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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture and I'm Tony born from what culture happy Valentine's Day I love you Eric mugen Hagen this is Venu this is indeed the news and Story number one we have an update on Ronda Rousey's WWE future now obviously this has been in the press quite a lot lately ever since old shagger Dave reported in the Wrestling Observer a few weeks ago that she is very likely done after WrestleMania 35 now there's been all kinds of speculation since then we know that she's probably gonna do a triple threat with big chars flair and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35 but shagger dave's colleague friend of the channel Brian Alvarez has come out a wrestling observer alive stating that he is 85 percent certain that WrestleMania 35 will not be the end for Ronda Rousey but she will only wrestle one more match after that so the current frame of mind is that she'll do the triple threat and then she'll wrestle Becky on the May pay-per-view which is currently penciled in as backlash and then probably presumably leave to start a family that seems fair enough inand to be honest that kind of solves all the problems in Richmond yeah because I think a lot of people complaining along with the fact that they're not happy that shawn has been inserted into the WrestleMania main event which is sort of what they want they want this backlash of why is she in there that whole boys are healed like you're supposed to be angry but once I yeah this is wrestling that's how it works yes this is people being correct about who they're angry about being in the media at WrestleMania so if you go by that formula and fingers cross Becky Lynch wins the belt by as you mentioned yet they tapping out Charlotte and you have a really good storyline there and it and another match that everyone wants to see I think backlash could be really well okay but that is the main event as well yeah if that's the main event I mean you can you can finish off the Becky and Charlotte storyline in the triple threat or WrestleMania and then you can finish off the Becky Ronda storyline one month later Ronda can go away she can do her thing and she can come back someday which are all kinds of fresh opportunity if they do do that to like you to evacuate beating both shala and Rhonda and then Rhonda on their own in a one-on-one match that'd be fantastic pretty big speaking of people leaving WWE Shagga Dave is reporting that Vince McMahon doesn't like the optics of people leaving WWE yes he's finally realized that people all over the world asking to leave your company oh please it was good look yes he apparently doesn't won the perception that guys want to leave WWE which you know concerning atmosphere theories fostered in doodly for the past probably between control aside from limiting the amount of news that comes out about people wanting to leave but especially now with aw being this new competition everyone is buzzing about I can do about it yeah it strikes me as a gross amount of insecurity from Vince McMahon I mean yeah I know surprise surprise right but I mean like man surely if you're worried about like the idea that people now see other viable options elsewhere surely the best thing to do is to make your place the undeniable best option and to do that you probably have to switch things up a bit in WWE now again this is just further proof the AAW is reintroduced competition to the wrestling business this is reportedly the reason why the revival won the side tails it's apparently why I'm dry these getting pushed it's there are so many little bits and pieces as yww trying to sign all these wrestlers up to contracts when your deals expire off in the next two years and the idea of vince mcmahon just kind of sitting there in his office like looking at these aew google metrics go up and up and up and listen to things like the revival or unhappy the users are unhappy dean ambrose is leaving all this stuff and kind of shivering they're crying in a corner it's pretty fun I love the fact that this is the most typical Vince McMahon realizes something far too like there's almost like there's another choice know what's going on but it's very exciting yeah exactly exciting and speaking of very exciting how was that not a segue the woman's type team championships they debut this weekend at the Elimination Chamber in a match that has entirely too many people there will be 12 people in that chamber that's gonna be bloody mental anyway they're debuting and there's not date from wrestle votes who reckon the woman's tag-team titles in order to solve the problem of perhaps the roster being a little bit thin they're gonna bounce between draw and smite on but not necessarily every single week so the current plan ww have is that they're gonna have more talent crossover in general we've seen Becky and Charlotte appealing on Raw we will be seeing more things like that over the coming weeks amongst the tag titles will play into that so you'd imagine this is no great surprise obviously this is kind of what we've considered all along but you'd imagine whoever wins it will go to raw for a feud come back a few mostly and go to smart down for a few to a fight you know working a crazy road schedule and appearing on every show up and make fun of it look you know I know we have brand exclusive tag teams for the