Ups Downs From WWE RAW Feb 4

[Applause] right I'd only get something off my chest before we do indeed start this episode of ups and downs where we go through the show known as raw and we give the good bits enough and we give the bad bits it down and that is I just want WWE to stop breaking up teams when there's no need to break up the teams take rusev day for example loose if day were taking along fine then they imploded and now Haydon English has just been reduced to 205 live but it's a bad thing but they were smashing on Smackdown and also after watching this episode of Raw no titus o'neil dana Brooking one of the worst segments ever seen ever and Apollo Cruz just talking nonsense we could have just kept them in tightest worldwide and at least they would have something right that's done I push it to one side we don't need to worry about it anymore by thank you very much for tuning in this is what coach arresting I've already told you what the show is my name is Simon Miller let's up those roared out [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] raw kicked off with Stephanie McMahon in the ring no entrance no pallava she was just waiting there and she wanted Becky Lynch to come out Becky Lynch did indeed do so yeah she is now Stone Cold Steve Austin not only is she wearing a knee brace but she's sharing the ring with her McMahon giving it up had some recaps about what's happened over the last few weeks as McMahon continually told us that Betty Lynch has heart I mean honestly she said it so much at one point I think she was actually referring to the organ that lives in Becky Lynch is chess yes we get it's definitely Becky Lynch has heart and also more than likely has a part because she's a human being it soon transpired that the reason Steph was here was to tell Becky Lynch you don't want to get medical clearance you don't even want to see the doctors and if you don't do that I won't allow you to compete that pissed off the rule Rumble winner who went off on Stefano man saying stuff like you don't understand my struggles you just a daddy's girl full of Richter's ever since you were born all seems a little bit unfair to Linda but Becky also reiterated the Stephanie probably sees her as a glitch in the system she was never making it to this spot and now she is there everybody's panicking and I like that because really it's true and when you can take some reality and inject it into the storyline we as fans all put smiles on our face and go I can enjoy it Lynch continually said that she wasn't gonna add quiesce to this demand so Steph said oh I fine I tried but if you're not I have no choice but to suspend you indefinitely and do you know what the rule Rumble winner did when she heard that smack Stephanie McMahon straight in the face there wasn't even really that much of a buildup as soon as Becky heard that she just went off on her and even when referees were down there she was still throwing haymakers but of course story telling that leg meant she couldn't do what she wanted and she had to eventually count down before limping out of the arena now this was great and fans are never gonna be upset about seeing Steph get hers given all the stuff she's done over the years I do want to say this just a little point it wasn't like the most explosive situation we probably could have created really McMahon was just looking out for her talent and kind was being nice I could have actually use some nastiness from Steph here so that when Becky did whack her it felt totally justified but that's me burning at straws who pulls the straws as making me say just put in your mouth and drink you damn water and overall this felt like a main event angle which is meant to it continued to because as Becky was being escorted out of there she bumped into Ronda Rousey now yes Ronda sounded a bit like a robot here including talking about violin recitals I've no idea what that was about but when she has that crazed look on her face it almost doesn't matter what she's saying because you think at any time she may actually just lash out because she's legit there's always an aura of badassery about her she's also mad at Becky because now their WrestleMania main event has been put in jeopardy rude and Lally somebody pick up a phone and call Charlotte Flair but not yet because that all-in transitioned into Rousey versus Liv Morgan of all people and that is a strange pairing and as soon as it started I just like WWE just let Ronda kick the absolute gubbins out and Liv Morgan mate Ronda Rousey look as strong as you possibly can that's exactly what happened Morgan keep trying to get out the way but as soon as the Women's Champion had her hands on her she locked in the armbar and Morgan tapped out quicker than you can say Zak riders push it's also important to note that Ronda was getting booed quite heavily here so smashed her microphone out of nowhere but did sound a little bit like somebody who had woken up drunk and had started to yell at the person delivering their mail because they thought they were trying to break in it was a little bit strange Rousey just threat absolutely everybody though when Sarah Logan stepped up Ronda made her tap out - and yeah you can argue that we've just taken 2/3 of the riot squad and job them out but I don't agree Ronda Rousey needs to be the best Ronda Rousey can be when we get to WrestleMania 35 and the best way to do that is