Ups Downs From WWE RAW Jan 21

[Applause] fine days ladies and gentlemen five days until we get to the Royal Rumble and let's face it while we do all get excited about Wrestlemania and we wave our flags and blow our kazoos whatever you do when you're all pumped up really it's the war Rumble we look forward to more than any other WWE event in a calendar year so we have just had the go home show for Sunday's pay-per-view and there's only one question left to ask was war good was it bad does it deserve some ups or does it deserve some downs also a quick shout out to everybody who has joined me at 2:00 p.m. GMT time to watch this live we're doing the whole premiere thing here on YouTube there's a chat box right over there that you can talk in and can you believe it I'm gonna be there too which makes no sense how can I be here but also be there it's like we're breaking the fourth wall less up those doubt [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Ross started with a great tribute video for Martin Luther King it was powerful it was inspirational and it was motivational gets a messy but then Brock Lesnar's music hit and out came the Universal champion but we don't always see unless of course it is a go Hojo for a pay-per-view so thanks for all rumble much appreciated Paul Heyman was with him and he just cut one of those promos that puts a smile on my face Brock Lesnar is the beast he's the man and he's gonna pin finn bálor maybe he'll even crapped all over him not literally that would be disgusting and nothing else would absolutely not be PG Heyman sold the fact that there could be an upset on Sunday because Brock Lesnar's been preparing for braun strowman all of this time and now he's got switched gears and focus on Finn Balor instead and that is like chalk and cheese but ultimately this is Brock Lesnar it is the Conqueror it is the universal champion and he will beat Finn Bella when the war Rumble rolls around Heyman was doing all that Lesnar was stood behind him looking ready like he was gonna eat somebody and he probably would have done I'm pretty sure he said to Lesnar your goal here your angle is to eat finn bálor less than would have said how much you pay me if you pay me enough i'll digest that fall like an orange the corporate was just that Heyman had finished his verbiage Vince McMahon's music it and I ain't gonna lie to you I hasn't been back that long so this deal is a kind of a novelty of seeing the boss interact with the champ and his friend he does crack me up as well because he turned face to heel on a dime here he got the usual chairs that Vince man always does when he walks out but when he started to tell the story of David and Goliath and that's how he was pitching finn bálor vs brock lesnar at the Royal Rumble Vince McMahon said we all remember how the story went Goliath came out he worked David's ass and that was the end of the fable he also said the only reason the fans in Oklahoma City on this night belief in Baraka win is because they're from hillbilly land let's not pretend otherwise Vince is meant to be a bad guy however I will say this was basically McMahon just riffing on Finn for the entire time so if now he does go to the rule ramble and he just loses which he probably will well what was the point of that and I know I just call it the raw don't change it up and maybe it will just become a competition where you have to talk the whole thing then started to get messy after a strong start because braun strowman came out and said that last week was the worst week of his life cuz it cost him $100,000 and Baron Corbin is an asshole and then finn balor joined the party and he was like i'll same old same old everybody ripping on me poor old finn balor where's my lollipop Sherman and Bala yelled at each other Paul Heyman and Lesnar then just vanished as if they were Batman so Vince McMahon made the match oh born strowman against Finn Balor and I think by the end of this it was just a just muddied too much in the waters we'd gone off rails there boy it's gonna get it down we then Segway straight into Bala versus strowman and while one thing made absolutely no sense it was a giant plot hole it was mostly entertaining enough ya know basically while Balor and Bronn fought Brock was on the outside and at one point he grabbed Finn and just belly-to-belly him over his head and what'd the rest do absolutely nothing but later on when Lesnar f fight his opponent in a few days the referenda sided oh wait no actually I believe this should be a disqualification you are terrible at a job my friend absolute terrible ballad did win because of that but what we should focus on is that when Finn was getting to momentum upon the beast he gave him a flip dive and some other stuff Brock sold for him like crazy and actually give you hope that should give you some faith because remember what lessons did against AJ stars remember what lessons did it get Daniel Bryan I'm alright to have another match like that they always are brilliant did all of this make me want to see that Universal title match anymore though the answer is No Bobby lash and Leo rush celebrated their intercontinental title win from last week next and I know I shouldn't have enjoyed this I know I'm an idiot but I did know I don't get why Bobby Lashley can't just be booked like a killer I mean he already looks that way so just allow him to act like it and no one is gonna think otherwise the man he just like crazy monster but here we've had a ceremony where rush just shouted out poses and Bobby's still on the plinth and he did said poses but look I love bodybuilding Corey graves even mentioned Ronnie Coleman that was all I needed get kick out there I know nobody else would have enjoyed this but what do you want from me huh I love the gym with damn-fool they've got even more nuts because when Apollo crews came out to confront the new icy chair he started doing poses with bobby lashley as well and yeah yeah yeah nobody tunes into raw to see this stuff I mean they did it with Rick Rude and ultimate warrior way back when the Royal Rumble and took place and Scott Steiner did it but here's a little shocking piece of news for you I like those as well because I just like bodybuilding somebody come and slap me in the face I did it I will say that given how happy last he was seven days ago to win the gold we probably could have just focused on that instead of him doing the old double bicep pose they did eventually scrapped and lastly got the win after he had speared Cruz out of his boots but of course the only reasons happened is because