Ups Downs From WWE Royal Rumble 2019

[Applause] well let's talk about the thing we need to talk about before we kick this episode are ups and downs off my word why was the rumble so long and on top of that where the hell was repo men somebody got in touch with me on social media with Simon I'm in Phoenix and I've just seen buried are so the man that was behind the mask in the airport maybe he's gonna be denied deep down I knew he was lying to me I knew it wasn't real but don't toy with my emotions pal I'll go crazy but my name is Sol Miller you are what you want coaching wrestling and yes it is one of the biggest ups and downs you'll see throughout 2019 because we are gonna talk about the rumble and really it was a crazy crazy shot if I one thing that happened I don't think anybody in the world predicted yeah we could have sat here for hours on end and we never would have predicted what had happened in that WWE Championship match inthere you intrigued if you haven't seen the paper yet but that's what I do I watch wrestling so you don't have to mess up those down [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the pre-show was all over the place because it began with Chad Gable and Bobby Roode the raw tag-team champions for some reason taking on razaw from the a ope and Scott Dawson from the revival I'm sure I must have missed something but what the hell was that I mean of course Bobby Roode and Chad gable won how could they have lost we also sold shins game a Kimora be true set to get back his US title and if you haven't seen my why the United States Championship is officially dead video that's up here on what culture right now you absolutely should because all my feelings are in that video why do we even take it off since K to begin with we did it on the pre-show we just took down our pants and took a dump on a world championship no it's not a world championship it's an United States Championship and you take my point so when you take all of that and put it into a ball yes that gets her down the only plus was that the finish which did see Lana get knocked off the apron by accident because of rusev he was going after since capers shusuke moved actually turn in to something I big something that would happen on the main card so unlike Survivor Series at least the pre-show made a little ray of sunshine boy yeah but it's an up for the fatal 4-way for the cruiserweight championship between buddy Murphy kalisto itami and Tazawa it probably was the best damn thing in terms of move to move that we saw on the entire show it was just the barrel of laughs my friends you can get enough money Murphy retained after the Murphy effect on it Tommy the main card then kicked into gear with Becky Lynch going after Oscars Smackdown championship and I thought it was very good especially again because it was planting seeds but what we were gonna see in but a couple of hours give it an up this was a nonsense free zone as well because Oscar did win absolutely clean when she made Lynch tap out to the US kalot there were no shenanigans no interference no distractions it was a strapped submission move and breaking out to give up but that doesn't matter when you do indeed have a plan and that's the plan we're gonna call the wagon leg cuz they're gonna go get there first they were it's just equals to so they kept counting each other's moves including when it came to the other person's finisher so at one point Oscar she had Beckett into the disarmer but Becky Lynch got out of that reversed it into an Oscar lock of her own it was like what T an octopus kind of fight itself it was so weird it wasn't meant to be for Becky at this point of the night ladies and gentlemen but don't worry calm yourself down because it certainly will be in a bit which price to the Miz and Shane McMahon going after the bars Smackdown Tag Team Championships pray it down let's talk about what we saw really all things considered this was absolutely fine apart from the fact that mrs. Shane McMahon have absolutely bought into this they even came out in matching gear Sheamus Cesaro and Shane McMahon kicked the living hell out of each other they were taking lumps out of the other person's skin I mean this was some stiffs and that's me bleeping myself we also saw McMahon go for a double coast-to-coast on the bar but Cesaro he was having none of it popped up at the right time he locked in Shane McMahon's legs and he did that aeroplane will Barrow crazy spin honestly for around about three hundred and twenty two years how they continued on after that I don't know they must have felt absolutely sick like when you go one of those waltz arrives you've run the waltzer it is absolute hell and when you get off the only thing you can think was why the flip did I go on the Walter I got nothing out of it apart from the fact I want to vomit up my food fair play to Shane o Mac to because after the MS had hit Sheamus with the Skull Crushing finale because the silly Irishman had accidentally kicked his own partner in the face Shane McMahon who is almost 50 years old hit a shooting star press now I don't care what you think about Vince's son that was damn impressive and yes it did indeed get them to win so they are your new smackdown tag-team champions now remember this before we go on if you enjoyed this even if you smiled just a little bit you're no longer allowed to complain about WWE's World Cup tournament and the fact that shape man is the best in the world cuz this is what it led to and