UNDERDOG Best Motivational Speech Video Ft William Hollis




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everyone has been an underdog dreams all the way back to Little League when you were a toddler people would look past you and believe that you didn't have would it take what do you want to do to prove they're wrong how are you going to go about that see its beauty in the underdog because nobody sees you coming [Music] the struggles of getting people to believe that if they put you in you won't let them down the struggle of making people believe that you have will it take to get the job done remember they will not see you coming as you rise and to work every single day tirelessly for what you dream up it doesn't matter who says they're not good enough it doesn't matter and they say you are not qualified enough the only thing that matters is that you're willing to work out the idol to change their mind for it [Music] and voice burn our new doll and brace beard and the visible that they say cannot do it this is what life is all about always an underdog wind it puts beliefs in us the underdog represents all of the people is nothing [Music] we are the true champions everyone on Super Bowl Sunday they wrote for the underdog because it's something about watching the little man the small group the people that they say are not that talented watching them succeed we had the whole world take our belief out of our head establishing a heart would a dagger they told us to not believe what if I can tell you the stand we can tell you to fight because they don't know about the Knights who we cry when we wear it the pain I robustus the bra was the turns and the other door is what couples do it was the dog underneath the trance underneath to pain and we thought to come out of that you watch the next time you say forget the underdog because that dog has more bite than that pitbull key fight the underdog is truly the greatest oh this is the comeback yeah yeah this is the year of the comeback they're gonna fill a trainer every single day putting your body who pain pushing your brain to its limits justic come on and answer yourself three we on top everybody loves everybody wants to come to the party because your arm when you're broken down although the only person that will give you the strength to rise up and be who you are totally meant to be it's you it's the lioness eyes attach this and I will let walk away in this way I'm gonna be great and better than anything you've ever seen because I know what pain feels like I but disappointment looks like like the for every athlete every man the Buddhist all it's a Sufi and he fell short but just like those kids fentanyl elementary school when I see Jackson to do something they can't do it thank quit thank God Wow but not us we're gonna do it right we're gonna throw it movies the way we wanna tame [Applause] now if you better kiss you better get your money back the comeback this is for the dreamers the dreamers that cannot sleep the trains they run away from us we're running our fastest we will not be last we will meet our dreams and our paradise we will marry our dreams we will hold them tight to our hearts and we will make them ours make them ours forever come in threes objection it's all on you super it's because you stopped running a new pal because you stopped blood you stop can you stop working you'll stop working for that jury the dangled in your face the district god bless you don't be the person don't forget all for your good [Music] because that dream has everything you need [Music] that dream it's the road that will lead to your fellow guy Archy title be done we're so tired of livin sack the sack your dream is your million-dollar tank we're gonna turn it up carpet he told Carly yurts go turn to us the underdog is truly the greatest [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]