men and eventually me may have that for the women at the time being when you look at the talent even the six teams they put in the Elimination Chamber it's not the strongest of tag teams is it they've just gone Naomi and Carmelo you to your friend so yeah yeah so I think it's beneficial for them for not over stretching themselves and it's also gonna keep things fresh like you say in terms of the fact that you establish a tag team that does well on Smackdown and then the tag team champions come over and fight them and what-have-you I think it's good and I always think interchangeable talent between Raw and SmackDown is gonna be a good thing to just keep things unpredictable yeah absolutely I completely agree I don't think there are it's simply a case of numbers like I don't think there are enough woman on Raw or smart down on their own to harbor a second women's division with the tag titles but mixing them up works it's a good idea perhaps they'll even throw them Internet scene you could get like maybe seeing a new sheriff in teaming up lately that would be the horse woman that would be really really good to see final piece of news today well actually before a major New Japan announcement before we get to that now a big announcement about total divas Ronda Rousey and Sonya Deville are gonna be joining the cast of total divas from next season but we are gonna be losing the Bellas and Paige from total divas as well as rusev and Lana and they are going to be continuing to do they do their own total Bella series and producing total divas but yes they will not be able to ironic Ronda Rousey makes a lot of sense to get a big name on there so you do those interesting one as well Sonya Deville is an interesting one because obviously she's a rising star she's still making a name on smart down she's very young still improving ba-ba-ba-ba I'm gonna put my hair up but I don't have much of it and square up right now because I think this is a really positive move I think Sonya Deville has great potential to be a really positive role model in the rest and community as an LGBT you BL g btq ambassador she is a very positive role model she is somebody that is going to have a long prosperous career with the couple with the component with the company she's already very good at this young age yes and for her to kind of get this exposure level and breakthrough on tool divas Ozma and eros did back in the day and she was known as Amanda this this is only gonna be good for her career right yeah exactly and the pressing of the the the people appearing on total divas is always good and they've always made more sense I think to have the Bellas on total Bella's and not until he was an allow them to establish exactly acts and further showcase into the audience right let's move on on this strap in for this big new Japan announcement right this is a big one gone so the news broke smarting a hot box date as we already knew you know Japan are coming back to the UK for their first ever they had shows last year but they were cooler by retro this year the one coming up in August 31st at the copper box arena in London is the first Seoul new Japan show in the UK everything how do we announcement this morning stating basically not an abundance of details here but the show is called royal quest I have the local here and they wonderfully talented add Nicholas cool because you move like pop it up on the screen and we have some details they basically say here that three of our top Japanese wrestlers have been confirmed that they will be on the cart and they will be bringing New Japan Pro Wrestling fighting spirit to the heart of the UK's capital but then they go on to say we will let you know who they are next week at the same time as we announce ticket details so a few slivers of information there but the idea that they're bringing three top stars is pretty interesting me and the great Michael Han flight we're at the DNC we're off not an answer I mean the great Michael Han flavor in the UK shoes at last August or September I think it was it altering them and it was guys like okay demand over Suzuki told me he de on the cart you bump into our car Los Cabos Yoshi Hoshi actually and we saw with Yosh we did bumper together of us as well but we also saw Yoshi Hoshi and they all went to dinner in a restaurant Yoshi has him in earlier came out the hotel couldn't find them we watched him walk around the streets while we were eating chicken nuggets when the speeds of offering them for about five minutes we didn't have the heart to go up to him because he's too massive scaly British guys you know what he tell you probably be Assad to be fair and eventually he gave up looking for them and he sailed for a takeaway and presumably a wank in his hotel room [Music] [Laughter] WWE let's start with el chavo Ruiz on Twitter who said do you think Daniel Bryan will lose his title at WrestleMania or just before the Saudi Arabia show since he probably doesn't want to go hashtag this is the news that's a very good point isn't it they could well do that because Daniel Bryan is not going to compete in Saudi Arabia again especially with that hemp milk and I think you may have felt by then I think that there's a very strong chance that WWE will actually keep the belt on him and as absurd as this is try to use Daniel Bryan to turn the Saudi Arabian show's baby face well I yeah I think cuz you know