Robbie slips the elbow out all of a sudden Robbie's got Ben up head over teakettle I mean he sends him Daniel Josh Barnett vs. Daniel Cormier style back to the ground and starts swinging and Robbie's fresh you don't want to be hit by Robbie in the fifth round let alone five seconds into the first this fight is about to get stopped a referee could have stopped it without question many referees would please jump in I thought he was out you know I thought he was out and I thought he came back too but but go on many referees would have stopped this and this referee could have stopped this and there would be no blowback what happened upon further review and I don't know if you caught this I'm gonna point it out for you but when they went down Robbie had Ben's arm and had it trapped behind his back so when Ben is just taking all these punches and looking as though he's out as you said or looking as though he's not intelligently defending there was no ability to defeat no hand to put in front of his little that part I didn't personally see that's why I'm telling you well and and those hammers are coming down Robbie's hammers are coming down let me let me tell you what I saw and Ben Askren looked to me this week to be a kid in the candy store media every we're Twitter non-stop a little bit too nonchalant for me Robbie seemed like hey I want this fight too but I want it in a different way I'm sit there thinking you should you say Matt women and I'm going back and forth with this and I say wood wood a prime Matt Lindland beat a prime robbie lawler and i that leads me to say yes that i keep going that leads me to say yes i see all this other noise like Ben's really not taking the serious and he's got a killer in front of him it comes to me last night I think Ben's gonna get knocked down so they go let me tell you what I saw I saw Ben go out get thrown on his head by a guy that has won not one single wrestling match in his life thought the fight should have been stopped could have been stopped Ben stays in the fight gets to a good position a position that looks like he's going to tap him out but he does not tap him out he does not physically submit he does not verbally submit and he does not go unconscious so how in the hell does anybody call that fight coming down the next road is Ben grabs the mic a guy that is an Olympian a decorated wrestler a superstar in so many levels and says is this the best that you have and I'm thinking to myself Ben act like you've been there before act like you've been there before because beard to me that you hadn't and they should run that fight right back it was are you done yeah I just I just it I hate when people in this fear sugarcoat a hit with how much they love that person I was disappointed he got his ass kicked the the play continued afterwards Ben looks like he got run over by a Mack truck and Robbie doesn't have a mark on him Robbie got job absolutely job ok so let me process just give me one moment to process so when the fight ends and again I'm not saying this for you as much as for anybody that's listening right now who did not have a chance to see it Ben gets his ass kicked okay he goes head over teakettle they come down to the mat he's got the arm track raah Robbie's pounded away they could have called this a TKO everybody gets up and goes home there'd be no review no rewatched get to the end of it Ben came back to life somewhere in between there gets Robbie down Robbie's turned over now Ben's in a fairly bad position but he's funky they call him funky I mean I I know enough about him to know okay I could not finish that choke from there I don't know many guys on the roster that could but boy Ben Askren might be the guy so he's holding on to that choke in Joel at one point Robbie's Lawler's arm is up I saw Ben I saw over his head and the arm then drops down to the mat that does not mean that he's out I will fully concede to you but I saw what the referee saw and I saw to the point that when Robbie's arm dropped and the ref did not immediately step in to save him I was yelling ref so I'm all I'm saying to you and I'm not I'm not gonna argue right or wrong with you because I'm not in a position to do that I'm just sharing with you I saw with the referee saw now I also saw the second Ben let that go when the fight was stopped and Robbie pops up and he's like whoa you think I'm out I'm wide awake I saw that too so you got to put these things in conjunction to where you could call it back and we'll certainly make the argument that the only fair and right thing to do is to rematch them that Lawler could have had a TKO Ben was issued a submission that perhaps he should have but I'm with you on the whole thing but if I'm also in the spirit of honesty I saw what the referee saw okay baby I saw it wrong maybe he did too yeah I thought you saw that I saw that but I also what I thought with with my eyes was I thought 35 or 45 seconds before that Ben was out okay so if if Ben was out and Robbie was out where do you draw the line well now you're coming down to referees discretion there's no discretion there he wasn't out he went you can go look at that thing a hundred times so I let me so uh so I watched that and I'm like okay that's what happened I see Robbie