Voxs Carlos Maza Calls Out YouTube Over Steven Crowder Videos

this is what mr. gay Vox wants to do mr. Lippe queer from Vox this is one of the many comments conservative YouTube host steven crowder has made about journalist carlos masa masa hosts a show called straight through that looks at politics in the media unboxes YouTube channel but for years he says he's been mocked by crowder for being gay and Hispanic this up he was saying was not I had nothing to do with my political views he was calling me a lisp II queer and a sprite and a fairy and he called me a gay Mexican and she would have routinely make fun of the way that I spoke and just do gay impressions he made kind of gruesome sexual comes about me mother says he tried to deal with the abuse privately and flagged the videos to YouTube but claims the company did nothing so masa edited together some of the clips where Crowder mentioned him and tweeted it YouTube has since released a lengthy statement saying that well quote individually the flagged videos did not violate our Community Guidelines however in the subsequent days we saw the widespread harm to the YouTube community resulting from the ongoing pattern of egregious behavior took a deeper look and made the decision to suspend monetization quote in order to be considered for reinstatement all relevant issues with the channel need to be addressed including any videos that violate our policies as well as things like offensive merchandise the statement read in part Crowder has also been removed from the YouTube Partner Program Crowder did not respond to Inside Edition comms requests for comment but addressed YouTube's decision on his show he said that his comments were harmless and he is a victim of forces that seek to silence him Crowder says YouTube took down some of his videos as part of its broader crackdown on hateful and supremacist content but believes what he said are jokes keep in mind for context out of those thousands of videos at least a few hundred hour hours yeah they didn't make a delineation between white supremacists and jokes for Massa who said he's received death threats and had his personal information published online the harassment and the threat of potential violence are all too real Mozza says allowing language like this will make LGBTQ people leave YouTube I hope that YouTube recognizes that the end result of this is unhappy medium it's a place where only bullies operate if the teacher never intervenes the kids were getting bullied the playground will leave with a playground and that's what's happening to you this is inside edition calm [Music]