you can't have your cake and eat it too think about it think about it it's like a loaded gun also the missus dad was at ringside they all celebrated it was nice he's finally proud of his son even though back in 2011 the Miz on the world pile but apparently according to mrs. dad writing as important as a single branded Tag Team Championship I'm the hater judge as long as the missus are happy Ronda Rousey vs Sasha banks was next in the raw when his title was on the line and this ties into a little problem I had with the show in general and also it was slightly weird so when I take all of that and I push it into my face please don't get mad at me it is getting it down here's the deal it was fine and there were some cool spots here like at one point Ronda Rousey did the three amigos on Sasha banks and all the fans knew what she was doing and the whole idea was I can wrestle flash in fact that can tell me I don't know what I'm doing take the boxes but unless I've fallen asleep during every single pay-per-view that Ronda Rousey has been on I don't remember her slam thing that she calls the Piper's pit being a big deal but within this was it 15-minute match or something I've actually did it so many times and it was put over so strong by the commentary team that when she did indeed win with the Piper's pit I was meant to go on I guess that's a devastating move but it's not WWE you told me the armbar was a devastating move and I stopped what won the match here why don't know why I mean there was a visual tap out outside of the ring because Ronda Rousey locked the intercession banks on the Mets but again it was outside of the ring right where you win matches so Ronda does retain but if I take a step back and think about it we could have done away with this whole match entirely because the Royal Rumble as an event was just way too long with the pre-show it was almost 7 hours so if we didn't I get I'm going into crazy land here but if we did like join the belt so we only had one Women's Champion then this match didn't even need to exist the show would have been shorter and I think overall a lot better that's what I thought anyway and I doubly thought it cuz in a minute it's gonna rear its head again there was also a tease post match when Sasha banks after losing flashed up that fourth sign and that means the four horse woman but maybe that's the feud we're gonna get before we get to Wrestlemania I don't know I know book it I was fired from the WD writing team in 2007 it's not true I wasn't which brings us to the women's Royal Rumble madness all get excited now like last year I cannot go through every single thing that happened because like the paper yourself will be here for around about seven hours but I will due to public feedback and public questions or these public and then I make sure you do this I'll let you know every single entrant and the number they came in it all right on my phone too because again I'm not like some mastermind genius I can't remember number one was Lacey Evans number two and Natalya and she had the man spot number three was Mandy rose we'll get to it number four was live Morgan she lasted about eight seconds Natalya just chucked her out number five was Mickie James number six ember moon my pic she did not win number seven was Billy Kay number eight was Nikki cross number nine was Peyton Royce number 10 was Tamina number eleven was Ireland should check her out if you don't know her she's pretty good well this was a bit wibbly-wobbly now but twelve was sarah lowther number thirteen was Charlotte number 14 was Kyrie say number fifteen was Maria Clara's number sixteen was my only me number seventeen was Candace Turei that was cool number 18 was Alicia Fox number 19 was Casey cats are know and I realize I'm plan to talk about is by will she's that Ninja Warrior type and she got thrown out at one point and climbed her way up the ring post to get back in so she gets a thumbs up number twenty was there Lina Vega number twenty-one was Ruby riot number 22 is Dana Brooke number twenty-three was a oh sure a number twenty-four was really I thought she had a really good showing she looked like a badass number 25 was on you Deville number twenty-six Alexa bliss number 27 was Bailey number twenty-eight was Lana or was it number 29 was nya Jackson just you wait and number three of course the point early on was to try and establish Lacey Elvis's character and introduced her to a crowd who may not know who she is so I appreciated that especially because when Nikki cross got in there they did that with her to of course with Lacey it was like Southern Belles you got a little like what moist towelette and Pat herself down at one point and Nikki cross is just well certifiably mad but it works mostly though they didn't really get going to the second half even though WWE actually did something that I always enjoy they throw a load of women in there and you're looking at go this is fun we don't usually see it but it was a little bit slow it was just a bit like mushy down when we got to the second half mine it exploded into joy especially when Charlotte came on the scene as soon as she walked down that aisle she just carries herself like a star there is no surprise why WWE is so high on her she flippin awesome and there was plenty of silly spots Maria Kanellis made a surprise appearance and when Alicia Fox finally got in there they had a fight over Alicia Fox his hat Alicia Fox even threw attention in the middle of the ring which was