Understanding AMD Ryzen 3000 4000 Series Mobile Laptop Processors

hi guys this is Ranjit and in this video let's talk about the AMD laptop processor if you recall the guys have posted some videos on some laptops based on the AMD Rison processor and quite a few of you have asked me to explain why I am doing this for example still am the two that I reviewed earlier were based on the rise in 3000 series 3400 EU process that were launched in 2019 but the latest ones are the rise at 4000 series and guys I'm just going to talk about the mobile processors that are used in laptops not going to talk about the desktop processor and stuff and um right now some of you have asked me I just want to address this question first why am i reviewing some of the AMD Rison 5 3500 series laptops because this one processor was released last year well the thing is that the new horizon 4000 series processors yes they have come but the laptops based on that are actually pretty expensive as of now in India costing almost about 15 to 18 thousand more and India being a cost competitive market I was reviewing that I will also be reviewing some horizon 4000 series based laptops in fact I was the first in India but actually put out a video on the rise in 4000 series processor with the issues FSG 14 that was the first so have covered it but let's first talk about these processors because many of you know about Intel processors and if I broadly divide until processors into three that's the core i3 that we have the lowest then we have the mid tower that is the core I find then on the higher end we have the core i7 and now we even have the core 9 and again Intel also we have specific parts for the laptops that's known as the you processor these are used in thin and light flap tops like this and they consume very less power generally about 15 watts that's the same case even with AMD first let's talk about the AMD 3000 series for these mobile processors that were launched in 2019 and the big difference is that and if I compare we have to compare it with Intel Core i eighth generation Intel is still stuck on four nanometer process for making their chips but MD even for the 3000 series was making those chips on to an an ohmmeter process hence they're a little bit more efficient and if you look at this screen shot from unten this gives us an idea about all the chips as you can see well broadly we can divide these Rison chips into three for example horizon three rise and fight risin seven and even rising 9s there and this you can relate to the antique counterpart but let's talk look at this screenshot and as you can see let's start with the rising three 3300 to you and big thing is that in AMD you stands for ultra light and thin and laptops and their TDP is just 15 watts we also have a higher-end series that is used for gaming laptops or for beef your laptops those are with heads if the processor name ends with heads those are the H series and as you can see main stream will be that it starts with that 3300 you and this actually has four cores and actually the base Wynand has just four threads but if we move to the horizon five which I have reviewed if you look at it that's the 3500 you this has actually four course but eight threads like hyper threading what Intel also had so the Windows operating sees it has eight threads and again the TDP is still 15 watts and it also has slightly better GPU if you notice the last portion it says that Vega 8 for the 3500 units that is the integrated GPU that is the graphic processor that is built on this chip so we have Vega a 23,500 you whereas with the 3300 that's slightly lower you have the Vega 6 and also the clock frequency will also change as you can see now if we move to the higher end that's the risin 7 that's the 3700 you this is also a 4 core eight thread but if you notice the clock frequency is changed and even the turbo frequency what it can ramp up is a lot higher than the risin 5 and it has that we got 10 chips and if you look we also have two other chips that is the heads these are high-performance chips hence the TDP of this one is 35 watts way more than 15 hence for gaming laptops or special case laptops we really require a lot of processing these head cities will use and still it will be have you're still getting a lot of laptops with this 3000 series of what is it chips those were launched in 2019 because now those laptops have become very affordable you can get in the price range of about 35 to about 50,000 whereas now the latest ones are the new aim the rise in 4000 series of these mobile chips that are used in laptops these were launched in early 2000 not 20 and CES and the big difference is that these are actually now made on seven nanometer process and this is a big huge leap the latest Intel laptop processors are basically the tenth generation what we call many of them are still actually on 14 nanometer yes some of them are on 10 nanometer for example this one it has this the Asus five this one is having her tenth generation one that is based on ten nanometer but many of the core i7 models of in turn are still stuck at 14 and so that gives a huge advantage to AMD in terms of the performance that they can give these actually chips run a lot cooler and give great battery life and the big thing what in AMD has done now yes if you look at this next screenshot if I open this one look at this these are the u series of processor that the fourth series one I have been talking about and if you look at it even from the baseman and that's the rise in three four thousand three hundred you this is also a proper quad core processor that means it has four cores and the case has been increased to six and but the graphic cores have big beam that is too fine but these are more efficient and still a 15 watt next if we move to this mainstream I think so this at the 4500 you rise in fine we will find in a lot of mid-range laptops moving on in 2020 and this one is actually not a quad core but as proper six core chip Intel in their laptop line even the higher and simply does not have anything they are mostly start to that a quad-core processor but this is a true six core processor and if you notice the cases also increase to 11 megabyte and as its wave install 7 nanometer process and we get huge improvement in the performance you got a huge leap in performance and next if we look at the next one that is the 4600 you this is also a 6 core processor but this has something like hyper threading so Windows operating system sees it as 12 threads so this is special so again in terms of performance it'll be great but still they managed to keep it at 15 what so great and next we have this is the rise in 7 series that is the 4700 DQ and this is actually a 8 core yes 8 proper course on a laptop you are getting with that one and again we have one more higher variant that is the 4800 u which is also actually a 8 core but again this has something like hyper threading that means Windows will see it as 16 threads this is something not seen in the laptop world and this demolishes until in fact the integrated GPU performance also of these new graphic course is very better than Intel and these are the regular use series that is the 15 what performance once but I am brie had also released that head series as I truly for performance related stuff like high-end gaming laptops etc and and this they have the 4600 H which is again a 6 core processor but again we have 12 threads on that we also have the 4800 which is octa-core 8 8 cores and 16 threads and we also have that Rison 9 that is the 4900 H which has a TDP of 45 here some of them have a TDP of 35 so again broadly not to confuse you for mainstream thin and light laptops I would say you should look at the U series of processor but if you are sorted to what is a very heavy work like daily you in terms of video editing lot of gaming or even let's say cat can kind of a stop then you should look at the head series of processor which are actually very very powerful and as of now in 2020 these new Amri rise in 4000 series of chip just demolish until in their laptop market that's the guys you always know me I try to bring new products which give you the best bang for buck that is why I am reviewing some of the horizon parts the 4000 ones also I will be doing they will be launching very soon and BIA but again in India as of now there is a huge price difference between the horizon 3000 series let's say this 3500 you and the 4500 you almost about 15 to 18 thousand price point difference which is actually huge in the Indian market blame GSP and the import taxes on whatever but in India the pricing is definitely way I higher I hope that changes but I hope this video helps you in to get an idea about the rise in processor the 3000 series as well as the 4000 series so the 3000 series will continue I think so this will go in the budget range and economy laptops and some of the new premium laptops that will be coming out will be with that 4000 series and again for thin and light it's the u series for high performance and end you'll have that H I hope this video makes sense again guys love stuff coming up on the channel so if you are still not subscribed hit that subscribe button this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys