welcome back to potential difference research lab this is our third video where we are going to be demonstrating infinite efficiency generator operation and this video demonstration we'll be using the region edge generator and we'll be charging a DC battery so this is basically an electric vehicle regenerative acceleration demonstration here we have our battery voltage and once again we will be taking the generator up to a steady-state speed at rotational equilibrium on no-load and when we connect the generator coil to the Eevee's battery the speed of the system will go up and the input to the prime mover will go down and we'll be delivering roughly about 70 watts to the battery and if this was a conventional generator coil if we delivered 70 watts to the battery the input to the prime mover would have to go up by at least whatever amount of power that we're sending to the battery if the input to the prime mover doesn't go up at all if it remains the same that's infinite efficiency operation if it goes down that's also infinite efficient see operation so that's what we'll be looking for and then so infinite efficiency operation above the critical minimum frequency of the coil and then what we'll do is we'll take the coil and we'll operate it below the critical minimum frequency around 2000 rpm or so and then we will load the coil on to the battery and we will see what we'll see is for general braking and we will see the the generator coil will operate at less than infinite efficiency meaning that the prime mover meaning that when the generator coil is placed on load and charging the battery the prime mover will consume additional input power and deliver additional mechanical power to the generators driveshaft [Music] [Applause] apparently our [Music] place the regen X generator for load [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] since you live [Music] 30 watts [Music] 31 60 watts [Music] prime mover consumption remained at 400 wot's that would be infinite efficient if it goes down that's also if an inefficiency if it goes above above the input required to establish vocational equilibrium that's less than in [Music] [Music] [Music] speed of the system increasing when we're recharging the battery meaning that the system is in electric vehicle rich acceleration so now I'm going to take the system down to below the Kaizen operation and we will observe which airs breaking we'll also observe conventional generator operation [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so again below the region X generator Clause critical minimum of frequency of operation we operate in conventional generators mode at less than a hundred percent efficiency and then once we get the region X generator coil above the coil is critical minimum frequency of operation we enter reserve acceleration mode and the generator operates at infinite efficiency and the video that I'll be posting next is why the critical min what the critical minimum frequency means and how it affects how the frequency of operation affects the performance of the region X generator coil operating below 100% efficiency and operating at infinite efficiency so thanks for viewing and stay tuned Cheers