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[Applause] here we are around about 24 hours we'll move since the internet imploded after Charlotte Flair took the place of Becky Lynch in the WrestleMania 5 main event but calm down people everything's gonna be okay and you can also put a smile on your face cuz we just had smackdown that was really good fine for a few little foibles it also serves the go home show for the Elimination Chamber there's happening this Sunday so let's put it all to bed by giving the good bits an up and by giving the bad bits a damn down my name is Samuel is what go to wrestling let's up those downs let's back it down [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Smackdown did this really cool thing to start off because WWE did show all the footage from Raw with Vincent man coming and saying I've got you a replacement and as soon as he said that we segue into the live version of Smackdown and Charlotte Flair came up for real I liked it it was different up our new main eventer then just got such a damn good kill promo I'm surprised a few people can't see what's going on Ronda Rousey was never a proper heel we needed somebody to come in and act like a right asshole that's what Charlotte is doing and she's doing it really well and don't worry everybody calm down she'll get hers at WrestleMania 35 off that Becky Lynch makes her way back into that match and then we'll all be happier again rubbed it into the fans faces as they just boot her consistently and also said that WWE was never going to take a chance on a flash with a pair like Becky Lynch but they'll always bet on Charlotte Flair the whole times you have one of those looks on our faces that we talked about time and time again as if she was the darn cat that got the darn cream and I am all-in with this I have bought in hook line and sink because I just think it tells a great story and it will make it all the sweeter when yes again the man returns and beat Charlotte after she acted like a right dick I think you're doing really well here everybody involved I can feel the rage coming through the camera John also told Ronda that she's gonna be front and center at the Elimination Chamber to watch her match against Ruby riot and maybe that will end with a brand new Ross women champion and utterly change the WrestleMania main event once again I'll end this summary by simply saying every single great face always needs a great heal and that's one I think we've got right now we then had another one of these whoever loses has to start first in the Elimination Chamber matches and just like on Raw it's really dumb I mean it makes sense why they'd have to do it on Smackdown because now we know the two teams that are gonna kick things off but why couldn't we do it like the men later on the men later on was saying look there's a big Gortner match and whoever wins that will come in last in the Elimination Chamber so you've actually got something to fight for that actually has logic to it but here you've got people tagging in even though that's a detriment to their team I mean people that didn't do this where the ikonics but I think the only reason they didn't is because they were bad guys it's not like they were trying to be smart or at least that's not how it was portrayed it's getting it down anyway it was the iconic taken on Naomi and Carmela who were also taken on Sonya Deville and Mandy Rhodes and the finish came when Naomi hit split-legged moonsault onto her fierce rival that being Mandy rose which yes also means that Mandy rose and Sonya Deville will be entering the Elimination Chamber first also really happy that I watched all that time on WWE TV when Mandy rose in a hotel room and Jimmy and Jey was there and there was a photographer and what we got as a payoff was a couple of nothing matches on Smackdown somebody come and punch me in the face because I made a huge mistake I shout out to Corey graves too because he was talking about Naomi and Carmela and how they're a brand new tag team and that could serve as a disadvantage because it's really hard to build a duo you just can't go into the crowd and pick anybody unless of course you're at WrestleMania your braun strowman and you go and find a 12 year old who is indeed in attendance how you doing Nicholas and Corey graves boy how did you get that wrong the ikonics then beat down Naomi and come out after this and really it wasn't that great another down for the montage of promos that followed this that featured some of the women that are going to be in the tag team title match at the Elimination Chamber the worst one was nyah jacks and Tamina nyah Jack's was speaking and Tamina would just throw little things in there as and when she felt the need but it was like right over the top of what Maya Jax was saying so I couldn't understand nyah nor could I understand Tamina it was like this I can't believe all that this Sunday some people like you think they're gonna be able to beat us we're nige acts and we're turning them down her from the stuff Riley next who let us know via a selfie promo that he's not going to be able to compete at the Elimination Chamber on Sunday cuz he has been suffering from injuries and WW won't clear him that obviously sucks but Kofi Kingston is gonna take in place and don't worry we'll get there coz this little story actually turns out ok miss TV now and yes that name does sound like a new meal from McDonald's but this was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it was actually quite fun getting it up it was mostly just the MS and Shane goofing around but we also found out little spoiler here this Shane McMahon is gonna appear on the TV program known as NCIS starring alongside the likes of LL Cool J they were soon interrupted by the Usos because of course they were that's the tag team title match we're getting a few days and obviously we have to build it here it's called wrestling this somehow then turned into like a who knows whose best game show and that sounds like it should be terrible on paper but it was all right Jimmy and Jey knew everything about each other and when they challenged business Shane McMahon to do the same they would ask questions such as what is your favorite color and the Miz would whisper it into Shane McMahon's in because they didn't take themselves too seriously again it was entertaining they even got a cheap pop by referencing a local minor baseball team and honestly Rec tipped everybody's box as well I think it got the loudest cheer of the night and it sustained for absolutely ages it eventually got personal as the Miz mentioned Mandy rose in to end all this and put a big