University Challenge S38E12 Kings Cambridge vs Edinburgh

University Challenge asking the questions Jeremy Paxman tonight's winners will go through to the second round the losers could also get a chance to stay in the contest if their score is among the four highest losing scores of these first round matches so it's in all their interest to answer as many questions as possible preferably accurately King's College Cambridge is making a rare appearance it hasn't entered a team since the 1980s it was founded in 1441 by Henry the sake to serve boys from Eton College but in more recent times it's had one of the highest state school intakes of any Cambridge College the world famous Chapel is one of the city's most striking landmarks John Maynard Keynes was a student here as were Rupert Brooke and Iain Forester who also became a fellow tonight's team have an average age of 21 let's meet them hello I'm Thomas Hooper originally from roughly in Hertfordshire and I'm reading for PhD in classics hi I'm James Archer originally from Rochester and Ken and I'm studying social and political sciences and their captain I am between a girls I'm from London and I'm doing a PhD in developmental biology hi I'm Matthew Olin I'm from York and I'm reading French and Italian the university isn't what it used to be according to Margaret Mountford on the TV series The Apprentice earlier this year tonight's team are doubtless key to change that impression it was the fourth University to be founded in Scotland receiving its Charter from James the sixth in 1582 former students includes the Walter Scott Charles Darwin Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Gordon Brown and in the 1800s two other names attached to the University were Burke and Hare the murderers who supplied cadavers to the medical school tonight steam with an average age of 22 all have functioning pulses let's meet them hello I'm Ben Gazza and I'm studying biochemistry hi I'm Mike Blumenthal from Chester and I'm studying biology and their captain hi I'm Adam burns originally from Bristol and I'm studying history hi I'm Neil MacDonald from clay bank and I'm studying history and history of art okay you must saw know the rules so fingers on the buzzers here's your first starter for ten from now the pound abroad is worth fourteen percent or so less in terms of other currencies it does not mean of course that the pound here in Britain in your pocket or purse or in your bank Kings Hoopa Harold Wilson Harold Wilson indeed straightening devaluation so you get the first set of bonuses Kings college there on the Commonwealth in which Commonwealth country have recent governor's general included Adrienne Clarkson the Chinese descent and michaëlle Jean a Haitian born journalist who was appointed in 2005 Canada Canada correct which country was suspended from the Commonwealth in December 2006 after commander bany Marama seized power in a military coup gimme that was Fiji three Commonwealth countries are also members of the European Union the United Kingdom and Cyprus are to which Mediterranean island Republic is the third not indeed another starter question what given name links Saltzburg Cathedral the territory of the Hudson Bay Company the sequel to the prisoner of Zenda a flamboyant cavalry commander of the English Civil War and a fictional bear created by Kings Walland Rupert yes your bonuses Kings College our own poetry fathers with broad belts under their suits mothers loud and fat an uncle shouting smut and then the perms the nylon gloves and jewelry substitutes the lemons molds and olive oh cos that marked off the girls unreal leaf from the rest in which poems are those lines occur no it's the wits and weddings by Philip Larkin which word completes this verse by AE Housman loveliest of trees the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bow and stands about the woodland ride wearing white for evening tide those Eastertide because I do not hope to turn again is the opening line of Ash Wednesday a profession of faith by which poet who joined the Anglican Church in 1927 catchman no it's TS Eliot ten points for this what was the surname of the Tory politician who was Prime Minister of Britain in coalition with the Whigs in 1827 and of his son who was governor-general of India and Eber MacDonald pick no afraid you lose five points who is governor-general of India from 1856 suppressed the Indian Mutiny and later became the first Viceroy of India anyone at Kings no I'll tell you it's caning ten points for this what astronomical parameter is very roughly equal ten to the minus ten per year is more commonly expressed in units of kilometers per second per megaparsec and describes the expansion rate of the universe edinburgh lands yeah no any one to bust from Kings Kings Wallen and the Hubble constant it is the Hubble parameter or Hubble constant yes your bonuses are on history begun by students protesting the 1919 award of part of its territory to Japan and extend it to strikes and boycotts the may 4th movement was an awakening of national consciousness in which country China correct on may the 4th 1471 King Edward the fourth defeated a Lancastrian army at which town close to the river 7 in Gloucestershire cheeks be correct may the 4th 1896 marked the first publication of which popular newspaper described by Lord Salisbury the prime minister as by office boys for office boys regarding male 10 points for this whether