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hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back with Georgia slow tea and I am delighted today to have our juicer with us dr. Jim Phi J is here finally and he is going to enlighten us on how to deal with our Karma's how to know them using nakshatras and we were having an amazing discussion on Karma's you know he will explain it so this is the first time you are here and welcomes without your slow juicer and the stage is all yours please enlighten us yeah thank you and namaste to everybody thank you BA budget for inviting me it's been a long I think a couple of months I think we have been going back and forth and it's it's never happened but I think finally we said we're going to do it today so but thanks for the patience and also you know thanks for inviting me you know this is a absolutely a delightful thing to be talking on exhorting astrology because today about one of my favorite topics not that it is this much but this is a very basic topic and this is based on Karma's how to look at your Karma's and how to look at nakshatras and how to link at your Karma's and to see how your life pattern unfolds and many people miss the basics of this and if you do not understand the basics then you won't even know why you're doing certain remedies OOP I notice there are different names you call them so basically what is the remedy you know remedy is only we say it sorry mediation remediation so something that mediating but before we made it we have to understand why are we mediating something okay so firstly I want to start with the basics of astrology in nadi astrology after that I will go into much offense because unless people are understand the simple basics I don't think they will be able to why are we doing certain things and why you know an astrologer is recommending them to do you know a certain remedy or you know they're trying to you say oh this is the malefic so do something from this like mantra a pooja or as to fire fire sacrifice fire ritual or maybe you know saying oh give donations but before we go there you know first of all we have to understand the principle of how the chart works asperton adi and in nadi one thing you have to understand this is not about nadi but i'm giving you the basics from Nadi and then we'll come into the chat race in nadi the most important houses are the ninth the 1st and the 5th house now it is called the train houses the time houses are the most important why it is like the ninth house easier past ninth house he is your ancestors ninth house is your father 9,000 year dharma 9,000 is your family deity nine houses is also your guru so nine thousands a lot to do with whatever is there in the past is your past your ancestors are your past but what people have not understood this in Nadi one nine one and five are nothing but they are a part of the whole nine one and fifth house are part of the four now what is part of the whole what is the whole then whole is nine one five is the whole and ninth house is the part which means 9,000 knotting but you are saying in your past first house is your present and fifth house is your future that is why 9,000 you see for your hunger or fortunes what are you bringing from your past what is the present it saladna ascendant there is a difference between ascendant and laguna do you know what are the difference between two that is why nest flow in Odisha we say Laguna we don't say ascendant the concept is the same but there is a slave laguna means a union laguna okay it's called nagano gear Matlock there is a marriage which is happening so what is a marriage happening between a marriage is happening between the soul the body at the mind so when the soul has entered and the the mind is attached to that soul based on the samskaras or it is the past posture it's the hardest right basically so it is a hard disk drive which is the moon which is a chip which has been inserted and that is when you know we say you know this is the so fifth house is the future that's why we see children we seek own opinion maybe see people moving here from the fifth house it is the fortune or the vodka of the ninth house nine from ninth two thousand so essentially what I'm going to say is they are inseparable they are only time and space differentiated as in nine thousand also you in in a different form first I was also you fifty thousand they are all the options there innocence did you understand what I'm trying to so fifth house is the ninth from ninth that's very spooky em okay could be so if nine toes is the past then you have to come to another concept I will come to another concept of understanding what is fourth of what is forthose as you know in Odisha what is the common thing that you say with the fourth house what is fourth of the associated with Bob is it property home mother happiness peace settlers and also to some extent resting place as we were discussing how is the womb of your mother where you have been the most comfortable the most secure it is the emotional bond that you are creating with the fourth house for thousands cancer it's about nourishment you have been nourished by your mother through the umbilical cord which is connected to your navel that is where from you know Vishnu from Vishnu's navel Brahma came out through the Lotus so your creation itself starts with you Mabel so for thousands of womb of your mother and for thousands also your tumor the final resting place for Thursday's Phii shows you happiness you says you said happiness house before you're born the wound was your house after your death the tomb is your house and these are the only two places where you are the most secure and the most happiest and whatever comes in between this is called life okay suka Hara happens but what is 4,000 understand fourth house from anyhow shows the happiness of that house concerned from any illness but fourth house is also called as the other me karma what is a gurney means other means what I want to do my thoughts tomorrow I want to go and pay my bills that's a thought it's my plan so this karma is your thought process so what are the thoughts is a reservoir it's a thought which is stored all your thoughts are stored in the fourth house so anyhow and the fourth from it is the reservoir the storage so if for whatever reason I don't accomplish something that I really am keen on doing in this life then I have gathered that do you understand it is a manifested actions it was your thought processes which had to be converted into action but it was not done so what does it mean Adami which means which is coming in future I want to do I want to go and pay my bills tomorrow I want to go to this place tomorrow it's agony so if I have to ask you which house will show you the thoughts which were unmanifested from past life I told you what which house represents the past life yes what is the almost exactly twelve thousand communities is the word was ending in your mind from a previous life so many astrologers will also make your 12th houses a lagana and didi a chart the same chart the London Eye are changing the 12th house charged with the same planetary combinations you retrieve the charm because it is showing what was there ending in your mind from your past so wealth of a he and 12 Lord is very key okay now what were the actions you had done but had not completed maybe there were some actions you had started doing but you couldn't complete it in a previous life so which house will show you that was pending and that has come as a balance in his life for you the opposite the sixth of it the sixth house of your chart because it is the tenth house from your ninth house ten thousand fiamma increments philharmonie means the Karma's are actions done in this birth all that was done in the past birth that was supposed to be done it was