Velveteen Dream Shoots On WWE Legends Cody To Miss AEWs Double Or Nothing More

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam Wilbourn from watt culture and I'm Andy Murray from what culture stick around cuz I have another great wrestling joke to tell you later on this is the new okay story number one so you know how over the weekend there was talk and this supposed into gender match between Nige axe and Dean Ambrose that was apparently gonna take place on the fabula 22nd how sure was advertised it was clipped by Twitter user flares Naya and it kind of got a lot of people too exciting I can't wait to see what happens in it well it's not happening it's been canceled basically so this ring got everyone talking at the weekend it's obviously a very big talking point because WWE haven't done inter-gender wrestling in years in ages now they obviously had Naya and to the men's Royal Rumble they had her beat the hell out of our troupe and legitimately injured by Allah coughs and then she kind of like battered Dean on Raw for the weeks ago as well so they've been teasing with it but it's off it's gone it's not happening and it has been confirmed by old shagger gave of the Wrestling Observer and your mate Oh Jackson Pollock Jackson Pollock a very famous painter John Pollock of post wrestling calm they both contacted WWE to get the inside scoop on this one and it turns out that the advert that was circulated for the house sure was outdated so you can put your pitchforks down if you weren't looking forward to that match you can I don't know if it's safe to say the Dean won't be buried by night at some point because that's kind of what they do and but it's not happening for now I was intrigued by it because I wasn't sure whether this is gonna be any start of more into gender essing for WWE or where this storyline was gonna go for both niya and Dean Ambrose but they don't we do we now have just gone yeah and I'm sorry I'm not doing that anymore yeah it's off it's a it's interesting because obviously when this match came up a lot of people were thinking oh well they're just gonna have Dean losing like two minutes and get embarrassed and then maybe they'll do it on TV but like I don't know inter-gender wrestling is a quite appointed topic everyone has a really strong opinion on it one way or the other I'm perhaps one of the only people in the world who does not have a particularly strong opinion on it if it works it works if it doesn't work it doesn't work they always needs to be justified doesn't it yeah I mean I guess if they're illogical as Dean Ambrose can't sign off aw he's injured so yes as my strategy is this is just more fuel to the fire of Dean Ambrose leaving is a work moving on to our second news story of the day and this involves Velveteen Dream shooting on twitter ee w e tweeted the photos asking fans which hall-of-famer they'd want to see return to the ring peep official photos of the likes of Goldberg ric flair my best friend Booker T and velvet ream dream replied retweeting it saying no they had their time it's past their prime if you want to see these guys spend money on the network we are the dream generation and yes I am the one to talk what do you think of this I think he's got a point I mean he has got a point I think triple H a few months ago said he was praising dream for being wonderful at generating buzz for himself it's like last year we saw him obviously he baited Hulk Hogan a few times plugged him off on Twitter had be like NWO style attire with a fellow boy that take over he had called me up Vince on his arse in Brooklyn this man knows how to push buttons without getting himself in too much trouble he's absolutely right I mean who the hell like I love Scott Hall I don't want to see Scott Hall wrestle in 2019 I like you know these guys they've had their day he's a hundred percent correct but I do think it's a work I think it's gonna be Shawn Michaels versus Velveteen dream at WrestleMania weekend I mean why would that that's not actually out what is the realm of boss novelty I guess because Shawn Michaels is obviously there now at the Performance Center it's not gonna happen but we can do it it's not gonna happen yeah nothing this is this is again it's just dream being dream really isn't it I love him he's on the right main roster just don't tell Ben tonight cuz like it's amazing that he's that good like working people up and he's only been doing this for four years the guy's 23 years old like with all she was bad like there's guys on that roster who've been wrestling for 20 years who aren't as good as getting people talking as this guy is like wow he want my done with my life I know a man like I'm fried and I'm sitting here in a green studio with Hulk Hogan two action figures with a hole in the bump for your thumb though Friday we were Chris packets on a headache like anyway aw it's finished yeah it's over he's done so thanks thank you playing everyone yeah mine that would have been nice it would have been good but no it's done it's closing down and obviously it's not closing down comment section book people will still make that mistake anyway uh Cody Rhodes the man has been working her he's got badly hurt me yes Hodge base since at the very latest November when he tweeted out saying that my ACL MCL and the other CL I can't remember they are fine they're intact but I've damaged my meniscus really badly I'm going to need surgery well he's been putting it off and off and off he had a ringer born final battle I get a final battle main event against Jay Lethal to wrestle and then he had the Tokyo Dome your favorite promotion on your favorite show against juice Robinson get to work with that match as well he hasn't rested since then he is banged up and he's tweeted the other day basically saying that yeah I need surgery ASAP this is probably to miss a meniscus problem these things are pretty serious this is probably gonna rule him out double or nothing on May 25th which is a shame as