I wrote this on the sofa before I call this the size Mendez even you stinky nonce why don't you shower for once who got you up to wear a vest we don't want to see your pasty back chest JJ Logan is going to lamp you and I'm gonna have to get a maverick tattoo the boxing skills are not gonna get you far ISIL irony song geared nearly beat you in a spot he's a fat little man he's not logan paul and unlike you he's over six four to the punch her in the face the puncher in the clinch tobey's dick is about three inches many mentor sat next to me have you ever seen a human that lanky I don't know what to say it's just a shame their day is going great love a heart attack soon someone get a nurse I'll have to do a portal karaoke and he likes kids so he can talk to the big phony cow frizzy looks like My Little Pony fouseytube has no hair on his head rice combs channel is dead I don't think there's anyone else left the parcel please pull over let me get out [Laughter]