done but some of them might have not been finished so what will that come as in this life in your chart it will manifest as prarabdha karma an unfinished three harmony Cremonese ten toes the ten thousands all your action house action packed house so maybe judy chests we choose our actions because they are going to be a three amon now Creon is very easy to understand three Armani means I feel thirsty I could drink my water I quench my thirst I feel hungry I go eat my food that's Kriya money that is you're going in knowledge then certain things or three hominid which is fixed karma there unfixed caramel Drita Karen other government data means fixed that has to happen other damage may happen me not happy so sixth house is param dhaam so from any house the six thousand will show what is that you cannot why'd because it was pending from a past life and becomes the second which is all most important is sixth now sixth is a very very key why because it's a do strana you know as well as over here you understand what I am saying so 4000 is what you are recognizing as security and practical utility that you want to put and ten ten thousands I said clear money which goes action so when you step out of your door from the house which is your fourth house when you step out of the door you are going into the seventh house the external world we call the sending isn't it descendant means something which is setting when something was rising in the eastern horizon something was setting some star was setting in the western horizon so you know starring the eastern horizon as ascendant which signifies you your personality your behavior the seven thousands are descendent setting place where the Sun falls and ten thousands what we said three harmony so seven throws is what 7 throws is the complete complement whatever completes you first houses birth as I said seven thousand what completes you what completes birth in one baby we can say it is end of life I don't want to use the word death specifically because for us in our Hindu philosophy that means it's the beginning of a new life again because death is it's a life rebirth in death is always an ongoing thing so death is not to be seen as something which is the end because it's just the beginning of them something new to see so what do you complete so in India we say you know our wives are we call them our domine domine our better half we say any did you your better half completes you your external environment completes you so is it clear because the 1 7 concept is the most important concept is the simplest concept because if one is the lock the other is the key if one is the key that is if one is the problem the other is the solution never forget this principle because all your problems and solutions are there in the same chart if 6006 wealth house shows retreat when you when you do much of service in here working in here I then you go to retreat or an ashram or meditation or sleep too much of service too much of work in the 6th house then you need rest well thousands rest sleep six thousand ailments well thousand or so six and seven is 1/7 axis it's thousands debts twelve thousand repayment of debts so if you're worried about your debts and your friend look at your twelfth Lord strengthen get one because that is what the twelfth Lord is going to give you the repayment of your debts if you're ill then look at your twelfth Lord what is what is taking care of your cure your medicine the medicine is twelve house that's right twelve thousand for hospitalization also six houses accidents then twelve thousand hospital so do you see it is six thousand recruits come through the no matter you try lust ego you know breed all of these are your six enemies so where is the cure for all of them twelve meditation sadhna trying to be a person who is into self-realization what a self-realization sixth is also for your awareness making decisions to properly assessing the value and consideration 12-thousand sadhana is self-realization why you I want to be self-realized self-realization is the only way you can remove your son karma that is the next karma I wanted to say some what is sandwich it all your accumulated Karma's from various lifetimes your positive energy negative energy all that which is stored from millions of life and you might have taken and where is the suffering happening the suffering is happening only in the physical and the gross body which is the stool of sharira but before it manifests in the stool etc which is your physical body the subtle and the astral body has to show you the indication because before it comes to the karana sarira then to Linga sharira okay before it comes there three months it is residing somewhere before it manifests so if I can go to that cloud that it abhi is what we call it as Akashic records I would be able to remove that file and delete that file if I can't delete that file within three months that will manifest in my physical form so before it has manifested in my physical form it is somewhere it has been activated by your actions by your thoughts you are activating it somewhere and because you are activating it it is acting now you might ask you know then that means everything is based on destiny right yes it is based on destiny but you have to understand that you know there is also freedom because your MA your moon see when you look at a zodiac okay there is you know all the even rushes are moon which rules them or Russia's Sun goals them so sanchita karma is where the root cause of all our sufferings are and not pleasures also but it is like the flower where it is there you say I am travelling so I can't carry my hard disk drive what do I do I put all my data and mcleod and then I can go and download it from the cloud anywhere right so these are your psychic impressions your intense emotions you know your life's - details are all saved there and we have to address that as part of this astrology is not only about learning what planets houses and stars but you have to understand the whole concept of this sanchita karma store order amount because this is where it the surprise is transformed because it's not that you are getting everything from sandwiches but from the Sun sheet you are pushing it into a proverb under paratha is destoying that you cannot but that sun cheese which is the seeds which are ripened so basically what it is you can think of it like a field where the seeds are under the drum and the planets are like the farmers who are flowing the field so that the seeds will come up the seeds will come up there's conditions and the environment is okay then they will start showing them the fruits at which they will germinate and they will start giving the Karma's so before they become the seeds and before the planets blow them and bring the seeds which are sitting there dormant bring them up if we can understand the principles we'll be able to solve a lot of our problems so that is where the concept I was I was wanting to talk about today is you know if you can understand the four seven thousand thousand worst house 50,000 ninth house six thousand it will be able to understand you know why the draw now when you talk about career people look at the tenth house the everything right but you also have to look at your 7 OS 7000 see why 6000 sake but 7,000 cubic as it is tent from hint what car mass of your past that you have to do it in this life tent from 10 to 7 throws the kriyamanani karma of your past life ok so did you understand this because if you don't if you understand this then I can teach you the next level of going to much address because the we share my screen and show you this is the basic principle of you know astrology can you see my string yes I can see that yeah because simple understanding of you know how the you have Aries you have Leo and you have Sagittarius