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a butt-kickin steadily snapped all the ligaments in his leg and apparently Holland never played football again don't hit the 20s back with a bang and a yo hat the only safest and most reliable place for you to get and if you use my discount cold gone and check out oh [ __ ] I literally just snapped my [ __ ] chair handle anyway that's today we're gonna take a look at some of those famous unforgettable red cards in football we're talking when Roy Keane the truth we're talking wins it dad I don't wanna break my camera 5,000 likes today but when you lube yeah this is juicy Lube cookie dough flavor so maybe of you are freaky and up to all sorts of weird [ __ ] and you want to win that proper luck on today's videos and if you watching this video right now when you haven't subscribed to my channel and turn on notifications I'm given some 112 battles in people points for Christmas who subscribes to my channel right now so you know what to do turn this off with fingers records is only one place there's only one place we can start and it's with vinodini Dan the legend for some reason nobody knows the real reason other than Zidane and I don't know how to pronounce his name Maserati matsarata no one knows what was said all I know is the Dan lost his head oh I always think to myself is it then why didn't you just headbutt him in the face it would have done more damage you would have received the same ban but you would have gotten more pleasure out of it at least you would have him but he had played him in the chest feels like such a waste at least let him clean in the nose then he'll know never to say anything bad about you again how could I haven't forget happy in fact I'll never forget Pepe because this boy has a screw loose it's been so many times he's been set off in his career but it was this clip the send shivers down my spine it was just a normal game of football everything was going falling and then all of a sudden Pepe lost the plot and buuut in the ship out with his food on the floor pretty sure he put him in the A&E pretty sure that guy he was scared to play football ever again let me booted this [ __ ] into him and taught him a lesson on why not to just do anything to practice daily God say Alex song it's a famous moment in football but it's a weird moment in football because no one actually knows why Alex song did this it's a pretty normal game of football Croatia vs. Cameroon and for some reason throw in an outlaw of death but rectly into manzou kids back I like I said no one on that pitch including song himself knows why he did it well you might never have seen before is Lucas Hideki let me introduce you to the fastest record I think possibly ever definitely in the Bundesliga and definitely for a goalkeeper bro the guy got a red cast within 2 seconds of the game he was boxing for some reason just randomly grab the ball and it really looks to himself but a minute I won't 10 yards out of my box and I've just picked up the ball don't wait I'm adding that he was sober he can't be you don't run up your box as a goalkeeper and grab the ball two seconds into the game but possibly the most famous records possibly in Premier League history it goes to Roy Keane the guy man he ended ended a career I mean to end a career you gotta be pretty aggressive and evil and Roy Keane takes both of those boxes Roy King versus Holland now Roy Keane had bad blood as we all know and just absolutely took every bit of rage that he ever had in his life out on this dude's leg he just booted him so hard butt kicked in studded snapped all the ligaments in his leg and apparently haven't never play football again don't know how true that is it's what the papers were saying bad boy King literally you got on the backside of Ricky he will literally end your career a people football is nowadays a very lucky he isn't still playing Oh or maybe even five different lips I could have used as fires I'm simply using the Clippers been biting even though we know that is world round I'm sick using the other flip have been buying even though without that world renowned and I'm sick of using just him being racist so today before are you selling heroic well as we all know Suarez receives a record for handballing off the line doing what you do for your country stopping it but then oh my god gotta step up for a penalty and he puts it over the bar I mean basically Suarez single-handedly got you required from to the next round job just clip a couple weeks ago in a video he just I mean it's my bro what he did just like a couple of the other people in the TV lost his head completely I did one of the most ridiculous outrageous things you can do so your alibi bagger for some reason really was really just wound up pissed off his wife have been doing is Eddie and he just took it out on this guy's back jumped up in the air kicked in try to act like you didn't do anything as long which is pretty weird a lot of straight red cards but I think as far as discovery goes that's probably one of the most entertaining things this ever happened okay in Hazzard now there's only one clip that springs to mind when you think of an even has a red card yes yes I'm gonna include the famous poor boy moment what was even thinking to this day we all think what was Eden pinky was he high was he drunk was he angry but he just not like ball boys it was Chelsea 2013 I think Mr Bean and I said company to go to stop booting ball once huntin ball boys I don't know why he did it having no one knows why he did it but the guy who is given an absolutely ridiculous to this day he's probably still hangs his head in shame but thinks what was I doing famous mugging lien unless his career was when he received his first red hat narleen Alesi his career of footballs on he ever received two red cards not everyone knows this I know both of the red cards because I watched this [ __ ] but his first ever recap was against Hungary in like it's my team early 2000s take a look at this so Leo Messi comes on as a sub I'm within I think the first couple of minutes of him being on the pitch he literally gets sent straight off and if you actually watch the record he can set off for basically nothing it's absolute [ __ ] bull sheet little mixer she'd never have been set on fidei she'd never have been given his phone for a cab it was like just a brush of the am and then reset him straight up didn't give me out of this man from and yeah that was a very iconic infamous moment in Lidl met his career that he probably wants to forget you then go Christian out those famous crying moments yeah I mean he did certain types of footballers these your Roy Keynes and these you Cristiano Ronaldo's where Akeem gets set off at a to like a man but now they'll get set off drops to the floor and spats Bryant that means the Valencia this did you read those without let's give it a red card and he just drops the floor in tears I mean it's like a kid in nursery who's just been told you're not going on a school trip or you're not allowed out with a playground it breaks down this dude is literally just being dull like he's not weeks to live he's in Broly so angry tell me Bellucci or chilena whoever is that problem you're a big man just get up and go man just take it with dignity broach it get off the pitch won't stop crying and of course how could I forget another Ronaldo moment but including roomie roomie sent off in I think this was the euros against Portugal I mean he wasn't gonna be sent off until Ronaldo being the [ __ ] boy that he is when in going sent off so it was a bit weird considering Bernardo and teammates Rooney steps on I don't even know who that is a Cavalia bull ran out on runs over screamed at the referee you know it's a red cabbage the right hand the referee thinks about for a few seconds and of course sends it straight off I wouldn't be livid imagine your teammate even though the plays were different naturally getting you sent off in the euros you'd be human so yeah like you couldn't imagine I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they went back to my United's but yeah crazy Rooney probably one of the most famous moments in Renaldo's careers all being just a scumbag okay everyone we set off what a weird funny butts cubby video I love this