VXLAN Spine leaf Simple BGP ECMP Part 13 configuration Arista




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[Music] hi everyone in this video I'll be showing how to contraire VX land with ebgp and ecmp in my previous video I have showed a basic setup of the excellent with two eraser switches so in these two are switches I had two pieces connected and using the excellent I made both of these to communicate each other like both are in same villain okay as you can see here this PC was hiding sighing 10.2 and OH once when VX line is up they were able to ping each other same VLAN okay so in the next video I am extending my setup so here you can see we have an unrelated network with BGP and it is completely layer three you can see there is a I become connection between all the spines and leaves all the spines are hiring the BGP or enormous number 100 and I have three leaves here so each are having a hot normal system number two not one to node 2 and 2 not 3 respectively and all these 3 leaves are having the meetup is in this format one ought 1.1.11 not 3.1 and here we can see from my spine 1 everything is 10 network 3 leaves it is 10.10 dot live 110 dot or dot 2 to leave 2-3 to leave 3 similarly for spine to this 20 and everywhere dot wonders for spine and dot to ease for respective lives and this bgp infrastructure will consider us our underlay network and overlay i'll be conferring me excellent between all these three leaves and I'll be assigning each interface to Veon me an ID and once the configuration is done these two pieces will be able to communicate each other with same subnet I pieced so as I have mentioned in the previous video VX line is all the technology where we will be extending our layer 2 network over layer 3 ok and about this configuration I will be making these as three videos so in the first video Waterloo us I'll configure the complete underlay network with PGP so as of now I have only the basic IP configured in all these five switches so we will make the underlay ready with BGP and a CMP a CMP is going to handle the load sharing and the switchover fast recovery of if any link fails and in the next video I will be conferring the VX LAN so I'll be creating multiple billions in each leaf switches assign the interfaces to a particular VLAN then create the VNA and check the connectivity between the PCs in same DNA and I'll be creating tow to be a nice DNA 33.1 and for for one and the VLAN IDs in the switches would be 31 and 41 and in the third video so we will do the routing between V and ice and even we will have an network in the underlay and we will see how this can communicate to the overlay we excellent subnets okay all these three I will be covering okay so let's start the configuration so as I have mentioned we have only the basic IP con raishin all these five switches so in first video will make the BGP up okay so I go to my workspace too and I'll show a configuration here so you can see here I have only configured IP you know all these switches I have configured IP and all this horse will be reachable to each other so we'll start configuring vgp first we need to enable IP routing okay click on fit on all these switches okay now we will start conjuring us behind one okay I will show the diagram again so it is having the autonomous system 100 and with IP 10 dot or and 3.1 okay so one country at that what obesity under a neighbor that is going to be of our a leave one what is this mine we do not one there so another switches and then maximum paths so it is going to be two horse Pines I will explain why do you need this command okay once the bgp infra is ready I'll show how how to check this command then we will ready to put the connected yes honey yeah it is going to be 20 20 20 tot 1.2 CM p leaf 1 here the a s number is 2 not 1 n dot okay similarly all the vdp2 neighbor and yeah I didn't want TSS did she put collector maximum paths to ecmp BGP we did about old snow from the leave one yeah it is established we'll check the routing table yeah we have connectivity okay now we'll go to the dagger from here now we will try to ping to this IP okay will convey meet up on all these interfaces so that we can really fit the reach ability okay so you decided to loop back one VP is going to be okay now I have configured for not one here since I am redistributing the connected interfaces it should reflect in evenly three there you can see here just come here and you can see there is two paths here it is because of the maximum path command which we have executed earlier okay secretary civility I'm able to reach it okay similar way I will configure Meetup IP on all the other leaves as well is go back slash 32 okay we'll check the connectivity from here okay try pinging from the leave one that is disability and you can see there is two paths so what I'll do I'll remove the maximum path command from the routing table before we do that we'll see the maximum path out puts on the BGP show command so the command is BGP instance we can see here the values which we have configured okay now we'll give this command again earlier you can see we had two paths now the maximum path become one and maximum CMP became you want to need the default values and now we will see the shore show IP route yeah it is adding only one road here so we will give the command again yes since it is a virtual device that is on delay in responding so ya know we'll give the command again and et1 is connected to spine 1 & 2 is connected to spine - so you can see there will be a high availability even if the spine one goes down the spine the traffic will go through spine - so any any Leafs will be - hopes away from another leaf as you can see here all the spines will be connected to all the leaves and see even Leafs will have all all the leaves will be connected to all the spines but there won't be any connection between the spines or the Leafs ok you know we'll check the high availability invoke telephone I am able to be I'll shut down one of the interface interface e - I will shut down being in feasible my so don't even know it won't be reachable now I'll enable e to typing yeah this region okay yeah so what I did this I shut down this interface then the traffic passed through this and finish around this it again reverted back to this okay so I will enable e1 as well now let's take that out again yeah okay what are visible now I'll show around the spine one yeah Spain one has it on law yeah still it is reachable because traffic is passing through spine - okay that's all and we'll do one so in the next video I'll be continuing with the VX line configuration okay thank you see in the next video thanks for watching