Ups Downs From WWE RAW Jan 28

[Applause] well did I learn a lesson in how important I do need to take my ups and how important I do need to take my downs let me tell you this if you give a segment and down and some people think that it deserves an up they go crazy but I appreciate your caring I care about you too you live right down in my soul then in my heart my name is Sol Miller you are watching what culture Wrestling and look you should be pumped about raw cuz it is the raw just 24 hours after the Royal Rumble as we all know when WWE does do a big event that kind of bleeds into raw any please into Smackdown we'll get to Smackdown in around about a day or so but right now get your brains ready and let's up those downs but Monday Night Raw we're all ready to go cuz look the militant is here and I love them in a truant if you say something I don't like maybe one day I'll throw you through it like [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we're all ready to go cuz look the millet rum is here and I love the millet Ron if you say something I don't like maybe one day I'll throw you throw it like Chris Jericho did to Shawn Michaels bullet let's focus on today and I tell you man Seth Rollins well done Seth Ranji came out to start Monday Night Raw and you cut maybe the best promo I've ever seen you cut since you arrived in the WWE you my friend getting up aside from sounding utterly believable as he told us how happy you was to win the rumble and he sounded believable because it was true Rollins also took the mick at people pointing at the WrestleMania sign that's how you endear yourself to a crowd and yes again I think this was my favorite step runs promo I have ever seen I came away from it wanting to see Rowland succeed even more that I already did and hope that he does go on to mania and win the universal championship a little bit of a spoiler there because they're here on this stage of Raw we'll just bring Tom Seth you've got to make up your mind do you want to face Brock Lesnar or do you want to face Daniel Bryan what are you gonna do it's like Matt's come to a conclusion it kept ticking over too because then Triple H came out and he wanted to have a chat and say what you will about Triple H he's a legend he's a star it's exciting when his music hits and also as well as all of that he was all emotional too and it goes to show the power of words it doesn't really matter what you say as long as you're saying that with feeling or with real meat not Shawn Stasiak I will buy in let me tell you I was buying in façades get a little bit said Triple H said to take some times in terms of who he does want to burn down by the way Triple H that's called murder but he only really has till the end of the show as WWE's got some marketing to do so yeah before this raw is done we'll know who Seth Rollins is going after at wrestlemania 35 someone else was always going to interrupt and surprise surprise it was Dean Ambrose knee had his own point to make namely the Seth Rollins shouldn't really be kissing up to Triple H because back in the day Triple H actually wanted to get rid of Seth Rollins thought he was a bit of a problem and I actually think that may have been true or at least you know back then there were rumors that said yeah Seth Rollins is a bit of a handful and higher-ups are like hmm what are we gonna do with this guy well he turned out all right didn't he the game spot back to Ambrose that he can't really say anything given what he did to Seth Rollins on the night that Roman reigns announced that he was ill and that's never gonna go away and really Dean was brilliant here too he even had the Lion of the night because when he said he wanted to fight Seth Rollins Triple H went to leave and Ambrose said oh do you have to go and ask your father-in-law for permission and the crowd chanted yes he does I love that it was really nice that ticked off Triple H so much they just called it a referee and yet we are about to get Seth Lions vs. Dean Ambrose I might say this but another up on that counter because so much happened here and all it was so good it deserves it yes right look at the power I wield the power of numbers the match itself was good too because of course it was I personally don't believe these two could have a bad match even though I know the one that TLC causes controversy I thought that got a bad rap this one gets it up especially as there's some news to talk about and that's because it ended clean as a whistle eventually Seth Rollins hit the curb stomp he hooked Dean Ambrose's leg and that was it 1 2 3 and you were probably sat there going well I guess that makes sense we need to build setup he is gonna be at the main event at WrestleMania 35 what are we doing with Dean Ambrose even more so because it's a real rumble he didn't do anything so pissed off that he had lost Ambrose grabs a mic and he was about to talk about something to do with his WW on tracks and then he was interrupted by nya Jackson Tamina and straightaway your arrow should be going up like this because as soon as Dean took his eyes off nya Jax she attacked him from behind the