UN Sustainable Development Goals Decent Work and Economic Growth 8

welcome to project earth again in this video we'll be talking about UN sustainable development goal number eight which is all to do with promoting economic growth here's what we know about 205 million people in today's world are unemployed about 75 million of which are young men and women about 2.2 billion world citizens live below the US poverty line of $2 a day also our economy is essential to providing equal opportunities for all races in both men and women such as security and workplaces and fair incomes here's what the UN strives to do by the year 2030 the UN would like to eradicate human trafficking modern slavery to young army recruiting and all other inhumane forms of child labor they would also like to create productive employment everywhere and for all people and make sure all work of the same level is rewarded at the same value here are some things you can do to help there are plenty of charities you can donate to and organizations you can support that recognize the true importance of economic growth you can also volunteer as an intern at your local job site hey thanks for watching make sure to check out all the other sustainable development videos on the earth again channel have a great rest of your day and we'll see you in another video [Music]