Ups And Downs For Shane McMahons Career

[Applause] hello what culture my name is Simon I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart the thing that keeps me alive as well as my brain for tuning into this very special edition of ups and down so I'm sure you watch it when we do it weekly for Raw Smackdown and wrestling pay-per-view there have been the odd occasion where we've done it for restless careers and we're kindly gonna do that again today we're gonna switch it up like we always do on the boxer now are we gonna do it for the money man Vince McMahon's son that came out of his penis that's not how biology works I am of course talking about Shane McMahon now in many ways he's had a very divisive career because some people really like the young McMahon and some people think he should never have been a wrestler to begin with so there's only one way to figure it out there's only one way to decide whether Shane McMahon had a glorious path through the world of wrestling this up those doubts [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I know that Shane McMahon appeared in a few guises before he had a proper role for example I think the first time we actually saw him was as one of the background faces as WWE negotiated their 1998 Mike Tyson deal but one of the first things I remember him doing consistently was being a commentator on Sunday Night Heat when we're talking about that it's got to get it down to be fair to it man you couldn't fault his enthusiasm although that's not actually true because that's exactly where all the criticism came from it was like given a bunch of sweets to a kid allowing that kid to have a massive sugar rush and then putting him on TV Shane went absolutely ballistic and you know it seems a little unfair to criticize Shane here because even have the experience he was literally just put on TV and told you go and commentate on all the matches but his ups and downs I have to look through his career and give things ups or downs that's why it gets it down he just wasn't very good as a color commentator that soon transitioned into a character role though and at that he was alright at it getting up coming to odds with his dad initially who even demoted him to a lowly referee after he found out that Shane had gone behind his back and given Stone Cold Steve Austin a contract it didn't take long before them a man's came together because yes Shane turned on Stone Cold Steve Austin at the Survivor Series in 1998 that story is still brilliant when you watch it today I'm a huge part of that's work was McMahon jr. jr. he wasn't referee as we say at the time and as he slid into the ring to officiate between stone cold and mankind he gave her the old one he gave it the old two and then he looked Austin dead in the eyes and he flipped him off see I've said to myself there and it was revealed I don't know Vince and his boy ray in cahoots this was the forming of the corporation and sure you could argue did we really need Shane in a group like that but I would say that we did seeing father-and-son the ring was just fun if nothing else and also proved that Shane had the chops to be an actual in-ring kind of a guy or at least a character I mean he was still rough around the edges but he proven his point it was never just gonna stay like this though given that Shane McMahon was the son of Vince McMahon eventually I think we all knew he was gonna transition into the ring and become a real rasslin and that did happen as he had a feud against x-pac you know what you know and I get there still issues today that were also prevalent back here as the internet will let you know on a day to day and yeah it was mostly Sean Waltman carrying all of this but it takes two to tango and Shane McMahon turned up with his dancing shoes on their match at WrestleMania had plenty of bells and whistles but it was far better than most expected and there was a load of fun in there I mean Triple Eight turned on d-generation X and we had the Mean Street posse interfering too and let me tell you this anything with the mainstream posse gets enough hence why this gets enough I love the Mean Street posse they were fantastic in short then it worked and it was all for the European Championship as well everybody forgets about that now mostly because the European Championship was taken and stomped into the ground like this this ticked on for a little while before of course we got Vince McMahon versus Shane McMahon and well down within this period not only was the Union forced upon us but also we had a foe Vince McMahon face turn that eventually resulted in the corporate ministry revealing their higher power as Vince McMahon and go and read everything attached to that now none of it makes sense like it's actual gibberish the story arc full of potholes I mean the mean that came out the other side is gold I love the hole it was me Afton it was me all along after we took his hood off but this was all about Vince McMahon within the narrative that we were told terrorizing his own daughter Stephanie just so that he could get back at Steve Austin while at the time he was also helping it also marginalised Shane just a little bit he faded into the background but eventually we got to the king of the ring 1999 where dad and his boy took on Stone Cold