hey guys it's me Miranda and here with iJustine I'm the creator of iPhones she was the first person to have them she named them after herself I mean that's definitely not accurate at all more like I'll take it okay so I'm knocked on I just didn't store all day today until she finally let me in I have one question before we get started how come whenever are you guys put out a new iPhone my iphone breaks is there a button you push to break all the other iPhone there is we push that so that you buy the new one okay it's super simple okay just push a button well I thought since my phone's not working and you aren't the queen of iPhones and now the queen of baking we could mix your two molds together and we are going to make a delicious dessert with the phone what do you mean my phone's not working anymore okay so we're going to make the biggest and most epic cake pop around my phone and eat it okay and it is a working phone as you can see here and I thought you said it didn't work no well it doesn't work like sometimes it's a little slow okay well I guess the only option is debated so here we go first things first we have to make the cake pop stick so I'm gonna duct tape this on to it so it's nice and firm how do you feel I love duct tape I use it on everything neat to look and it baked your hand too Siri is not available because she's getting duct tape right now Siri is not available now we're ready for a cake pop okay I don't I I make it pops before but they didn't turn out very well well that's why I'm here I'm the queen of cooking and it's very dirty bomb I think there's a bug in it I think use a piece of hair too that's nice we can add more you don't mind him yes please oh I think it's fun I can't go shoot so I think I never I did this but I think you just like mix it in with frosting right I think so whoa wow this is professional here so just see my coming through at all here we go okay speaking of right come on I brought these so we don't go dirty yes so thank you wrong for these all of her stuff is so cute yeah I don't like it I think it's ugly really it's fine okay so you dumped down when I dumped this one out Justine I'm sorry Oh Oh perfect cool Oh got it wow that's a little crispy mm-hmm so now you put in the frosting get in it and then you just we just use our hands just mush it all together you just keep doing it until it becomes cake pop like glue then you put it on the Frankie man phone now this is talking with more I can't thought looks like Thanksgiving it looks like top it doesn't mean what do I know absolutely nothing well we already knew that now we stick the phone in it and make the bomb is that what we do I'll make half the ball and then you make the other and then you put it in the middle I pretty much hate everybody and I only hate you a little so I couldn't we could be really different yeah I think I'm I'm into you this is this is great I'm not 11 you so don't hit on me but I'm just saying okay it's my pot half careless I've got in the middle we got into the mask I don't want just team sorry so so working alright so now we just gotta form it around she's heavy well that's really heavy if she's happy she's thick I guess now we have to make the frosting right we got a milk and chocolate chips how do you feel about knives I love and I just he's falling apart me should we duct tape see there we go it's totally working okay I'm a sign no it's not working you know okay there you go I'm greasy my body should we taste it where can a spot be that we can even known is it bad if you seem this close from icarly probably [Music] I know looks really good it actually looks really good now we can move on to sprinkles okay that's not a pretty cake pop I don't know what is Justine the value is increasing okay green alright we've all more glozell oh that's nice that's really pretty that's for glozell for sure wow this is what role does icing I can't spell it like that I mean this is absolutely stunning like this is actually really pretty I'm not kidding should we let it cool do you see yeah we can put it in the fridge oh that's good idea so it hardens you see in a minute so now you just sit here how was your day this is good they don't care okay Alexa how long do I have to hang out with Justine me neither mmm she's hardening up wow this is incredible Justine that's amazing that's a nice kink pop I think we did a great job I'm pretty impressed I give this a 10 out of 10 you guys want to try and make this yeah focus your pictures of you making your iPhone cake pops umm and Justine will follow everyone who does and send you a new iPhone I will I'll do it so make sure to do that also make sure to subscribe to Justine because she has a channel I'm she's a few channels and maybe she'll give you an iPhone if you subscribe to her I might I'm not sure I'll think about it and so we're probably gonna do a video on her channel I hope it's really fast cuz I want to go home oh but I have one more thing for you Justine oh I have an invitation for you like I just seen computer girls yes you're invited to my New Year's Eve party igniters Eve at my house you better you back we're good I will be there you will I will be there yes good good having a big New Year's Eve party with every celebrity in the world to prove that I'm most the most famous person ever oh that's cool I bet everyone gonna be there and I always actually be there thank you I'm gonna eat this cake pop now probably shouldn't well I want the phone back so I - just okay after we cut it out you can cut through duct tape oh that's a sharp knife oh yes nothing oh there it is look at this being routine that's amazing I mean this is honestly a piece of art like this is something I went to a museum in Prague did you know that they have one no this should be there yeah that's you can do that I'm good I already am one food tastes like technology so don't like take this home some love you guys you can clean that out [Music]