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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] CTOs recording every waking moment [Music] public has no idea [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome to Ubisoft flight 93 our Jack your Hanny where's Annie and hatch we're very happy to be here at nla it's hot it's sunny it's beautiful and whether the big shows about to start in like 15 minutes or so yes lots of things to keep you entertained yes tons of stuff between now and then we are going to have some fun let's find out what's cooking Justin Kim what's up we are thrilled to be here I'm Kim I'm Justin and we have so much to go through today we're gonna cop we're gonna count down the top 10 Ubisoft gameplay moments we'll hear some pirate stories from the Indian Ocean we'll talk board games and level design and so much more yeah we don't want to give it away but we're also going to be talking about what makes a great community opening our doors to you the players to help us code EV our games and it's back after three years it's so famous its infamous the golden ticket gaming competition Leon Madison are you guys back there and the golden ticket is back bigger than ever before oh we're happened a great time I'm Madison and we're here in the fan zone where everyone has a chance to win the best seat in the house at our main show and a fast pass through our booth at the LAV theme whoo back to you knocking Danny it is gonna be lovely we got all hands on deck you guys feeling good fanzone how do you guys feeling yes this is Ubisoft live at e3 [Music] whoa it is beautiful out here when the fans on surrounded by all these beautiful humans I feel the love that yes yes it is is emanating it is ruminating it is all the things and it is beautiful we love it and you know what we take an immense amount of pride and the relationships that we foster with our community it's it's obviously you know this is a beautiful thing but it's it's so much more than this and you know what that relationship is manifested in so many beautiful and wonderful ways and just one of them want to take a little inside peek inside the doors of our studios and we bring in some of our most dedicated passionate and oftentimes critical community members and well let's check it out [Music] Ubisoft is continually looking at feedback from the community and we try and make ourselves available in as many channels as we can in order to better not only understand people's opinions about our games but then further to take a lot of that information those opinions and actually pass them along to our development teams to ultimately make for better game experiences to meet the people that make the games is just weird it is is surreal you aren't able to now just see them as someone who is making a game you see them as someone who is a person like you just expressing my thoughts about a game and then in the end it's not just a player but it's also the creator of the games so I can express my thoughts about it and then it can possibly influence the game because I said something I mean we're here kind of a one's eye trying to contain our excitement cuz we're just like like signing a little it'll be so exciting but like our input is being taken seriously we're not just kind of like the crazy fans having a fun time we're kind of want to focus on a similar level working is the community to know what works but also what doesn't works and being honest about that it's really something that's change the way we have to discuss and we have to interact with our players community workshops are incredibly valuable for us not only because they give the development teams of face to the community and direct input but really allow for that two-way communication this is the first time a company gave me a very regular person the chance to talk for so many it's very humbling to be here and to hear that you know when we say our gaming channel and developers that created the game are going oh we saw your video that's it's so warming and I never uh never expected it to be that impactful without the communities he definitely wouldn't be where it's at today with 30 million plus players which is extraordinary and a dream for a lot of developers I think this is definitely because of community feedback and if we hadn't gotten that I have really no clue where we would be today direct feedback is always good on top of that you have the fact that people can interact you can have round tables so it means that you can have coders game designers or the producers they listen and they'll consider it and we have seen some things put into the can even change because of things we've said the value of community for Ubisoft is immeasurable lucky enough to have passionate fans around the world playing our games creating content talking to other people about our games I mean we're so very lucky to have these fans and we hope that we are able to continue that transparency and Trust moving forward [Music] feels good right that was like very heartfelt warming if you were mean but it's really hot I don't think any more warming my face is melt it's a little bit C would you say yep well thinking constructive feedback is an important part of a development process here at Ubisoft but at the end of the day it's all about the games and those awesome gameplay moments that we see from all of you around the world so we've actually rounded up the 10 best of gameplay of the year that we'll be counting down to throughout the show and so let's check out the first for welcome to our top 10 best of gameplay countdown number 10 a unique piece of gameplay from our deaths because devs are gamers to snuggle boys requests in the firaon ER subreddit was so ridiculous that the team had to make it happen shout out to mat loop I mean Matt sue who took care of the animation and the cow's voice performance [Music] number nine the enhanced predator bow in Assassin's Creed is a perfect weapon for these trick shots oh right between the hooves number eight this video is called the perfect angle but it should be called the only angle physically possible coming in at number seven our annual clip from stealth gamer be our subtle as always [Music] everyone I'm here with Tebow Zimmer from Steve Tebow you're here to talk about some new features for Steve what can you tell us there's never been a better time now to play steep since we released the road to the Olympic we've been focusing on expanding or game with community most requested features and for this year we adding three major patch of improvements and game changes for free including infinite progression live activity seasons massive multiplayer revamped to come soon and as of today photo mode that's awesome now photo mode was super popular in Assassin's Creed origins I'm very happy to hear that it's coming to Steve as well and I hear there's a competition going on is that right absolutely I even brought a video that's great let's take a look to celebrate e3 we are inviting the entire Steve community to experience our photo mode and share their most beautiful shots with us we will pick the best one every day and rewards its creator with a GoPro camera [Music] as you know snip is one huge open world well you can experience lots of exciting places and situation so it's really important for us to provide our players with a tool that lets them save and share the special moments in a very convenient and fun way the photo mode can essentially be triggered at any time once it's activated the game freezes and displays its dedicated interface allowing you to play around with a person you can zoom back and forth move the camera around you can of course adjust all of the usual settings brightness contrast depth of field you can also change the ambiences and the time of the day and last but not least we also added a couple of homemade filter once you're happy with the result you can save your picture which will automatically be displayed on your map most importantly your pictures also be pushed to your friends mouth and if they collect enough of the likes they might even get pushed to the whole community we hope you'll enjoy our new freedom of speech and look forward to discovering your peaks on the mountain view [Music] alright TiVo so when does the competition start and what can people win so for the mode is available as we speak the contest starts now and every day the author of the most beautiful shots taken in steep will be rewarded with the GoPro Hero six camera that's awesome well thank you so much TiVo it's always great to hear about the world of Steve but now speaking of contests let's check in with Leon and Madison about the golden ticket gaming competition thanks Kim we've been here in the fan zone for the last hour or so where guests have been competing for a chance to win our VIP III experience so the golden ticket seat at our main show and a fast pass to our Ubisoft booth at the LA CC it's a free round competition and we're in the process of narrowing the field down from 250 to 10 we'll be checking in with the leaderboard on a regular basis to see who those lucky ten people are and indeed round one was game trivia How well do you know Ubisoft how well do you know video games and let's just check this chicken how these guys are doing excuse me what's your name sir Abraham Abraham all right I'm gonna ask you a question I'm gonna play for this price so the question is what iconic game icon was used in the division 2 teaser was that a a Phoenix be a dog see a shark or D want that meat it wasn't me it was a Phoenix that's the right answer boom and the winner all right make some noise indeed for the winner so I need that's game trivia other than that round 2 will be an epic dance off with featuring new contents from Just Dance and to conclude the finale will be a four player free-for-all fight in brawlhalla from blue mammoth studio the reasons to the most recent studio to join the Ubisoft family that's right but just before we're gonna check back in with Zack and Hanny we're hanging out with Carl and Marlowe from Skull and Bones Zack can you I hear it's time for some pirate stories yes thank you so much as about that time all the way live from Ubisoft Singapore and the skullenbones team gentlemen what would you is your adrenaline to jetlag ratio well let's see three so there's nowhere we'd rather be so we're feeling great right on right on right so uh Karla Marlo Marlo and called great names by their you guys sound like a pirate duo awesome you guys are gonna be shown at the big show but we're not gonna spoil anything