pop up and I'm like Bing got him that choke looked like the choke that Carlos Newton got with Pat Miletich great call okay only other time in my life I'd seen that joke yeah a joke it's good it's called what Bulldog gotcha that's what I thought it was called joke and I just think you've got to give Robby a chance to get out of that position you can't tell me well he wasn't getting out of that position so it was the right call no okay it was either the right call or the wrong call and if it wasn't the wrong call this is we'll go back to the show of the other day that we did together and and I said you should be a lawyer but you tell me if I'm wrong did he verbally submit no did he physically submit and was he out it would appear not and I still can't agree with your conclusion though I do agree with your argument here's the thing on that position okay and I heard that also said that he did not verbally excuse me if he's caught in a joke of course he's not gonna verbally here's what the referee had to do and here's why I say I saw what he saw when he went limp you remember John Jones choking out lyoto machida okay when Loyola just goes limp and it took them a moment to step in I mean I just offered that by an example when I saw Robbie's hand just dropped to the mat I had to make the assumption he was out I had to assume that was the reaction and also the reason why I'm not getting a verbal command the reason he's not verbally submitting or physically submitting it's because he's unconscious and it's very important as a referee that you step in quickly when that oxygen is cut off so I'm just saying if the referee had the opinion if he believed this guy cannot protect himself it is now incumbent upon me to step in and do the protecting for him if that was a split decision that the referee made which was backed up by bob bennett which was dis disagreed with by Dana which was disagreed with by Robbie and which was not even supported by been open des said look I don't have any inside information on this I never felt him go limp or anything else I thought maybe I had some opportunity rest said let go and I did yeah I was disappointed in his behavior to tell you the truth I was disappointed in his behavior I thought he got his ass kicked and I thought he should have I thought he should have been a little bit more humble now can I challenge you only because if I don't we don't have much of a conversation but can I challenge you when you say you didn't love his post-fight speech by telling you that if he had his ass kicked which he did you are right he could have been tko'ed he was spun all through the air his faces all busted up he's bleeding all over the place boozed by Robbie Lawler what are the hardest hitters most intimidating guys in the sport he probably didn't have his full faculties to do the best day but oh I also have to say one other thing because the kids will let you know if I don't let you know right now Robbie Lawler actually did have wrestling matches in his life he was a champion wrestler champion state champion from Iowa he was a recruited guy coming out of high know that he was a recruited athlete coming out of high school said no I'm gonna go over to Millett ition and going to mixed martial arts never did go to college never signed anywhere Robbie Lawler actually a very decorated wrestler at one point for one geographical location but the location was Iowa that means something yeah I I mean I'll give been the fact that I mean he came back from the dead I mean I mean he got powerbombed on his head and yeah I was just I was just disappointed when been I've been disappointed in in him for a while and that's really it as a fans let me ask you this we'll put a cap on it the idea of a rematch you know I was if Robbie wants to rematch I think Robbie should get the rematch you're talking about a former champion of the company that has championed the company this this robbie lawler is a fighter okay he doesn't want to do no media he doesn't want to run run around and if you think with all this media that everybody has that you can close your eyes to the circus that they've been asking made out of the week and and hey he had some high spots you and him on that that bit you did for 22 minutes I mean Ben is so good at so many different things I think he's just trying too hard and I was disappointed with them and quite frankly I I don't think he I don't think he makes it to the top of this this division from a matchmaker standpoint and I appreciate I appreciate being very candid on that from a matchmaker standpoint what did it appear and you've got the fight you've got the controversy I mean here we are right we're arguing if we both watch that we get different opinions of it but not only would that make a level of sense to do the match again if I was to face you with another question of okay if we don't do the match again who do we put Ben against and who do we put Robby against it seems as though with the welterweights on trial today and the way that it all unfolded that you are a little bit stuck and if Askren wants to get a little heat going with tale and get something going over there tills not even guaranteed I mean he's got it he's got business with Maz Badal till isn't