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[Applause] breathe it in let it go through your nose or your mouth you get a choice when it comes to breeding cuz now there's only four days to the rumbling don't forget we all love the rule rumble when it comes when it goes on our we've gotta wait another 12 months before that pay-per-view comes around again which is doubly worrying because sometimes WWE puts on a really bad pay-per-view and they have someone crappy win like in 2011 therefore TP point is our bode area where whence I guess I still write but it wasn't that exciting we know on that we want it to be amazing so start ramping everything up into the ninth gear and begin with the go home episode verse Smackdown right there my name is Solomon and this is what culture Wrestling and as you have tuned in you know what we're about to do we're gonna go through the Tuesday night program and if something was good it's gonna get an up like Sabu and if something was bad it's gonna get it down I can't think of any rest of that points down I regret this now you already know that I've forgotten someone you're getting mad and maybe you're getting mad in the comments over here especially if you're joining me live at 2:00 p.m. GMT which we now do four more and we do smack down enough waffle less up those doubt [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] as is the way now Becky Lynch kicked off Smackdown and I'm always gonna be alright with that she continued to build her match with oscar and made it very clear that there's only one thing that she should do in 2019 and that's headline WrestleMania and that's cool Becky and all but in terms of things that you should be doing you absolutely should be breathing otherwise you're gonna die isn't it cool WWE start to plant those seeds for Wrestlemania 35 and maybe the first ever women's main event at the show of kings queens a skate interrupted and just start yelling at Becky Lynch in Japanese before maybe she's a face or maybe she's a heel that'd be Charlotte flag came out and also during her little segment referred to a kendo stick as Kenji was talking about when she beat at Ronda Rousey using the weapon Charlotte never do there again but our main point was talking about all the potential scenarios in the women's division and guess who was sent with all of them that's right it was Charlotte Flair that distracted Becky I guess of course it because it's WWE and distractions are all the rage and we'll get to it and her and oscar start have a big brawl at one point Becky even took Oscars throw her over the announce table and started whipping her with her jacket and Charlotte laughs go look what I caused aren't I great and I guess Flair it's somehow gonna get involved in this main event regardless what happens in the rumble maybe she doesn't know no you tell me and tell you what though this build has been alright and I'm intrigued to see what WWE doesn't do with the Smackdown Women's Title situation and then we cut backstage and Becky Lynch and Oscar we're still going at it you just can't separate them my word they hate each other but how do we find out who's better is simple you tuned in to the WWE Network this Sunday movie voiceover the thing needs work then after all the story all that build all those scandals and all those shocks we got Mandy Rose taking on Naomi on a random episode of SmackDown even though a pay-per-view is mere days away down Rose one two I mean know me was kicking her ass for most of it but at one point like Mandy bumped into the referee a little bit and that create an opening for and avail to get on the apron she screwed over now me chucked her into the ringpost Mandy Rose wins Jimmy you so then arrived to console his wife and I would imagine that's it apart from the fact we do have the real rumble on Sunday and I imagine there'll be something in the ring with them and we're probably meant to care but I won't care also WWE in your video package before this you said that my Oh me wants to extract revenge it's exact revenge exactly the joint extract revenge you exact revenge good grief rey mysterio then said some words backstage is that usual shop where he stares at the camera and he's in a room that makes absolutely no sense but he's gonna go and win the rumble and teach under our day some respect when they meet later tonight but look Rey Mysterio he's like an anomaly these days how is he still so good Cesaro versus the Miz now and given what did happen here I actually think we're gonna crown new tag-team champions at the war Rumble and what a world that is going to be but fair play to them is because now I've allowed it to breathe like Becky Lynch needs to do over the last few weeks he has really thrown himself into this with all the gusto he could get in around the finish came when Cesaro tried to steal one by doing a pin and putting his feet on the ropes obviously Shane McMahon didn't like that he was by ringside but Sheamus didn't like that even more so he just wallop Shane right in the face and yeah that was enough of a distraction for Shane must have been get on the apron boot them is in the face Cesaro hit the neutralizer 1 2 3 your tag team