really odd Angelina Vega after deciding she would hide under the ring our Jerry King Laura back in 94 ever it was got chased away by Hornswoggle so you could get Hornswoggle WWE you couldn't get repo man I see how it is yeah it's not a joke either even after she had been thrown out he even followed her down the aisle even though she was out of the match that's a little bit creepy the first properly you go W W that's what I want however came when it was time to play on the Mandy Rose my only storyline Miami chucked her rival out but then almost got eliminated herself but she didn't cause she's really athletic and he's really agile she was able to shimmy her way onto the guardrail creep over it and jump onto the ring steps and just as the fans were giving her appreciation for what she had done Mandy Rose appeared from nowhere and just pushed her off that was it Mayo me she was done for and it got Mandy Rose far more heat than sitting in a hotel room with a towel wrapped around her Mandy looks like a proper asshole give it an up let's just get things to number 28 because that is indeed where we got going because Lana came out but as we said she was injured in the pre-show she was hobbling down there and yet still somehow moving faster than the Iron Sheik did when he was in the WrestleMania gimmick battle raw and that ain't there like a joke true night jacks followed at number 29 because she's just not good people she laid waste to Lana further and then eventually of course at number 30 we got carmella this we knew however justice she had taken her spot Becky Lynch arrived and said look fit Finlay and as a new joke fitfully was out there so you should look fit Finlay you need someone in there I'm ready to go put me in the Rumble match and fit Finlay agreed so that opens up a whole barrel of questions just fit Finlay control all the rules in the rule Rumble because that has never been said or is it just because he loves the fight he lives to fight they both from over here but that did mean Becky was in as you can imagine the crowd loved that it did set fire to the place it was great was really well done Bravo WWE give it up my first order of business was the faceoff with Naya Jackson all of us some of these stories were coming to fruition and it was even Becky Lynch that got rid of the Envy resistible for so ever she calls herself Charlotte had not now jacked to the outside Becky who had gone through the mineral Rock was already there does she just got there with poop poor denier Jax for all she fell down see can you believe it before this the final four was Jax Bailey Charlotte and Lynch and Bailey was gotten rid of by Charlotte Flair and just as we were about to see Becky taking on Charlotte to see who would be heading to Wrestlemania that damn nya Jackson was kind of the theme of the whole show and you will see what I mean pushed Becky Lynch onto the floor and she tweaked her knee how is the babyface gonna fight now it's another officer got in her face Charlotte looked like she just been told to get a free pizza for a year she was so excited but it didn't matter because this is Becky Lynch laughter Flair went to big boot without the ring Becky dodge she pulled that rope down see ya later Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch is your 2019 women's Royal Rumble winner it was pretty special is pretty good it's just nice to see winners but you want to see even more so because you know the narrative is only beginning that's wrestling ladies and gentlemen it's okay it also proves that when WWE does spend a little time investing into a story you can pay it off like this and it feels even better still everybody do the massage heads without it the lab half the Rumble wouldn't have worked at all take a bow I don't want nothing just excited of course I shouldn't be bowing I should be putting my finger like that give me another one right so we now get to AJ Styles versus Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship and this is where I need you to cast your minds back to everything I said about Ronda Rousey and Sasha banks is I think actually if you get rid of the context this could have been a brilliant match but given that it was following the women's rule Rumble the crowd were exhausted and what they decided to do well I can't believe I have to do this somebody ring my mother and tell her I'm a failure and I ain't making her proud let's get it out and trust me these two kicked me absolute crap out of each other and once again established their great pro wrestlers but within the rule Rumble itself it just didn't click again not because it sucked but he just was flagging where it was in the card and once more if you only had one world champion this match could have been thrown off entirely and we wouldn't have to gone through this ordeal anyway you don't me to talk about this you just want me to talk about the finish take a breath let's do it in a move that nobody on planet earth or the universe predicted halfway through erick rowan walk down and as soon as the referee got bumped he got in the ring he gave AJ Styles a chokeslam that allowed Daniel Bryan to get the pin and retain his title Erick Rowan I guess this starts a stable between Daniel and Eric and really WWE if you're looking for ideas for the name of the group I think Daniel and Eric sounds really good it sounds like a kids TV show as they come together to tell us we're all but munches for ruining the planet even though there's loads of pictures