UFC RIO RECAP Rose Namajunas was dominating the fight


Chael Sonnen


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Rose dominated this fight it was a hard fight it really was a hard fight but it wasn't all that close I mean if you're a judge it's not really a tough role to mark ten for Rose and nine for her opponent for the fight that we had seen now we were only a round and a half okay but Rose is doing a really great job and she went into this an underdog world champion but she was an underdog and a lot was put on not only a respect to her opponent but it was lot was put into the fact that she was going into enemy territory which I shared with you guys a week ago mindset wise at least talking right to Pat Barry wasn't an issue but this is how the odds maker saw Rose was taking care of business no way around it eventually she goes for an armbar she gets picked up Rampage Jackson style slammed on her head gets she's out Rosa loses consciousness they stopped the fight we got a new champion I'm recapping that for you because that's where I tuned in so then because I had purchased the show I'm able to rewind go back and watch Anderson I really want to see Edison's fight Anderson much like Rose was doing a great job I won't go as far as to tell you if the fight was stopped right there that the judges would have clearly given it to Anderson I don't know about that I don't know they wouldn't give it to him at all it was back and forth it was close it was competitors a good fight we wanted to see more of it ultimately Anderson took an inside leg kick went down the referee the second that kick landed stepped in a way to fight off referees a genius because Anderson never got up fun ref in a fight particularly Anderson watch them fight I know I'm just not stopping the fight because he gets kicked in the leg I'm just not particularly an inside leg kick that referee heard something or saw something that the rest of us did not because he called this one perfectly as soon as Anderson got hit and started go down the rest said we were all done here and he was right Anderson stayed down for about two more minutes they did an MRI this has been released yesterday no damage to Anderson's Lake so whatever happened wherever it locked up it cramped whatever happened I don't know but it was fighting into the referee did a fantastic job I then go back even further to watch Josie aldo vs. volcan Oskie that was a very good fight Josie has come out afterwards to say he did not fight well he is disgusted with himself in fighting so poorly I won't judge him for that I guess I will have to take him with his what I thought was a good fight one thing that volcán Oski does and for a muscle-bound guy you just don't see this is he moves really well okay coach Clayton calls us when you rob the store you don't stick around for the police to show up that's the analogy he always gives so when you hit somebody that's the robbing of this you got to get out of there got to get out of the way because they're gonna come back at you hard to do you'll see high-level guys do that in fighting from TV from your couch you'll see that but if you ever go in the gym you'll side with me it's really hard to do it takes years and years and years to know how to hit that target and get the hell out of the way and hit that target and get out of the way and come back and hit that target so this is what volcán offski can do and most muscley most real strong guys like that you know don't forget volcán oski used to be 96 kilograms okay for a guy he talks in kilograms that's equates to 211 pounds he was a rugby player cut all the way down to 145 he must have cut down the hard way he must have done straight-up cardio this guy doesn't get tired and he also don't read the book by its cover for a big muscle-bound brute yeah he gets in your face he comes as advertised but then he moves his feet he gets out of the way all night long max Holloway style hits you bump up up up up up gets out of the way now you have nothing to hit back he resets pop up up up comes in and hits you some more gets out of the way you got nothing to hit if you are a counter fighter you're gonna be in trouble with him it is a dance it is a dance after all guys excuse me and he takes the lead and it's a problem and it's fantastic to watch very rare for a guy that bill that's strong that could push that hard