champions win the singles match with one of their competitors anyone else just getting sick of distractions going back to what we were talking about earlier doesn't happen in the real world does it I don't see a puppy over there and Goku a puppy just run off and then I don't come back and look at my ups and downs countless ago it's been Jade who change my ups and down counters stupid anyway after was the Barra McMahon were getting into and eventually Sheamus and Cesaro they were on top so the Miz and again this ties in to him being like man I'm gonna play this character as best as I can he crawled on top of Shane to try and protect him it was a lovely moment didn't work though because eventually the Miz was on the announce table Sheamus and Cesaro picked up Shane McMahon and tossed him on top of the Miz and the table broken I was a pretty cool spot but I don't think you're gonna lay waste to these two and not have them win gold at the Royal Rumble so that's a mini random prediction for you I think Shane McMahon and them is the best tag team in the world all spike on that stupid tournament and now gonna go on and win even more stuff really we should be mad apparently nobody is bad Mostafa rally was then in a brilliant video where he was on the streets telling us in no uncertain terms why he's gonna beat sumo Joe and what he sees in Samoa Joe's eyes honestly WWE you've got to do more of this stuff and it's far better than the backstage stare into a camera I'm gonna beat you watch out for my fists this gets it up you gotta love my stuff Riley as well because even here what he had a bit of an edge and a bit of attitude he is still the quintessential babyface and I just want to see him win and it was just a great segment with AJ Styles Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon of all people and this can be your weekly you should really go and watch this if you're not planning to shout out although that can also be said for undraw and Rey Mysterio later but we'll get there for this firstly WWE remembered continuity and that rarely happens because Vince McMahon said look I ain't gonna get into what I just saw with my son Shane and that makes sense from like a real life perspective there probably wasn't time but in with the realms of K fade it actually added to the story cuz that's why the Miz and Shane McMahon teamed up to begin with daddy issues Vince was out there to adjudicate a head-to-head between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan and even before Bryan got to the squared circle he was like I ain't getting in that ring with AJ style because if I did it would be an embarrassment from here he went on one of his usual tirades that was so well done and so good and so believable ya have to stare at those who said that Daniel Bryan couldn't cut a promo point in their face and say what the hell were you talking about he also told AJ that while he may get cheers from the fans he doesn't make them think and they retorted with a pretty damn good line I said well how did you get to the arena Daniel Bryan did you ride your little bicycles no you didn't you got a plane just like everybody else which means you are fickle this is where McMahon got involved and it was just the little bit strain cuz on Raw he was clearly playing the bad guy but on Smackdown he's yelling at Daniel Bryan who is the heel saying just get in the ring get it at that point no AJ Styles realize oh wait I'm not trapped in a magical force field and he just got out of the ring and when to attack Daniel Bryan on the outside you could have done that five minutes prior if you wanted to AJ he attack the champ to the point Brian felt like he needed to hide behind Vince McMahon that tickled me it made me laugh and it also allowed him to get the upper hand AJ I stopped going for the phenomenal forearm Daniel Bryan just smashed him in the face with his knee excellent miss again I don't really know why Vince had to be out there apart from that point where Daniel Bryan hid behind him and I got a funny feeling they're mad at little Rumble maybe better than we're already expecting our truth then made me laugh damn you are truth he and Carmela were discussing their number 30 spots and truce it if he does manage to win the rumble he's not gonna take on Brock Lesnar because he doesn't want to go to Sioux Falls City so dumb so dumb but also brilliant when Carmela corrected him but it's suplex City our truth when I don't want to go there either carmella bumped into Charlotte the end of this and flair let her know in no uncertain terms that even if she is coming in last the rumble is still gonna be Charlotte's that was interesting what on earth are they gonna do there how is that gonna tie in Samoa Joe then beat my stuff Riley in a singles match and it absolutely rocked and allowed you to have more sympathy for ollie which is the point again enough it wasn't that much nonsense here either Joe kept relying on his down and day off it's where as I Lee countered that by being a high flyer and like zooming around the place like he was a plane he even had things sewn up at one point but that dastardly joke watched ollie on the top rope when he was going for the