guaranteed to be you know what I'm saying it just seems if you were to do it today and you want to wait and kick the camp tomorrow we have a different answer tomorrow perhaps you want to do it right this very second though I guess I'll just share with you I think it makes a level of sense to read it we'll see where that goes but I think it makes a level of sense for right now yeah I mean Ben's a competitor in and he will run that back but yeah I'm disappointed with him and I'm gonna take you a step further when we go to the to the next the the co-main event the welterweight championship will t go right now I was gonna go to it next Guzman versus Woodley Guzman was the best fighter on that card tonight and it was by a mile and a half with that said I had never ever ever seen tea wood so flat so and he said it after he said it after the fight it wasn't my day it was not my day when you mix friendship you mix coaches and you mix training together you might get a bad mix did he would have his best rounds against Ben Askren in training camp yeah well that's an interesting what I didn't see you going there but I'm impressed that you did I liked it food for thought hmm a lot of narratives on this and perhaps I'm gonna start at the very end of the and then worked the bases backwards here but there's already a narrative Joel coming out that could be accurate that he would bought into t wood too much and that he got a little bit too busy only by example that he is dropping an album he's doing some rap songs dropped an album walked out to one of his own songs tonight was his walkout music and as soon as well later Monday he will be in New York on a media tour to sell the album I don't personally have a problem with that I think a guy that's got a couple of distractions that's usually a good thing I think a guy that's having some fun and lining up some me I mean he's doing media for the fight what's the difference if he's gonna go out and do media for it all kind of seems par for the course I don't know that it's a fair criticism but that's one of the criticisms that he will have it we've seen other fighters have that in the past or as soon as they get a little bit of runoff so they want to go off into the movies and all of a sudden they're not the champion anymore I'm just sharing that with you because it's a dialogue by the time this hits the airwaves that's going to hit the airwaves I thought that narrative was going to be against Darren Till and it wasn't but I believe that he got caught up in somebody else's program and that was Ben Askren program it looked that way to me I don't want to take anything away from kymaro's men he was the best fighter in the world tonight and he was by it by a long shot he was everything that he said he was going to be all week long he handled everything like a champ when Kobe comes in with his bad bit and and tries to pull all those shenanigans it doesn't it doesn't bother him a bit he told us if what he was going to do and then he came out and did it and as wrestlers right here okay I was a division 2 wrestler all right I was a bunch of divisions wrestlers but boy when a division 2 wrestler kicks the out of a division 1 wrestler we feel it and that's what happened tonight but there's a difference between Ruslan and MMA Russell sure yeah there is a difference it surprised me and I will tell you this going into that fight I shared this with you but going into that fight I believe these were essentially the same guy I mean essentially some quick and athletic and strong good hands and get it on the take time essentially the same guy with t1 just being better just simply being better ever with a little better hands a little bit more power if you look at their resumes they simply were right kymaro's men being a college wrestler as you said division 2 on a very good team t would being a division 1 wrestler on a top five team Kumar huisman being the number one contender in the world high praise right there but tyron woodley being the world champion I mean I do tyrunt was on paper with everything that huisman was but just a little bit better at it that was my analysis I I'm enter the first time I feel as though I have known him for a very long time we're like that within the wrestling community and then particularly in this role I'm watching it well it's not talking about him all the time I never actually met him and put my hand out and sugars it said it said hello until tonight and he said to me give me a little bit of a look just a real slight one but a little bit of a look and I asked him about it and he said well I heard things you've been saying all week and he goes and I felt like it was heat I said Kumar I woke up this morning thinking you were the second-best fighter in the world I now know you the very best fighter in the world there's a no insult on either one of those if he thought for up like a millisecond goes oh you're right okay so that everything was fine but that analysis is very fair that analysis that I said I didn't know you were the best partner how would I know that's what we had to do this fight I've seen Tyron prove it I've seen fryer go out there and do it I know you're the guy for the job nobody knew you're the baddest dude in the world I said