have her just annihilate anyone who even dares look her in the eye Rubi writes he's getting in the ring as well but she wandered absolutely nothing to do with crazy Rhonda's annihilation wagon and I thought all of this went very very quickly and continued to build something I am actually invested in it also seems like that one of the two paid views before WrestleMania we are gonna do Ruby right versus Ronda Rousey because Riot was all men or under after this in the back and that's alright we've got to do something before the showcase of a more why not do that we then saw the boss and hug connection which is officially the worst name of any tag team in history talk about their match with Nikki cross and Alicia Fox is going to go on later the winner heading on to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view to try and win those Tag Team Championships there that's got to get down cuz over on Smackdown there is no qualification matches and people are just entering but over here people like Sasha banks and Bayley have now had to have two ridiculous cross and Fox that interrupted and Nikki let us know she's teamed up with Alicia because thankfully Alicia agreed to play with Nikki heavy machinery were out next and damn it WWE you did as soon as I know they were gonna feature I put a smile on my face and I gave this an up as for the match I'm still gonna be that guy that gets it down it was a four corners match which also involved the B team the revival and lucha house-party and the revival won after hitting the shatter machine on Bo Dallas and you can point out that yes heavy machinery actually did have this match won until Curtis axle saved his partner but he didn't save them the next time and let - and Dawson beat them but again why are we doing this why have heavy machinery been caught up to the main roster to win one match a couple of weeks ago and then lose subsequent matches I'm gonna let me get pinned and I know they get submitted but they ain't getting any double use are they I'm not saying that the revival don't deserve it they absolutely do but I've seen Chad Gable and Bobby Roode go against them over and over and we're not really adding any new layers to the narrative you can't just do that time and time again and if you think you can why even bother changing up the card to begin with you may as well do the same matches each and every week which yes sometimes we actually do fun point no the revival had FTR on their ring gear mystery continues we did have a lovely moment between Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder though getting it up Hawkins was despondent because once again he'd lost seven days ago which continued his two-year plus losing streak does that grinder was trying to cheer him up and also point out look man it's not just you last week on the show in the graphic that pops up when we make our entrance somebody had spelled my name wrong now I don't know if that's true I haven't gone back to check but if it is and WB meant to do and it was intentional and now it's tying in to the story a week later there is awesome I like it Zack promised they would break the curse together and you'll have to call me a sentimental asshole because I enjoy seeing these two interact on screen so there it was the Kurt Angle's segment next that WWE had been promoting quite heavily before Raw and even though he had lost the Baron Corbin and drew McIntyre if you had told me all this was going to tie in to everything going on with those two and braun strowman i wouldn't have believed you I would have been wrong and this is getting Adele the main reason is I just don't care about any of this braun strowman feels utterly directionless at the moment and going back to anything between Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre feels as if we turn the clock back to the end of 2018 and we all remember how we felt then everybody was mad anyway the tease here was that angle was going to retire he used to live his life by the three eyes but now he's been struck down by the three DS defeat depression and doubt before he could get any further Corbin and McIntyre did interrupt him and said look if you ain't just gonna walk away we're gonna beat you up so badly that you'll have no choice and I mention that in any other sport you're playing American football and you're thinking about retiring you're not sure and then someone else like a linebacker comes let me say what I'm do is I'm just gonna smash you in the head with this brick and then you're gonna be so injured that you don't have a choice just as they were about to launch themselves into this assault though braun strowman did arrive he threw a chair in Baron Corbin space which allowed Kangol to get some licks in and guess what it all led to if you're thinking surely a main event between these two teams you'd be absolutely right how nuts is that - and don't worry we'll get there of course we will get there in one of those weird wrestling scenarios afterwards as well Michael Cole wouldn't shut up that now we're never gonna know if Kurt Angle was actually going to retire because of course unless they actually say in the ring you're never gonna find out the truth it's like when you have some kind of Frakker between two wrestlers and they will wait a whole seven days until the next episode of their TV show and go who to come out here right now please and let me know