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so ladies and gentlemen welcome to our planets through nakshatras series of the week and this week we're gonna be covering venus in sus to be shot nakshatra ancestor beach at mushara is an actual trade that occurs from 640 to 20 degrees of Aquarius zodiac sign so when Venus is here it's in the constellation of sus to be shocked and Venus as you know represents your spouse whether you're a male or female and represents your spot like I'm and I hate it so I find it funny I said this since like the beginning when I started this series and everybody keeps asking me so is Venus a spouse for a female - yes a woman needs to look for Jupiter and Venus both Venus can reproduce represents the quality and part of the nature of the spouse but Venus can sometimes represent to you as well because of Venus is the atomic ARCA the ascendant Lord ruth holic now lord venus is gonna be you okay so Saskia shock is an extra which is known as a thousand stars known as or the hundred stars meaning the hundred physicians to the gods medicine man healers health care practitioners Ayurvedic doctors tarot card readers aerospace engineers astronauts and this is a nakshatra whose story in mythologies controlled by Verona the god of ocean of and the god of the winds and also this subtle Bashar's you know has a very interesting story of this robber named Valmiki I forgot what his original name was but he was a robber but then he wanted to find redemption so he went to rishi nodded to ask for forgiveness and the Rishi said you're gonna have to do tapasya and I'm gonna go on my journey when I come back and that's when I will enjoy the past and you can be blessed so it was I believe for like what 2 3 4 years he kept no no no I think was 20 years he kept doing tapasya and he finally came back and forgave him and he from a robber he became Valmiki he was giving us spiritual name Valmiki he became a sage so taking that into accounts the one thing that we see about this Venus is the eccentricity of your spouse spouse is gonna be very eccentric and most definitely a hundred percent your spouse will have some passed there will be skeletons in the past that will come out and of course everybody has skeletons but no these people have certain skeletons like perhaps spouse was when she was or he was you know a teenager they were caught shoplifting which is kind of like a ball Miki story of robbery and from there they may have had to do community service they had a bad name you know because Valmiki was also rejected by his relatives because of his sins so they filled rejected they feel like an outcast then they become outcasts then they're like alright whatever I'm just gonna do things my way because again this is an accepted ruled by Rahu and Rahu is the planet that likes to just break rules break laws but what happens is is that from being something negative they become healers now this doesn't mean that they're always gonna be doctors and and Ayurvedic doctors or medicine men you know I've seen all kinds of courier but sutta be shocked people have the ability to heal how if you are an IT and you become an IT manager you are able to heal the team around you you are able to motivate them uplift them because you have seen the lows of life you know how to show people the highs this is why it's so important see many people think like how I hope nothing bad happens to me in life I hope nothing bad happens to me my children well if nothing that happens how will they learn how to cope with the things in life how can they teach anybody about life if they don't experience life in life is not just a milk ocean it's got dirt in it it's got a sewer in it and once you experience all of that you know exactly when somebody's on the sewer side tell them how to reach the side of the milk the pure milk to wash yourself and naturally the these people are always even if there are lawyers there are IT people they could be artists they are always fascinated with the outer space they love watching you know like shows like neil degrasse tyson's cosmos or who was the other famous physicist back in the 70s he cannot talk like this remember his long hear the Sun will see you in billions of fears god I forgot his name was such a famous physicist I know his face he had like long sideburns oh my god I'll remember it I'll put it up an annotation or something I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about but these people are always fascinated with it they love looking at outer space and the stars and galaxies and you know wanting to know what's on this planet wasn't that plain - why why think about it think about the symbolism of this nakshatra it known as the hundred stars imagine if you saw a hundred stars in a group together in the sky which is very rare you won't be able to see this unless you go to like northern ireland or some northern hemisphere of this planet but looking at a hundred stars it'll just be the most beautiful sight you have ever seen and because of that you will be fascinated with the sky fascinated with us what is up there who is out there what lies beyond this domain and this Dome of the planet that's what these people are fascinated with it but you know and then especially based on you know the certain mythology such people love to you know be on elixirs they like to engage in lectures and drink elixirs they want to kind of like forget their sins they see what that's the thing about sus to be shocked they're always trying to forget and forget their own sins and because we're in this you know transition from colic through to drop you most of the time early on people were like you know finding the most negative ways to forget their problems in therapy or at least now what happens with Satta be shocked they find spiritual gurus and enlightenment and these actually people will make the great teachers great advisors great counselors why because you can't have a counselor of an IT unless they have seen all about IT industry right information technology all the bad all the good they have seen when things don't go don't work properly everything is just like down to and they have to build a tree back up that's the kind of teacher you should want like how many problems have you faced oh and what was the solution oh thank you and then when that problem occurs you like I remember what my teacher said he did this that this he put this code and it worked okay let's do it ah it worked but one thing you got to know these people are extremely eccentric hardest people to figure out are you this or are you that are you materialistic are you spiritual are you a robber are you a saint who are you but obviously once you go into the pot ha but her level of your planet or your Venus and subdivision so that's when the more stories comes out because remember bada is not just a section in mathematical order but actually is one of the different parts of that constellation one part may represents the head one partner is the chest the feet you know the hands because of those where exactly the planet is like the fixed star that the pot high energy comes in and then the padang RG tells us like okay there's additional story like this so that's something we see later on with the aspects in conjunction so this is my analysis of Venus acceptable shark nakshatra and obviously if you in my channel subscribe below and again if you want to know where your witnesses placed birth nakshatra is in but it's in all my books reports and my nakshatra readings minor bumps unilateral readings for that your eye belongs here otherwise we'll see you later [Music]