no Kumar now that I've leveled with you I want you to level back with me did that surprise you you winning in a dominant fashion I'm talking about the dominance not the win did that surprise you that you could dominate that every takedown you went for you got that when you put the great scrambler down he didn't scramble and get back to his feet did that surprise you that you moved to full mount that you looked for submissions that he began to slowly try to survive all five rounds as opposed to win at some point and he was straight he said yet did it did I thought I was going to get more resistance than I did and it's like come on okay then we're on the same page you're the one in there I'm sitting on that but you and I are on the same page that was a really hard fight and you dominated it after the second round people are starting to get upset and the fans are even kind of booing a little bit and I'm like what are you bowing this is this is such a tremendous performance against a you know Kumar said it afterwards one of the best welterweights to have ever done it and man I I don't know a better print off the top of my head think of a better performance bell-to-bell where the guy just went in and not one-up the guy but two of the guy he didn't have an answer for anything at all so now what do you do what you can I don't need to see that fight again sure you know I don't need to see that fight again but I will say this and and and if those guys are being honest and if T Woods T woods because I've seen a little bit of a it was happy-go-lucky all week with Ben and T wood but near the end you know coming Friday I tried to I felt he were trying to kind of get away from the circus that that that Ben had created in this event the pressure that that Ben puts on I think he I think he could have had the best runs I get back to the point I think he could add the best rounds in his camp and in and when T Wood comes in fresh with that kind of body and that kind of muscles there's nothing he could have done after the third round you know and I'll tell you this interesting perspective though but there was a some major dialogue that tyron woodley was the greatest welterweight of all time or they now Kumar huisman will go on and be the greatest welterweight of all time fine arguments love them got no pushback but it is important that you do now it's a window and a real skill in this sport and something that does need to be appreciated and factored in to the imaginary conversation of the greatest of all time because that's all it is it's just an argument but something that does need to be considered and factored in is the ability to extend your career because when I hear greatest welterweight of all time and I hear anybody say anybody other than the goddamn greatest of all time which is George st. Pierre they lose credibility with me and one thing that I would always offer no matter who you wanted to put it is a great names kymaro's with a great name tyron woodley great name robbie lawler great names Johny Hendricks great me George st. Pierre did it from 2002 Joel until last Thursday at 11 a.m. Montreal time okay that is an incredible run and I just think that that needs to be mentioned by the way on the cusp everything what we're seeing in the welterweights really were put on trial today and we all got exposed to something which is apparently kumar's the baddest dude in the world tyron woodley is allowed to have a bad night that's a normal thing tyron woodley may get his championship back that's a normal that guys coming in and out for George st. Pierre to have a from 2002 Joel we're at USA auto I was at car gold 2 last week come on man don't give me that crap there's an argument well if he was still trying he was still trying to fight on his way out three little letters GSP he's still trying to fight on his way out the window may still be here but do you agree with me and then I mean can we at least put that level of silliness aside a hundred percent okay a hundred percent let's transition in to the main event Smith and Jones I had an analysis going into this and I liked it I still think I'm right Anthony Smith has 25 minutes but he only needs to win five seconds John Jones will win the exchanges he's gonna win the rounds he's gonna win most of the positions at a lot of the scenarios but Anthony Smith if he can find the right five seconds within that twenty five minutes can leave there with the world championship I will stand by that if you allow me the word if because if didn't happen and we get reminded of this and I find myself saying that repeatedly every time Jon Jones fights what we get reminded of the level of greatest and the separation and talent and he also does have some physicalities that allow him an ability specifically defensively he'll get in a dust-up Joel where any of us have to Bob we've clenched take a step back move left move right block all these different defense John John's will stick a hand out I'll put his palm on your head and you just simply can't reach him he is so good he is so talented and one of the things that John has done that's very unfair to John and I've seen other great athletes Roy Jones jr. comes to mind it was the greatest boxer of his era couldn't make