but what have you got for us today well yeah we want to first do a shout out to the team they're dedicated and talented team back in Singapore you guys are awesome it's 3:30 a.m. back in Singapore but the girls are there that's the dedication well thanks a lot for the good work Singapore very nice note so you guys did bring something that you wanted to share with us as well with all the people here what are we about to see so actually some of our team members are descendents of real-life pirates in the Indian Ocean and we'll get to hear their stories today oh I want to do just that how about now you get it now now it's good let's do it hello I'm Paul foo lead narrative designer of skullenbones the pirate game that we are developing right here in u.s. or Singapore [Music] centuries ago the Portuguese Dutch and English have fought for control over the area around Singapore and the Indian Ocean as such the history of the region is rich in seafaring and piracy many of our developers come from families who live here for generations so this history is an important part of the heritage let's meet some of them and hear their pirate stories that connect their personal histories to the world of scalawags working on skullenbones I get to learn about the history of my country I'm from Mauritius an island located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar seashell and Runyon Mauritius was highly desired due to its prime location as a stopover for trade routes in the seventeen hundreds Morris was well known to be a hub for piracy growing up in Mauritius my grandparents would tell me stories about very famous pirates such as Edward England and la Buse so Edward evening was famous for the Battle of Girona Island but he was considered too lenient by his crew and was ultimately marooned on the island of Mauritius eventually he managed to steal a ship and flee to the island of Madagascar booking a skullenbones made me more interested in the boogies and my heritage the most interesting pirates closest is Singh or other bookies they were mostly sailors and traders just because they do not have a license to begin his five minutes my great-grandfather is boogies he used to travel with royal family he passed down a grace to my company and to me so he would have the crest under his belt for close quarter combat he would soak the blade in poison and the edge of the crisis chip so I guess it's been well used those were just a few of the many stories that have inspired us as we look on the game we can't agree for you to place Colin Rhodes and experience your own pirate stories join the discussion on Twitter this car and our forums and let us know what you think [Applause] from c-2 space pirates to junkies the stock a little V our producer Adrian lacy all the way from Ubisoft Montpellier we're keeping it global we're talking space very well it's exciting look at all these people now in the game it's awesome isn't it you guys doing all right [Applause] [Music] space junkies it's a VR shooter so it's a jetpack fueled shooter in microgravity when you duck dodge we've moving groove through deadly orbital arenas it's like you're in this spherical battlefield now you know to me answer the actually come fast and hard from any direction left right vertical even from beyond we haven't seen people playing it right beside us action in the space junkies booth here at the fan zone and it seems like they're getting a little a little interesting will say with the the self-expression is he'll put it mildly we have this full embodiment system so you have your entire body heads shoulders knees and toes and basically allows you to sort of pointed objects interact really become a living emoticon oh that's a big difference if you don't have both hands yeah it's pretty cool to push things push things past things wait a bit things thumbs up whatever you want but a gesticulation lots of gesticulation and i'm sure everyone is very respectful and very nice to each other while they just pick you eight aren't they yeah I would say so um listen Adrian you recently had an alpha can you tell us more about that what you're over there okay so we've just run finished one of our alphas now and what's cool is we're working with our players so their players really interactive it's it's like they're they're in this a new virtual space with us like they're part the dev team so they can point to things show his interaction things they like what we want us to change and that it's pretty awesome it's been pretty good and some of the fruits of that learning I'm sure will be applied in a beta the beta which you can register for today right now you can register to the beta which will take place on the 28th of June so come play with the devs and gesticulate register now and just stipulate with the devs thank you so much Adrienne have a great chef wonderful about 30 minutes to go until the big show I want to check in with our boy Justin though Justin well it good how's it going everybody where's my camera there's my camera how you guys doing so if you're just joining us you are watching Ubisoft live we are here in the back lot behind the Orpheum Theater getting ready for the main show now if you want to join the conversation you I love a hashtag you ve three now if you are joining us on social in the forums on Facebook you're probably seeing a lot of our brand accounts farcry ubisoft space junkies even but behind all of those accounts are some amazing people these are the community managers that you're actually talking with every day so Zach and I actually travel to Newcastle in the United Kingdom and in Kerry in North Carolina to meet the community managers to learn more about what they do and to ask a very important question what makes for a good community or should we say who makes for a good community check out the video it's difficult to say what community means in just a sentence or two because there's so much to it I think the key of it is establishing that relationship between us and the people who play our games trying to make sure that they're as happy as they can be we have a lot of people that are basically like community figure heads that want to see the community thrive they're the ones that are making amazing content they're streaming the game fan art cosplays super amazing people that is people are bad to help all the time they want to see the community go places they want to see the community do well they're really trying to help everybody out bring players into the game cornerstones work immediately one of our just dance squad members Tara she so much on her own have really nurture our community she's out there cultivating and making it happen Clive Lewis and we joke around in the Ghost Recon community that he's a bot because he is in every ghost recon stream and most probably a moderator of that channel is just the most friendly warning to help guide you'll ever meet Tokyo Joe is a guy who creates models based on his favorite games I've always forwarded it to the dev team they know exactly who he is and what an amazing job because it's inspiring to really see one person what they can do for the greater good of the community you know they understand what it really means to be part of a community and add to it they're there to give whatever they can to make it the best place that it can be a place that people want to be a part of I love the fact that we have the star player program and it's a way that we can kind of give back to them a little bit and let them know you see you you see what you're doing and we love it I feel 100% confident saying that star player program is everything I'm not I was a star player I made my way from them to star players to be in this position star players is an opportunity to show those pillars of community a little something special for all that they do for Ubisoft and their non brands [Music] you be something like the Ubisoft Ubisoft you've got an email you got mail we've got a little email for you about that what do you feel is it Oh God [Music] oh I'm gonna time Oh are you serious I've studied oh my god okay Chad Ubisoft would like to invite you to join us as a star player we're sure you can't wait to get your beam hands sweetie Californian chicken 10 bees I lay down this cold person I've this is so much more than just fun to be happy baby suck thank you thank you you're freaking sorry dude I'm shaky look at this freakin hi thank you guys we go on three week or d3 [Applause] and the community managers who brought them Vince Allen how we feel in there doing amazing this good beautiful today is amazing thanks so much was having the family has grown I would say the star player family has been a thing for the last few years talk to us a little bit about the evolution of it so the star player families exercise in 2015 and today alone you can tell we've been growing bigger and more global because we have 13 different countries represented behind us today that's amazing and in the video I saw there were artists streamers and cosplayers but what does it take to be a star player you have to answer this question so we got that question oh uh what how can I become a star player and the easy answer is there's no magical formula to becoming a star player there's no criteria that used to check off we take people from all corners of our communities we've got forum moderators here we've got reddit moderators here we've got community channel admins we've got guys who built wiki's from the ground up on their own easing but there's so many different ways you can get involved in our communities I'm so basically what we are looking for are people who are dedicated to making our communities Ubisoft communities the place that is the most welcoming most supportive and just the most fun place to play video games and each and every single one of these people around me in orange t-shirts they make Ubisoft communities a better place and that's quite their step way I mean obviously this is a very special moment it's awesome to have all of you here but the people who are here I mean the family is big and star players of the past I saw this morning a tweet from DV Division so I'm getting a little emotional too he was you know he was talking about the fact that you know everyone works their asses off here at e3 it's busy sometimes we get a little hungry we get a little dehydrated we don't necessarily think about taking care of ourselves and Debbie was speaking to the star players of this year and saying you know look out for each other be kind make sure we have some food for each other make sure everyone's