Leo rush was providing the distraction however well actually you know he had won the ISEE championship and now he's getting some momentum up and as for Apollo well I don't know where that leads in the room we'll keep saying Oh WWE is gonna push Apollo Cruz and if this is a push it's not a very good one WWE then did that new badass thing they seemed to enjoy where before last we had even left the ring Seth Rollins music hit as they passed each other they stared each other down now I kind of didn't get that one because last week they were fighting and they hated each other so I don't know why they wouldn't have started brawling here and also by the time Rollins got to his promo well that kind of sucked too so unfortunately Seth Rollins very rarely you get a deal with Seth was sad because a couple of months ago he had two brothers and two titles and now he's got none and also he's not the stereotypical WWE wrestler and he actually gave the names of drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley and mainly I think that's gonna come home to roost at some point he cooled wrestling and the ring his first love which has absolutely got to be a slap in the face towards his parents and then for some reason went on to say he's from a small town and if it wasn't for this sport he could be a truck driver or work in a factory and what's wrong with that Seth Rollins some people may want to work in a factory they may they may want to drive a truck it can't crap all over them strange thing to say not cool man not cool on the point of all of this is that of course on Sunday he gonna win the or at least he's going to try to eventually arrive to say that all this was nonsense because his name was on this year's Rumble and that made me laugh cuz I hoped that he meant literally imagine that he comes out it just says Drew McIntyre on the ring you're gonna be pretty confident and it also made it three for three in the whole guy comes out to cut promo gets interrupted during his promo then the two people that caused all this have a match drew McIntyre versus brothers the match itself though was brilliant you know not only were the fans super behind Rollins but amazingly he won he pulled a score ball out of nowhere especially because it look like McIntyre had all the momentum in the world that's quite a big deal too because drew he don't lose that much all of a sudden I start to think that um now this means this Seth Rollins isn't gonna win the rumble because he got you know the big push here which is like the trick it means when you get to Sunday the guy that lost which you'll be drew McIntyre maybe he gonna win the rumble instead I don't know nobody knows also a quick mention of Rollins going for a dive drew McIntyre stepping out the way and Seth just crashing into the barricade that must have hurt like anything else another shout out is these two people as you know are just really good pro wrestlers sorry - but I liked what was next what are you gonna do it's kind of fun straight away because if you are a nerd like me as soon as you saw the revival talking to Vince McMahon your brain would have gone oh my gosh there's been rumors all week long the revival actually did go to Vince McMahon in real life and asked for their release and now that's happening in the world of kayfabe - in storyline they wanted one last title shot because they kind of felt like they've been screwed over the last few weeks at that very same time Curt Hawkins over here and he was saying to Vincent man please put me in the rumble then McMahon saw the bigger vision he pushed his hands together we are gonna get the revival versus Bobby Roode and Chad gable yes special guest referee is Curt Hawkins if your watch out sand downs you know I love Curt Hawkins there's my justification for the up biased revival didn't like that at first but as soon as they realize this could be their ticket for success they all became the best of friends and I like it when people are friends it makes me dean ambrose promo followed and it was damn awesome but my word does that guy need to win the Royal Rumble and he's not going to but up just his usual delivery that we all enjoy and he said he's gonna get his revenge on Bobby Lashley and Seth lines by Chuck and I'm out of the Royal Rumble and reminded us that in 2018 he had a pretty crappy year and he did apparently almost died it would be really great if he could take all of this and actually go and win on Sunday but I haven't even heard anyone use his name in the prediction sense so how the hell is he gonna win the whole thing which begs the question what are WWE doing with Dean Ambrose right now Luke your house party then defeated Jinder Mahal and the Singh brothers in around about three minutes somebody say three minutes nope cuz it's not war circa 2005 also uh-huh what don't we just say about it it almost feels like we should just start Chang about something else from trivia maybe I mean who else was WWE champion around about 18 months ago and then was coming out on Raw and just having random crazy out of no way six-man tag matches that they lose we'll see referred to jinda more horror but if you know anybody else use that comment box below and yeah grandma to leak he hit a backbreaker onto sun'll sink and it almost look like they botched the finish it was kind of real a cluster and the commentary team or like oh what happened you are gonna watch for all layers skip this ec3 then posed in a mirror as Dana Brooke asking questions about how he maintained his physique and now look I get it I've seen the arguments I understand the counterpoint to this at least they're slowly building up Ethan cut on the third and he's got more momentum than saying Apollo Cruz who just arrived on a post WrestleMania raw and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing however it's also making him look like a giant geek especially cuz he never speaks why isn't he allowed to speak down and run it down to because the liest came out did his usual singsong then Baron Corbin interrupted him and beat him in a match with the end of days as if a liest was just a piece of gum on the street mm he tried to pretend that Baron Corbin a hit with a cheap shot on the neck but that did not come across get her down also Michael Cole actually said on commentary boy this beauty going on for months yes it has we then went three for three when talking about the moment of bliss talk-show segments it's getting her down the basic idea was Alexa bliss was selling who's gonna be in the woman's Rumble she had graphics on the screen then she