any money box him he didn't allow me creativity or he rather his opponents couldn't allow a creativity to come into the fan the consumer the customers mind that he could possibly lose and therefore they didn't want to watch you don't ever watch sports if you know the conclusion there's a reason that the Super Bowl has great of business that it does never gets replayed once people know the outcome they don't rewash the game okay here's what I'm trying to say to you John Jones has set a bar so high for himself that on a night like tonight on a night like oh s P on a night where he doesn't go out there and stop somebody that he's a huge favorite to go out and stop it gets used as a criticism against him and that isn't fair to John John even on a bad night dominated all the rounds won the positions and I guess I'm attempting to recap this but maybe say something nice about John because that's something rare that I do I have my own personal things with John but when I do this in this atmosphere I want to make sure that I am objective so those are my okay all right listen man listen there's no doubt there's no doubt that John Jones is the best fighter that has ever done this ever without a doubt knew it going in knew it going in he kicked Anthony Smith in the head illegally what what every round won every round won almost every position I do I do think we need to work on this a little bit because Anthony stayed in the fight but he kicked him in the head two different times one was not called have you ever seen somebody get kicked in the head and lose two points no you saw him get kicked in the head and it not called correct yes it did so the next time he gets kicked in the head was the knee second time was an old friend issue the hell okay yeah hundred percent he takes two points away so John John even the greatest as he is he's the best that's ever done it still kicked Anthony in Smith in the head twice and the second time it should have cost him the goddamn title if it was anybody on this goddamn planet not named Anthony Lionheart Smith he would have he would have and we would add a different talk tonight because let me tell you a little something about Anthony Smith okay he did every single thing he said he was going to do there was two people there was two people this week not ESPN I mean your you're a hybrid you're all over the place promoting this goddamn fight you and Anthony Smith nobody else these goddamn fake-ass media marks throwing out stupid-ass questions all the time about I'm a 14 on what you're a 14 to 100 aughh absolutely asinine he handled it with pride he handled with respect he flew all over the place he comes in he gets beat but he also gets cheated and he gets kicked in the head he could have walked away he if it was anybody else on this planet other than Anthony Smith we'd have a new topic going on right now because there was no reason for him to continue after being illegally I'm sorry kicked in the head and kneed in the head by the greatest fighter that has ever done it so let's stop the presses let's stop telling everybody what a reclamation project John Jones is that's he's a dirty fighter he doesn't need to be dirty and it's I have two thoughts on that the first is we have very few rules in this sport so it is very important that the rules that we have are followed those were illegal strikes period they were called illegal we all saw the referee say illegal strikes cannot opinion here those were illegal strikes something that is of a a relative concern to me is that after Anthony was kneed in the head and this is the rules the rules will follow but after he was kneed in the head he has then turned to and he is asked by the official can you continue and it would seem to me that a guy who we just witnessed being fouled in one of the worst ways that you can a me to your unprotected head no reason to protect it because the shots not allowed to come right is now allowed to give an assessment of his to continue it would seem to me that the person least capable to give a fair assessment if he can continue is the person who just found I just bring that up food for thought perhaps a different ways we should do in the future it would just seem to me a more responsible way would be that the adult in the room who is the official made that call yeah we're sitting there you know me and lead and goddamn did Ladd roofer Anthony Smith until the last second like a champion and Byron my friend Byron is saying I yeah you know you know note that would have been a dirty move of for Anthony to say no I'm good and what I saw was you know how fast you can think inside that cage you can think about a hundred different things in a split second and I saw Anthony Smith talking to himself and I watched him shake himself off he said I'm not gonna I'm not gonna win it this way and then again he grabs the microphone and says I want to win a World Championship I don't want to steal it well god damn it Anthony you wanted to stole nothing you got kicked in the head twice you got beat by a better man but goddamn can he ever do it right and can anybody ever stand up and say this is this is everybody wants to congratulate John Jones for for what for what for getting suspended a bunch of times and