what was going on why didn't you just ask them when you got backstage and up for the Seth Rollins brought less than a video package though it just ran down everything that happened put over huge that Seth Rollins got his ass whipped by the Beast last week and what's he gonna do come WrestleMania 35 this was fun to watch Sasha banks and Bailey then defeated Nicky cross and Alicia Fox and yes well I do feel the same about cross as I do about the other NXT call-ups at least here it was for the greater good in the sense that Bailey wrote up Alicia Fox and got the one two three now Sasha and Bailey can go on to the Elimination Chamber hopefully become the first ever women's Tag Team Champions cement this connection that's actually what they're called and we can just draw a line under it give it about a truly bizarre backstage bit with Apollo Cruz followed this he was being interviewed and got asked for reasons I'll never understand if he was surprised that angle was going to compete tonight and yes Apollo was surprised he didn't see it on the card but also points about her angle he's allowed to have a couple of bad matches without everybody jumping down his throat then rays are from the AOP and Drake maverick approached him and said Apollo you don't know what you're talking about Kurt Angle your hero is gonna lose what was this what is going on why do I give two hoots about what Apollo Cruz and Drake maverick and res are from the AOP think about angles match also where the hell have the AOP been this was honestly like a bit that nobody known had been recorded and only realized on it aired lives and was like was that that's not meant to be part of the show well it started now so we've got to finish it because life is just so strange we then did get a lawyer's taking on Jeff Jarrett with the Road Dogg in his corner and cost you moans back to when that man's came out and Ron said changes come in people changes coming what would you do if I had told you I tell you what some of the change is gonna be it's gonna be the return of Jeff Jarrett you would have punched me in the face I would have thought I was hallucinating because I ate some dodgy chicken but here we are in February 2009 teen and that's exactly what we got but look though it is done but it's also fun loss powder is a powerful tool especially if you're loved Jeff Jarrett back in the day and Alliance one when you throw that all in the pot you know it was just a match at the end of the day with a big question being why Elias has just magically turned heel again and we got no justification for that he just one day thought I fancy installing the fans again I think I'll start right now just give me any kind of story I don't care what it is but at least a drifter did have one good line when he his attention to road dog I said shouldn't you be on Smackdown tanking the ratings now look WWE you shouldn't actually be talking about the struggles you are having with numbers in that regard but because I am a wrestling nerd I always get a kick out of inside the lines anyway allies did win with the drift away tried to beat up the Road Dogg Jeff Jarrett didn't like that when to hit allies with his guitar the guitar didn't break because that's live TV and that was that or was it because you'd have to figure given that Jarrett did hit him with a musical instrument this feud has to continue and that maybe a little bit too much I think we could stop it here but as always hashtag wait-and-see and absolutely awful bit with Natalya and Dana Brooke now that we did mention at the very opening of the show because Natalya was here she was sat down to his packing some kind of suitcase and Dana Brooke appeared I was all like Nattie I'm really sorry about what happened last week I think we should come back together and try and be a good team and when the Talia didn't say anything to her Dana Brooke blew a gasket went fine if you're going to ignore me I'm gonna find the McMahon and we're gonna have a match next week you coward Dana Brooke why didn't you do it tonight as it turned out though Nattie hadn't heard any event because she had ear buds in ear buds that was five minutes of my life WWE what am I meant to do when I'm on my deathbed going through my memories and remember that five minutes of my life was spent watching this rubbish a down and me on my death bed down a DB dale finn bálor versus lea rush was better though i actually was damn good obviously it was meant to be finn versus last me but bobby had decided given the finn bálor couldn't beat Brock Lesnar a couple of weeks ago and that Lashley himself is better than Brock Lesnar Finn Balor doesn't deserve a shot against him so instead can take on Leo rush the cool thing with this is that if you haven't actually seen rush do his thing on 205 live or in the Indies before that he's really good and he flies around the ring like a damn airplane Lashley kept getting involved in at one point just pulled Finn banner out the ring right in front of the referees eyes and that got Bobby Lashley banned from ringside but why on earth wasn't a DQ usually I'd let that slide but we got a lot of match later on where these two ideas are gonna come crashing together so remember that in your brain it wasn't enough to screw Finn though because eventually he did hit the coup de Gras ond Leo rush and that was it he pinned in one two three and it was just a really nice little