writing about tulips and elm trees her experiences as a daughter and a wife or her suicide attempts there is always an undercurrent of terror in her works these words describe which poet born Boston 1932 and Umbra Byrnes Sylvia Plath correct your bonuses are on a scientist Edinburgh the discovery that the electron was a subatomic particle was made in 1897 by which scientist at the Cavendish laboratory in Cambridge while studying cathode rays Thompson it was JJ Thompson proposed which model of the atom whereby the atom is composed of electrons surrounded by a super positive charge to balance the electrons negative charge come on a seven answer nominate Blumenthal and the pudding model but I think I'll accept that this note is the plum pudding model as part of his exploration into the composition of Canal Ray's JJ Thompson found isotopes of which gas of atomic mass 20 and 22 respectively come along nitrogen no it's Neal we're going to take our first picture around now for your picture starter there you're going to see a diagram representing geological time from around 540 million years ago to the present day ten points if you can identify the name of the era indicated with a question mark Kings gold the Triassic know anyone to bus of Edinburgh Edinburgh burns Mesozoic it is the meter sir yes that was a diagram of the phanerozoic eon whose name derives from the greek for visible life your picture bonus is a diagram of the same eon with the names of three geological periods missing all you have to do is name them firstly for five points period a no that's the Devonian secondly what's be triassic no it's the Paleogene and finally see transect that is the triassic yes right ten points for this jocularly cited as a link between Adolf Hitler and Bing Crosby what six letter word can denote an underground bomb-proof shelter and a sand filled obstacle on a golf course super glue man Tom bunker bunker is right yes take the lead there on a philologist the law stating that the relationship between certain consonants in Germanic languages and their originals in indo-european often called the first Germanic sound shift is also known by the name of which German philologist who set it out in detail in 1822 nominate Gaza Monson no it's grim Jacob el grim Grimm's law in 1837 jacob grimm teaching with his brother at the university of göttingen was exiled from which German kingdom after joining a protest against its rulers abolition of its liberal constitution no it's Hannover nominated for a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival which director made the Brothers Grimm in 2005 the first film he competed for seven years Terry Gilliam correct another starter question what is the common name of the bird sterner Paradiso which migrates from it's summertime breeding area within the Arctic Circle to the edge of the Antarctic pack ice in winter Edinburgh Bloomington the albatross and you want to buzz from kings it's the Arctic Tern ten points for this in 2007 the French engineer Pascal Cotte announced that using a high-definition camera he had found the first evidence of the existence of eyebrows where Kings gold the Mona Lisa yes did you get that your bonuses are on honey in the Bible Kings in each case give me the book of the Old Testament in which the following words appear firstly and after a time he returned to take her and he turned aside to see the carcass of the lion and behold there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcass of the lion no its judges behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Immanuel butter and honey shall he eat that he may know to refuse the evil and choose the good no that's from Isaiah to the Old Testament I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good land and a large unto a land flowing with milk and honey Exodus correct right we're going to take a music round now you're gonna hear a movement from a well-known piece of classical music all you have to do to get yourselves 10 points is to identify the composer of the work Ping's gold Stravinski mr. Minsky's from the Rite of Spring yes your furnace is three more extracts from Bally's by Russian composers five points if you can name the composer in each case firstly the composer of this ballet originally performed in November 1945 Shostakovich no that's from coffee of Cinderella secondly this composer from a ballet of 1934 just eclipsed again that was Shostakovich from the age of gold and finally the composer of this ballet of 1892 Chekhov ski it is right another starter question which English County links the linguist and dialectologists Peter Trudel Admiral Horatio Nelson Allen Smethurst the singing postman and the turkey tycoon Bernhard Mathews Kings Wallen Norfolk yes your bonuses Kings are on European history a patron of the Arts whose illegitimate progeny is said to have numbered around 300 or Gustus the strong of Saxony in 1697 became king of which country payment correct an illegitimate son of all justice Maurice de sacs was a military commander noted for his victory over a British Army at Fontenoy during which war the war of the Spanish Succession no it's the War of the Austrian succession in which city to the northwest of Dresden did or Gustus in 1710 found that porcelain works whose wears later bore a trademark of crossed swords leipzig it's Mason ten points for this what name is given to a positive integer whose factors excluding itself