up the Energy's a lot to see him do we're getting close to the show guys enjoy the experience it is going to be so much fun and we are so honored to have you here well there's definitely dancing going on here they're really fighting hard to win that VIP ticket right that's right they're competing for a chance to win the golden ticket seat in our conference and a fast pass to the Ubisoft booth at the LA CC but to do it they'll have to make it to the top four from the ten that they currently are right now the final will be streamed to predator for the conference so in about 22 minutes and 50 seconds if I'm not mistaken that is very very precise of union so in 20 minutes we'll start the conference until then hash tag you'll be III for all your social media interactions but now first and first back to the next round of tomten gameplay your roll the video number six may CJ with the long shot from downtown that's the spawn feed counter all the way down to skylight baby that's the skylight spawn PE counter I've been trying that for weeks chat for weeks let me let me just show you where I'm shooting for those that don't understand what just happened let me show you see this wall that those are my bullet holes right there where's this calves it has to be cab he plays cab every time right watch this watch this boom look at him he's dead coming in at number five outnumbered but never out done Natalie always 21 is one unstoppable peacekeeper number four an important life lesson from Iowa's cuddles always bring a knife to a helicopter fight [Applause] [Applause] so I'm here with senior producer on the division - Christian Panna congratulations on the announcement yesterday well you should say you know the first real look at the division - how are you feeling thank you very much it's super exciting for us to be here I think there are two magical moments in the game development one is going to get to reveal the game for the first time and the second one when we launch in March 15 2009 p.m. cool okay so there are teams all around the world who are watching the show they're up late they've been working them you know they wish they could be here you have a message for all the teams who are watching at home yes I want to say thank you everybody working on the family in the family of the division thank you all for your hard work thank you to the star players that are here with us today in our community making this game awesome thank you very much amazing so we're obviously getting to see the division - in the conference today and also don't forget to stay tuned after the conference for an exclusive deep dive 30 minutes on the division - right back here in the back lot in our fan zone you know what Kim our next our next segment is about game development you're the resident game to have on our pre-show hosting team why don't you want introduce this video I would love to go and tabletop gaming is something that's a running theme throughout so many Ubisoft Studios around the world from prototyping game designs to just plain old fun let's take a look at how some Ubisoft developers share their love of tabletop gaming even the open world has some sort of rules right hopefully so you mean someone just to enforce those rules for you and that's me I've been playing board games since since I was very young and it was actually a board game to got me into game design which then brought me to programming I remember I was playing with my with my sister and my parents two ball games even when I was a child so I suppose I played all my life I run two games of Dungeons and Dragons one is Planescape and the other one is a homebrew world and I poured a lot of time into this I like make I made like entire world maps random encounter tables so I made this map in hex aquifer in my spare time and I just started with like first of all from people's backstories I'm a grumpy old dwarf all right cool you're over here and you know what there was a demon war and they all come up from the north up here in this nice cheery place called the abyss but there are a lot of similarities I mean card games tend to be all about the mechanics and I love mechanics it's a big part of what we do as gameplay programmers so there's a very natural overlap there I think it's very important when you're a gameplay programmer to ever saw another experience of game that can be like a board game or card game because if you do only programming you kind of lose what it's really like but if you are you yourself a player you can really when you implement something you can say okay as a failure I know this will be fun you know I play ball games with my coworkers and learning how they think and how we work together when we play is a great way to do better features when we when I do programming except I know how how we think and how more other people think it's easier to work around them make great features and that are accessible for everyone features like for example crafting resource management how can they play out they can be prototype through paper prototyping and board game mechanics and then translate very easily into a video game setting and at any UI I'm currently doing a lot of prototyping a lot of discovery and we don't have anything set code yet but we have a ton of ideas let's bust out the index cards and my collection of figurines and all of my dice and create sort of like board games representations of the experiences we want to create and then when it came to talk to the programmer that play this thing what do you think oh that's cool okay when you get to do that and just communicate in that way with somebody is really refreshing because everyone's just on the same page and there they were having fun I was having fun and I think that's the game designer we aren't there to tell you you must follow the story we're here to say here's the thing what you're gonna do and here we are now join of friends and family from Rainbow six siege community developer Craig Robinson better known of the world as its epi and then over here Alex or Sonic and I I think we're gonna go with the fact that you are a I mean you were part of the Ubisoft star player family still our last year you were here smiling shinin you a you are a former pro player with Rainbow six you are an analyst and obviously that beard is a thing of beauty as well anything anything I missed no thank you I think that's blood on you good good now your involvement with Rainbow six is obviously been for a while but things done change I'm gonna say about five months ago or so with a six invitation I want you tell us a little bit about that I was lucky enough to be analyst on the second six Invitational we had which was amazing it's been twice as big as the first one and pretty much that's everything isn't growing bigger and bigger so so let's just take a step back for those of us who don't know what the invitationals are Craig can you tell us a little more about what the pro league finals are exactly absolutely so every six months we have a an event where we bring the best teams in the world to one city for a land final and they kind of Duke it out over the course of the weekend to figure out who the best team in the world really okay so a couple weeks ago it was Atlantic City for the season seven finals and I want to take a look at the grand finale and we had Penta sports and we had Team Liquid and we had a bit of a rough start in in match one let's let's check this out map one excuse me yeah pen set this dominant team out of Europe that's just notorious for winning almost everything they've won half of every pro league funnels we've had so far I think everyone was kind of expecting them to take it I think it's just about to take first Mountain five one which is something we don't see often why why do we not really see that too often at that level of play teams are just getting so close that if it's not something common and when it happens it's normally the team getting the lead early on that just wins everything because momentum means everything so after this first map was played out it was pretty much expected that Penta was gonna roll run away with it and take the win yeah definitely but it didn't look like liquid lost their mentality later well we'll see in the map to the underdog team liquid will catch up to Penta sports so why don't we see how they didn't map to roll the clip the waiting spots the one player so after that second map we had a really close match up between liquid and Penta and we were headed to our third and final map where we were gonna figure out who the best team in the world is let's roll that so in this map what's what's happening what what are we looking at with liquid versus Benton well after I'm not gonna half it seems like they could finally find though their old style of playing which is the persona way it's brute forcing just powering their way through Penta has this whole dd+ game style which is comes from poke and chess where you always take the right choice and say don't go with the option that is more likely to win and liquid just brute forces through that what does that mean the right choice if you have two options one is 80% wonderful 60 they will always go with 80% but that makes them predictable in some way if you're playing up against the hotter I guess I had a strap if you choose to group or through that they made it work so what team liquid was doing was leaving certain avenues of approach open and vulnerable on purpose yeah they were basically baiting them into taking these choices absolutely Team Liquid won the the finals they won the whole thing what does that mean for those players but also the Latin American community I think as you can see on screen it means means about the world to them sick letting a little chick go there and it's not just for the for sewing community of the Latin Americans it's for everyone in sea-change huge absolutely I mean yeah as you said little few tears to tears being shed and then he walks over to Penta before he's even had time to dry his eyes and congratulate them on their win I love what what can you tell us about the the amount of respect that these two teams have for each other it's beautiful they take you know 30 seconds to celebrate and then the next thing in mind is to go over and shake the hands of the teams that just lost that's a really nice visual but as we move things forward obviously you know with Rainbow six siege it's always in motion there's always something happening there's always changes improvements what are we expecting now as we shift closer to the next season and and all the