scrap the real question is what is the long-term plan for everybody involved in this it kind of feels like we're going week to week look it helped me get through a three-hour pisode of raw page then popped up to promote her fight with the family movie that's coming out and around about a month's time that's all I've got you can go watch the review if you'd like right now here on what culture wrestling I've seen it right a moment a bliss followed and it was the equivalent of taking a bunch of drugs and then trying to do maths but but damn it if it wasn't quite the joy and it's gonna get him there it started with Alexa bliss bringing out ec3 who still isn't allowed to speak now that's twice as dumb because in his own entrance music he says his name and also a mute gimmick a mute gimmick is never going to work he was interrupted by nige accent Amina the latter of boof always seems unsure if she's left the oven on or not and I just wanted to talk about all her accolades she's achieved over the last couple of weeks and also yeah no I did that whole thing before she came out although this time because she is actually getting better as a heal she's improved so she went on about getting in the men's Royal Rumble the fact that she has now qualified with her best pal to get in that Elimination Chamber pay-per-view tag-team match and then she got interrupted by Dean Ambrose and I don't know what I was meant to take away from this but Ambrose did indeed get in ec threes personal space and he just came across like a total face and yes that did roam I mean he was an asshole but his jabs about where the hell at a c1 and ec2 and the fact that ec3 looks like a Creed friend were really funny and that translated life to the crowd who were there they were laughing along too he also wanted to know why ec3 just hung around backstage like a silent Chippendale and turn his attention to now Jax said look no I know you've got a crush on me but never come near me again so I guess that's the end of this from nowhere ec3 then just punch Dean in the nose that led to a match and hot damn if the new call-up didn't get the win if you were unsure dean ambrose is leaving after many 35 well I think he probably is although this was a well done angle ec3 one with a jackknife pin which means it was kind of like a surprise and being sold it like he'd seen a ghost it all ties in all of a sudden I'm interest in ec3 because he just beat a former WWE Champion which was also cemented by the commentators giving me that information this was fire Kurt Angle then cutbacks pays promo wish we didn't need because we already had all the details pertaining to his main event match and it only got worse when braun strowman arrived and angle and strowman did the whole it's true it's down true catchphrase together it was so embarrassing that even i who was watching on TV also wanted the ground to just open up and swallow me so i could get rid of this cringefest didn't get it didn't see the need for it didn't like the joint catchphrase down mojo rawley's doing their mother yell at yourself in the mirror a bit though that's gonna get it up because he does do this very well and if we actually allow it to go somewhere we may have something we just made again main event time and well if we're being honest I don't think if Raw was three hours long this would ever be put in this position wrong the match was good the matches entertaining without finish oh what a way to wind down it all goes back to the issue that I don't really want to see these four feuding with each other and also the confusion when it did come to the end of the match cuz braun strowman was being told by the referee don't you lay your hands on Baron Corbin he ain't in the legal man and if you do I'm gonna disqualify you obviously the monster among men doesn't care about that he slammed Baron right in his jaw and that meant braun strowman and Kurt Angle got the DQ even though around about 20 minutes earlier Bobby Lashley is just attacking people in his match and no one gives to Krebs it also hasn't happened in any single WWE tag-team match in recent memory in the event of the face has got the upper hand so it was nice royal went off air with Braun me like woohoo and kept on being like yeah you know I'm not on the Shelf just yet you know I guess we're gonna get this at pay-per-view probably with Kurt Angle's stepping in for Seth Rollins for parent he is injured he's just taken his space well I got is met how many went bad and it does kind of feel like we've fallen back into that middle ground as we do try and get to the innovation but we've also got to remind everybody that WrestleMania is on the card so it's okay episode of Raw hopefully not the best we'll see before we do indeed get to the first week of April now don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you thought about last night's episode of Raw you know how it goes like the video share the video subscribe to what culture wrestling and walkover - what culture calm read yourself some articles and you go back over here walk over here follow what culture on Twitter war culture WWE and while you are here on the youtube channel go and watch some other videos there's lists there's everything my name is time for war culture thank you very much for watching ups and downs and set your clocks for tomorrow 2:00 p.m. GMT where we up those downs for smack it down what was that