Using Street View in Google Earth

welcome back learning birdies this is mr. beef with the second video on how to use Google Earth in this video we're going to learn how to use Street View first of all you need a location so let's go ahead and pick up a location how about the Golden Gate Bridge that's the first thing that Believe It or Not popping my head and look it pops right up there San Francisco California click search and it will zoom to that location and then you'll see a peg man icon appear at the top right below the navigation here it is and so it says you drag it to enter Street you now I want to point out that you can actually drag it from a much higher altitude as high as 500 kilometers you'll still see that Pegman icon appear at the top right hand corner below the navigation so even up here if you click and drag it blue borders will appear around roads that have street level images available not all the roads have Street images available in to privacy and other concerns but I'm going to zoom in here to make sure that I don't end up in the water and then we're going to go actually on the Golden Gate Bridge okay so click on the Pegman icon you drop it on the road that you want to go on beyond the bridge here and it will take you to what it actually looks like now the pictures they take on here there's they take them at different times so you might look at one image here and then you'll move them and all of a sudden it will be foggy so that's just how it goes but there are 4 ways to navigate and move around change your view while in Street View mode the first way the most common way is just double click on an area of the image ahead so you want to move ahead here click ahead and it'll take you ahead now notice how much things changed here click up again or on the side of the road and my Internet's not very quick right now so mostly because my wife was on Netflix right now but you'll see it's still changing the next best way to navigate Street View mode is to drag the image to the right or left with your mouse you click on it and this white cross will appear if you want to go left you drag to the right and if you want to go right you drag to the left so let's just go 360 here around check out the view here all right what about these people huh these people here they're like hey and look it's a Google band we're gonna be famous for for a little while so and we're back where we started so you can also look up and down this way if you want to look up to the sky you just drag down and you'll see 2015 Google in the sky you want to look at the ground which is so beautiful you'll just drag up so that's another great way to navigate in Street View mode the third way you can navigate the Street View mode is you can use the keyboard heroes which are more sensitive you go side to side that's left that's right and then if you go forward it's a little tricky here like your internet slow you can see see look it's foggy now from that in Metro fee so you know backwards as well using the back arrow the fourth way is even more sensitive but it's another way you can navigate the Street View mode you can actually scroll the will of your mouse if you have one or just move your finger around it's one of those masses of that one and then same thing frontwards backwards to the side to exit street view you go to the top right hand corner click exit Street u and it takes you underneath the bridge but you want to zoom up here and there you are that's where you were you'll automatically enter the ground level view again if Street View is not available so be aware of that in the next video we are going to learn how to get directions on the board thanks for watching learn burries until next time