changes that are coming well with with the pick and ban coming teams are gonna have to change the whole way they play that it's gonna be much more adaptable like mid-round and the way strats are built is gonna gonna change in the favor of the dynamic teams as well so I think it's really gonna be it's a really exciting time for the siege dev team because our game director said it's gonna put the creativity back in the players hands that's awesome guys well thank you so much gentlemen enjoy the rest of a3 and we have a lot going on and so I think we got some gameplay Morgan you know what we might just see a little bit more Mable CC roll the top three number three yeah come here I got a present for you yeah get down get down get down again come on oh come and go see there we go our number two clip proves that gold is gold no matter what Oh Oh nailed it number one to see why this is our top clip keep an eye on the clock and a munitions help standing ten seconds five seconds Oh Oh [Music] HP oh I had one HP that whole time after I fought like the third person in fact you'd [Music] at the buzzer Oh health inside of 10 minutes as a matter of fact eight minutes to go until the big show if you are tweeting if you're doing anything on the social and you're talking about Ubisoft please use the hashtag UB III and that way we can see it all and harvests all of the goodies I got I got this thing handed to me while we were in that top three I don't know exactly what it is it is addressed to yes Grill amate is that like a terribly butchered version I'm gonna you know I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's for Eve and and I'm also going to assume that's why it was handed to me I will be I will be the buffer in this instance and it says it's from H Drummond jr. let's check it out [Music] hey there amigos yep that's right it's me your boy hurt I just want to take a minute to speak directly to you Ubisoft fix to you mister uh es quill amate pretty sharp pronounce that right listen I've been hearing non-stop about this dang old discovered to earth and it got me thinking man hope County needs to get in on this action you hear me come on man let me show you around I've been doing all kinds of corporate research I'm telling you I hope Tony is the place to discover I mean look at all the stuff we got historical figures we got them Sports is culture we got five athletes in Hoke County I mean no one's made of the big Legion though and something from the gaya pita who keeps on sending me letters that are not of encouraging Hank we got bill right here I hear the internet loves good boy we got fun for the whole family come to our annual testicle festival I need a bunch of balls with your kids come down to one of our beautiful serene River oh my god we got organic farm Nature Trail gentrification family cookout animals doing it iconic architecture immersive experiences recycling 2.0 motherfucking freedom like I told you yes home county is a real Neapolitan Center man and check this out of yes we even got a mount with your name on it so there you have it man hope county discovery 2 or boom cash in the bank baby what do you say oh dang my wheels not my wheels oh I don't know he's leaving he's asleep he's leaving so you have your people call my people and we'll figure that Oh ships coming back he's come back he's come back okay I think he's gone he's gone I'll here i'ma keys Oh the climbs oh man this is not a thing guys I don't know I work on far cry listen hope county servitor is not a thing not a thoughtful I know it is headlines is what it is all right what is happening right now the grand final of the golden ticket competition right over here Leon yes yes we started out with 250 eager players we went down to ten and now these four wonderful people next to me are gonna fight for their rights to party to come into our conference and for the ultimate bragging rights are you guys ready for the ultimate battle hell yeah all right but before we do let's talk a little bit more about the game Madison Matt thanks Leon I'm here with Matt Woomer one of the founders and creators of brawlhalla how's it going Matt going great thanks for having me thanks for being here could you tell us a little bit more about what our finalists will be playing today for sure they're playing brawlhalla bruh holla is short for the grand tournament of Valhalla Valhalla is the Viking warrior heaven and but the balconies haven't just brought Vikings they brought ninjas they brought pirates they brought monsters they brought aliens so there's tons of characters for your players to choose from that sounds awesome so all the great warriors are there all the great warriors of the ages fantastic so do you have any advice for our players for sure for sure you want to use the V attack you want to build up damage you're gonna get two points for each kid knock out you do you have two minutes at the end of two minutes whoever has the most points gets the golden ticket that sounds fantastic well let's head on over there and get this final started indeed all right are you guys really ready no no no no no people make some noise for this finale are you ready [Music] oh all right I would say press the button and then countdown dunt dunt oh the anticipation is real 3 2 1 Wow all right we've got four good characters here they've all we've got ada ada has a spear and she has blasters really quick character good for getting in close we have ember ember is ax is a warrior from the forest she's a health and she has guitars and she also has a bow and arrow very dangerous with the wolf character as well Nash is our caveman caveman has a camera he has a spear and he has some heavy heavy strong strong attacks and finally got a jury the cat lady the Catwoman has guitars and she also has the sword and she'll also be moving in for quick attacks now we look here and some characters of the oh there we've already got a kill we've got another kill wow they're racking them up quick here the you can fight unarmed and that's fine but what you really want to do is see these weapons these weapons weapons that are falling from the sky when you pick them up you're gonna get one of your two main weapons and oh there we go they have figured out the weapons system and are doing really well the OH ember is going in and mixing it up she is really in the middle of everything that she's kind of backing off letting the battle come to him oh and that worked out for him with a hard ground pound it's four to four with under a minute left we have anybody can get into this ada can get in with a guy's double with a double kill lazarey can get back in with just a single kill it's tied up at the top that's mixing it up right there in the middle wow there's 30 seconds left inverse got a weapon she's right there in the middle she's holding on to that lead oh she's picked it up she's got six points somebody needs to step up we're under 30 seconds Nash is moving in hard we need to close it out you need to guys need to move in you got to take it away from Ember she's doing well Missouri's got the ground pound she's coming in for it she's gonna try and make her move right now she's looking looking looking for the hit looking for the hit is she gonna find it ten eight six five oh six two six we are tied up three two one it is tied luckily this game comes standard with a tiebreaker they're both all right deep deep red decide the winner we have to pick and the winner is here you go ultimate getting back back let's go [Applause] [Laughter] all the teams all the people here in the fan zone in the theatre shows about to begin hashtag UB e3 lots of love from everyone here don't forget the show we have exclusive gameplay from the division - you definitely don't want to miss this enjoy the show [Applause] thank you for joining us here in the feeder and al-hasan online at home we cannot wait to show you what we have today and I can promise you it's more interesting than a keychain Oh too soon maybe too soon I don't know up in the balcony are you guys ready are you ready yes yes we're just gonna assume that they're ready well if you're ready for the biggest gaming because you're going gaming and let's start the show let's do it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] cook do you hear me after eating your miraculous space chili what you mean our food is healthy vigorous captain to crew dead monkey in the crow's nest I repeat monkey down space Chili's strike second copy that captain a page where we could use your space jelly to overclock our engines negativo me amore only as you can melt my circuits laughing fools we are dead in the water I repeat Doc's comment what have we got on this gather Chuck shit nada hey hey wait I see something three o'clock starboard it it's massive but get back here Sonny hold off [Music] look down the baker [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] thank you hi hello I'm Gabrielle Schrager narrative director and I'm Giovanni senior producer we are so happy to be back this year to share our progress on our space opera Beyond Good and Evil - a game full of wonder emotion danger and high-stakes drama last year you all saw the enigmatic green eyed captain Dakini leading the legendary crew of the god on a quest to discover the location and the mystery behind a deep-space artifact known as moksha that bikini has since gone missing Shanny is now captain of the gather and she's leading a crew into the deep unexplored space beyond system 3 when they come face-to-face with their nemesis fans will have recognized a ferocious young Jade and Paige's back as the incorrigibles efj cook of the gada we've got two other officers uma the holistic chief medic and Callum our chief engineer and all of these legendary characters will be playing a major role in our prequel today we are proud to represent our growing production team in mapa de Barcelona Bordeaux and Sofia thanks everyone for making it happen and thank you for them it be in BG to your space pirate captain in a distant galaxy near the end of the 24th century at this year's e3 we will be showcasing a new behind-closed-doors demo offering a first look at our major location the sacred city of Ganesha now let's take a look at our first free alpha gameplay footage [Applause] Ganesha is a metropolis filled with sacred temples beautiful gardens and bustling shops but it's also a darker underworld rife with dirty bars and dangerous back alleys our game is an action-adventure RPG that you can play alone or with your friends in coop from the intimate interior of a hidden temple to the very edge