invited now Jack's out said to Jack's who are you gonna face if you win the rumble and just as she was about to answer and the moon arrived in the key James arrived and then Electra Fox arrived and the riot squad arrived and before long most of the women you can think of of the raw roster had arrived and they had taken over this thing even though Alexa told them to calm down they all started brawling and eventually fought their way to the backstage area nor I'm ever gonna say when WWE does stuff like this is would they do this when it came to the guys no they would not they were treated like squabbling schoolchildren but at least when we come back to Alexa bliss she made it pretty damn good announcement that yes she too is gonna be in the Royal Rumble the crowd pop really nice for that because it's been a while I could never know we also got to hear Lacey Evans say some words she came out she called everybody else got a trash because she's like a southern belle there's something in this gimmick there's something in this character I quite like it we'll have to wait and see she in the rumble too so I said Neil then did a backstage promo in a really dark room by the way where he put his name forward for the pay-per-view and then got mad at a state and they interrupted him and that was it it was so strange that it was almost as if production push play on the wrong video but it's too late because it's already going because of this bizarreness it's gonna get an up I was so baffled amazingly heavy-machinery again again up to pull that one out there as did me but having them absolutely tear the ascension to pieces absolutely the right move they're gonna come up to the main roster with some fire they got to get some wins and I will say this didn't really like what opus has been doing over the last week we're here he was over with the fans everybody loved him and I was smiling too especially after we did his caterpillar thing and he smashed an elbow into whoever was in the ring at the time it was either corner or Victor they basically blend into one heavy-machinery then one after the compactor which as we know is a really cool move and yet again this worked they look like a really good in cahoots tag-team and we needed that can I say detecting tile matches up next and you know what you know what get it up - we all know I'm biased because Curt Hawkins swayed me but I like a narrative here both Bobby Roode and Chad gable and the revival kept doing things that were not on board but Curt Hawkins he was the ultimate ref he even employed the rule of you ain't having a tag man unless you're holding on to the tag rope it was like it was 1987 all over again he wouldn't allow any pins when people had their feet on the rosey that he was taking view of everything and that eventually came back to bite - and Dawson in there behind because after Hawkins are going him and said look guys calm it down Chad gable hid the surprise Drollet from nowhere and yes the champs retain their tails as you can imagine - and doors already pissed about that so they then focused on Hawkins and started beating him up but do you know who came out and made the save that's right repo man no it wasn't Reaper man if that had happened I wouldn't be here right now because I'd be over there crying with joy but it was that Ryder and it's felt looks like now WWE are gonna re team Ryder and Hawkins back up on the main roster and as I've been saying for ages the more tag teams we can have the better thank you all elite wrestling also all of us ticked my boxes and that is not a euphemism Ronda Rousey was backstage ranting about Sasha banks and she actually said what does she want me to do cut off all my hair so we can use it to wash her feet what those words actually came out of Rhonda's mouth really where the hell did they come from also is that why I don't have any hair was I sleep one night and someone came in and cut it all off and then used it to wash their feet cuz that doesn't make me a very happy man despite being nuts credit to Rhonda because the way she delivered all this was like she was legitimately pissed off and half the time that's all you've got to do it doesn't actually matter what you say but if you say it with rage and you say it with passion I can buy into it so crazy Ronda Rousey promo getting up the main event off Sasha banks and Bayley taking on Italian Ronda Rousey well that can get a nap - I thought it built the whole set of banks versus Ronda Rousey title match on Sunday really well winning did hashtag really Sasha went ballistic on the microphone beforehand at Ronda saying you just won't fin to this company at the Royal Rumble a year ago whereas I have to work for everything I get including being in that match in 2018 for 54 minutes and even though Ronda was on the apron as soon as that match started banks made a beeline for her clocked her right in the face man that made a good noise from here it was all about trying to remind you how devastating the bank statement can be including getting the win here by making Natalya tap out which also means technically technically Ronda Rousey just lost her first match in WWE obviously that's a parliament more then went off air with the champion and the Challenger yelling each other and again this looked pretty legit we're just flicking through channels and you wanted to believe two people hated each other so we got Sasha we'll lose this because of course she will and a longer build would have been nice but overall not too shabby at all although saying that in terms of go home shows for the Royal Rumble this was probably one of the weaker ones I mean really focus on the rumble at all apart from that segment with the women that were Rumble and again that was like children who just been told you're not allowed to be playing Xbox anymore it's over the Xbox is out the window and they all start scrapping and schooling and doing whatever you would do now don't get me become below and last note what you know about last night's roar like share and subscribe head on over to watch coach comp and read yourself some articles go and follow up coach on Twitter what culture WWE and why not spend the rest of your day watching more videos here on what culture wrestling my name is Omarosa thank you very much for watching again if you're watching this later and you are free at 2:00 p.m. GMT tomorrow why not stop buying and watch ups-and-downs live kinder you'll think it's live that we people are getting this chat over here going who's our man you bald idiot and you'll love it I promise I see you soon