Ups Downs From WWE SmackDown Jan 29

[Applause] it's a somewhat sad episode of today's ups and downs because we do get to the end of the Royal Rumble weekend and no matter whether it's good and I matter whether it's bad I always enjoy the Royal Rumble because as we know it is WWE's best pay-per-view even when it goes on for seven hours but you can't look back because if you do your trip up so instead we'll turn around and we'll look to the future or in this case the present as we do arrive at Smackdown to give the good bits an up and to give the bad bits are down and don't you worry there's a lot of both on this show my name is Lloyd Miller this is what culture Wrestling lets up those Dales [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the opening video package for Smackdown was excellent that's not something we usually talk about here on the show but we're gonna do it today it basically focus on Becky Lynch and how she absolutely whipped out the rumble and if you didn't think she was that main eventer before I imagine this help no wind and then as the show started properly the last kick of herself did come out and look Becky Lynch I'm all for you saying how important and how hard and how difficult how amazing your journey has been over the last 12 months but if you're also going to say that you've slept a lot of heads you've got to say why in-between it you go why you slap your head his wine lives the gimmick please anyway she can have another up regardless of that and she also ran down Ronda Rousey for him and said look Ronda I know that you crumble when you lose which was a direct reference to what happened in the UFC and I'm gonna make you crumble again at WrestleMania 35 just to the record that wasn't the quote Becky Lynch never said Ronda Rousey I'm going to make you crumble at WrestleMania 35 because as I've just realized that sounds like at the show of shows Becky Lynch is gonna make Ronda Rousey a dessert and if you did think that it was potentially gonna be a one-on-one match in April world only it's gonna be because here comes Charlotte for the Queen pretended to be proud of Becky and said look you must have learned a little something from me because you managed to worm your way into the Royal Rumble itself and that it was her who dragged Becky up to the level that she is now so guess what Lynch did turned around punched Charlotte right in the face the simplest things are usually the best although he didn't actually work out too well for Becky because as she was walking to the back Charlotte jumped her from behind and absolutely whipped her but worked over Becky's injured leg as officials trying to break them up but all of this just feels like a main event angle it's all go and it's all so exciting and really when you take a step back nobody is doing better work within the WWE than Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey that's what I want to see more than anything else then my friends things got very weird because I can only imagine somebody saw my wife video today about the u.s. title and decided to shift things up by hurling it into the ether what you see was shouldn't scary nakamura vs. r-truth all this championship after our truth had correctly stated he got screwed at the Royal Rumble and maybe if he was allowed to enter as he should have done he would have won the thing that offends truth you wouldn't but you make a good point in the man's Ark we need that's why we got this fight and if you can believe it ah truth went and won the thing even though Shinsegae had only won it I ran about 48 hours prior to this road Nakamura up from nowhere to effectively steal one as they say that brought out rusev he was pissed off for reasons I have no idea he challenged our truth to him at odds with accepted and then r-truth rolled up him too which meant to us title victories in the space around about three minutes this felt like I'd injected adrenaline into my eye especially because the first fall with Nakamura kind of felt like it wasn't meant to happen I mean it was that was the whole point that was the work of it but my golly it was confusing and yeah look I said I wanted a bigger deal made out of the US Championship and WWE not only went out of their way to do that but gave it just somebody like our truth and everybody loves our truth so a tiny small little it's a little bit of me wants to give it enough but I'm not and the reason for this is what happened with Nakamura and rusev afterwards as our truth was celebrating as he had every right to do those two teamed up for some reason to beat him down the crowd booed because of course they did and does this mean that rourou is a heel again even though he only turned face around about five minutes ago and never actually got a proper chance to have a run as a good guy also why would he help Nakamura after Nakamura hurts his wife not once but twice I mean this could all be addressed next week but the meantime my face as I was watching this was like this and that's not good so it gets her down but because our truth won the title because I like our truth and cuz he makes me happy it's not gonna get at browndown but you were this close you were this close I understand what is going on as I always say would we do this with a donor we title would we do this with either women's chairmanship no we wouldn't because we put stock and we put importance and we've put in credence in them why can't we do it here too quick backstage bits followed we saw Becky Lynch limping to our car and she was asked Becky you refused medical attention why and she was alright because I don't want to be on the Shelf again and then we learn tomorrow truth and he too was refusing medical attention this was basically like health corner but it was nice to know that within the world of cafes they're doing kind ofwell right whether they both look kind of sad to fair play to WWE though because they have taken Andrade who was doing nothing on Smackdown around about two months ago and they're slowly turning him into a star his people rey mysterio continued here and still Mysterio can't get one over the up-and-comer give it a nap it was meant to be Mysterio versus Samoa Joe but we never got there because as soon as Mysterio was in the ring Selena Vega came out and was all like Rey I know last week it was you that banned me from ringside and then I think it's because you find me so attractive I mean she didn't say that but she said I think you find me a distraction and that's what she was getting it anyway this in itself was a distraction because I'm Drive I attacked Rey Mysterio again and absolutely beat him up for some reason he mocked Eddie Guerrero and personally I didn't need that but when this angle was done it was no two ways about it Andrade is the man standing on top and Rey Mysterio is your fallen legend that doesn't know what to do right raw with Kurt Angle this one is working all that really does matter is that in the last few weeks Andrade has been rehabbed completely and that's what we all wanted so put a smile on your face there are at least gonna have one more match and given how good the last two were is like Christmas come early all this roost ever Nakamura stuff ain't got even more convoluted though and when things get convoluted they also get a doubt they were hanging out backstage when they were approached by galas and Anderson who have just magically appeared back onto my television screen the good brothers didn't think what rusev and Nakamura had done was cool so they challenged them to a