Understanding Awareness The Staggering Depth Of Your Unawareness Revealed

Hey This is Leo. For Actualized.org and in this episode I'm gonna be talking about understanding awareness. This is a very important very foundational topic if you care about self-actualizing. Just as a quick side-note I'm changing up the video settings again trying to improve the video quality. the lighting quality, the microphone quality, so you might notice some of that stuff changing in the next couple of weeks. but lets get to our main topic which is awareness. speaking of noticing things. Man, this is such an important topic, I've actually thought about shooting This episode right here and talking about this topic for over a year. and the reason I've held back is because If I don't communicate this information right now in just the right way it will not get through to you. It will just go in one ear and come out the other and you're gonna fall right back asleep. So I've been very careful about the words I choose and how I present all this stuff because your brain will just shut me down. the first thing I want to tell you is right now you have no idea how important awareness is. No matter how important you think it is it's woefully underestimated. in your mind. even after watching this episode right here. you will only appreciate and understand perhaps 1% of the importance of awareness that it plays in your life, in your fulfillment levels, in your understanding of reality and um in your ability to be successful. and in your ability to self-actualize, it's that important. it's incredibly important. and my goal here pretty much the soul role of this episode is to just show you and convince you of how little awareness you have how much more you could have and how you deceive yourself about your lack of awareness. the reason it's so important --awareness, is because all lasting growth of any kind whether you're growing in business or relationships. uh, or you're growing with your emotions It all involves increasing awareness in one form or another. So.. I hope you can start to appreciate how absolutely essential this is and we have a big challenge here, we have several big challenges when we discuss awareness. The first one is that this word awareness, you know "awareness", this sounds like such a vague new-age word. sounds like something hippies would talk about, rasing consciousness, raising awareness but what does it really mean? and see because of this your mind has a tendency to easily dismiss these kinds of topics or to just say something like "Oh yeah Leo, I already know that" "I already know that you know, I read some Eckart Tolle and I read some stuff about awareness" "and you know I meditated a few times, I went on a retreat" "I know what awareness is." Be very careful about that because actually you don't know what awareness is. It's a very tricky thing. And knowing what it is, is one thing Actually having it is a totally different thing. Erm... What I wanna start to show you, and I will with additional episode, future episode is not just..... that awareness is very important but awareness is actually very tangible, very concrete thing its not some new age wishy washy language It's very important but it takes some time for you to start to.... to to like really see it and get it because it's not an easy topic to discuss it's a very self-deceptive and tricky topic to discuss In fact this leads us to challenge number 2 The second challenge we have for awareness is the catch twenty-two problem Why do I call it the catch twenty-two and it's this When you're unaware when you're lack awareness By definition, you're not aware that you're not aware You get that? Er, this is huge, this is a huge point Because this allows for a giant self-deception trap to happen in your mind It's like a huge blind-spot in your entire world view right here right now your level of awareness is probably at a 1, maybe a 2, maybe a 3 If you've done a lot of consciousness work It's at... maybe a 3 on a scale of 10 million On a scale of 10 million, you're out of 1, maybe a 2, maybe a 3 If like you meditate once in a while and you watch a bunch of my videos you are probably at a 3 out of 10 million and here's the problem not only this, but to you it doesnt feel like you're at a 3 because of this catch twenty-two problem when you're unaware you're not aware that you're unaware so what this means is that when you're at a 1 you feel like you're at 10 million when you're at a 2, you feel like you're at 10 million and when you're at a 3 oh man! you feel like you're at a 100 million you're like... oh but look I already progress so high up to up to a chain here look how high I am I'm not a 1 or 2, I'm a 3 There's nothing higher and this is the catch twenty-two problem and it leads to the mother of all bad assumptions which is the assumption that you are aware when in fact, you're not aware at all mind tricks you into thinking that you're aware and the, the last problem I would say that we have is that awareness cannot be taught and it cannot be bought you cannot get awareness from reading books or from... buying it from somebody or even from listening to me or even by sitting there and doing philosophy or doing religion that's not gonna get you awareness so how do you actually get awareness was a little tricky we'll get to that perhaps and I definitely will cover that in future episodes but for now, I just wanna focus on this idea of urm... showing you how asleep you actually are Have you heard about people talking about how you're in a dream state? You're asleep? You're not awake? oh that is your situation right now and I wanna show you exactly, tangibly what that really means I want to make you feel it in your bones It's one thing to know it intellectually, it's a totally other thing when you actually have a true sense of like... Oh My God! I am ASLEEP and to do that, I'm gonna be talking, mostly about one guy here today his name is Peter Respenski and he wrote a brilliant little book call the psychology the psychology of man's possible evolution he wrote this book nearly a 100 years ago it's a really tiny book, look at it it's just a couple hundred pages, it's really small actually less than a hundred pages erm... there was like 130 pages erm... man you don't even need to read the whole thing, just the first 50 pages are sufficient to really get you a sense and open your mind to just how asleep you really are erm... by the way a little background on Respenski him... and his buddy Gurdjieff they were really interested in enlightment but this was 100 years ago, before the internet before access to... erm... many of the resources we have today and they were living in Europe and Russia so it was really difficult for them to get access to this kind of information so they basically went around the urm... kind of like the Afghanistan... regions of like... southern Russia and like the northern middle east... looking for clues for how to get enlightment urm... and urm... so they have some interesting urm... adventures there but what I wanna do is I wanna talk about some of the really important points that Respenski made in his book I read this book about 3 or 4 years ago when I sort of getting really seriously involved with personal development work and I was immediately struck by the importance of this book