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[Applause] all right WWE look if you're not gonna listen to my cries if you're not going to allow my dreams to come true you have left me with no option and I am instigating that option today so in the rumble a few weeks ago you didn't give me repo man so now I am repo man who saw that coming and I'm also Simon Miller and you are indeed watching what culture wrestling and you're watching the show known as ups and downs and if you've never watched before it's where we do go through WWE's flagship we'll do that program and we give the good bits an up my point up countless happen and we give their bad bits our down and countless happen there too and look maybe you should all go out and share ups and down this week especially because it ended in truly controversial fashion what timing I have the dad aside I'm gonna dress up this repo man Roth ends the internet crazy let's up those doubts [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you already know how raw began Triple H was in the ring Stephanie McMahon was there too and they wanted to get you excited about the Elimination Chamber that's happening on Sunday but also about Wrestlemania 35 which doesn't happen for a few months they started telling you about the matches you can look forward to him one of them of course is gonna be Becky Lynch vs ronda rousey as long as Becky Lynch is finally going to play some ball it transpired that Becky had gone out and seen her own doctors and we were about to get the results and just as Stephanie McMahon was introducing the man into the arena her music hit and that really pissed death off and look Stan you can't be mad at Becky Lynch for that surely that is whoever is in charge of the sound it was like Lynch was standing behind that person going wait wait do now do we now push the bun come on this led Triple H apologizing to Becky Lynch for insinuating her injury was fake because as all the doctors have said yes she is hurt but in a couple of weeks they'll be happy to clear her which allows her to move on to the showcase of the Moores and I won't lie that was a little bit anticlimactic I thought we've gonna do more with this story and even get to the point where we as fans are like maybe Becky is making it up but we didn't do that it's all fine Becky Lynch can go to Wrestlemania 35 as long as she apologizes to both Stephanie and Triple H now I don't know whether I'm just in a funny mood in Italy I have decided to dress up like a gimmick from the early 90s today I kind of agree with Triple H and Stephanie they were like look we've apologized to you they're just apologized to us so we can draw a line under it and move on but clearly Becky Lynch refused and also said I don't trust you to you're trying to steal my WrestleMania main event and Becky they can't steal your WrestleMania main event I'm repo man when you go to steal something you gotta sleep and you've got to have a big rope anyway Lynch threatened to beat them all up including Vince McMahon and remember that because we'll get to it later while also pointing out that their family had been screwing people for decades that meant Lynch and Stephanie got face to face about yelling at each other until Triple H calm the situation down you told Becky you've got till the end of the evening you either apologize and go on to face Ronda Rousey or you don't and that's there it's the end of the line at least WWE used all of this to build up a show long angle and that's smart if you want to get whoever tunes in and our one to stick around to our three this is how you do it and again the narrative keeps on when it's just fun it's enjoyable and it's interesting therefore it is gonna get it up it was then the huggin boss connection taken on Nige accent Amina as well as the riot squad sans Ruby Ryan and a little spin here was whoever lost would indeed have to go in to the Elimination Chamber first and I don't like it when WWE does stuff like this much like the Royal Rumble I want to be surprised on the night also if that was the case why the hell would they be tagging in and tagging out during this metric look like we'll look we don't want to be in there we get nothing for winning we only like get screwed if we lose so let's not get in the match but they all guide the match down it was pretty par for the course to Tamina and nine jacks one after nine had slammed Bayley with a Samoan drop at home that just means the hugglebots connection do indeed win the women's tag team titles and Sunday but just good my EE thickness because halfway through this match live Morgan and Sarah Logan attacks at ER Banks's me she had to be taken to the back and now you can be like I don't know how are they gonna overcome all these obstacles all these hurdles don't worry they will in Bailey and Sasha banks will become again the first-ever WWE women's tag team James sometimes keeping things simple is just the best way to achieve your goals for example you do want me per man to return and he's not just make yourself repo man additionally a shout-out to the Proma before this by Jackson Tamina because when Tamina said and all these women are gonna be locked in the chamber with us she sounded genuinely surprised and like she'd only been clued up a few minutes before it was unintentional but genuinely hilarious another down - because everything that happened with Elias was just odd firstly he is back to being a he'll now which I still can't comprehend because I haven't been told why but also it was just the Miss so yeah down it started with a drifter of the ring of course you know that he was doing his thing until he got interrupted on the big screen by Finn Balor and Becky Lynch and they were talking and Finn Balor was telling Becky look don't let your pride get in the way just apologize and go on to live your dreams just like I'm gonna do on Sunday when I take on Bobby Lashley and Leo Russian if you're now