match next week so now apparently rusev and Nakamura are also a tag-team rusev did toch in skåne not to screw him over and again we're gonna have to wait and see where this goes you know what we do need more tag teams in the division on Smackdown so if wo me actually builds this I'll return to in a few weeks and think about maybe changing my mind but given what we sought the real rumble and given what we've seen on Smackdown over the last month this was madness mostly I will forgive everything if shins gay and Ruru beat Shane McMahon and the Miz for their World Tag Team Championships it's just the kind of guy I am talking on the tag champs Bay were out next all right it wasn't great but it was fine give it up the basic premise was to sell you on the idea that they are now a cohesive unit because of everything that happened with the missus dead Shane McMahon then brought out Mr MS and he told them is I love you son because of everything you did at the Royal Rumble now they all embraced like this was a good thing but miss bro Carol if you had to do all of this just to get your father's love I don't think he's a very good person but man then announced the number one contendership for his own tag team titles I'm gonna get a four-way in a second and surely that must be a conflict of interest one half of the champs who makes all the belts how is that allowed how is that the new WWE I would give it down but I won't I'm thinking about it a surprisingly good segment with Mandy Rose follows that actually used the past to make sense of the present nobody never does that continuity I like it up Sonja de Ville and Rose last know that they were gonna be in the Elimination Chamber match for the women's tag team titles even though they didn't have to go through one qualifying belt despite us seeing two on Raw that was never explained so that gets it down when pressed about why Rose hated my own me she brought up footage from tough enough of all things that happen years ago and showed a clip of Naomi calling Mandy week and getting Tamina to give her a big splash this mint rose drug complex and started to struggle so much so asshole boyfriend that he must have been an asshole broke up with her Oh because Naomi ruined Mandy roses relationship now Mandy Rose wants to ruin noemi's all right I mean now I do actually feel sorry for Mandy and kind of do want to see I'd beat up Naomi but I guess that's just a weird storyline imperfection but at least we did something here and I wasn't expecting it if nothing else is far better than weird skits in a hotel room when I photographer jumps at the bathroom and starts snapping away at Jim you so much prefer this okay pull down the hatches cuz I'm about to go full wrestling nerd on your behinds you just gotta accept it sometimes I want to be a wrestling nerd and right now I'm gonna be a wrestling nerd so the four way to become the number one contender's for the Tag Team Championships down now don't get me wrong as a match this was really good the Usos especially are an underrated tag team even with all the praise they do get they should be getting even but why on earth was heavy machinery in this and still lost and sure they are allowed to eliminate the new day after the compactor but then they got broke kicked in the face by Sheamus one two three they were sent packing in here just to finish off the match the users then gave the bar a big splash and users are gonna take on shame men The Miz at the Elimination Chamber and that is cool I love Jimmy and Jey but if we are calling individuals out from NXT and we want them to ironically make a big splash on the main roster why did you put them in matches and then have them not win call me old-fashioned call me idiot call me whatever but I don't buy into this argument whatever you just arrived we can't push them that hard why why can't we push them that hard look what happened to someone like Goldberg and I get it you can't do what we did with bill time in time out but you can on Smackdown stacked in division where we desperately need new Joe's to look like they're a success and to look like they're a threat I don't get it I really don't I understand I'm being a precious Percy and people that I saw him and calm down it doesn't matter and you're right really it doesn't but if I don't know who heavy-machinery are all I saw them was walk into this match try overcome a number one contender's and fail because all three other teams they've had their moment in the Sun I have somebody else to have their moment in the Sun being in the Sun it's nice it's warm out show clothes the Angle made me forget about all about though because Daniel Bryan as I've said time and time again not only can he do no wrong but he keeps doing all the rights not just an up but a golden up aside from telling us that because he wanted the rule Rumble it also meant we'd the fans won as well as our children and our children's children because it means we're now gonna protect the world for 724 years or whatever he also made that yeah AJ stars had been right and Daniel Bryan recently had been a bit of a hypocrite he's been carrying around a leather world title that was apparently made out of a cow named Daisy that's his words not mine and he ain't gonna do it no more so he took that leather strap and he threw it right in the trash better than this though he then revealed a new version of the belt and it's environmentally friendly it's made out of hemp and oak trees that have fallen naturally Daniel Bryan you just took this gimmick and turned it into one of the best things I've seen in years even Eric growing or just Rowan as he's being called now fits into this wonderfully because then your Brian called him is intellectual peer you shouldn't judge a book by his cover and this man's got all the smart and understands that the audience the crowd that W universe is ruining the planet make sure you go and check out Rowan's new titantron as well because the Owen Rowan is the recycling sign so he's now recyclable Owen it all went nuts from here as AJ Styles came out Randy Orton came out we went to a commercial break when we came back Jeff Hardy had appeared in the ring I guess via TARDIS mustafa reilly popped up but then samoa joe came out and cut one of the best promos you've ever heard in your damn life he was almost literally spitting fire came across like an absolute psychopath and like he was really really pissed off and he's another region this segment got a golden up Samoa Joe I love you you're the man twin SmackDown Triple H popped up in the big screen I said Daniel Bryan you're not gonna have to face one of these people you're gonna have to face all of them in the Elimination Chamber match come February and I'm alright with that I think it will be quite good I also look forward to Daniel Bryan retaining when Luke Harper interrupts to finally complete this environmentally friendly group so yeah while there was a couple of weird segments on this episode of SmackDown overall I actually really enjoyed it and think WWE smashed the entire Royal Rumble weekend so you can consider me a happy wrestling fan now don't get to go come below and let us know what you do about last night's episode smackdown like share and subscribe what culture comrade yourself some articles on what culture on Twitter at what coach at WWE and go and watch more what culture videos you know catch up on the entire bull run but weekend all thanks to ups and downs my name is Simon Melo you've been watching what culture wrestling and I will see you again soon