of the galaxy fight on the ground and in space at massively different scales and all of this seriously what you will be seeing at e3 this year is only a very small part of a much larger open universe we are creating a universe we are also building with our fans yeah let's go with B on gravel - we want our community to participate in a way that's never been done before through the space monkey program we want our fans and people all over the world to really be a part of creating the game so today we are issuing an open invitation for people all over the world to contribute their ideas music art works and create original content that players will experience as they explore the world of beyond greevil - and there is literally a universe of ways for artists to express themselves from giant frescoes to murals street art music radio content and much more to do this we have partnered with a company at the forefront of community collaboration hit record and here to tell us more is their founder Joseph gordon-levitt [Applause] thank you I love this theater so thanks thanks to you guys thanks Guillaume and and thanks Gabriela it's really good to be here I'm super excited to do this for those of you don't know hit record is this thing that I've been making for a long long time it's really dear to me and it's a place where people all over the world work together on short films or music or art all kinds of projects this is the first time we're making stuff that's going to go into a video game so it's a little bit different than other like creative platforms that you can find on the internet because the point of hit record it isn't just to post and promote stuff that you've made on your own the point is to collaborate so like when we're making music for Beyond Good and Evil 2 it's not just gonna be a thing like a contest where people submit songs and then we pick one or two of them and we put them in the game we're gonna be really making the songs together and the same goes for the visual assets that we'll be creating so whether you're a writer a musician and illustrator if you're a pro level artist or if you're just someone who really cares about beyond good and evil in that world and you love it and you want to be a part of it there's gonna be ways for you to contribute our first creative challenges are live as of like now someone's at my office pushing the button like very nervous but you guys are doing great and yeah so come to our site check out the Beyond Good and Evil 2 page at hitRECord org and that's it go do that shit thanks [Applause] hit records approach to community collaboration is inspiring and were incredibly happy to be working with Joseph on his team and we really can't wait to see what the community creates so let's do it we will be showcasing some of this content out our very first dedicated community event the BG Fest which will take place in Montpelier this fall thanks everyone have a great [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what's up everyone my name is Justin Kruger community developer on Rainbow six siege and I'm here today to talk about our community our community that inspires us and drives us every single day the siege team back in Montreal has actually been so inspired by seeing all the millions of people playing our game every single day over the past two and a half years we've actually absolutely loved seeing our community grow and I'm excited to announce today that the Rainbow six siege community is now 35 million players yeah thank you I wish I could hug every single one of you but I don't know if my arms are big enough to hug every single one of you that would take a long time as well as you can see because the community grows so does the game and as you can see behind me team rainbow has recruited the Italian GIS operators maestro and Alibi actually this image represents ten seasons forty operators at 19 maps that is all free in-game and if you want to get to know all these guys a little bit better you can play operation Parabellum which is playable right now and if you want to see them in action at the top of their game tune in to the Rainbow six siege Pro League kicking off on June 18th at 5 p.m. Pacific time the world's biggest eSport teams will be competing for six months of intense Rainbow six action and that's just one of the many ways to enjoy competitions for Rainbow six the sixth major is just around the corner and will be hosted in Paris this August our Pro League finals will then take us to Brazil in November yeah Brazil and then the 6th Invitational will once again be the pinnacle of Rainbow six taking place in Montreal in February 2019 yeah so whether you're a player or just a fan of eSports there really is no better time to get into Rainbow six eSports and with the growth of the game the community and the eSports teams we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of our most influential players today I'm excited to unveil a sneak peek at an upcoming documentary that is focused on a few familiar faces who took their love for siege to the next level without further ado here's the first look at another mindset [Applause] that is like the greatest injury to ever happen to me well because it brought siege to me I've been doing this for what since year one season one right and I failed failed failed failed and then finally we start succeeding that's what we're going to do we're going to come back [Music] they say be also he's my likely mamasan he's gon Covina me a video so there's a bidet esposa takeyama todos somos on the intruder [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Royals is all about crossing with style and getting up again hello I'm still the sole creative director of trials and also prime minister of Finland now I'm pleased to announce the trials is back and it's bigger than ever [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] sorry about that Royals rising takes you around the world to iconic locations you never write along and competition is everywhere but competition is nothing without the players and our community has always been pillar of trials in rasterizing we work with our players more than ever to explain more let me introduce Pratt Hill also known as Professor Fat City [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you made a mess well thank you auntie and hello everyone say Oh THD down the front I see you I became a fan of trials because it's challenging but so rewarding when you overcome something difficult but I soon realized that a number of playable players struggled with the harder levels so in 2013 I created the University of trials a YouTube channel dedicated to mastering trials riding now before I go on ubisoft star players i want you guys to make some big noise right now all right well five years ago I was a star player just like them but when redlynx began work when trials rising they approached me to design and create all of the tutorial content within the game it has been an amazing experience for me but I wasn't the only one involved 20 community members known as the trials elite there have been involved in the development of this game for the last two years whether they were track builders streamers or speed runners each brought something special to help shape this game now if you want to get involved register online at trials game.com for a closed beta happening later this year let's go hey hey hey you don't we're not gonna put a big coming soon up here I think people gonna want to know the release date yes you're right right us rising we released on February 20 1918 for Xbox one PC and the first time ever also lean in the streets if you are III come to our booth and we saw what trials is about crashing with style and getting up again let's get out [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my name is Jillian Garrity and I'm the creative director on Tom Clancy's the division - on Black Friday a strain of the smallpox virus was released on dollar bills in New York City the infection and chaos spread across the nation seven months later the virus has mostly burnt itself out but America is tearing itself apart Washington DC is at the heart of this battle under constant threat from dangerous factions civilians are trying to rebuild in their survival lies the seed for the rebirth of society [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] by the rules and there will be consequences examples will be made [Music] [Music] you are the last line of defense for those civilians and for the country if you fail history will be written by tyrants if you succeed history will remember the few brave heroes who fought to save a dying nation this setting lays the groundwork for a compelling story based campaign in which your actions have a clear impact on the lives of civilians in the division to Washington DC must prepare for the greatest threat it has ever encountered to face it you and your fellow agents will need to bring your equipment and tactical abilities to the next level once agents reach the end of the main campaign it's time to select a new progression path by picking a specialization it starts with the choice of a signature weapon powerful and unique weapons that complement the rest of your equipment as you progress with your specializations you will not only grow in power but also unlock additional tools and abilities including exclusive versions of skills specializations enable you to truly complete your own personal playstyle but also to synergize with other players and take team play even further speaking of teamwork I'm excited to announce that for the first time eight players will be able to partner up to face the ultimate and game challenge raids are coming to the division two we learned a lot we learned a lot from working on the first game and with the division - we're launching with plans for years of frequent major content updates today we're ready to outline our plans for year 1 we will be launching 3 DLCs in the form of episodes each one will bring new story new areas to explore and new activities and the best part all of these episodes will be completely free for every where's my division team stay tuned after the Ubisoft conference for an exclusive 30-minute deep dive into a playable III demo during our post show as you can see they're getting ready right now and they'll be playing right after the conference is done until then remember this is history's defining moment hope for the future lies in you agents at the division thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hi I'm Sydney Monzon avez sleep browser