out there of Eric brony in me given I would have never come up with this in a thousand years I don't know which direction they're gonna go with it so maybe actually turns out to be quite good - people yelling at me about how I'm destroying planet Earth maybe that's fun also within the world of WWE Eric Rowan you got to have some more self-confidence and you've got to have some more self-worth stop joining cults you're in the Wyatt family and that didn't work out for you and now you're back and you've gone well I don't want my bludgeoned brother is which is also kind of a cult I'm gonna join this one as well what are you doing honestly though I still can't believe this happened I thought I'd fallen asleep and dreamt it but then I woke up and I had to rewatch it just to make sure it hadn't been in my brain eric rowan gets in the way of a match between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan if you actually thought that was going to happen doesn't even matter I'd never believe you controversial time now because finn bálor vs brock lesnar for the universal championship I'm sorry you are gonna have to yell at me but I am right here there's a comment box I thought it was awesome I loved it give it a damn up here's the reason - before you implode Finn was never gonna win here when you actually put your believability hat on and understand always think how WWE books things the best we could have hoped for is that he looked like an absolute badass and I felt as soon as that bell went VIN banner looked like an absolute devastating badass in fact he was pretty much on the front foot from the first second and listener barely got a lickin and he sold for the man as if he was about to dine when Brock Lesnar sells fear your status goes up cuz it looks like you're good at what you do didn't even hit him with three somersaults over the ropes and they just landed back-to-back that must have absolutely killed or at least must have made one of them go oh my poor back ain't nobody doing deadlifts today also there was a brutal looking coupe DeGraw and that came after Finn had hurled Lesnar's like torso stomach penis area into the side of the table and even that like just awful everything in this match look awful but in the right way in the space of one match that I think went about ten minutes Bala look like a pretty different person and you know why he faltered do you know what beat him at Kimora a real-world submission move done by a guy that we all know is legit you can't get mad about that it all makes perfect sense it was also really fun sometimes I think we forget about that when it does come to pro wrestling even if you are a huge Finn Balor fan it was fun and it was entertaining to watch it was like a roller coaster of emotions we may get more of it too because afterwards Brock returned to the ring and he continued to lay waste to Finn's and maybe at the Elimination Chamber or a fast lane we get Brock Lesnar versus Bala - and that time Bala can be the demon who knows what the plans are I'm quite excited this is all good storytelling to me and genuinely one of my highlights of the night I look forward to your feedback that men's raw rumble close the show so again tip again here's every single entrant and the number they came to the ring spoiler as you already know number one was Elias number two was Jeff Jarrett and don't worry we'll talk about it just give me one sec number three was Shinsegae Nakamura number four was Kurt Angle number five was begin over 60 Johnny gargano number seven was Jinder Mahal number eight with Samoa Joe I think we had a great rule Rumble he looked like a killer I always liked that number nine was Curt Hawkins number ten was Seth Rowan's number 11 was titus O'Neil number 12 was Kofi Kingston number 13 will Mustafa rally number 14 was Dean Ambrose number 15 was no way Jose barely number 16 was Drew McIntyre number 17 was Xavier woods number 18 was Pete Dunn number 19 was Andrade 20 was Apollo 21 was Alastair black 22 was Shelton Benjamin let's push him I like him 23 was Baron Corbin 24 was Jeff Hardy or Jeff Harry as I have written here stupid phone number 25 was Rey Mysterio number 26 was bobby lashley what was that number 27 was braun strowman replacing john cena 28 was Dolph Ziggler never trust the word he says 29 was Randy on and number 30 when it was meant to be our truth but it turned out to be no Jack's hilariously though yes we did indeed start with Elias versus Jeff chair and what again who saw that coming Jeff Jarrett the guy that at one point Vince McMahon said on live TV will never work for my company again you can't get too upset about this you wanted surprises and you got one within the first two entrance je SS J a double re TT o every's he didn't last long my knee there as allies took guitar smashed him with it and just chucked him over the road so look it's the old dudes it's Kurt Angle and the NXT guys that we will focus on for just a little bit because Kurt Angle is only in there for right about three minutes that he got thrown out wide Shinsegae Nakamura which didn't work because a year ago Nakamura may have won but this Rumble he didn't really do much of anything and while we did get the likes of Johnny gargano Pete Dunn and Alistair black I always have this little feeling deep inside of me while it's really awesome and really cool to see them on your pop when their name comes on the screen it doesn't do much for their characters because they arrived in the bull runbull what are