Ups Downs From NXT TakeOver Phoenix 2019

[Applause] we're getting to that kind of stays that when you know an NXT takeover is coming up you've got to ask yourself is it actually possible to get more than maybe one or two downs because you go through the whole show and when you're watching it if you're like me like this is just damn good Pro Wrestling and it goes by so fast how am I meant to get it down and pull it out of my ass if you're gonna pulled it down out of your ass it really hurts which is another reason to enjoy NXT takeover shows but my name is Simon this is what culture Wrestling and it is Raw Rumble weekend so you know what happens in the year known as 2019 NXT puts on a little show 24 hours before the rumble and it always when it's just brilliant it's just fun to watch there's a spoiler for you let's up those downs [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we start with the undisputed era defending their tag team titles against the wall Raiders and it was quite a nice little opener to begin with Hansen a rogue came out with this like really cool badass Viking entrance and to tie into that old school theme Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong started to use every single traditional tactic when it came to tag-team wrestling in order to carve the ring and not allow them to make a hot egg you know the hot egg go like that everyone goes whoo they love it bro was the man in peril as Hanson laid helpless on the outside after he'd gone to do a suicide dive and missed which meant he just plowed into the floor and then it was a case of the wall Raiders his strength going against the undisputed wrestling acumen you see that storytelling in tag-team wrestling and people said WWE couldn't do it well they can it just happens to be going on down in NXT once Hanson was back in he was cartwheeling and athletically moving out the way of any kind of strike that was coming towards his way and that's just crazy because a man that size shouldn't be able to do it and before long the war Raiders did indeed hit the fallout on to the undisputed era one two three throw your hands in the air we got brand new tag-team champions there was also a couple of near Falls so close during this they had the ability to make your ears turn blue cuz that's what happened it was so intense and it was so much your audible process just gave in this will also spark the rumors that maybe Carlo Reilly I'm Roderick Strong are about to be called up to the main roster because again you've seen all the rumors all the murmurings when it comes to the revival if WWE on Raw or Smackdown wants to rebuild that tag team division you know who would be a really good team to bring up there that's right one half of the undisputed era and they just lost their belts I was alright with this and I was alright with this match in the future potential of both teams is through the roof so yeah if you want to put them on Mondays or Tuesdays why not have a little think about doing it now or after WrestleMania that's the main the only a few weeks away months but still and it's another up format riddle versus kasia's oh no especially because then WWE showed at ringside Pete Dunn and Tony Storm and that's just a good bit of marketing hey there person watching takeover why don't you go check NXT UK as well give it now if you want to go tit for tat no I didn't think this was as good as the match that we had just seen but that's like saying the Super Nintendo is better than the Mega Drive even if you do get a Mega Drive you're still getting a damn good console and I mostly said that just to spark a big debate in the comments but you know just to underline it yeah I do think the SNES is better than the Mega Drive also over here in the UK we call it the snares but every time I call it the snares in America people go we're talking about man I've just broken it down Super Nintendo versus Mega Drive snares wins the commentators push hard though only had oh no been unable to beat riddle up to this point but also when it came to takeovers in general he had a really bad record therefore he was gonna go out on this evening to try and finally get that derby ax in the record books unfortunately for Casius he did not and around about ten minutes in he was tapping out after Matt riddle rained down some elbows into his face and that was cool because it was like an MMA finish but done in our wrestling landscape that pleased me there's plenty of other things we could talk about here but straight up I don't want to because I just want to focus on one thing and that is because a man about halfway through the match Kassius Ohno saw his chance he saw his opportunity to start biting on Matt riddles toes and guess which option he chose he had two options one was to not bite his toes two was to bite his toes and Kassius Ohno went for biting the man's toes now I honestly thought that this was sublime because think of all the crazy moves that we always see on wrestling shows like this or the risk that people take I bet backstage someone said look man if you just bite his toes it's gonna be the talk of the wrestling world the next day and it is everybody is just talking by another man putting feet in his mouth that came with it absolutely no risk other than maybe potentially accidentally maybe eating one of Matt riddles toenails and that would have been disgusting when I thought this was a really clever spot have one of those feelings where I was like man wrestling's so weird but I love it the whole bat was very watchable however and now I