Unsolved Supernatural Season 2 Teaser Trailer


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hey everybody just letting you know there's a new season at BuzzFeed unsolved supernatural coming your way ten episodes one every week every Friday starting April 7th it's gonna be a great time we're actually shooting it right now in this Spooky's he'll locations if you don't see me again it's probably because I got murdered by a ghost it's gonna happen hopefully it's him not me no it's gonna be gonna be here it's gonna be you all right enjoy the trailer all of a sudden I started hearing what sounded like all of the windows and doors were just shaking violently things get thrown out and they hear things a couple of people have seen them you know off in the distance what is that right if this is the one where we die you're gonna have a lot of explaining to do do you believe I do believe is that oh my god are you okay in there leaving the floor just should I just got the chills I think you just want to believe it's out there but you don't really want to see it [Music] into hell we go [Laughter] you