O five four locked in the cookie dough clutch and that was it I may have tapped my microphone then I apologize but it just added some effect you probably felt like you're in the Coquina clutch make sure you breathe the highlight of this episode is the beam breathe it I like this a lot because Joe should have won for all the reasons we've talked about before and it didn't hurt the stuffer one little bit in fact I bet come the rumble it is my stuff Rowley that Chuck's out Samoa Joe all works for me my friends all works for me sound that guy from babe What did he say they'll do big that'll do babe film about peak that nobody's watched in probably about 20 years here on ups and downs the commentary team then let us know that during the Royal Rumble pre-show not only will we get the belt for the cruiserweight championship but we'll also get the one between rusev and Shinsegae Nakamura for the u.s. title are you kidding me they're not even allowed to be on Smackdown and as I predicted a while back they were also just being shoved onto the pre-show it's not just a down I can smell it it's a bro-down WWE then tease what Kofi Kingston may potentially do in the Royal Rumble and it's absolutely the right thing to do in fact I don't think WWE has big duck just how synonymous Kingston is with that match so I'm glad they did it here newly we're discussing it from nowhere came up with the idea that they promise nobody would ever even think of and they said if they do win the damn thing they win it as a team there was even a cameo from Tony Chimel now I don't actually think you can win the Royal Rumble as part of the team but what do I know lucha how spite rules is a thing for about three weeks in 2018 but let's go out on a limb with more predictions I think one of them it's not necessarily going to turn on the other two but they're gonna take the upper hand and that may start a storyline but the new day it doesn't really split there's some interesting bits Biggie's gonna do something we'll see you watch out it was then Andrade versus Rey Mysterio in the main event and all you need to know about this is that WWE should just come up with Andrade Rey our which you get to see every week on Smackdown it was ridiculously good and you know that means and it's the first for ups and downs cuz it's not only enough but for the second week running Rey Mysterio Andrade used to be seeing Elvis you get a goal enough back to back I'll keep it easy for you let you know that I'm dry they won the first four of Rey one the second one isn't even what's important it was the ingenuity it was the originality and it's just how damn smooth these two wrestlers are there were split power bombs on the outside reverse hurricane and Ranas Canadian destroyers and near falls so close it made you grow hair on your teeth and I don't even know what that means this was brilliant until we get to the finish which I imagine did divide some people but I actually I quite got a little kick out of it cuz Samoa Joe popped up and was like I told you what's going to happen in the rumble I'm coming after all 29 people and it starts right now yeah the match place got called off just a moment Joe beat the crap out of everyone it's kind of how I want Joe to be treated on the main roster constantly doesn't care what you think doesn't care what I think he just wants to beat people up and he'll do that whenever he sees fit it was an evening for wrestlers just appearing from the ether though because that is not how Smackdown went off fair cause Randy all took up that spot he gave some mojo an RKO the crowd went nuts fade to black will Rumble coming up so yeah it's a shame that we didn't get a proper winner but it means the few between our Drive a ray continues and maybe we stretch out to Wrestlemania and get some kind of mass versus hair match or who's gonna argue with that and if you are gonna argue with it I don't think you like wrestling my friend also Rey Mysterio round of applause for Rey Mysterio how does he keep doing it he's anomaly and absolutely one of the best wrestlers we've ever seen this not even a debate close the door pull up the shutters that's that that's was right there itself it was a good episode I liked it probably thought it got me more except for the rumble then roar did but either way can that is Wednesday and the rumble is Sunday I am one pumped hop duck tamale war Rumble time is here now don't forget to leave a combo low and let us know what you thought by last night's episode of SmackDown like share and subscribe had at all coaches of comrade Youssef some articles follow our culture on Twitter what culture WWE watch more videos here on YouTube what culture wrestling never ever leave and also if you do want to tune in to raw and smackdown live do it 2:00 p.m. GMT I'll be there you'll be there we can have a hug virtually my name is Simon Miller this was what culture wrestling and that's right set your clocks Sunday it's the raw rumble which means on Sunday morning well up those downs for NXT takeover and then on Monday I'll be back for a big one and that's up in those downs for that darn Raw Rumble I'll see you then or I'll never see you again don't only be the left