guess this feud is over which begs the question where does Matt riddle go next I mean he still got plenty of time where he can season himself in NXT but who is his next few does anybody secretly want Champa versus riddle I do I'm sure we'll get to it eventually and then dear friends we got to Johnny gargano taking on ricochet for the North American Championship now I'm sure like most of us we all thought you know what this is going to be good to some degree but at no point did I ever think it would hit the level it did mostly because halfway through I started to fathom I couldn't actually see this kind of match with maybe 90% of the wrestlers that even exist in the world today because they just don't have the skill to do it that doesn't mean I have skill in other areas I'm sure they're better however attributes old pro-wrestling van ricochet and Johnny Gargano but this for what it was it was absolutely magnificent you should go and watch it now which of course means it doesn't just get an up to gets a golden up be it catching people in midair reverse hurricanrana supposed to be flop sort o pays all this intertwined together like a best-selling book it flowed so well somewhere I'm sure Kendrick Lamar was like man I need to step up my game it was simply ridiculous and also it wasn't just move after move after move after move cuz there was story here and it actually tied in did Johnny ganas whole crazy personalities got cuz ruckus at one point said to him look man which version of Johnny guard going on my getting basically am I gonna get the good guy that we all love or am I gonna get the crazy guy that allowed himself to go nuts because of everything that happened with his former tag-team partner it seemed like at one point we were gonna get a more compassionate iteration because Johnny gargano he ripped up those ringside mats and he was gonna smash ricochets head into the floor then he thought better of it he calmed down for a while at least cuz then he went absolutely ballistic again he picked up ricochet he brain busted him into the concrete threw him back in the ring bit the slingshot DDT and that's right we've got another new champion his name is Johnny Gargano and neo has the North American belt no funny business no shenanigans really I mean just before this Gargano did push ricochet into the ring post but I think all is fair in love and war when you're inside that squared circle and this was an absolute stone Ward classic if you're into the type of content that Lennox T produces it was 20 minutes of pure joy I imagine if you're out there and you're really interesting and you've got or you've got kids I bet at one point during this you thought to yourself is this a more important moment for me than when I had my first child or told my wife or husband I do is thrown out there you think about it you have to reveal that information keep it locked away inside cuz that ain't gonna help anything no I am just saying that's how good this was usual Sunday to go and view it Shayna Baszler vs. Bianca Blair for the women's chairmanship followed this and given its placement on the card it has to get a down now that is a very unfair down because it has nothing to do with these two women anything that went here was always going to struggle because the crowd was absolutely exhausted and what else could they have been they had just seen as I'd already told you an absolute classic but you probably needed to do was turn off the lights for 10 minutes let all the fans lay down then they could have got their strength back up and been ready for more wrestling that's it that was your only option and you can't do that because that makes for a crap pay-per-view especially at home watching it live on TV that doesn't mean the match was bad though far from any when it came to offense all the losers are really innovative and they were really smart getting it up the highlight for me came in terms of Bel Air's hair she kept going for strikes but she couldn't land anything she's like you know what you know it's longer than the reach of my arm my hair and she started to beat Shayna Baszler with her hair and this didn't look like it sucked it looked like it really hurt and I'm pretty sure he actually cut Besler on her stomach she got opened up because of someone's hair and you can imagine how jealous I was of that Bianca also sold her shoulder really well after Basra kept trying to lock in arm bars and that deterred her throughout the entire bow at one point she actually got a visual pin over the chair but unfortunately the ref had been knocked down so it doesn't count so that right there is where your feud continues and it also put the kod over huge because that's what she smashed in order to get into this position that's the other thing about NXT finishes they actually hold weight I suppose like John Cena's a a I think I kicked out of John Cena's a a once and I ever even mess with him it was never seen though and after marina Shaffir and Jessamyn Duke had rang in for the distraction although I will say they never really attacked Bianca Blair and she was able to fight them off however it was too much her attention wasn't where is meant to be so after Shayna blazer locked in the care of Utica much that was it kinda kind as she did get out of it once then it went back in it was night night trying to keep their built as I say we'll probably see them go at it again somewhere down the line but the big talking point is the interference from Duke and shafir that's that really suit Shayna phase this character that is what