Unexplained Light and Energy in Earths Skies a 3200 Year Cycle 989


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good afternoon everyone signs in the heavens jellyfish sprite scene with the naked eye that's a first plasma filament ropes becoming so common mainstream science needs to try to explain it away easily explainable adding a magnetic field in a tacoma plasma reactor gets you the same results what we're seeing in the atmosphere plasma ropes some call it jacob's ladder it's been seen before it's a signal that we as a specie are able to create on this planet at a higher level this is why we're being divided to stop this ability that we're all gaining right now the signs are in the skies bank of america is predicting gold to nearly double to above three thousand dollars per ounce and gold is often the most sought after investment hedge to protect wealth during times of economic uncertainty with never ending printing by the fed we're fighting an uphill inflationary battle with this much inflation on the way only one investment stands out gold patriot gold group has no fee for life iras where your ira or 401k can be in physical gold or silver at patriot you work directly with an owner and avoid paying absurd broker fees call today or request a free investment kit patriotgoldgroup.com the links in the description box below [Music] and we're looking for electrical phenomenon because as the sun steps down in its activity state the earth's gonna need to equalize so we're gonna start to see rare phenomenon in the sky and this is one of the first to be witnessed a naked eye jellyfish sprite now normally you're gonna need cameras that are capturing 10 000 frames a second or or at the bare minimum something in the multi thousand frames per second to grab these occurring above thunderstorms these were so intense that they lasted for an entire two seconds in the sky seen with the visible eye now if these two were to electrify and step there for minutes or hours this is exactly what you're seeing on canyon walls the petroglyphs from ancient cultures ancient religions this gives you an indication on how much the layers of the atmosphere trying to discharge and reaching out into space so plasma bolts from the heavens is not out of the question and along with the changes the jellyfish sprites now visible long duration with the eyes we're starting to see these plasma filament ropes with almost every aurora so they're becoming quite visible to the average person to see now explanations are forthcoming well not really sort of they have to at least address it so scientists now propose explanation for the night glow plasma filament steve but in the article they even talk about a new mechanism for generating glowing lights is happening in our atmosphere and you'll see the original sighting of steve in this image and then moving forward into 2019 we started to see how much more intense the aurora ropes were becoming and then explained away was they thought this was a new kind of aurora but they're even saying now that the light's not even produced in the same way so there's definitely some shift in the atmosphere that's occurring right now magnetically based of course so if we jump into the current research in plasma fusion we can see something very similar in this takamak reactor they call it edge localized mode or elms these filamentary plasma eruptions occur when a magnetic field is pushed in on the chamber bottom left stable and you can see the morphing as more magnetic field strength is added to that so color is a little bit easier to see here this is the stable field and then when a change in the magnetic field is added you start to see the change doesn't matter if it's in a plasma lab or if it's in our skies we're seeing the same exact thing all based on electromagnetism the sun is going into a decreased activity state affecting the magnetic field on our planet polar wander our poles are moving to new areas we're in uncharted territory unless you're looking at cycles and we're repeating one right now and when ancient verses speak of signs in the skies i would have to say this would be one and as we now start to look at petroglyphs in a different light they make sense what you're seeing on the walls before these were discredited and i don't know why the ancients left us so many markers so much knowledge and they were ridiculed as child like paintings no they weren't they were showing you exactly what was happening in the heavens and my thought is if it's getting this intense already would it eventually in the next few years come into something like this where we start to see streamers multiples of heading through the skies this is what's on canyon walls because if you saw that you'd probably leave something like this on rock as well as a warning for the next generations the next societies to say hey there was something very strange that happened we witnessed it you might not understand it right this second but we're leaving you a marker and the jacobs ladder is this a connection plasma filaments from our skies to our bodies through the heavens these changes that allow us to manifest or some change happening within not only our resonant field of the body but the earth itself and the sun our solar system i firmly believe this is part of the reason that we are being kept away and taught to fight each other right now we were separated six feet and now we are fighting each other because this is so dangerous for the powers that be that we as a specie come together and start to manifest and think into the light and their darkness instantly stops they'll disappear from our field of vision for another twelve thousand years so look at the global events around you and the celestial events is intertwining and know that this pivot point for a lot of incredible intense magnetic effects between the sun and the four gas giants is right here in 2024. look how close we are to this look what's happening on our planet do you think there's a connection i sure do that's why i spent the time to make the video hope you got something out of it we're definitely going to be transiting to more self-sufficient lifestyles you might want to have some long-term food storage just in case during these times and also think how you your neighbors and your families can grow more food together my patreon supply and adapt 20 30 links in the description box below it's another way to support the channel so i can bring in more research like this and all of the images and stories in tonight's videos are also in the same description box below the video thanks for watching and i'll see you next time you