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[Applause] well who saw that coming hey I tell you that's one that reads I like to watch Pro Wrestling and WWE cuz I like the twists and turns that sometimes come my way and if you are wondering what I'm talking about though worried we're gonna get into it because you are watching ups and downs my name is Sami Miller this is what culture wrestling in yeah we're about to go through the latest episode of SmackDown and give the good bits an up and give the bad bits a down because that's what we do on Wednesdays let's up those doubts [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] wit star just back down as there was some really good bits and there were some really bad bits or there were some ups and there were some downs that works for me let's go through it if a gal was Shane McMahon and I swear this whole gimmick where he comes out and he gets the ring announcer to go best in the world it's really starting to piss me off see it's just annoying and not in the way it's intended to be it makes me want to turn off my television set I tell you if I didn't say to you that I would watch wrestling so you don't have to I may very well have done just that but I can't some ass tablet at the finger of power get it down however I did enjoy how he addressed the Roman reigns situation because as you'll remember last week Roman did indeed punch Vince McMahon in the face and Shane couldn't believe that anybody would do that to somebody's father you get it as funny right because he's plan of everything with the Miz where he attacked mr. Miz that was good it was a cool Mack and Shane McMahon comes across like an asshole give it up Shane continued to run down Roman and that was kind of interesting because we have just Segway right back into bad guy general manager goes against the top babyface in the company no he thought WWE was done with that in fact it was this version of one of the McMahons that told me they were done with that around about December of last year he came out into a ring got on microphone and Werth came as mouth that made me believe such things I mean he did all make sense because reigns had gone after Shane's daddy still I think it's worth mentioning also when Roman did come out to confront McMahon he stood there like it was no big deal and he was all good to throw down and pee imagine Vince McMahon ever doing that one Stone Cold Steve Austin came out Billy mate he didn't do that he did that got these go o because he was so shocked the stone Cole was about to whoop his ass anyways before all was said and done allies had come to the ring and he distracted Roman reigns and that allowed Shane McMahon and Elias to whip Roman reigns all around the place I don't know how I feel about that I'll have to wait to see how it all plays out but I will say this Ronan was cheered like an absolute hero on Smackdown and he feels fresh being on Tuesday night's that was probably the best move out of all the superstars shake-up also yes just accept it now Kofi Kingston may be the champion but the focal point is going to be Roman reigns and it's not the first time it happened to happen with Daniel Bryan back in the day and with very mysterious hell it even happened with one CM Punk and that's probably one of the reasons he eventually swauk downs like we also saw shame their lives being all buddy-buddy backstage so that is absolutely a new pairing backstays promo with the new day next in kanji kids this they're really happy that he's WWE Champion and Xavier woods is happy as well if you can believe it we're actually carrying on all the new day stuff with Kevin Owens he was back being the Big O and said to cope you got this later man you'll beat shins game a Kimura in your first ever title defense now this was all very standard stuff but it was also excellent for shadowing from WWE and I can't remember the last time we got some foreshadowing and I love a bit of foreshadowing hashtag foreshadowing didn't say that right hashtag and it's another up to Andrade versus spin ballot because WWE even gave us a reason as to why Andrade and Zelena had jumped back to smack film they said they've gone over to raw and be an up finn balor and then that little ragamuffin had tried to run away so they moved themselves back to Tuesday nights to teach him a lesson it's a little convoluted but I will take it and the match was good too it kind of followed the same path as before but that's no bad thing Vega kept getting involved but she screwed up eventually because she went to give Finn Balor a crossbody he just shifted out the way Andrade had to catch her and of course when those things happen in a WWE ring you know you've been distracted then he got coop DeGraw finn bálor retained his Intercontinental Championship although saying that I have absolutely no idea if the belt was on the line if it was as per usual nobody on the announce team made a big deal out of it a license Shane were backstage Mex and I have a feeling if you don't like this as a pairing you're not gonna like Smackdown for a very long time basically I can envision a lot of these kind of skits going forward but alliance was playing a song it's quite good tuned as well about how he wants to face Roman reigns at money in the bank J McMahon said yet that sounds good and they drove away in a limo because who doesn't do that halfway through their working day I am confused as to what we are doing with the women's Tag Team titles though once again much like we did on Raw we had the iconic stories of of the iconic sloughs so now they're just starting to come across as massive flukes down I have to do that for consistency if you don't know what I'm talking about go back 24 hours and watch the ups and downs for raw but if you do continually beat your champions even in this guy's it was singles competition once more sooner or later I go those people a cramp and they're again they didn't lose as a team it was Peyton voice this time getting the Big L and she took on Carrie saying that's great that's awesome Carrie's getting cooled up and she's getting big wins but aside from being a job a tag team the day or a couple of days after WrestleMania 30 fine anyway again it was good that saying got the win I don't want to overlook that it made me happy and that insane elbow still makes me feel all happy and warm inside and just so you understand the whole segment there was also some nonsense with Mandi rose and Sonya Deville beforehand they would say debate we're never gonna reunite Absolution I don't think Paige cares about that guys and afterwards they just pointed to all the teams and basically laughed storytellin the positive all of this though is that we are building up a bunch of women's tag teams now that's what we need to do we need that depth also it's absolutely hilarious seeing Paige come out to pirate music a weird bit with Alistair Black next he was sat a dark broom and he told us while fans know who is they don't understand his complex character is a bit like a 16 year old sitting in their bedroom with the lights off while listening to last resort by Papa Roach but it was intriguing it was interesting and has the black did very well with it also I love Alistair black the fingers crossed you wit up we then found out what WWE currently thinks about chad gable r-truth and didn't in the hall why does they all got lars sullivan now this one is tough because as i said before if you are choosing to push someone they've got to take