I've seen all morning over social media and all I want to say to you is this yes it does she's a heel and therefore if you hate them running in all the time and you think it's kind of holding her back that's the point yeah after this Velveteen Dream was also seen sitting at ringside so for all those dark rumors that started last week maybe in this week that he'd been fired well he was right there he hasn't been fine and he was about to watch the main events or what does that mean yeah at this point the crowd was absolutely destroyed because they had seen four matches that really had torn their house down which means to muscle Champa and Alistair black had to work a little bit harder than maybe they would have usually to get reaction out the crowd but by the end of it they absolutely have to just think about it what do think is going to get you things kicking out do you think it's get a gown do you think I'm gonna introduce like a new thing that goes and I don't know who's gonna know the best part about it was how they started they did a lock up that was so aggressive and so real Freddie Blassie was probably smiling in his gray and they started doing traditional wrestling holds but it tied into their individual characters or basically Champa kept being a dick and at one point he even stood on Alistair Black's hair and I get it Tommaso I get it I miss mine too and what made me go absolutely nuts at one point as the black went for a roundhouse kick and Tommaso jumper too avoided it just sat down on the floor but you know that's black thing so he joined in and he sat down on the floor as well but again Champa is a massive penis and he just booted his opponent right in the face and he looks so damn pleased at himself it was so good I actually just stood up watching it I don't even know why that was just my body's reaction and really trumpety such a good heal he's such a good feel he's such a good heel it was blacks me that would ultimately be his downfall because Tommaso had worked on that throughout the entire match and it was so bad he couldn't even hit black mess and really go and check out Alistar black selling of this at one point he was limping outside the ring that kind of went that's me actually it's like I mean I don't think he cares because the commentators are playing up a lot but I'm unsure that's when wrestling's great black slipped on some the Chomper had spat out earlier in the night as well and I'm not sure whether that was planned or whether that was a ledge accident - but again put another tick in my box I mean it was kind of ridiculous and also it looked real and anything that looks real in the world of make-believe again they won it would eventually take three fairytale endings for Tommaso Trumper to retain his championship but after all was said and done it was clear the idea was meant to be that Champa had been taken to his limit and that he was that close of losing Champa even went for another one in between all of it and that's where asked the black almost turned it around almost hit the blackness but again that damn knee always take care of your joints that was proper heartbreaking as well because if you were behind as the black and actually believed you could see a title change NXT took it away from you even though he was that close yeah close it is tiny there was even some teasing afterwards as gargano came out to raise aloft his newly won championship and Tommaso Champa did the same and it kind of went down like this Champa thought we're back together and we're takin over the promotion but just as the pay-per-view was about to go off air Gaga nose eyes shifted and he stared at her muscle chompers World Championship and they're planting those seeds and sure that culminates at WrestleMania weekend and even if not it got me pumped in fact I got goosed up now what was that goose bumps I got goose bumps now that is how excited this made me and how beautiful NXT storytelling is it's so simple it has an impact so once again it's another NXT takeover that was just an absolute blast I mean from start to finish to have a very set format and you kind of know what to expect but that's fine if you know I'm coming around your house and I'm bringing you some cake and you eat that cake and we have a good time and you enjoyed my dessert you're still gonna be happy and that is what NXT takeover is all about apart from ricochet versus Johnny Gargano which may be the best match we see all damn gym throwing out there now moving ever no or any in January we got a long way to go but it will absolutely be in the conversation that's how good it is I don't just give going ups from nothing not true in the past we have given some golden ups we have some absolutely ridiculous things this is a real goal in that it's a powerful golden up be golden up never gets even below and let us know what you thought about last night's takeover I like share and subscribe Hannibal come and read yourself some articles follow walk home Twitter and what culture WWE and look you're on YouTube you've got a whole day before the rumble go and watch yourself some more videos here on what culture wrestling and I tell you a lot of them are humble focused and they'll get you pumped up my name is Sonia this was what culture thank you very much for watching again join me in a round about 24 hours time but you know what we're gonna do is one of the biggest ups and downs episode of the year because it is ups and downs for the Royal Rumble come on repo man come back into my life come back into my heart I'll see you then