Ups Downs From WWE SmackDown Feb 5

[Applause] look let's just get all our ducks in a row because it's nice and simple when it does come to the golden up or the brown down we only give out one a week and sometimes we won't give out any at all because they have to be earned what do you think this is a star rating jokes but my name is Simon Miller you are watching what culture Wrestling and can you believe it we've had another episode of WWE Smackdown so there's only one thing to do before we can put it to bed and that is give the good bits enough give the bad bits are down and try and figure out if actually it was any good or not especially because we are on that road to Wrestlemania that's the WrestleMania wiggle so let's get on with it and let's up those smacker downs [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the start of WWE shows are infinitely better since we had our big change back in December of 2018 I mean we still get big promo segments but when you care about the story you're gonna enjoy what you're seeing it was Charlotte Flair who kicked things off and her message was nice and simple she knows that Becky Lynch is injured but she also knows someone that is healthy and is ready to go yes right repo man well no she didn't say net she was referring to herself but I heard repo man before she could go on before she could say anything else Becky Lynch the suspended Becky Lynch came out of the crowd and got in her face they yelled to each other for a bit which I presume will be the justification for adding Charlotte into that WrestleMania 35 main event and I know you're really mad you just want to see Ronda versus Becky one-on-one but I promise you adding Charlotte into anything is gonna be okay but that got cut off why cuz triple Eight's arrived he was there to get Lynch out of the building because rightfully so she was suspended and she wasn't meant to be there and all of a sudden this turned into one of the best or at least one of the most compelling stories WWE has told us for some time the game made it clear that it's pretty easy for Becky just saw all this stuff that all she has to do is go to the doctor get cleared and then she can go on to the show of shows and fight Ronda Rousey unless as Triple H mused you don't actually want that Becky Lynch cuz after all your hard work after getting to the top of the mountain you arrived and thought oh no I'm a little bit scared I don't think I can do this how on earth am I going to get myself out of this situation I know I can feign a knee injury and I like that because I have been thinking just go and see the doc Beck's and you can sort all this out but she had a retort on her own she doesn't trust this system she thinks the system is against her cuz she was never meant to be in this spot to begin with so she goes and sees a WWE medical professional they'll take her out of the main event so that Charlotte the chosen one can be inserted in there instead that my friends is layering like a damn onion link torso slap mr. NXT and then smirked like she couldn't give to food so let me tell you this this whole segment was in credibly well done one thing that I do want to address though are these face and heel turns that keep coming out of nowhere Charlotte she walked down that ramp with a look on her face that she wanted to bite people's heads off if they said anything and then when Triple H made his point known he was telling the friends to shut up you don't have to be a bad guy Triple H especially but could last week two weeks ago whatever it was you were telling Seth Rollins that you were like our emotional bunnies I mean I get the Triple H would be mad at Becky Lynch given what she did to Stephanie McMahon but what did the WWE Universe do nothing we just watched and I get that is there to give Becky obstacles to overcome but it's just being done in a very heavy-handed way especially because you just know in a few weeks if they want to flip and flop around again they will flip and flop speaking of people who do flip and flop it was rusev and Shinsegae Nakamura coming together as a team and as we know Ruru is just the bad guy again and I still haven't been told why WWE did address the madness in the sense why would Lana be okay with this given that it was shins game Nakamura injured her to begin with but as the commentary team said she's just been able to move past it well you know Lana you're a better person than I and I'm glad you were able to find that forgiveness in your heart as for the match itself well it's a tough one if we are gonna team rusev and Nakamura for the long hauls and absolutely the first time they have a match they should begin the win otherwise it's absolutely a waste of time also yes I'm biased for rude this we know he's my hero and with all that in mind give it enough I just don't get what it means for the club they finally made their way back on Smackdown after about 77,000 years and then when they again the ring not only do they lose again they lose to a tag team that's only just come together calles and anderson been doing this for ages Rousseff did smash Collins in the face of the match he kicked to get the 1 2 3 and then I guess we just wait and see what's happening but when it comes to galas and Anderson well I'm gonna say is three letters aew mr. Ferrari and the Usos then cut promos on Randy Orton and The Miz and Shane McMahon respectively Mustapha Rowley is gonna try and beat Randy Orton in their match later whereas the USO's are gonna be on look Miz TV and you did hear that right next week and also their win the Tag Team titles at the elimination you do that my friends you do it that did segue into Ali versus or when we start with her down because we had one of those insert promos with the Viper and it honestly sounded like he was reading from my first psychopath book he's not his fault he was given these lines but it just sounds so generic and nobody in their right mind would actually allow these words to come out of their face doesn't overly matter though because this match was pretty darn entertaining and all and especially reminding us why he's so good at what he does he was like meticulously taking out my stuff Riley who kept counteracting with his high-flying offense but he forgot about the RKO and that's why just as Mustafa was about to go for the O five fault one sneaked up on him he got his foot he pulled it backwards and he smashed him with his finishing move it looked like he was dead and it was brilliant we do have to point out that at some point during this match Randy accidentally stepped on Ali's face and his I properly swelled up and that look brutal but all in all this ticked my boxes give it enough even more so because afterwards Samoa Joe popped up and he went absolutely crazy he choked out Randy on he gave my stuff for our lease and boots and as he was leaving and Daniel Bryan was making his entrance Samoa Joe was like I'm gonna take you out to WWE champion until he clogged eyes on recycable Rowan and he backed off you know because recyclable Rowan is really tall any time WWE allows Samoa Joe to come across like he's gone absolutely crazy I absolutely love it because he is so good at what he does and in my dreams I will hope that he does indeed win the Elimination Chamber in fact he even did an