momentum took him out the ring and while it kind of looked like he wanted to fight her referee stopped him and it kind of led you to believe are we gonna do some kind of program between Knight X and Dean Ambrose hmm I mean it could just be that we're carrying on this storyline that night Jax now tangles with men we started at the Royal Rumble and I know everybody's got different opinions on it so we're not gonna focus on that here until you learn that there is some news out there I just teased the news now I'm talking about the news the Dean Ambrose has told WWE following WrestleMania 35 he ain't gonna sign his new contracts on the table and he is leaving the company altogether that explains why he's a clean job on Raw and could explain why he may be about to feud with no Jax that's all I know there's a caveat at all I will say that and I doing this has actually made her character more interesting and I actually want to see her on my TV screen so therefore there we go he's probably done a good job with it it was then Tamina and nya taken on the team of Mickie James and Alexa bliss remember one here was gonna move on through the qualifying rounds to eventually get in that Elimination Chamber to compete for the first-ever women's tag team titles it was fine up the idea was that while Jack Santa Minar our team Bliss and James weren't really connecting that world was up on a one point bliss from the top rope she was going to attack nine jacks but as soon as Jax clocked her bliss thought better of it because she didn't want to get her ass kicked she's a bigger ass kicked eventually nine Jax gave Mickie James and LexA bliss a double Samoan drop and then she pinned Mickie James now Jack's Tamina they going on to the Elimination Chamber or whatever colors out there may be another round wasn't really made clear I do think that Jax has found her niche within the last 24 hours though so you can come and yell at me and I look forward to it I'll run a positive tiens though because then we got to Kurt Angle and what on earth are we doing down it started with an angled promo that was oddly edited to begin with so already it started to feel a little bit awkward and then he said straight up look everything with Drew McIntyre a few weeks ago I've moved past that and it won't happen again when I take on Baron Corbin in a few minutes that was a blip well it wasn't a blip and instead Corbin beat Kurt Angle in around about three minutes as if he was a piece of cheese it was the commentary that made this even stranger Michael Cole was telling us that angle has to compete he has to be back in the ring because he needs to provide his family and then rennet young Corey graves yelled at each other literally throughout the entirety of this and i sat there going I think this is meant to be entertaining but I kind of feel like I want to turn it off because it's almost like I'm not here and they don't know they're live on TV it was not good and I think angles new storyline is down on your luck former hero now trying to make ends meet we know we've tried that before and it's never really worked and it just makes Kurt look like well I don't even know it doesn't make him look like the legend that he should be that's right Finn Balor was out next after walking backstage and passing the likes of Heath Slater Rhino Bailey Sasha banks and also Otis doe javac who was there flexing and kind of grinding and looked w/e I'm always happy to put my hands up and say you proved me wrong and you proved me wrong as soon as Otis started doing this I laughed and I really liked the guy and I actually quite enjoy what you're doing with him on the main roster more for me give it enough Finn was selling his injuries from last night and said that while he did everything he could do to beat the beast unfortunately he came up a little bit short but he did make brock lesnar believe which is why brock absolutely pulverized them even after the match was finished you remember what happened gave him a bunch of their fives this brought out leo russian bobby lashley as if you do watch ups and downs you know I like this pairing however it's the context here that put a sad smile on to my face because I was idiot I was stupid when Brock Lesnar did do this beatdown after the rumble match against Finn Bella I thought it was because Finn Balor was gonna get another shot I mean we still got four months or three months whatever it is to Wrestlemania you probably could do finn bálor message brock lesnar - and I'd be into it instead it doesn't look that way at all instead Bobby Lashley in me a rush were livid that finn bálor even got a shot in the first place and that if he tried he couldn't beat the Intercontinental Champion even though around about a month ago Finn Balor did indeed beat Bobby Lashley who just so happens to be the Intercontinental Champion now he lost all this just resulted in it being last Lee's turn to leave Bala laying and that's what we got so yeah Sunday night Finn Balor left laying Monday night yeah Finn Balor left leg and I tell ya that does absolutely nothing for Bella's character because he was that