he's obviously one of the driving forces behind aw but not the end of the world yeah I think I think this might be a bit of a blessing in disguise considering he is one of the executive vice presidents they need to someone to really be wholly focused on running this show I think all in was great there's weren't really any issues there but having the guys involved in it be wrestling is one thing but now as you're looking forward to develop this and obviously move on storylines on TV and blah blah blah I think having one guy who's just already knows now you're not new the wrestling don't worry about that help plan out that she'll be involved in that side of things and he's got a lot of experience for that sort thing of course and yes considering the people were talking about on Friday obviously Kenny Omega Chris Jericho match the young box match against the lucha brothers luck we are not going to be struggling for good matches on this card it's probably for the best yeah as much as his terrible news these knowing the wrestling Tacori for the best that yes he's ruled out now and he can look to be more of an organizer and the interesting thing about this is that he could refer he basically said on Twitter I cannot afford to have another stinker like the wrestle Kingdom and to be fair watching that much you could really see he was hurting yeah makes a lot of sense yeah funny story of today and it's been reported by Fox Sports Australia that two new people have been signed to w/e developmental a that is Jonah Rock Eliot Sexton and my sources confirmed they are the latest bloody people to join the bloody iconic I heard they're gonna be the iconic valleys indeed interesting move yeah Jenna rock and Elliot 16 do you know anything about either those boys I'm quite familiar with doing the rock Julie Ralph has made quite an impact in the USA in recent years he's been working quite extensively for pwg he is a member of TM DK or was that was the stable of course that Shane Thorne and what was what was his WWE Mikey Nichols mmm-hmm his Nick Nick Miller sorry he was Mikey Nichols on the Indies okay he was in a stable with them back in Australia he has broken through into the u.s. he has worked a few European days this past couple of years as well big dude not tall but big dude powerhouse calls himself the king of the monsters he looks like the goddamn king of the monsters he's a beast NXT fans are gonna love him the other guy Elias Edson I'm not so familiar if I can tell you this he is an absolute peace okay tarsal chiseled out the finest marble that takes care of himself and they compete together as a tag-team you wanna enjoy to take a stab at their name they bloody like blaming go ass name is Claira body Jo stop it boys if they work sex rock oh that is good yeah that is a glass thanks Ross he's not better than flaming glass I'm looking forward to seeing them yes they're gonna be this performance center and then I'm gonna be interesting like the Aussie scene has been really heating up in recent years guys like this guys that were all be Eagles who assigned for New Japan its will Austria's spoken of like moving to Australia and like working more accessible there he's got the series of acclaimed matches over the past few years and I think we will see more of it I've always said this we need more sharie's in wrestling let's move on to your Twitter questions for today don't even tweet at them actors at what culture WWE our first question comes today from only sweet Ken's shin we gettin good at that do it soon even tension oh hey which WWE belt would you like to see get a redesign Oh bitch belt in other words would you like to see belt in the build which boat would you like put in the back we're not just in Jim Jim trash and the foot the belt I would like to go fool Daniel Bryan on this might be a bit controversial because this belt doesn't technically have an order yet it's the women's tag team titles not a fan they're not it's not a nice design like a wall they're modern designs really suck like I could say one of any number all the tag team the bronze nonsense I don't like any of those but that I don't know the woman's tag team titles kind of look like little toys and I think the last bad you know you've made this big thing about bringing these belts in and they look like silly little trinkets I think it's kind of stupid I'm fine with them I think they felt they really needs a redesign is the big Jambo prized possessions in the company carried around by brock lesnar and it looks rubbish people may say that certain tag titles whether it be the mend or the women's knee resign but let's be honest even when they unveil the women's tag team girl some people like them some people didn't always kind of indifferent I said I think you need to see them around someone's waist yeah look like newly-opened ago we all remember what it was like when Mick Foley himself unveiled the universal title and everyone went so yeah redesign I like that beautiful they even the the hemp WWE championship looks anything like that yes our that being said a big red belt is quite appropriate given that the champion is a big red man yeah after about 20 seconds into a match yeah a tomato wearing the belt doesn't look good to be fair please don't have any bras Michael Payeur ask the next question at saying has the W we got big plans for mass hardly he's talking about how on his Twitter feed there's a lot of stuff linking about potential or run at the WWE Championship could that be in the future no no no I don't think so like I mean it would be nice if they did but I think like Matt Hardy isn't like in his current form like we all love him from like back in the day we all watched him when he was when we were younger and he was this legendary taiking wrestler and we all love the broken stuff and then transferring into WWE and he's a good solid veteran hand that he's been doing this for a long time and he seems like a really nice guy he's not a world champion