out some other wrestlers otherwise they won't get the momentum they need so if WWE is focusing on lars he does have to go out there Apollo eyes some people it just upset me because only a week removed from the superstar shake up especially when over on Raw we've now got Robert Roode I was just hoping we do more with Ted Gamble's that's it just a no better hope it's extinguished now I'll forget about it worth noting it was meant to be Chad gable versus dindim hold that that never got started Sullivan interrupted straightaway and he took out chad gable like he was nothing more than a bag of crisps and he was gonna be up jinda but he leg dit and the sings got it instead of boy howdy to those two always get smashed our truth like a fool then run down to try and get some revenge about what happened to him recently but of course is his last Sullivan truth got destroyed as well so that's what three people three people three four people because the things are to four people got last Sullivan but hey like I said we're trying to make him a big deal so give it up Roman reigns then accepted that money in the bank match with Elias we talked about earlier I don't think you had to do that Roman cuz Shane had made it clear that he was in control and you were gonna have to do it regardless but I appreciated you letting me know that you are gonna kick Elijah through this break his guitar to doesn't like that Becky Linton Charlotte Flair went face to face after this and yes that's probably fast sooner than we needed it but it was still pretty good give it the main point seemed to be that flair was taken umbrage with the fact that she never actually lost that WrestleMania 35 and yet here she stands without any World Championships and let it be known that WWE really double down on the fact that was Ronda Rousey who took the loss here I guess that's probably because they've now realized oh wait Rhonda ain't gonna come back like Brock used to screw it let's just use her as best we can both women think that the other one is obsessed with them and that they're always in their head and I actually think that's true from both perspectives and that's really cool it's like a Batman vs. Joker thing we've got going on here no matter who else is within their lives deep down back here in the brain they're always thinking Charlotte or they're always thinking Becky they're joined at the hip the short version is because they basically just did this for around about five minutes is that Becky wants to move on from Charlotte and give the opportunity to other people one of those people she mentioned was Bailey so Bailey came out and said hey Becks that's a great idea because guess who you've never beaten that's like me Bailey the hugger then demanded a title shot flare disagreed so they came up with the idea that we can have Charlotte versus Bailey and whoever wins gets a guaranteed shot at the SmackDown title down the line then by magic or osmosis the McMahons made the match the commentary team just told us that and they so dumb was the difference we used to do it in the ring but now we do it in the ether that's still just a GM bullcrap but whatever the two did have a mansion actually quite enjoyed it and Charlotte got the wind after hitting Bailey with the spear so poor Bailey she feels lost in the shuffle that he'll turn we then got a promo from Becky who just Sparrow it out that she will also be taking on Charlotte Flair at money in the bank for the SmackDown title cuz of course she's already got a match with lacy Evans on that same day with a royal title and that didn't really make sense to me because we were told Charlotte could cash it in whenever and then Becky was like through it we'll do it the pay-per-view so Becky to belts is also having Becky two matches didn't work all of this is actually fine it's actually quite intriguing we then got the same Bray Wyatt firefly funhouse that we did on Raw and that was a bit weird because I kind of like the intrigue of not knowing where it was going to go and then sing it again watered it down just a little bit I think that were in better to just kept it on Monday night well so this you haven't seen it firstly go what swaps and downs where you can get my opinions on it spoiler I like it and also you should just watch it because really intriguing if you watch like two or three times you'll notice other things let's see what happens on Raw it was main event time next and I tell you this I exploded with happiness I exploded with joy it's what I was talking about the intro I never saw it coming but I'm damn happy it did he isn't a few people out there on social media Len don't like you I like you so much it doesn't just get it up it gets the gold up it was Kofi Kingston vs since Kane Nakamura for the WWE title but screw that I couldn't even care less especially because it was really weird despite the fact that WWE have done nothing with since came a Kimura in around about 242 years here's someone decided that we can't be shins gain a Kimura clean that would be crazy so rusev just got in be out Kofi Kingston and that caused the DQ it's after all this they want to focus on them because rusev and Macklemore being the hills they start to throw punches at the new day and Kevin Owens and Xavier woods and Kofi Kingston were firing back until ko saw his opportunity and he super kicks Kofi right in their damn face he went off on Xavier woods too and basically went back to his old heal self and that's what I wanted to even grab the WWE title pushed it right into Coakley's nose like this won't be yours for long pal it's gonna be mine somewhere deep down I actually hope he wins that's how much I like boys so all of it was a ruse and he done so to try and get himself a world title shot and I'm sure he will get that at the money in the bank pay-per-view and I know something was saying oh it was too soon WWE should have built it out more brought back biggie and then done something there Matt look let's face it w he doesn't do that anymore and we can moan and complain about that till the cows come home but they're more of a quick trigger kind of a company these days so if it is the case of course you can still complain about it but I would just much rather appreciate it and enjoy it for what it is and you're damn right I want to see Kevin Owens as a bad guy again and you're damn right I want to see Kofi the ultimate good guy going against kayo the ultimate bad guy also and then we had a cliffhanger ending I love a cliffhanger ending and that's that what do you want from me I can't control my reactions and I can't control my instincts it made me so happy I even thought about doing a Kevin Owens dance I don't know what that would consist of I probably just do this that'd be my Kevin Owens dance it's really hard to dance so I've only got back as a window anyway Smackdown really could show this week nice and short loads happened maybe I'm just in a more positive mood than usual two thumbs up all around me another get leave a comment let us know what you thought about Smackdown and the Kevin Owens he'll turn I know too soon blah blah blah blah you're entitled to your opinion and I always appreciate it like share and subscribe head over to what coach can we just have some radicals follow what culture on Twitter what culture WWE and watch more videos here on what coats your wrestling my name is Sun from what culture thank you very much for watching me and of course ups and downs we'll be back Tuesday at 2 p.m. BST for raw