saying what when did that match get announced it got announced on social media then we cut back to Elias who went to start again until a Seth Rollins video just started playing for no reason I mean this was truly strange because it was just like WWE had screwed up the production or though Becky had gone from the audio guy that we talked about earlier and now it's using the production truck and she was just smashing buttons and a random Seth Rollins video played when that was done and allies was ready to go for real the Luger house probably just popped up to say hi why I mean they wanted to party for some reason and when eventually Callisto did get his guitar from Elias and he played that it was alright allies then took said musical instrument and just smashed him with it I don't know why this happened also why isn't Elias through with Jeff Jarrett anymore on top of that why isn't allies to a band Corbin why isn't allies through that Bobby Lashley they all happened and you'll just stop for no reason this is why I got a damn and I never like doing this because it goes against my whole positive upwards nature but yeah drew McIntyre Finn Balor and everything that followed that's getting it down to the problem was it just underlined all my personal problems with how everybody in this very long segment is being used but let's start at the start that's just how it works this never got anywhere because Bobby Lashley he was already at ringside decided to attack Finn Balor and this week the referee actually rid us only meant to disqualify someone when they do that because don't forget seven days ago Bobby Lashley just pulled Finn Balor out of the ring and no one gave two hoots anyway so technically drew McIntyre loss and Finn Balor won but again it was via DQ this then exploded into madness because McIntyre Lashley started laying the boots into Balor and then branched Roman Baron Corbin and Kangol came out to create one big Schmauss and then that transitioned into a six-man tag match and yet Teddy Long was nowhere to be seen I just want to say I think it speaks volumes that rather than focus on their individual feuds WWE felt the need to push them all together justified cut a long story short the good guys won after Bala had coop the guard Lashley and I can only assume we did this because on Sunday at the elimination pay-per-view yes Finn Balor is gonna lose the really confusing thing is that there was more shenanigans halfway through the six-man tag bobby lashley bin finn balor finn bálor got his foot on the rope the first referee didn't see it so another referee came down and they recited the thing what we didn't have enough content to fill three hours of raw so somebody went I don't know just extend that thing way too long I tell you you were planning to watch for or later just skip this you'll get nothing from it kevin owens then saved everything no he had sent in a video of him sat in a bowling alley saying look i'm gonna be back soon I'm feeling good I don't know what I'm gonna be on Raw I don't know where they're gonna be on Smackdown but I'm enjoyed spending my time with my family and it's been hard watching all the shows cuz I'm not there and I want to be there then took a bowling ball throw it down the lane and it got a bull do that's right went down the thing at the side and completely missed and looked genuinely upset Kevin Owens I miss you please come back to WWE soon is getting it up backstage interview Nexus Charlie Caruso asked Becky Lynch what she's gonna tell the fans if she refuses to apologize and this match we're all looking forward to is taken away Lynch said that's none of our business and walked off yeah it was right you know climb all those seeds we talked about that rudely right then beat Nikki cross and this is hard for me because it takes two of my biggest questions and pushes them against each other I do believe if you're trying to push someone or that someone has a big match coming up they have to win but also if you've only just been called up from NXT you shouldn't be losing so Ruby right needed to win because he's facing Ronda Rousey on Sunday but Nikki crosses any pin on Raw for a hiccup so what do you do unfortunately Ruby Wright did win but it's also fortunately for the reasons I just outlined so I'm just gonna give it an up even though this was a little bit long-winded - I did like that we went backstage halfway through it to have a little confrontation between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey although here on doe is being far more level-headed and saying Becky this is bigger than you it's bigger than I it's bigger than everything we need to have this match to proves the world that things are changing g1 that often Beca I just roll their head a little bit then we went back to the ring Ruby hit the riot kick on Nikki cross to get the victory I will say that's a very nice up and being very kind but again we kind of slide things in it what does suck though is you wouldn't even know Ruby riot is facing Ronda Rousey on Sunday it's already a foregone conclusion gonna win it's there for the sake of being there that makes me a bit deaf what his promo followed and like a lot of stuff on this episode of Raw it was fine he came out reminded us what Brock Lesnar had done to him a couple of weeks ago but also said if he can stand he can fight and if he can fight he can stomp and if he can stomp he can defeat the beast at WrestleMania 35 Paul Heyman interrupted basically said if he does plan to go to that show in April Brock Lesnar is going to kill him and me didn't say that but he did say it'd be Seth Rollins his last match ever the settles like alright fine but know this Paul Heyman I'm happy to burn in hell before I let Lesnar continue to take this industry hostage set karmic death burn in hell you want to burn in hell you ain't thinking long-term pal you're only thinking about WrestleMania you're drinking the kool-aid the