in this organization I don't think he's even a world champion contender look Matt Hardy's great I love him I think he's fantastic but those levels and I don't think like pushes and title shots and title runs should be assigned because they deserve it the only way you deserve a title shot is if you're drawing the most money and getting the best reactions and I don't think Matt Hardy's that it's like the other side of this I think we should see him get a run at the w/e champ shit I don't think he should get it but I think I've been seeing photos him on social media he's looking great officer don't know how good he is back in the ring yet we all said all the issues head to I stepped away a while back and I think considering the lack of people outside of say the MS who you could see Daniel Bryan face at WrestleMania the moon it's it's as good as anything the fact that I saw a tear over the weekend and went oh god they're totally gonna do Bray Wyatt versus Daniel Bryan probably are I'd rather see Matt Hardy versus Daniel Bryan and I think the whole broken woken thing versus Daniel Bryan's courage stick could be fun by funny they'll get me wrong I'd be into it and I think at the end of the day look WrestleMania WrestleMania people always talk like well it will it Celsius or not I think the card in WrestleMania as is is still gonna sell out yeah and I think you could put Daniel Bryan versus a broom and people would want I think so like WrestleMania the name sells tickets level one so much so so deal give we people always said well win my heart he comes into the reader reading we need to give this broken character a big push getting the WrestleMania match against Daniel Bryan I'm not convinced brother at but that's why we're such a good duel indeed let us know your thoughts on that exciting it folks and whom he went to today's final question which comes a Tyler Holloway and who says if you could join any faction past or present who would it be oh and you cannot say titus was hide all the group how dare you sir I can't say the Ministry of Darkness oh now I'm only done I'm not a golf I can do that and man that's a really tough question I'm gonna going on WWE I'm gonna go current I'm gonna go loose in Goulburn Avila's DeHoff pong she's adjusting like the coolest guys in the world like you know you got Ledo who just doesn't give a heck about anything walking down in these suits and stuff tranquilo all that and yeah walking away from opponents when they drive off the top is funny you got bushi who's like the little scamp auntie I guess he's probably a massive stoner you got my mind shingle Takagi who's just a big bully a lot big bullies obviously yeah I think you'd be a lot of fun toying around with an Sanada who would like me oh really an adequate the sexiest man in wrestling probably I'd say so an evil who's just a mad Goff yeah I was gonna say the NWO of course we have our own aw Adam world but you know I'm going for a current stable as well and I'm gonna join our new best friend Tala Tonga in a bullet Club bang it really is that simple let's move on to the dais and finally and I promised you another good joke oh this better be good well I've been workshopping this I stole it off reddit squared circle on Friday I've been practicing on people it's been getting a great reaction over the weekend so hopefully you're all sitting down here ready for this okay I think Daniel Bryan should get rid of this current theme and use his wife's because with his current new Daniel Bryan gimmick he can come to the ring to traemos okay that was terrible dream Oh like you know geese Adam shut up here's the realty cool okay Corey graves on Twitter yesterday last night throughout the day for about five hours and fight has lost his goddamn mind I love Enka this man was very online yesterday taking all kinds of shots a journalist most notably David Dixon span who works for Deadspin now for a little bit of background if you know familiar office work David vixen span is one of the most articulate and well researched and best journalists in our field he is a least tremendous as long-form articles and Deadspin are great reads he's very meticulous he's a better writer than god bless him tiger Dave and and Corey graves for some reason as sweet as saying dear Deadspin David Biggs is basically the most inaccurate biased reporter on Lou Allison here's a reporter you dumbass I have known in my 10 plus years in this industry please Manta man get him laid or fire his bitter ass he is a cancer to our business that's not all there's a whole series of these things yeah it's really nasty and he's going on about enjoy your Saturday night alone and all this stuff doesn't even know what day the week it is Corey graves that's how hammered he was so basically David Dixon spine responded to this like what what where did this come from he says who hurt you he says seriously dude feel free to DME I have no idea what set you off but I'm happy to hash it out and they go back and forth for a little bit and basically man I feel like what was Corey graves doing here is this mad like we're used to in being quite spiky on sweater I think he's gone insane he's [Music] gonna shoot hard over there but you know here I don't it's just I don't know man like yeah Corey graves gets less and less enjoyable for me with every passing week and this is just kind of like I'm not gonna lie I had a great time reading this I love to wear beef and all that stuff but come on man yeah start yourself at your 4ww coming dear yours professional tree mode like environment yeah you like spirit boss was brie mode treemail brie mode let's know your thoughts on that and all of today's news stories in the comment section below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe and check out our new wrestling podcast I said you've got what's called teresting either iTunes or Spotify my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon tree mode like like bream over with trees [Applause]