Viewing 3D Imagery on Google Earth

hello learning birdies this is mr. beat with the seventh video about the basics of Google Earth we are gonna have a pretty simple video here this time because with Google Earth 7 we have an option that automatically appears and it's a lot easier it's a lot better and that is the 3d terrain option which over on the layers in the layers menu shows up as 3d buildings that also goes for the terrain or anything that you see on the map it now is automatically in 3d however if your internet connection is less than 30 Mbps then I would not recommend running it at least not at the same time as when someone else is watching a video or something because it takes a lot of the memory you need a very high internet speed running so we're gonna go to Washington DC there it is quick search so like I said it's automatically there to turn it off you go here so we're gonna zoom in closer to the city here let's go ahead and do a tour it'd be easier that way let's go ahead and go to the white house actually okay you can zoom right in there and it's just 2d right now I'm gonna go ahead and click on 3d buildings over here in the layers section and it takes a while to get going I'll zoom in and there is a three-dimensional look at the white house let's do a tour here as you can see it's still rendering but we have all the buildings around our and 3d for the most part there's some that are or not so again if you have Google Earth 6 or any prior version than seven you're not going to have the 3d capabilities as you do in 7 if you do it's not gonna be as quick and you have to do extra steps to get it going if you decide you want to adjust your appearance of the terrain in 3d with buildings and you would like the elevation to appear more pronounced and your views you can go to Google Earth up here at the top menu click preferences and then you can adjust things here where it says 3d view and it's so traffic filtering basically it's how smoothly you want it you could have it off if you don't really care about that you can make it even look photorealistic again that's experimental they capitalize that because it's in the beginning stages it takes a lot of memory and you're just done with a lot of information really to apply so I imagine the next version of Google Earth is going to be even more phenomenal with the 3d technology but you gotta admit this is pretty darn awesome thanks for watching learning birdies until next time