Steve Austin and whoever one who ever climbed the ladder and grab the briefcase would become the 100% owner of the WWE you want to know what happen there of course you do that's why you're watching the briefcase just as stone-cold was about to grab it magically floated off into the air and today almost 20 years later we still don't know what happened I'm gonna say it was the genie from Aladdin there was a dish Vince McMahon found the lamp he rubbed it wok genie came out and said my wish is for you to screw Stone Cold Steve Austin and he did so as an era of time there's just too much dumb stuff to look back on it with Glee other than the fact that the corporate ministry theme tune was absolutely badass that's fire that was dope so there is one highlight another down to because after this Shane transition into the disapproving brother because he didn't like the relationship between Stephanie his sister and test my word down it was a pretty standard story for pro wrestling but the slap in the face came when WWE booked they love her or leave her match just imagine that for a second imagine that would you like to sign up for this stipulation sir Oh what is the stipulation well if you win you can stay with your girlfriend and if you lose well you have to leave it sure give me that job and why wouldn't I that happened at SummerSlam - don't forget until yeah we moved into the mcmahon-helmsley era and we all know about that Shane took some time off and when he came back at No Way at 2001 he was aligning himself with the Big Show who was taken on the rock that led to the WrestleMania mm main event which was a McMahon in every corner and as we know that sit down it remains one of the worst closers in WrestleMania history train the Big Show then side to hate each other which culminated in a match at Judgment Day 2000 which Shane won after a lot of interference I mean test ran in and Albert ran in and also he used a giant cinderblock and it was average but only because we knew what was round the corner this was of course another SummerSlam when Shane McMahon did indeed get into it with Steve Blackman for the hardcore title in my word how could anyone do anything but look at this and given enough Shane McMahon thought he try and kill himself you don't even need to know or even watch three quarters of this match you just need to get to the finish because Shane terrified off Blackmun's we fed black man was a crazy Duty with the crazy eyes oh my gosh what's he gonna do he climbed up the titantron and it does actually like it's 50 foot in the air black man follows hits him with a kendo stick and Shane McMahon Falls the entire way down and lands on the floor I mean there was a setup clearly designed to protect Shane as much as possible but still he had to do it if someone said to me Simon do you want to do that I'd have to think about it long and hard cuz you gotta have balls of steel it's unreal it still makes for incredible highlight in 2018 if you've never seen it go and see it just giving you the opportunity to do just that in my face go which brings us to that period we all get sad about because what a waste of time and effort this really was after Shane's tumble he did go away again before coming back to buy WCW and leading the alliance against the WWE and not only is it down it's a brown down that's not to say there weren't awesome moments within this because there absolutely were for example Shane turning up on the Nitro Raw simulcast and buying WCW right from under Vince McMahon's nose but after that it nosedive quicker than a Zack Ryder push if you want the short version WWE botched the whole thing cuz they didn't get in any of WCWS biggest stars and then the people they did get they were booked it wasn't even an invasion there was no competition it was just one big billboard that says look WWE is better than WCW we don't think that go and watch all the matches we've just put together that's right Team W runs riot WCW like a waste of time list someone else it'll waste the time how can I care about the feud he never had anything it was less an invasion and more like a bunch of cows lining up to be shot in their head before their meat was processed and sent over at a catering the fact this didn't even last a year when it could have lasted around to sums the whole thing up and yes I am still mad about it I what this is I was a child however there were flickers of excellent throughout this and it would be silly to ignore them I mean for one shane mcmahon clash with the big show once more and this time you climb at a time trying again and dropped an elbow and elbow all the way up there down onto the giant man it's just crazy and he had that program with Kurt Angle you can't look at these two things and not be happy it was actually quite a lot of power here too because that only did it prove that Kurt Angle could work with anybody it also shown a giant light on Shane all of this led to the king there in 2001 and interest and he takes his idea of wrestlers having to continually raise the bar and throws it out the window because I mean I get it too if on a Monday you hit somebody with one chair on a Tuesday you have to hit somebody with two because the fans expectations rise however when Kurt Angle took Shane McMahon and actually tried to lob him