sum to a number greater than it for example twelve whose factors one two three four and six some 216 kings Hooper an excessive number know anyone's possible number you either know it or you don't you don't okay it's abundant ten points for this according to Adam Smith equity certainty convenience and efficiency are the four principles under which what governmental system or institution should operate and Umrah burns Parliament know anything about some Kings things one democracy no its taxation ten points for this the transplantation of which human organ one of the very few in the body that can regenerate itself from as little as 25% of its citizen in bergüzar liver the liver is correct your bonuses Edinburgh are on quotations wild melancholy and elevating who described the siblings verse with these words in 1850 Mary Shelley no Charlotte brontë talking about Emily what did the philosopher Francis Bacon describe as a kind of wild justice which the more man's nature runs to the more Hort law to weed it out vigilantism though it's revenge which of her prime minister said Queen Victoria described in 1892 as an old wild and incomprehensible man of 82 and a half lanceton let's write another starter question ridiculous capitis and particulars called porous the latter a carrier of typhus are parasitic insects more commonly known by what name Kings Hoover fleas anymore two busts of Edinburgh and Abra McDonald mosquitos their lice ten points for this Habib Bourguiba became the first president of which country following its independence from France in 1956 six years before that of its neighbor Algeria and Abra Bloomington Libya then he walked about some Kings Kings Hoover Morocco no it's Tunisia ten points for this utter bilge was an assessment expressed in 1956 by Sir Richard Woolley on his appointment as astronomer royal to what concept was he referring and a Braganza space travel space travel is right yes okay your bonuses are on mares Edinburgh born in Liverpool John Archer became London's first black mayor when in 1913 he was elected to that office in which South London borough which is now part of one's worth Brixton no it's Battersea thought to be medieval in origin the ceremony of weighing the mayor on taking and leaving office is peculiar to which of Buckingham should town no idea it's High Wycombe shared with members of the Privy Council what honorific style is given to the Lord mayors of London Cardiff Belfast and York right honourable correct we're going to take a second picture round now for your picture starter you're going to see a painting ten points if you can name the artist and it brands is it until easel attract it is to lose the trick Garcia don't we get all the picture bonuses you'll be level pegging three more paintings by French artists of the late 19th and early 20th century five points for each artist you can identify correctly firstly this one yes a that correct secondly this one yeah go girl no that's riddle and finally this one yeah let's go again this girl going yes another side of question the Lateran Treaty of 1929 established the sovereignty and independence of which European and Hebrew bonds that's consisting petaca city is right your bonuses are on botany in flowering plants what name is usually given to the enlarged end of a stalk to which the flower is attached you're all allowed to confer if you watch and I think I want an answer now let's have it please and there's the receptacle what specific botanical term describes the tuft of hairs on the seeds of thistles dandelions and similar plants which assists wind dispersal no name Gaza down no it's Pappas what is the name of the free upper part of the style within the pistol to which a pollen grain adheres before fertilization stigma correct never start a question from Greek words meaning for equal and tongue what name is given to a line on a map delimiting the area in which a given linguistic feature occurs Kings Wallen I so costs correct at these bonuses you'll retake the lead there on the international phonetic alphabet or IPA used in dictionaries as a guide to pronunciation which mathematical symbol is used in IPA to represent the sound in ship and sugar pie there's the integral sign in IPA which letter of the alphabet is used to represent the initial sound in the word useful okay correct what name is given two vowel sounds whose IPA symbols are followed by a colon come on articulated there long vowels ten points for this what links the titles of a 1957 novel by Nevil Shute a 1990 novel by William Boyd in 1996 double by Alex garland and the 2007 novel Kings Archer beach beaches right yes your bonuses are on battlefields in each case give the English County that is the location of the following firstly for five points the Battle of Bosworth of August 1485 the outcome of which established Henry Tudor on the English throne correct the village of Naseby which in 1645 witnessed the last major battle of the main phase of the English Civil War no phantoms correct the plain of Sedgemoor where the Duke of Monmouth was defeated by James the second troops in July 1685 something correct five and a half minutes to go ten points for this the title character of a novel by gore Vidal which Roman Emperor is often Anna Braganza Julian Julian is right your bonuses now are linked by a French adjectives what is the title in the original French of the lost domain the 1913 novel by elephone ei about