damn bizarre bus returned then though and I don't even know had any more stops to make when Dean Ambrose a ride because he walked straight up to set Rollins asked for the microphone and simply said go and slay the Beast are you kidding me down I have watched these two implodes the last six months and now they're just meant to be buddies again you can't do this to me WWE you make me feel stupid for buying into that program in the first place ma'am you really sad maybe what you have to say and that down is doubly appropriate because then we fell back into the same old 50/50 booking because we had Dean Ambrose Buster's ec3 and just because Ambrose had lost last week this week he had to win then he did indeed roll up ec3 and got the 1 2 3 so if you thought that was going to Lord Ethan into the stratosphere you'd be wrong he just another guy also during this match Michael Cole said the ec3 is literally a human money printing machine literally so unless I start seeing some dollar bills coming out of ec3 zas Michael Cole just lied to us all literally a good segment followed with Alexa bliss and Becky though I liked it because it continued to remind you don't forget we got a big angle coming at the end of the show yeah Lexi was basically trying to get inside Becky's head she told the man not to apologize and Lynch rightly deduced that as know you're only saying that because you want to try and take my place in the WrestleMania main event it's bliss off when she said fine go out there and say sorry but you'll be selling out Becky replied the only thing I'm gonna be selling out is a Wrestlemania that's a good life then the revival won the raw tag team championships thanks IEW rather than run everything down I'm just gonna tell you if you do like tag-team wrestling you should go and check it out they got time there's great back-and-forth action and when the revival do indeed win and hold those belts aloft you'll feel vindicated despite all the crap we had to go through to get here it's a shame that belts themselves don't feel as important as they should but we can use this as the catalyst to climb that ladder and put tag-team wrestling back weights should be in the WWE hierarchy that's endorsed and hit the shot machine on Chad gable to get the win and that reversal in itself was a damn cool spot cable jump right into it and all of this made me happy and I truly believe that is what entertainment is meant to do I mean I was also pleased that a couple of heels had just won the belts that's 2019 for you deal with it which brings us to our main event angle that as I've said did send social media into a frenzy the headlines Triple H came out Stephanie McMahon came out Becky Lynch came out she agreed to apologize but made it clear she don't trust any of this but she'll do everything she has to do everything seemed fine they all shook hands and then Vince McMahon came out I'd also point out in between all of that Ronda Rousey also made her way to the ring but she was kind of just background furniture for this because Vince McMahon said listen Becky I agree that this match at WrestleMania should be huge it could be one of the best main event in WrestleMania history but I don't like your attitude and because I don't like your attitude I don't accept your apology and you're suspended for 60 days which means you can only come back five days after WrestleMania is over with there's nothing to worry about though because McMahon has already found a replacement and that will be of course Charlotte Flair whose music hit and she came out with a look on her face as if she was a child that been told don't worry Charlotte you could have as much ice cream as you want and at that moment I think we tore a hole in the earth atmosphere because the amount of screaming that was going on simply because of the internet get really really mad let's break it down quickly though WWE has created a situation that so many fans have bought into and are so passionate about when it comes to the women's division that they are indeed losing their minds and that is so much better than what we used to get furthermore it was a fun twist to end Raw and it just puts more stuff in Becky Lynch's way but she has to overcome because don't be ridiculous don't be silly she of course is still gonna be in that match at WrestleMania 35 and she absolutely will win the title they wouldn't be so crazy as to do anything otherwise I know you can point out examples from before but this time trust me I'm confident to me that just makes the story even better and the match will probably benefit from it as well and it also gives the fans one singular person to cheer even louder because you can boo Charlotte and you can boo Ronda - go Becky go therefore after taking all of that under advisement just going to push this button here and start this elevator because yes I am gonna give all of this and up and don't forget because I'm slowly disappearing from the screen you can't get mad cuz you can't get mad at people you can't see that my friends is just a fact well can I say Charlotte's just a really good heal and I think you need a really good heal in order to cement one hell of a baby face that's what I think and you're already yelling at me but it's okay cuz I just presented a video as a repo man now don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about all of this I know all Charlotte damn you WWE can't believe it's so mad so mad but I like share and subscribe head over to our culture calm and read yourself some articles follow what culture on Twitter on what culture WWE and you already here on YouTube why not go and watch some more what go to wrestling videos my name is Simon Miller aka repo man this was what culture arresting and remember it's all just have fun that's all just I read a vendor 10 you don't need to get too many if you are mad isn't that good Charlotte's meant to be a heel and now your hater happy days see you soon