the whole thing they're doing is that Daniel Bryan is genuinely making good points we should be less consumers we should be looking after the planet but he's doing in a really condescending way I think on air they're gonna turn the backlash at those shows have had and how Daniel Bryan kind of preached against them and you hope that people will see them as a good thing because WWE are stupid yeah I can't see them taking the belt and just the other of Saudi Arabia show at least I hope not oh yeah I can't see them doing something like that now you say or even just at the bare minimum him saying I'm not flying to Saudi Arabia that's gonna damage the planet even more I will defend the title here no please okay let's move on next to Alexander catapodis I'm not laughing at Alexander Korda some laughing Adam Nicolas making funny signs behind the camera he says if you guys could bring back the brood to any wrestling promotion in a feud with a stable how would you do it oh how would you bring back the brood well there's got to be some kind of mud golf angle hasn't it perhaps some kind of choke charge resurrection Gangrel he's back and Edge and Christian are apparently dead he resurrects them against the garlic out the way and all stakes for the god damn heart and I would have them feud with Ravens flock because that would be just grimy and grungy and weird Goff's versus smelly stoner skinner grunge guys I'm into that I like the idea of them all coming up ala Alastair black so I've just sort of ended that way round that's cute so they they Alistair Black is getting the crap beat now as it's been happening on NXT by the undisputed era he needs a team to come in and say Liam they've got a forum for their straightaway edge christine Gangrel announced a black versus the undisputed error and I just liked a mental image of all of the undisputed era covered in blood basically just imagine you know someone like a Kyle O'Reilly with his facial expressions when he gets I want to say gunge - That's not me that's getting yeah yeah TV Oh delighted and Dave Manson Phillips oh oh man it's warden here as well as good but yes I'll have them beauty of this final question today in honor of Valentine's Day happy Valentine's Day to you comes from Deena Emanuel who says who are some of your favorite wrestling couples apart from this one obviously the iconic - you'll endure me asleep and ooh thinner wrestling couples there Randy in Elizabeth of course sentimental one and Goldust and Marlena ah you what miss Maurice oh you're good you're close the better couple was of course Maurice and Ted DiBiase because you can really believe in that relationship become some money the measure Maurice ace actually relationship goals for myself and my fiance so specifically the MS Murray stress stop is John Cena in the keep indeed yes and the other wrestling couple that I have to mend because they play it so well and it's off it's still genuine obviously but it also works as part of their storyline and I wish they'd done more with them aside from his issues away from their English they've done more with them on the main roster and that is Mike and Maria Kanellis their entrance theme is a joy to behold and their whole smoochie yeah over there yeah yeah it is absolutely fantastic and of course I should say Daniel Bryan and AJ stars the healthiest relationship they had was it okay let's move on to today's and finally indeed something we are gonna go back in time from a very news report from 1986 this day I wasn't even born in 1986 neither was I Michael hable it was like 23 1986 February 14th okay so that's what 20 no more than that 33 years ago yep 33 years ago I'll just read you the headline it says wrestler shows all in brief appearance thanks to the guy's a squared circle for this one it's reported that it says it was some inner out of the Ring action in the early hours of Thursday morning in Fresno the highlight of the show says the news report according to Fresno police was when Cowboy Bob Orton all 6 feet 3 inches tall and 252 pounds of him stood nude on the 5th floor balcony outside his room at the Holiday Inn Center Plaza challenging officers and a lot of another little little tidbit here rowdy roddy piper and Dan the Magnificent Muraco were there as well they had a disturbance at the old Fresno Hofbrau just shortly before 2:00 a.m. according to police a patron at the old Fresno was seated at the bar when a man later identified as rowdy roddy piper picked him up off a stool and slammed him to the floor I love you Roddy Piper oh well a couple of things Camila I love that they've written it as Dan of the Magnificent Muraco good one guys and also it's not like a relative of Randy Orton to do everything a little crazy indeed any more old-school funny rest of the news stories please send them my way on Twitter I'm at a DIN were born you can follow him on twitter at and EH murray but our today's where evidence probably don't do that and you can follow all of the edits other Nicolas at its Adam Nicolas you can follow us all on Twitter at what culture WWE and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and check out our wrestling podcast by searching for what culture s sing on either iTunes or Spotify my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching happy Valentine's Day tell someone you love them today we will see you soon I won't you bet I love you come Paul