interview after his backstage saying that's gonna happen big deep nerve I don't think that's gonna happen but still Samoa Joe probably the MVP or one of the MVPs of SmackDown and I say one of them because then we do get to Daniel Bryan who continued to show us that he understands how to evolve his character and not just read out of one playbook so for this and everything that he's done so far in 2019 give him a damn golden earth in the past when a hometown bad guy would return to his place of birth they would have done everything possible to stir the pot using cheap eat but not our eco friendly champion he openly admitted he was from Washington which means finally he could talk to a group of individuals that knew what he was coming from and that was smart enough to understand obviously he still has to address a global population so he started going off on one but this was absolutely excellent he was both the heel and he was the hometown face to hard that is to pull off and Daniel Bryan did it with ease and it was the same old stuff you'd expect an even roaming got some might time as he tried to make it clear that people just don't understand them and you're Brian understanding who he is and what that person would do as soon as the crowd started walking Erick Rowan Daniel Bryan took the mic and said don't you what my friend I don't like it yes he was also able to put himself in this weird box Wayne was able to say I'm not a bad guy because management likes me because the guys back there they don't want to see me as champion even they don't like what I did to the old title belt and I don't care what they think I'm here to represent the planet and that of course ties into the Elimination Chamber because he does indeed have to fight five other people and he feels like this is the powers that be coming down on him for everything he's talking about this whole segment just made all the sense in the world and progress the story about a hundred times Daniel Bryan you were damned I kind of think of the word be all about you're a damn insert word here it all ended when Daniel said if anybody else does win at the pay-per-view it will be a step back for mother nature and now if anybody tells me a little WWE just the same old same old I'm gonna show them this was inventive it was creative and it was damn fun to watch Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles then fell out backstage after Hardy and said that he agreed Daniel Bryan had disrespected the old WWE title then yes I was interrupted and they yelled each other to give you the impression at the Elimination Chamber nobody's going to be able to get on and while I enjoyed the sentiment here where we didn't really need it down it was then the most confusing segment we've had in a long time so take your finger point it towards the floor down I don't even know if I've got this right but I think that my own me and Carmela have formed a tag team just because why the hell not what else have we got to do and even though they entered a match against the iconic switch both those teams lost because Mandy rose and Sonya Deville were victorious somehow all three of them are going into the Elimination Chamber match for the women's tag team titles what is that and it makes even less sense because over on Raw teams are actually having to qualify through having fights I don't know what this was and I need somebody to tell me maybe I've got it right maybe I've got it wrong maybe I'm on a rocket ship flying towards the Sun and I'm about to die Mandy hit the angel wings on Naomi - to get the win so doesn't that suck to be Naomi she formed a tag team they lose straight away and she can't even get one over her biggest rival I always was I was even a noise that's how I feel fans Alina Vega and Andrade basically said their new mission in life was to kill Rey Mysterio and also said that he was a myth and that he was a legend he's not a myth he's a real person I've seen him in the ring because I'm Dom it took me this long to actually twig that oh yes Alina Vega has the same name as one of my favorite street fighter characters because of that it's gonna get it out we also had a video showcasing how dominant oscar has been in the last few weeks I agree with you I get it why hasn't she been on Smackdown since the rumble especially because she had loads of momentum but look it was a really cool video it made her look like a badass it really put her over I'm alright with them you can give that up too Jeff Hardy then beat Daniel Bryan in our main event in what I'm going to call and okay met fine you can have enough one of those up fucked this was all about Eric Rowan who kept getting involved in stealing the pin away from Jeff Hardy at one point Hardy hadn't even hit the Swanton bomb onto Daniel Bryan then I think outside Eric Brown was like oh no look there's a piece of paper and he went to grab the piece of paper in his arm which bit am I meant to throw in I don't want to throw it in the wrong bin but as he did that he also managed to grab Jeff Hardy's leg and he pulled him out the ring - to the floor that caused the DQ meaning technically Jeff won and let's be nerds quickly because when bobby lashley did the exact same thing on Raw when he was fighting finn bálor the referee didn't even care so as a continuity error and when there's continuity errors I act like a child and I give it a down and it just turns send it into the chaos that you'd expect everybody that's involved in that Elimination Chamber match came out and they were having a big brawl and one point Rowan even chokes Tamale onto the announce table and it looked like a dad who had picked up his kid and hurled them across the bedroom AJ Styles eventually chased off Brian who then got to the back and cut one of his crazy promos with his crazy eyes because he was saying look stop dissing Rowan he's not my bodyguard he's my friend and also don't you forget I am gonna be the WWE Champion forever and that is a long time Daniel Bryan forever that means we're gonna get to the Year 4215 and you still going to be the champ and if you do do that and I guarantee the Internet wrestling community will turn against you I was all right with all of this though and it gave me confidence that maybe at the pay-per-view Daniel Bryan is gonna retain cuz that's what I want to see you at WrestleMania 35 I want to see the Eco championship on the line I don't know who beats him maybe get like one of those big trucks very big truck that's got like loads of emissions beats Daniel Bryan and then we can all cheer even though as we always remember each and every week Daniel Bryan is correct in everything that he says now don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you thought about last night smackdown like the video share the video subscribe to what culture of wrestling the button is right there it ain't hard then head over to our coated or common read yourself some articles and as you are here on what culture Rusted go and watch more videos go and leave a comment go like there to just go wrestling video crazy all day my name is simon miller this was what culture arresting you thank you very much for watching me I always appreciate it I appreciate your time and I appreciate you and you're damn right you'll be seeing my bald head again very soon