UN Sustainable Development Goals Quality Education 4

welcome to project earth again in this video we'll be talking about UN sustainable development goal number four which is all to do with creating quality education here's what we know about 57 million children and youths are not in school or under any form of Education half of these children live in neighborhoods that are war-torn and could potentially be dangerous also education is a factor to solving most of our world's problems if everyone was assured of a quality education then poverty and gender inequality might have never existed here's what the UN strives to do by the year 2030 the UN would like to ensure that all children complete free equitable and quality education and create access to quality early childhood development and care programs they would also like to achieve literacy and numeracy among many people who do not possess such skills here are some things you can do to help there are hundreds of charities you could donate to that realize the true importance of quality education such as UNICEF school in a box you can also spread the word about making education free for everyone hey thanks for watching make sure to check out all the other sustainable development videos on the earth again Channel have a great rest of your day and we'll see you in another video [Music]