will momentum and now he's gone crashing down again and when you go crashing down you get it down Leo rush did cool Balor at work though and I like that and I like Leo rush in general good away does the revival then beat Curt Hawkins in Zack Ryder and around about three minutes okay that's what we want to do you go and do them and always such some weeks I like Colt Hawkins and I would enjoy it if wo we did more than him it was a fine match I like seeing Zack Ryder and Cal gets back together with a tag team and yeah ventually Hawkins lost because the revival smashed him with the shout machine and he was upset Ryder trying to cheer him up he couldn't you should be happy now who you're getting it up hilarious promo with Daniel Bryan followed he was in the back with his new heavy erick rowan and he said that he doesn't support seth rollins is thinking because all this promoting of burning things down it's air pollution Daniel Bryan ladies and gentlemen the man that can officially do no wrong he's getting it up right so in case you're wondering Elias now seems to be a heel again he was out doing his whole Qatar star below now now and saying the fans they screwed up he gave them opportunity but they don't respect him like he wanted so they all need to shut their mouths however he also appears to be feuding with Jeff Jarrett who made his return to Monday Night Raw after we returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble in the number two position but that's not all because he's also doing it with the Road Dogg Jesse James who was also in this segment now before I do crap all over it I'm not gonna crap all over it because the fans absolutely loved it there was a nostalgic joy to this made me feel all fuzzy when you feel fuzzy and the live crowd liked it any one thing to do ya got to go with it it gets it up I don't really know what the point of it was but hey who cares again allies came out insult with the fans Jeff Jarrett came out said don't insult the fans in the roadog appeared he made a joke about masturbation and that was that they started singing with my baby tonight The Drifter didn't want to hear that so he hit them both with guitars and I'll be honest I actually quite enjoyed seeing allies take control of his segment just the way it was laid out I was like can you hit them with the guitars now please thank you very much but it was entertaining it was and expectedly didn't really break up the pacing of raw because it was so surreal and made me feel like I had gone back in time I was ready to kind of get back into the modern day when all was said and done also a massive shower - Jeff Jerry your punches Jeff Jarrett are absolutely brilliant and probably their best on the entire roster and also double J congratulations to the rumor is you behind back by WWE you're gonna be a producer and do stuff on screen like this alright with that double dare whatever good news - mojo Raleigh is back bad news he's got some weird gimmick where he was yelling at himself in a mirror saying that he was the reason for his own failures again he was doing it into a mirror so either he really hates mirrors or he hates himself we'll come back to this next week to see actually if it goes anywhere there's nine times out of 10 emoji a rolly they put them on TV they just goes again yeah our next women's tag-team qualifier for this Elimination Chamber event was well not as well put together as the other one down it wasn't lib Morgan and Sarah Logan taken on Natalia and Dana Brooke because ember moon got injured the more humble she hurt her elbow now she'd surgery so all best wishes to mm oh man I hope you get better soon Natalia and Dana Brooke fell out before the match even started and that just tied into everything when we did square off Logan eventually kicked Dana in turn Italia that create all kinds of luck Oh know what's going on so Morgan just rolled up Natalya they're out riot squad move on to the Elimination Chamber or again whatever's next I don't know Ronda Rousey time now and look yes did Ronda Rousey kind of get a bit stifled and screw up her promo lines probably because she was surprised by the reaction she got in Phoenix yes yes she did but is she gonna get an up or is she gonna get down to that no she's not because we don't give ups and downs when it comes to mistakes everybody makes mistakes Gavin your high horse if you jump down Ronda stroke this and you have to light Ronda you can think whatever it is you want to think about the former MMA superstar but everybody screws up that's just life what we will focus on is that she had a good match with Bailey I really enjoyed it and then had a main event segment that felt like absolute fire when Becky Lynch arrived when you take all about you wrap out with a bow it get sewn up come at day the story of the match was at one point Ronda tweaked her leg and Bailey went after that like a shark who smelled blood but it wasn't enough because of course it wasn't and as soon as Rhonda had locked in the armbar Bayley tapped out quicker than no way Jose lasted in the Royal Rumble I like that load because we've made that