and it's an honor to be back here one year after we announced for the first time and released the game it was incredible so as a team I just wanted to thank all of you for the support and all the feedbacks we received thank you so we also started a year ago to work in a brand new adventure and with a brand new hero as well one that we cherish and we love Donkey Kong so for today we wanted to celebrate the upcoming release of the Donkey Kong adventure and what better with music than with grant kirkhope our composer and the band critical hits so please enjoy thank you [Applause] they had changed your entrance just everyday every second situation [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it was over the old guard was wiped out those who moved were now at the gates of hell they were killing us off burning our seeds from shore to shore we saw there was no way the Empire could win this game they would have it the tide turned in our favorite game a new way to turn our backs blowing us straight to heaven then there was only one rule first come jeez Queens masters of our new words their empire now it was arter enemies became friends friends became enemies the best didn't trust anybody the philosophy of the day was at the top of the food chain [Music] we thought we were [Music] in a dog-eat-dog world we were wolves hunts in packs [Music] [Applause] all of Skull and Bones there are soulless empires there are greedy trading companies and of course ruthless pirate games sailing the seas but there are no heroes hello my name is Justin Ferran creative director at Ubisoft Singapore and for the past year my team and I have been anxiously awaiting at this moment to invite you our fans to join the hunt here at e3 2018 piracy is dead in the Caribbean the Empire's crushing all those who oppose them so your next big score the Indian Ocean home to the richest trade routes in the world where merchant ships carry cargo worth over 10 billion dollars a year and you you're gonna steal every last fucking coin first you need a target you pick up intel on a heavily guarded frigate fat with african diamonds mint for the grand mogul of india that treasure will help you claw your way to the top to become the pirate that no Empire can take down second you must know your hunting ground are reactive an evolving world is reflected in what we call fortunes presented to you by tallied the fortune-teller now fortunes reveal changes in factions weather and the trade routes themselves today tell g'd reveals favorable winds that means more merchants to rob but also more competition and now I'm proud to share with you the essence of skullenbones a shared world where every player encounter matters will you fight or will you ally this is what we call the hunting grounds alright pirates let's head to the hideout and have a great III the convoy starts here in your hider deep within the Chagos islands this hidden pirate den provides everything you need for your next strike [Music] from your shipyard you choose the black porn for the upcoming battle the strong winds will boost its speed giving his battering ram a devastating punch next choose the right crew and gear for the mission ahead demi cannons are slow loading a deadly short-range rockets are blazing fast a deal powerful damage from every angle with everything loaded let's head out the wings are strong in the day is clear that means more emergent stuff but also more arrival pirates I'm looking for a quick score according to your Intel the combo you said he passed a portuguese fort taking advantage of the strong winds that fort is too strong simply sail past its cannons can blast you out of the water you need to find a way to sleep by before the convoy slips away unfortunately deception is another tool in the pirate arsenal that's all these blackouts disguised as a Portuguese merchants you tried to creep the past afford captain if we engage they will see through our eyes [Music] this island provides perfect cover for a surprise attack plus the optimal course for an intercept meeting your sales for speed we want to catch your victim off-guard she bad it's ready to order [Applause] while ships sighted Portuguese frigate on your attack had alerted a powerful Portuguese warship at the helm is a Commodore too tough to handle on your own even worse you could lose your loot and you need help and you need it fast the captain's advantage Uruk or four against one should even the odd your site forms a tight squadron using a coordinated battle plan the enemy strikes first the first ship goes down breaking information Commodore turns his cannons on you hubris a fire absorbing the first glow your allies maneuver for position the royal fortune acts as a tank drawing the Commodores fire he unleashes its special ability in the siege world once anchored he can fire its cannons without limit [Music] slips into position with its powerful Canada its special ability delivers eight shots in a single blast creating the odds for a critical hit [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's up to you to land the killing blow the battle is won but the glitter of gold can turn you allies into deadly enemies for there is no honor among thieves [Applause] to the digital space you see hello everyone my name is Elijah Wood co-founder of Spectre vision that were known for our film content were also avid gamers and the opportunity to partner with Ubisoft was something we had to be a part of and my name is Benoit tree game director on transference together we combine a storytelling techniques of film with interactivity of video games enabling us to create this unique deep immersive world with a dark and unsettling narrative have you ever dreamed of entering someone else's consciousness exploring their darkest thoughts and most intimate secrets in transference with transference we're bringing no with trans friends are bringing a first-person exploration game into a chilling new dimension to escape you must go hands-on to search for clues solve puzzles while shifting between the perspectives of each family member and attempt to piece together the mystery this fall in VR and on traditional platforms we welcome you to uncover the secrets hiding in this mind-bending psychological thriller that will leave you with haunting memories long after you put down the controller this is transference [Applause] here's mom you're gonna sit here risk okay just hold still don't are you comfortable I know this rigs a bit cumbersome but that's always the way with these new prototypes huh and all you have to do is just just be I know things haven't been so great lately okay I've been a lousy father I'm unable mazi husband - if you're gonna sleep you've seen a run that's gone but all that is gonna change we're all gonna be together all of our hard work reverse the process all of our sacrifices that's my gift to you dad why are you doing this I love you son I love all my heart [Music] [Applause] [Music] I have waited so long for this we will sacrifice fully waiting for it let's get out there go show the most darling can do [Music] the Legion is growing there aren't enough of us we need to find help from every planet in atlas [Music] the more of us there are the stronger each of us is exactly you must feed my lead Drax isn't going to stop until we end this I will finish this thank you hello everyone I'm Laurel Melville creative director on storing battle for Atlas last year revealed our muderer starship innovation to the world and showed you how players could reconfigure it instantly to adapt to any challenge this year we're excited to show you what the or the depth of the open world that we've built and put the game directly into your hands we're going to take you on a journey 400 light-years away from Earth to the Atlas star system discover exotic planets meet fascinating local factions and forge your Alliance a grades your pilots starships and gear and only devastating combos to save at last from the relentless for the turn Legion the mission will not be easy Atlas is a dangerous place and our heroes will need all the help they can get [Music] could use a little help here do you hear me let's rock and roll boys [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I know everyone it is an honor to welcome stuff folks installing battle for Atlas isn't it all it's amazing ever since I started working on Starling I wanted to invite Fox and his crew into the game and Star Fox on Super Nintendo was the first 3d game I've ever played I'll never forget that and so for me this moment is a dream come true and this dream was only made possible thanks to our long relationship with Nintendo we can't wait to play fox under Nintendo switch I would like to give you to give a special thanks to a dear friend with wizards in the audience today ladies and gentlemen mr. Miyamoto how are you so I know you were coming today so I came with a gift you know it's the first prototype of the vessel that's your research so do you like it super so thank you very much so it is actually a vessel that has been created by the team and they they would be so happy to see you backstage so let's go and join them thank you [Applause] Thank You mr. Miyamoto and thank you even for everyone at e3 please be sure to come by the Ubisoft booth where we'll have a full hands-on demo for you to try for everyone else Starlin will launch on all consoles on october 16th with star fox as an exclusive Nintendo switch experience thank you thank you thank you so much check out starting game.com to pre-order the game right after the conference thank you so much for being here today and have a great III [Applause] [Music] [Applause] dreamers cosplayers artists tournament organizers and all of our players you are for honor hello I'm Ramon Campos Iola creative director whether it be upgraded stability with the dedicated servers release of Heroes constant balancing and new training tools we would not be here without your passion and commitment you've helped us enrich the experience thank you but actions speak louder than words right in celebration of III we are inviting new players to join so if you haven't played foreigner yet now is your chance starting today and until next Monday we are giving away the PC starter edition on you play download it this week on PC and it's yours for free so come join the fight with us but that's not all because building on everything that we've learned we are now ready to expand our world [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] No [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] after the great