people watching won't know who they are and then they just get thrown out like they're not up to the standard however now I have played devil's advocate I loved seeing them - especially someone like Pete Dunn who has come so far together and up for the absolute nonsense that happened with curt hawkins - he decided to chill out under the ring but there was no Hornswoggle this time and tires o'neill arrived he didn't trip up so it was like wait itis you did what you were meant to do but he was so intrigued but Kurt was under there so he went under - and when they both came out curt hawkins eventually eliminated him and then Kurt Huggins got kicked down to one all-encompassing down though for the whole rule that says two feet must touch the floor because we've gone too far with it and it's starting to get a little bit ludicrous released ain't that fun anymore twice Kofi stopped himself in the second time but it was just too dumb basically Xavier woods had just come out Kofi Kingston was basically eliminated he was on the floor but because he managed to keep his heels up Xavier just picked him up and walked him back to the ring and then they got chucked out anyway I think we can stop that now it's done and that one big down also ties in - no way Jose he Conger lined his way to the ring got in and again was thrown back out in a round about 1.5 seconds now a I swear we did the exact same thing with Adam Rose years ago so that's boring and B why do we even ask no way Jose to turn up it was just a sad for Drew McIntyre as well because he came in before no way Jose even got out of there and ever guess what to the dancing men that's right he got the absolute crap beat out of him as did most of the conga line and they just wanted to have a good day other areas of note were bobby lashley coming in at number 26 and barely lasting a hiccup he got in and said I was lettin her mate and he pushed him right back out and that pissed the intercondylar champion off so much he pulled Rollins out under the bottom rebel through the middle ever it was and he slammed him through a table I guess that's our feud as we get into mania as well before Seth transitions yeah I'll talk about it dogs take the trolled us once more because in all his interviews he said he was taking a hiatus from WWE no he's not he was here at number 29 let's get to it let's talk number 30 was meant to be our truth it wasn't again it was no X she attacked him and just took his spot in the Royal Rumble because each and every year the raw rumble gets less and less rules and she did get in there with the likes of Randy Orton Rey Mysterio and throughout where Stefani picked him up oh the mobile like a dart and while she did beat the rest them up for a little while including teasing that she was gonna get rid of Rey Mysterio - that's not what happened and in a very strange set of circumstances for WWE they went back on their hole well we don't do men versus women or women versus men violence and they had rey mysterio give her a 6 1 9 they had Ram Leon give her an hour ko and they had dogs Ziggler squarely kick her in the face that was enough to insure that her visit was a fleeting one and look I've thought about it this is how I said it was a surprise and he got a massive reaction and everybody started talking about it straight away and libel on social media it was kind of like a fun spot in many ways and I think it helped nyah jacks so if everybody involved was cool I'm gonna give it up also as a PS or a little add on it wasn't despised heel was coming and we are gonna give one last nook for the winner which was yes Seth Rollins he was in the final four alongside Andrade Dogg Ziggler and braun strowman Cody McEntire had been taken out by Ziggler so I guess that's another Feud we're gonna get into the next pay-per-view and the architect got rid of braun strowman in the final two by curb stopping him on the apron to the outside he fell down and that was that Rollins wins and it was a lovely moment because as we talked about before we expected it we kind of knew it was gonna happen but it was satisfying because we wanted set the wind in the past that we know he knows we know what to expect so they change their minds and we didn't want that here we stayed the course Seth Rollins heads into WrestleMania I liked him and I've seen a lot people say those rumors she was boring different it was weird sometimes just have your hands up and go yeah it was way too long in fact as we at the end give it down for the length of the damn thing no pay-per-view ever needs to be almost 7 out of 7 out 7 hours but I didn't wake up after around about two hours sleep kind of buzzing from the whole thing I am going to rewatch a lot of it today so that must say something so WWE bears my thumbs thanks for an entertaining but to longer miss show now that again seva kaun below and let us know what you thought about last night's Royal Rumble like share and subscribe and under what culture : read yourself some articles follow what culture on Twitter and what culture WWE and go catch up with everything else I haven't them all Rumble here and what go to wrestling there's loads of videos you'll love my name is son from what culture thank you for watching again make sure you set your calendars for the week we've got ups and downs we're all tomorrow something big can happen and it's the same with Smackdown on Wednesday I look fucking I look forward to seeing your smiling faces then cuz I'll always be smiling at you