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this is a hell of a predicament with find ourselves in I used to be a Salesman I could read people now I'd like to take a stab at selling you judging by the brokedown car and the sorry state of my front door I'd say both of you are on the lam how'd I do that was amazing I feel like I might be able to read people just like that I'm gonna try right now your clothes look expensive and this is a pretty house but you know what I think the most telling thing about you is come on maybe there's nothing down here it's the little girl you got chained up in the basement we're taking her with us all right you're free come with us [Applause] sooner or later someone's I'll come looking for you too there's still time [Music] don't sit here and tell me you don't wish you never went down those stairs [Music] so you guys gonna kill us or [Music] [Music]