and then and then coming back and he can't get through a match he can't he cannot get through a match without it being madness the gustavus and fight was two weeks ago they moved the whole goddamn card for him it's crazy how fast we we forget these things and interesting an interesting reveal into the mind of John Jones if you will but he does a press conference after the wicked one of the things that he said is that he wanted to take full responsibility for the illegal knee and I'm listening to it going John who in the hell who in the hell else would be playing it was filmed it's on video it was ruled who else would we possibly blame thank you for taking responsibility but just for fun who else would have we blamed and secondly to take responsibility to come out publicly and take responsibility is an attempt at the moral high ground of listen my integrity is intact and I will point to my heirs it's already been ruled on and there was no discipline taken again it nothing happened to take responsibility for an act that does not come with a punishment to your detriment kind of forfeits the moral high ground in my opinion yeah I just found that to be a fascinating but yeah it'll never stop it'll it'll never stop what what are we doing here I don't get it he's there's no doubt he's the greatest fighter in the world can you get through a match one match you know humble in victory and thanking God man that's all fine and good but you just kicked oh boy right in the chopper cheated twice in one match yeah yeah that also happened that's fair about you yeah that did happen in you know I wanna stay on Anthony Smith for a second because he did get beat tonight and let's not forget let's not forget that this is a guy that fought five times in 13 months 13 months ago he stopped at a hundred and eighty five pounds and has one of the biggest rises that anybody's ever had would you agree with that oh for sure and at some point at some point he just ran up against it and in the could have been different in a lot of ways but but Anthony Smith couldn't get off tonight for whatever reason and that reason was John Jones but this isn't the last time we see Anthony Smith main event a card and I hope he takes about 6 months off and I and I hope we see him and Luke Rockhold getting down get it and I agree and I must tell you we've now passed 5 a.m. I have an airplane in two hours to go home I'm shot you have any final thoughts I I'm done okay no wait I got it I guess you want one and then we will really get out here but I want it I wanted to recap the show we have a payoff that we owe to the fan okay all right so you came Rica I think this was Friday of last week you said listen I'm going out to Vegas I'm staying at Randy's house Randy won't be there I'm gonna steal his belt and I'm gonna sell them there's a whole oils oh just tell me about the but hold on hold on hold on let me let me walk you through it I said should I pawn all belts get the belt that after after Anthony wins it goes right back there so we finished the show we finished the show and I feel like that's similar to what I said but go ahead you're not gonna return the buff Anthony won you got them all right okay so we get out of shooting that show and I text Brandi hey we I'm not at Randy's house and I text him and say hey we just shot this pod and he's got eight belts okay he's got eight belts and he has him in this really cool room and they're all in a specific spot and I didn't like to go near him and I send my text hey I'm not gonna pawn your belts and let the fight dot-dot-dot well not all of them okay okay and so it blows up as soon as this thing drops it blows up I got people all over the world literally contacted me wanting to know how they can buy Randy's bills on time well how much yeah I'm like guys this was an obvious bit I'm not selling my friends bells but I'm so freaked out by that I don't want to go near the bells I want this whole thing I want this whole thing to be over so today hehe Randy listens to the the podcast and he sends me a text heard the podcast dot thought that I'm like the belts are safe and so I'm like me and I need to go up there and do an inventory on these belts i I made this bit I'm in his house it's just me and lad and I go up there and there's seven of them and I'm like there's eight belts okay this is about 10 o'clock in the morning and I'm like where do I go if I need information in MMA to lad sure hey lad how many belts is Randy have dot that dot that dot that dot it's 8:00 and I'm like man it's getting time for me to go over to the fights I'm a little freaked out by this there's a belt missing and and so I'm like hey bro there's seven belts in your holders - Randy hey bro there's seven belts in I was like hey how do I get the uber through the gate by the way there's seven belts in the in the case and I what's going on he said well no there's one at the the u.s. aw Hall of Fame all right look man I was sweating ball so they're all accounted for they're all accounted for your hands are clean well we leave tomorrow so so I'm going to do inventory again tomorrow and lock that place up tighter in the drawers well I leave in an hour and 50 minutes yeah thank you for your everybody we're getting out of here