Cataclysm that brought Knights Vikings and samurai to fight civil war consume China warriors of the Wulin factions fought each other but failed to establish order amid the chaos for warriors of the ruling no March west with the new faction for new fighters visual enhancements and single-player concerns yet to be revealed the marching fire update is our biggest and most ambitious additions of our but this update would not be complete without answering a huge request from our community a new 44 multiplayer mode fulfilling the classic medieval fantasy know what it is the castle siege so please allow me to introduce you to this new mode bridge [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi everyone I'm Delphine dose a brand director on the creature in just a few days freedom will be yours freedom to get your hands on your dream car bike boot or plane and unleash your passion for Motorsports all across the United States the pretty releases on June 29 and we are very happy to announce that the open beta will be available on PlayStation 4 Xbox one and PC on June 21st but there's more you can pull of the open beta right now so you'll be ready to hit the road as soon as it starts from all of us at our Tower welcome to recruit you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] how can a child save us all if he's sentenced to die tell me Nicholas tell me before you let our son go where we begin does not define who we will become [Music] before you buy see a bar built by friendship and family love and loss and not shit [Music] you are sent by the gods to protect this world [Music] [Applause] [Music] you of you need us act like it [Music] as you write your Odyssey across the mountains and the Seas remember the fate of Greece journeys with you [Applause] thank you thank you I'm so Nathan's mom creative director of Assassin's Creed Odyssey Assassin's Creed Odyssey is more than just an adventure it truly is a role-playing journey you will explore on land and see one of the most iconic and influential settings in human history ancient Greece the Golden Age of Athens saw the rise of democracy modern medicine revolutionary art and Western philosophy but it was also a time of war a devastating conflict between Sparta and Athens the Peloponnesian War divided the Greek world and changed the course of history in this world of contrasts and opportunity this land shaped by the gods rage is a battle between order and chaos this is where your adventure begins you a simple mercenary an outcast to take on an incredible quest to save your loved ones and become the legendary Greece Greek hero Greece desperately needs our teams in Quebec and from around the world I've spent the last three years putting all their energy passion and dedication into this project we have continued to transform Assassin's Creed into an epic RPG experience an RPG in which you will not just play an odyssey but your Odyssey shaped by your actions and choices and the first choice you'll make at the start of the game is to choose your character panic skills or Cassandra and you played a character for the entire game you share the bloodline of a legendary Spartan hero and bear as mysterious weapon your turn [Music] there need a spear you're old enough now my father's spirit holds a certain burden but you are ready think of Leonidas he can create courage and he made a great sacrifice you share in his blood and strength he possessed the broken spear of Leonidas gives you access to powerful range combat and stealth abilities that you can unleash on your enemies and for the first time we have deeply changed the way we tell stories in Assassin's Creed you can now truly interact with history like never before perhaps when I was thin up both in weight and philosophy so tell me were you able to resolve the situation without bloodshed the rebel heart guards I relieve them hmm interesting you thought the life of a thief and a murderer was worth more than that of soldiers doing their duty I wasn't even thinking about him to be honest and what of the rebel he should be halfway to Mykonos by now oh really you let that lunatic run loose are you sure that was wise I'm not sure approaching you was wise our choices are like ripples on water they seem tiny and insignificant at the beginning but they can become devastating tidal waves by the time they run their course over the next few days you can experience this for yourself here at e3 in our playable demo and for you at home here's a full gameplay sequence of Assassin's Creed Odyssey thank you have a great III [Applause] [Music] [Music] such a beautiful island [Music] ah Mykonos island built from the corpses of giants slain by the legendary in atlas Brittany the note again eagle bearing misty us that's you we are a small but fierce group of rebels would pay you handsomely to help us overthrow our Athenian oppressors a warrior named Theo please fights with them none who faced him survive please misty us our people are dying signed Kira what did your informant tell you world has already spread of you sinking those ships there's a price on your head oh that didn't take long there's also world of Spartans landing on Mykonos so I'm here to find Kira who wants me to kill their place in Athenian ally who's at war with Sparta and don't forget the bounty business as usual then gods protect you Cassandra thanks for nervous but they'll be too busy protecting the Elise from me [Music] [Applause] mercenary this can't be good you're chasing your own you want my head come and take it [Music] you you really should have left me alone [Music] Barnabas was right Spartans have made themselves right at home I'm looking for Kira what do you want with her ha the mercenary who bears the eagle of Zeus you got my message it said something about paying me handsomely mercenaries Athenians have enslaved their people for too long help us free Mykonos from their cross and you'll have more than meal and you can carry I'm here to kill Wilk lace not go to war which is why I sent word of a rebellion to you and Sparta my men are ferocious in a ground assault but we're outnumbered and the oakley's fights with the fury of Ares join us in battle if you're half the warrior Kira says you are we'll grind these Athenians into dust all right Spartan I'll fight with you but the Okies is mine to battle them [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the further the better your life ends today [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi everyone and thank you for joining us and thanks to everyone watching from home to our teams it's an honor to work with some of the best in the world congratulations on the great show I am NOT I am an uppity I am an optimistic guy and I am particularly excited about the future of technology and the positive role games will play in shaping our society to create these games we need to work even more openly with you the gamers because we know when we do that together everything gets better so I have a great history thank you very much [Applause] hello hi everybody welcome to the post-show as promised that was an amazing conference but we're not wasting any time we're jumping right into it we're gonna show a live exclusive gameplay of the division 2 I have with me Matias Carlson method Carlson right previous calls from yours and Christian panner game director and producer respectively how you guys doing excellent yeah amazing well congrats on the exciting reveal of their Microsoft conference and obviously the amazing news during at the UV conference so today to our left we've got Yin a crossbow combat on the division two and three other deaths from the massive development team they'll be showing a four player co-op tackling a control post and Yannick will be walking us through a little bit into his strategy but first of all I want to ask you guys what are we gonna see here well this is the first of all actually the e3 demo that were showcasing here so people can play this piece off you're in LA and you're going to you free you can play what they're playing right now so that's really cool so this is uh slices you see the division to your right but this is actually their older way towards that same crash site that we saw right the perks of brief yeah yeah the crash of the air first one except right now it's happening at a different entry point than what was shown at the Microsoft conference am i right and and so obviously the big reveal was the setting Washington DC capital city of America a question I want to ask you what was the reasoning behind I can tell Savoy yes absolutely we we were very excited to show you is that to yesterday in the already build and to show more of course today we have the multiple options we investigated multiple options but for us what should only sit there like the natural choice for two obvious reasons one of course is the seat of power in US and second it's also the home of the headquarters of the division right the HQ of the division a terms right that's awesome and I can see there is no more snow nor ice can you tell us a little more about really the timeline from the division to the division to yes absolutely why should in Washington DC we are now in the middle of the summer several months after events in New York City so it's the summer the season allow us to to showcase the vibrant city where nature is now in nature is now taking over the city it's beautiful hey Anna can you do just like a pan or I guess you're in action right now but just like the pan of the of the city here I mean obviously it's beautiful in its own way it's got character getting why don't you tell us a bit more on how you plan to tackle your play through right you know spread around actually so you know we can have a bit of a tactical approach to things and not just like pace tank and so that's a we see how that plays out I think we should pay extra attention just judge him I've been judged on my hand wave over here okay so Mathias in question I I played some of the division I haven't played hundreds of hours like the thousands of players out there if there was a few things you could say about the division to that new players should know what would you said the list is long I mean we're we're very excited both us gamers at the office anaesthetise right of all the things we refined three khatoun from the division one everything from the combat to refining the RPG so there's a lot of that but also a lot of new things so I think we're they are right now the open world is one of them its first of all 20% bigger that the first game in New York it's very very