through real glass well I haven't really seen anything like that since so it still is just as perplexing I can't believe it happened and you didn't miss hear that either something had gone awry with the glass they put in place cut angle and Shane didn't know so they tried to love each other through it when Kurt Angle tried once and it didn't work he tried again and when he did that he didn't work he tried again and each time McMahon jr. jr. kept landing on his damn head so really it should be a Down but I can't do it simply for the pure effort these two men put in so there is some really good stuff here we saw Shane McMahon pull out a shooting star press from nowhere and the match itself ended when Kurt Angle did an angle slam from the top rope carnage this pure and utter carnage Shane would come and go from TV after the Alliance was nixed and he had random feud to the like of Eric Bischoff then there was all that stuff with degeneration X in the Spirit Squad and that gets his own down because I never thought that was that entertaining everything with Bobby Lashley Vince McMahon and the ECW title and of course he had that little program with Kane the reason I am with this because if you don't know during this Kane took Shane McMahon he held him down and he'd tried to electrocute his testicles and once again you heard me 100% he wanted to blow up McMahon's little grapefruits I mean how can we not give that up it's so ridiculous it's so stupid you don't have a seat in wrestling while I was actually bad and probably chased some people away which I understand it gives it up it's back to the downs though because really everything that followed this was very forgettable until Shane just vanish from the face of the planet in a roundabout 2009 there was some stuff with Randy on the legacy but it was kind of just there was nothing to write home about I mean what would you even say dear mum Shane is involved in a bunch of boring feuds I don't like it I'm gonna give it a Down your mum would write back and she'd be like what they're Heather's are down what do you do with your life absence does make the heart grow fonder though because seven years after he had left Shane surprised us all by returning to a Raw in February 2016 it's not just an up it's a golden up also a quick side note I accidentally predicted this I was on a podcast the week before and as a joke said I'd met Shane McMahon comes out to confront Vince and to confront Stephanie and it happened I still had the audio to prove it and it turned me into prediction man extraordinaire it was great though because no one saw it coming and then we actually got was absolutely huge it was like a triumphal war hero finally coming home and I know there was a lot of ludicrous stuff within this - we had the lock box remember the lock box no one ever found out what was in that we took that once again throw that in the toilet and even though he fought the Undertaker and Hell in a Cell and lost at WrestleMania he still got to control war and that was the stipulation if you win you can be in control and if you lose you can't but it's WWE so we lost then he still got all the power he of course went on to lead smack when the new brand split came into effect I think by and large since then he's been doing alright he's had fused with who's have fused with AJ stars Kevin Owens Sami Zayn and all the seemingly countless Survivor Series contests he's in they've all been fine I'm enjoyed them to a certain extent I certainly don't feel offended by any of them I'm sure his wife would prefer he stopped jumping off tall structures but this is Shane McMahon I bet he at least as it once more the latest controversy is of course that he is officially the best in the world and while I'd love to give it an up because it still makes me laugh I started thinking about the other day and just cracked up we have to give it a down because we gave it a down on the crown jewel show it was ups and downs and I take my ups and downs very seriously I'm not gonna start changing them around if you're getting at once and we then come back to revisit it you're getting up again and vice versa so yeah down I imagine he'll continue to fly in and fly out for the considerable future too I mean he's at least gonna have a WrestleMania match the next one to potentially five years whether that's good or not is all down to you but as we do look back over Shane McMahon's career I actually think he did alright and on top of that I like him I like him as a performer and I like him as a character and I'm sure he ever hears that he'll be really pleased that some balded on the internet gives him the double thumbs but well done Shane you absolutely smashed it now don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Shane McMahon's career especially that he is now best in the world like share and subscribe another what coach or common read yourself some articles follow what coach on Twitter at what culture WWE my name is simon from what culture thanks for watching ups and downs and there's other ones at these two you've got kane ups and downs but I'm gonna say graphs announce more come and keep an eye out make sure you share them with the friends cuz that's what we do we're we're in love that's right we're in love deal with it see you soon come on