full stop on it jimmy and jey did indeed superkick the Miz and Shane McMahon simultaneously but before this things were kind of heating up there was a lot of rage there was a lot of anger and it was quite a nice promo bell by me surprised I am intrigued by the match - but surely surely the Usos can't lose and also their contracts are up soon and apparently they haven't signed new ones Elimination Chamber just got really interested right make yourself comfortable because at this point Smackdown did pull out a bit of a risk much like Raw did around about a year ago we had been pimping out this big gauntlet match that we're having later on and from this point on right to the end of this show that's what we got I think it went around about an hour here again with Daniel Bryan kind one of his unhinged promos which we all love now and his point was very simple I will enter the Elimination Chamber on Sunday but I do not want to but if I have to win that in order to be a martyr to you people that is exactly what I'm gonna do give it up for the Daniel Bryan promo he got interrupted by the new day and it was at this moment that Beauty rose up from the ground let itself be known to the wrestling community at large because it was gonna be Kofi Kingston taking the place of my stuff Raleigh as we talked about and he put in one of those performances that were so good that was so tough that was so exciting he got a standing ovation when all was said and done and we're getting to the wise in one second but just know as an overall thing don't just give it an up give it a golden up it did start with Bryan versus Kofi as expected but that damn eric rowan kept getting involved Big E and Xavier woods didn't like that so they went to through some fisticuffs no the referee saw them but he didn't see recycable Rowan so the new day had to go to the back it didn't last long because Rowan is not smart despite what Daniel Bryan says and he too got caught he got thrown to the back as well with that mean it was just Daniel Bryan versus Kofi Kingston and if you can believe it Kofi Kingston won he hit the trouble in paradise to beat the WWE Champ you know absolutely glad WWE did all this and also made sure the new day his pals his buddies did get removed from the situation because it allowed us to focus on Kofi go oh yeah Kofi Kings are damn good pro wrestler oh yeah he's never won the devil championship oh yeah maybe they're gonna do a little something that ties into the pay-per-view I mean I'm gonna tell you when old this was said and done I was like I think I want Kofi Kingston to win the damn Bell he's carried on as well because he took out Jeff Hardy following the SOS and he did the same when it came to Samoa Joe Samoa Joe some mojo there latter rock - because of the narrative they told Samoa Joe was basically massacring Kofi Kingston because that's what Samoa Joe doesn't also Kofi was quite worn out but then they pulled out the whole Bret Hart Roddy Piper finish Sousa mojo had Kofi Kingston locked in the kikuna clutch and he was terrified he pushed off the ropes he rolled Samoa Joe up one two three send him back into a boy howdy was Samoa Joe not pleased he was so pissed off that he Ali destroyed the new day man including choking him out on the outside and it took 8 a stars arriving to chase him off with a broom the record there was no broom but one day I would like to see AJ Styles taste the Mojo off with a broom AJ then had to wait for coatsy to get his bearings I was also a bit worried about him because you know they're both faces like hopefully calm down you don't have to do this you've already done your best let's just call it a day and keep so riled up cuz he was so desperate for his opportunity he started pushing a j-stars and shouting eleven years I've been waiting for this 11 years two stars clocked him back and then they had a badass match too it was a lost cause unfortunately which did bug you when Kofi went to smash AJ Styles in the face with double knees on the apron starves moved which meant Kofi went flying into the ringpost and you should absolutely go check that out if you haven't seen it already and AJ just capitalized on there and he did get the win but that was cool too because Kofi Kingston went for the trouble in paradise and AJ reversed that into the car crusher and then Coakley tapped it again like I mentioned all the crowd stood up and were like Kofi Kingston we're sorry we haven't respected you recently you are probably one of the best in the damn company especially because you've been doing it so long he isn't going to enter the chamber last then but neither is stars because just before Smackdown went off air Randy Owens music started playing and ate deals all right come on Viper I'm gonna get you I'm gonna take you down but he forgot about the RKO out of nowhere Randy Orton turned out from behind him smashed him with an RKO one two three Randy Orton's gonna be the last guy in the chamber it was so good and Randy looked like a proud parent whose kid had just won the Spelling Bee and I thought all-in-all despite I gained from a few like down points this was a really good episode of SmackDown I had a lot of fun and don't me w/e don't overdo it he's been a good years into the last one but he's got the matches there alright I tell you they're all right however it is time to address a very specific situation and from this point onwards it will constitute towards a down until it gets rectified but was Oscar on this show no where's Oscar been on the show since the rumble no should Oscar have been here say look why did two feculent I'm the best ever since late January yes and the fact that none of those things happens means I only doesn't get it down put it on the counter but we're gonna keep giving her down every single week until she finally is allowed to show back up and on that note where was the US Championship to where was rusev where was Nakamura where was our truth now don't forget to leave a comment and let us know what you thought about last night's SmackDown like share and subscribe head on over to what Coach calm and read yourself some go over here to Twitter and follow what culture of what culture WWE and you're already on YouTube go and watch some more what culture wrestling videos it's the law my name is Simon from what coach of this was what coach arresting and just to prove he didn't make that up halfway through yes indeed this is a puppet version of me and he's not even knew I've had him for ages thanks for watching and of course make sure you tune in on Monday when we up those downs for the Elimination Chamber can't throw my voice knowing they're gonna try