faithfully recreated almost one-to-one with the actual DC that's amazing and and then sort of put you off it's a Christian you mentioned so you guys just watching the DC I'm curious did the team take any trips there to kind of really get an authentic recreation of Washington DC absolutely we have multiple trips after we choose that this setting and we met with different architects for the city with urban explorers with artists from local artists I'm sure that everything so people living in Washington DC you can kind of walk around and try to find their their homes interpretation of Washington our interpretation of Washington DC's little bit the more let's say with make more nature into it yeah absolutely but but then also did this this open world and the Division two is very much alive we put a lot of involvement and sweat an effort into creating this living world system where not just the enemy factions of the world spread out for different areas right but also the civilians that you are fighting to help them protect they're all doing things in the open world dynamically that's awesome so they're they're acting on you know needs for resources and goals want to find achieve not please to control these key strategic locations like this control point here by the way the crash site this creates a lot of movement and activity and ultimately things we need to do is play around surprise you don't know what's gonna happen around a next quarter absolutely a lot of a lot of gameplay opportunities for the player to kind of pick and choose exactly what it is that they want to do and so right now at they have each of the control I take it that's fine we're gonna you know we all enter from the same area actually we just try to rush into it and we're pushing our way through so good luck with that Matt yes so what faction are the playing against right now they're playing against faction called the true sons nasty nasty people nasty people that they that they should get rid of and so I know another big reveal big new feature that was mentioned during the Ubisoft conference are their specializations right can you tell me a little more about that specialist a she's really a that's a new extra layer in dimension 2 and gaming where you've been you've been going on this incredible journey through through the game through you know the leveling game that campaign you've been growing both power and capability right you know you've been giving you skills multiple skills weapons and gear is that rough when you get to endgame you're presented with a choice all how do you really truly want to specialize now first choice is the signature weapons that we saw in the conference right and I think it's important to note I think that what these specializations they're not like roles that a player kind of sticks to their kind of choose to grow which the skill tree my right absolutely each one of them is a progression track in itself it's not just a signature weapon and this signature weapon it's important note it it sits on top of the rest of your toolbox you're not changing something out you gaining more density right and and then very much along the lines of them the design philosophy that we have you've growing capability so you can progress one specialization all the way then the next one and the next one and you get full flexibility to - - and I need to become that because we also announced today that for the first time in a division game we'll have rates oh yeah absolutely incredible challenges you need to be prepared for that so it'll be very hard to tackle that challenge that is very cool Jannik how we doing here like that's like blowing stuff up with my grenade launcher have you been round yet so so yeah that you're playing the demolition specialists specialization am i right yes can you show us what what's signature weapon you've got a foot thick yeah I got that nice a nice grenade launcher here and so I get to make another very nice explosions you get to blow shit up yeah and our other massive developers here I believe are playing survivalist and sharpshooter am i right right I don't know if we can get the player the audience to see the skillset of the other specialists Billy that's the sharpshooter am i right that's correct yeah so the demolition mr. jank is playing has the the great renamed launcher which is all about you know radius controlling an area creating mayhem washing you know enemies a locale we're getting to several of them in the blast the same time it said absolutely where's the the sharpshooter has this super powerful sniper rifle 50 count I can penetrate several targets you can find you know your angles and line them up and this this is a feature that we have very prevalent in addition to you know the enemy marketers the weak points right associated with enemies special abilities you can tell fall of those coming in and out but looks like Yannick actually did it surprising I feel like he didn't do as good during the rehearsal but I feel like the pressure has cost himself his game all right so if well I think we're done taking over this control point now Yannick why don't you come join us over here let's uh let's talk about this so that's not too ridiculous that's okay well now that's a you're here I think we've got a free pod well is there like another player that can that you think you'd fill yeah I think you guys want to keep playing right you want to play more of it yes all right so yeah we happen to have a pink Panda just here who I think would be a great by doing okay I'm great come inside it was amazing you did like what you saw with division oh my god there's so much to look forward to you are you excited to bring a division - yes Joe excited I cannot wait how do the first time you played I hope I do well all right so let's jump right in then yeah stick to the posh balls show us what you got thank you all right Yannick so tell me how do you think you did I think my team did great so they get all the working you just like that they're walking Eric and I was basically just like trying to amazing well Yannick so as obviously comdev you come them on the division and now calm them on the division to you've played hundreds of hours much more than me of the division so playing the division - what can you tell me about that experience what's what's greatest bring division - is that as I said I played a lot of hours ok it's not so bad but still and thank the division - what I really love is that it really feels like a division experience it really feels like I'm playing the Division I directly know the controls like directly know you know how to move around how to handle it but it feels very fresh there are so many changes so many small things so many new things new skills the signature weapon still even the open space is the way to approach combats with you know it's just yeah it feels like a very competitive freshman state that's awesome if there was a if there was one or two things that you say was the most requested in the division that you could say maybe coming to the division - is there anything you talked about that I think I think specializations is something that is going to that like Division players like experienced division tails are going to love because it's it's really directly fulfilling but fantasy of like I really want to go in janitrol to like grow more and more into it especially in endgame and and so I think this is going to be something that vision players are going to learn that's awesome so let's check in with the pink pen over here I think she may be trying to tackle at the control point in a different way I mean and it's something that you can do in the division right right you can kind of really tackle and you challenge it the way that you want with a play style that that suit you right then so I think it's important note that what they're playing here this is sort of mission like this this is just one of the many open-world activities that you encounter when you're out and about exploring the world and that's another aspect of of DC being in fantastic setting for us that it's like people haven't been there it's a very diverse city in terms of its different biomes and districts that we have almost jungle like nature up around the Potomac and then these big wide-open spaces of the ball really lends themselves to open air a coma-like we saw where we can really think about okay how are we gonna approach this situation how to strategize exactly with like your your team of all players or I mean you can go at it alone if you wanted to do play you can play everything the mission yeah that's awesome I mean yeah I think we've got some we've got a question we have xx in some eggs eggs Oh who's asking is the DZ coming back absolutely we're gonna have dark zone in the division 2 is going to be a revised version of it also and it's gonna be ready at launch price that's it right in absolutely fantastic we also have a session who's asking when does the beta start and how to sign up to it what we try to do with the beta is that as long when we get closer to the launch we want to be very very prepared and so closer to 2 March 15 we're gonna we're gonna be able to give you more details about how when we gonna start the actual beta BAM okay but you can sign up now you can start up now right exactly the division comm smash pepper register now that's such a pro yes and so what kind of presents you guys can be any three this year you've got the booth the Ubisoft people can play the demo that we're seeing right now and I believe comm devs have some live streams on the Tuesday and Wednesday as well yes we're going to start on a streams tomorrow we are gonna be streaming for like two days total of like 14 hours of live stream we're gonna be showing more of the demo we're gonna be sitting down with some of you guys showing them people from the team showing people from the community we have a lot of things coming amazing and and so you you mentioned a closed beta people can register right now where is it that they can register their website I was hit up again and say register now to have a guaranteed place in the beta program that wasn't around for the day it isn't Amanda and I've got a last question when is that the division coming up the division - yes Division 2 is coming out March 15 2009 teen March 15 2009 teen Xbox one PlayStation 4 PC the data thank you for watching everybody this was the post show we showed some exclusive the division 2 gameplay met the devs thanks for spending time with us thank you and have a great III thank you very much it's about [Music] you you