a young man's search for a girl he has seen only briefly let's have it please no no it's lagron moon la grande odalisque a painting of a nude concubine with an elongated back in the Mannerist style is by which early 19th century near classical French artists angra correct lagron shat the large Puente least painting of a Sunday afternoon by the Riverside is by which French artist Sarah Sarah is right ten points for this which unit of measurement originated with the instrument for surveying land devised by the 17th century English astronomer Edmund Gunther consisting of 100 links and equal to 66 feet and abra bands chain chain is right that puts your level thinking again your furnaces could give you the lead there on Queens of England in each case named the King of England to whom the following were married firstly for five points Eleanor of Castile Richard the second note was Edward the first secondly eleanor of provence no that was Henry the third and finally Eleanor of Aquitaine and was Henry the second it was Henry the second yes ten points for this delivered at a military base in January 1978 Emilio Marcus Palma is the first person known to have been born on which continent and Abra blue Matar and Antarctica is correct you're famous essential elements in the body in each case name the element the ions of which metal activate ATP A's during muscular contraction and I found as a major constituent of tooth enamel and bone calcium correct which element is an oxygen carrier in the blood pigment hemoglobin iron correct which halogen is found in bone and tooth enamel as a trace element it's absolutely being associated with tooth decay fluorine chlorine fluorine is correct yes ten points for this or Aryan in is the Welsh name for which South American country we're settlers landed from about 1860 Kings gold Iroquois they lose five points for about 1865 war was to form a Welsh speaking colony and Abra bans Patagonia Argentina now you I can't accept that it is Argentina but you said Patagonia first another started question pronounced an aspirated in North America what word can be defined as a plant some part of which group kings Hooper herb is right here your bonuses there are adjectives from the names of planets in each case listen to the definition then give me the adjective and the planet from which it's derived firstly for five active sprightly ready witted quick and changeable in temperament mercurial in mercury correct second grave gloomy dark brooding and melancholy saturnine correct finally joyous hearty convivial and good humoured correct ten points for this starter question known to its citizens as highest arm which landlocked country is bordered by Georgia Azerbaijan Turkey and Iran Kings wollen Armenian Armenia is right these photos it will give you the lead again there are musical notes in American musical notation the quaver is called an eighth note what is the English equivalent of the American sixty-fourth note usually the shortest note found in music Hemi Demi semi Kramer correct and English breve is equivalent to an American double whole note what is the American equivalent of a crotchet could quickly minute it's a quarter knows how many Demi semi quavers are there in a half note sixteen sixteen is right ten points for this starter question which war was brought to an end by the surrender of forces under the command of General Cornwallis at Yorktown and Abra Gaza the American Revolution the American War of Independence is correct here are your bonuses there on travel works by novelist a tour through the eastern counties of England is a work of 1722 by which novelist and adventurer quickly Kipling no it's Daniel Defoe be being a rambling but truthful account of what one man saw and heard and felt in thought forms part of the subtitle of what 1934 work of social reportage ready to compare no it's English journey by Priestley echoing previous account English journey or the road to Milton Keynes is in 1984 worked by which novel is born Liverpool 1934 come on it's Farrell Bainbridge ten points for this appetite ports gypsum calcite topaz fluoride although clays corundum talc and diamonds are the defining and a problem on tile Mohs scale the Mohs scale of relative hardness is correct your bonuses are on radio antenna what name is given to the simplest radio receiving and transmitting antenna consisting of two wires or rods arranged end to end with a gap between them the seven arms anyway dipole named after its Japanese inventors in 1926 which antenna consists of a dipole and an array of elements typical of FM radio and terrestrial TV aerials no it's a yang array in a receiving yagi array what is the name of the element well that was a great game thank you both very much indeed Kings 180 I should think you might well be coming back as one the highest-scoring losing teams it's a very good and closely fought match as I say Edinburgh 190 you just squeaked back so you're definitely back for the second round I hope you can join us next time for another first-round match but until then it's goodbye from King's College Cambridge apparently it's goodbye from at Emory University and it's goodbye for me goodbye thanks in a battle of the BlackBerry puddings prepare for the what list jelly you've ever seen in what to aim their while simply knowing things isn't quite enough arm beat we'll see for now her has Victoria currents new quiz show only connect continues you