finisher absolutely devastating if Rousey gets you in it you gonna attack because you've got no choice unless you want to break your arm also another credit to the Royal Women's Champion because she sold said arm from the previous night and we never seen it anymore members she smacked the ring post and it went all out she was still acting like it hurt yes then Becky Lynch's music hit though and the roof absolutely blew off the place friends went nuts turned Ronda hill as they booed the absolute hell out of her and Becky came with the fire as she said I told you I'd make my way back to you Ronnie and I don't need any time to think like Seth Rollins I choose you it was a really good back and forth too and you can easily buy into the fact that these two probably hate each other's a rough to it which makes it all seem real especially when Ronda Rousey told Becky Lin's that she could kill her with her bare hands and the only reason she doesn't is because she has decided not to Rousey you can't murder people it's just pro wrestling calmed down also in a match that would probably end in a DQ if you murder someone you're gonna get disqualified this was so electric though it did make me question whether adding Charlotte to this is actually the right idea that is currently plans or so is being set out there in internet land but if you're looking for something that feels and looks and smells like a WrestleMania main event go and watch this segment it's right there it'll also remind you why you love wrestling and put some hair on your teeth or give you some good old fashioned goosebumps everything with braun strowman though was a little odd especially because i don't know where it's headed i mean he was having a match with drew mcintyre clearly that's going to be his feud and even though dogs Ziggler knocked mcintyre at the wall rumble he wasn't even on the show to begin with but look he didn't suck he's just weird it was meant to be braun vs. drew but it never really got going cuz Baron Corbin came out and he just helped his old running buddy beat up braun strowman who yes used to be the third member in that running buddy team he fought back for a little while but eventually got claim or kicked out of nowhere and seeing mcintyre corbin celebrate with if we'd gone back to like october last year whenever it was you remember the dogs of war also important to note that before this there was a backstage segment when braun strowman up to seth rollins shook his hand and said make sure you make the right choice tonight in terms of who he wants to face at WrestleMania we didn't need to do that WWE cuz again the last time I saw Braun and set together aside from the raw rumble where Seth Rollins did not the monster out was when the bowels of war were trying to break up the shield can we just have a little bit of continuity apparently not damn our final segment of the night now absolutely rocked my world no messing around give it an up it McGann with the announcement of Seth Rollins but he didn't come out and we got Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman instead and Paul Heyman said in no uncertain terms don't be an idiot Seth go and have a lovely little grappling match with Daniel Bryan over on Smackdown you don't want to fight the beast because if you do you lose he was wrong because Rollins did what I have a with the universal champion and he wanted to do it right now and he just straight-up punch Brock in the face as it turns out you don't do that because then when Seth went for the curb stomp he'd pissed off Lesnar and he gave him an f5 and he gave him another one then he gave you another one then he gave another one on the tight arm when Seth Rollins quotes the reps and went is that all you've got Brock brought was like now you can have another one another one Brock absolutely whoop Seth throughout all of this but it sets everything up perfectly we can move to Wrestlemania 35 and finally Rollins can slay the Beast become our Universal Champion and bring that title back to raw it went off there this was a really good episode of WWE Monday night's show and given everything that happen at the rumble - I'm quite high on WWE at the moment and I am usually but I'm doubly high and I'm sure people like Oracle loosen this rubbish then yeah the pay-per-view was too long I don't care man I'm buzzed and I can't wait to see what they're gonna do on Smackdown can't wait can't wait match go to sleep until tomorrow gap do ups and downs won't have to watch my been thirsty you take my point now they'll be ready to come below and let us know what you thought about Raw last night did you like it did you hate it do you want to come and punch me in the face like share and subscribe anybody what culture no Comrie deserve some articles follow what contouring Twitter I want culture WWE and you're already here there's loads of content on what culture wrestling why don't you go check it out my name is styling for what culture thank you very much for watching it again 24 hours time I'll see you soon or get in your time machine and go and watch those ups and downs for the Royal Rumble