VLOG 10월 산책 한강 쇼핑 대학 축제 서울 숲 나들이 해리포터 지팡이

[Hello!] [I often walk with Hyuji on precious autumn days] [@Han river looks beautiful as always] [La la la♥] [Good morning my love ~_~] Today Hae Ri said she would buy me a bag at Celine [Just wishful thinking] So we're in Chungdam-dong. [Actually, we're here to buy some stage outfits before the show] Hae Ri, what did we buy today? I got a skirt today. And Miss Lee Hae Ri? You got a pair of white shoes, right? Yes, I don't have any white shoes, so.. I said, cooperate. [lol I told her I'll buy her a bag if she cooperates, now she listens to me] - White shoes.. - You bought them? - Yes. You bought white shoes? Hae Ri, you bought white shoes? I bought a skirt. It's cute [When we see pretty jewelry, we usually buy the same thing] Wanna match? If you'll pay, then sure. Film this, my lips. [I usually mix many lipsticks. I will talk more about makeup next time!] People have been curious about the lips. - You want me to film your lips? - Yeah. Till when do we have our schedule? Manager? Till December.. [Till December.. I'm on a full schedule almost every day] When do I get a break? [But it's ni..nice to be busy] I want to go have some delicious food.. [It would have been hard to go through September and October without Yupdduk] I always order Yupdduck and go to bed. It comes out very nice. Should I take a picture? [Lol my mental came back to normal because she said i look good] [I'll be right back] One, two, three! [@Chungbuk University] [@Hanyang Women's University] [@Korean National Police University] [@Seoul National University of Education] [@Chosun College of Science & Technology] [@Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology] [@Woosong University] [@Dongshin University] [@Daewon University College] [@Far East University] [The song in the still shots was sung by Dongduk University students] [@Dongduk Women's University] [The song in the still shots was sung by Dongduk University students] [@Seoul Theological University] [The song in the still shots was sung by Dongduk University students] [@Kyonggi University Suwon Campus] [@Woosong University] [Yes ;-( We couldn't have done it without you all, thank you so much and you really made us happy!] [We, Davichi, were happy to be part of your beautiful university days] [Pohang University of Science and Technology/Myongji University Yongin Campus/Sungkyul University/Kyunghee University International Campus/Keimyung College University/Korea Polytechnics Ulsan/Hanyang University Ansan Campus/Daedong College/Duksung Women's University/Daejin University/KAIST/Sangmyung University Cheonan Campus/Kunjang University College/Dongduk Women's University Seoul Theological University/Kyonggi University Suwon Campus/Chungbuk University/Korean National Police University/Hanyang Women's University/Seoul National University of Education/Chosun College of Science & Technology/Dongshin University/Woosong University/Daewon University College/Far East University/Gyeonggi University of Science and Technology/...❤️We love you❤️(Da-co, too) [Far and long fall festival tour has been pretty much wrapped up] [When I am getting some rest, I go out to look at the autumn sky] [They sell natural wine and cheese] Price is just right too. [I read the comments on the tasting notes and picked two of them I liked] Then this and this. [We're going on a picnic with cheese at the Seoul Forest] Then which cheese should I buy? We're starving.. What should we do? Hyuji? Uh then this and well.. Let's buy something like bread The small one.. That one is on the house. -Is the one in the blue box the... -right right.. It looks good. How many can we have? [Three? >_ This is from Norway This is rarely distributed in Korea This has a caramel scent... Oh? It was this one! right! It's this! I almost forgot. -Does this taste like caramel? -It's really good. [An acquaintance that I know recommended that I should definitely buy the caramel cheese from here] We usually don't have this in stock very often so when we do get it our employees recommend our customers to try it and they all love it. Could you cut this up before packing it? -I can't wait to try it. -Could I take the one in the fridge instead of the one in the bag? The chilled one... the cold one... What is this called? [Synnove/ Norway Brown Cheese Gudbrand (highly recommended)] [Delicious] -Wow this is amazing -This is so good. It tastes just like caramel [Snacking] [Had a good time shopping] [At Seoul Forest Park] [Had a wonderful time] [Relaxing day] When autumn comes Your eyes sparkling in the dazzling morning sun are beautiful. [When autumn comes 'Ddon Ddon', Davichi is 'Ddon Ddon' working hard 'Ddon Ddon'] Davichi is finished with their schedule and instead of fall, fall. [We went to Seongsu-dong for a walk and ended up window shopping for vintage furniture] OMG. This is beautiful. How much is this? Is the price tag not on there? Oh my. This is relaxing. The blue pix(chair)? But they're all going to be separated...this one's going to be in the living room [We were just going to window shop...] These two are going be together. In one room. [Already in the process of bargaining] [Bargaining successful] [Why did I bring my wallet on an afternoon stroll] Today was about a healing picnic at Seoul Forest Park.. How did I end up here... [You make money to spend money] Congratulations. [Kyaa] -It's a present for you. -A present? Is it a watch? [Thought it was a present but is a Harry Potter wand] Why did you look at the bottom of the box. [*For more on the wand, please visit our fan channel, vichivichidavichi] This is so.... -Isn't it pretty? -What is this. Isn't it pretty? It looks like an old chopstick. That's why it's awesome. Wow.. How much was something like this? Around a hundred dollars or so? [An expensive and useless Harry Potter wand Hae Ri bought at Universal Studios] Wow..if this was actually a hundred dollars... This is actually a hundred dollars? [Use No.1 spanking stick of love] We can use this as a spanking stick. Doesn't it hurt? How could you think of using this as a spanking stick. We can use it as a spanking stick or, [Use No.2 A scratcher for damaged scalp] -You can use it for the head.. -You're the absolute worst. [Use 3. Original back scratcher] -Or here... -That's disgusting! My wand Clean it now! This is perfect for me. [Use No.4 Classic Magic]